Suicides kill more people than natural calamities

Suicides due to mental disorders take more lives every year than terrorism or natural calamities. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, nearly 800,000 people commit suicide every year due to psychological reasons. On eve of the World Mental Health Day on Oct 10, a report prepared by the WHO stated that around 350 […] The post Suicides kill more people than natural calamities appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Return of the Mac-killer: Nate Diaz ends hiatus at UFC 241

By Greg Beacham, Associated Press ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — The mostly empty arena rumbled with outsized excitement when Nate Diaz stepped onto the stage. The fans erupted into cheers while Diaz lit a joint and took a big drag before doing a little shadowboxing for the cameras. Even before he said a word at his open workout four days before UFC 241, Diaz showed he can captivate an audience like no active fighter in the mixed martial arts world. Fighters can train for almost every skill in the game except charisma, and the Diaz brothers are laden with it. The younger Diaz (19-11) returns from a three-year hiatus on Saturday night, taking on Anthony Pettis in his first bout since his two showdowns with Conor McGregor in 2016. A heavyweight title rematch between Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic is the main event, but many fans at Honda Center and around the world will be watching mostly to see what Diaz does next. "I'm here as a businessman and a natural born killer," Diaz said. "I'm here to get the job done, and he's the guy to do it on, so there's no problem. It's all good with me. I'm just here to kill and stay alive for the weekend." Diaz and his older brother, Nick, receive a level of adulation in the MMA world that exceeds even their considerable accomplishments. It's difficult to explain the Diaz appeal to observers who don't have a full historical perspective on the pugnacious, thoughtful brothers' omnipresence in their sport's attitudes and images during the past 15 years, even when they weren't competing very often. Their swashbuckling attitude, angry disregard for authority, profane words of wisdom and athletic fighting styles all appeal tremendously to many people who support a young sport that's still seen as repellent counterculture by a big segment of mostly aging sports fans. Put it this way: A 22-year-old Nate Diaz once completed a submission finish with his legs while simultaneously thrusting two middle fingers in the air. You might love that or hate it, but you have an opinion. "That's the way I've been from Day One," Diaz said. "It's going to stay this way, too, until I'm 100 years old. I'm the Don of all this. If anybody is going to step in this room and say they're the (butt)-whipper, I beg to differ." Even Anthony Bourdain, the late traveler and gourmand, famously filmed a segment with Nick and Nate for his CNN show on Los Angeles, not because the Northern California natives knew much about LA and its cuisines — other than the best weed, probably — but simply because Bourdain, a jiu-jitsu practitioner and MMA fan, was fascinated by the brothers' outlaw ethos. Some of the brothers' behavior seems performative, but some of it isn't: Both Nick and Nate have essentially walked away from the UFC for long stretches of their prime, turning down countless millions in prize money because they refused to compromise what they considered to be their principles. Diaz split two tremendously entertaining matchups with McGregor and became one of the UFC's biggest stars in 2016, but he is 34 years old now, and Saturday's fight will be only his fifth since November 2013. Diaz said he felt mistreated by the UFC, although he struggles to explain how its persistent attempts to book one of its most popular fighters constitute disrespect. Diaz turned down matchups worth millions, including a probable shot at Georges St. Pierre, and he lost a chance to return last year when future champ Dustin Poirier was injured before their bout. Diaz also said he doesn't fight for money. He and his brother, Nick, who hasn't fought in nearly five years, are busy with Nick's thriving gym in their native Stockton, California. Nate said they've also got a successful CBD business, to absolutely nobody's surprise. "They've been trying to degrade me the whole time I've been out," Diaz said. "They're trying to put me low on the card against not very big names. They also tried to give me huge names, but those fell through. It don't matter. I believe I'm the main event in any event they've got. They'll do the best they can to keep me from that." Diaz's complaints are more likely a distilled version of that everyone-is-against-me mentality that drives so many athletes. But he was tempted back by a matchup with Pettis, who nurses a grudge against Diaz that apparently isn't mutual. Diaz dismissively refers to Pettis as "this Wheaties box" in reference to Pettis' former endorsement deal with the cereal, but has mostly ignored Pettis' pointed criticisms. Diaz won't say whether he plans to fight again, or whether he would like his first UFC title shot since 2012. He will stick to his own timetable and goals while nursing the same attitude that kept him on top of the UFC star pyramid even during three years away. "No one on the roster for the last three years even read the blueprints," Diaz said. "I'm right there. Why don't you go take it? And nobody did, and tomorrow, if some of these young guys say they're going to step up and take my position, I'm not with that.".....»»

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Avoid negative outlets and influences

WHO is exempted from heartbreaks, illnesses, embarrassing moments, unfair criticisms, financial difficulties, failures, and natural calamities? Certain things, people, events, and situations can give us so much stress – and if we don’t know .....»»

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UK vows action after police kill convicted extremist in terror stabbing

LONDON, United Kingdom – The British government promised sweeping changes to the system for dealing with convicted terrorists released from prison, after police shot dead an Islamist extremist who stabbed two people in a busy south London street on Sunday, February 2. Police said Sudesh Amman, 20, who was wearing a fake suicide vest, was ........»»

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Calamities Not God’s Punishment: CBCP

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on Monday urged the faithful to refrain from thinking of natural calamities as a form of punishment from God. “Earthquakes and typhoons and ash falls are signs that we are still living in an imperfect natural world. They are natural disasters. Unfortunately, persons who live close to […].....»»

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Calamities Not God’s Punishment: CBCP

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on Monday urged the faithful to refrain from thinking of natural calamities as a form of punishment from God. “Earthquakes and typhoons and ash falls are signs that we are still living in an imperfect natural world. They are natural disasters. Unfortunately, persons who live close to […].....»»

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News on lower power rates welcome

  THE good news – so welcome at a time when there are so many reports of natural calamities here and violence and a fast-spreading virus abroad – is that Metro Manilans and other customers of the Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) will enjoy a reduction in their electric power bills this January. Power rates this […].....»»

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& rsquo;Kill the rich& rsquo; remark clarified

The Palace on Sunday downplayed the threat of President Rodrigo Duterte to kill all “crazy” and “rich” people, saying “graphic” language was merely part of his leadership style......»»

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‘Kill crazy rich’ just Duterte graphic language — Palace

President Duterte was just emphasizing his resolve to prevent the wealthy from stealing money from taxpayers when he talked about killing “crazy rich” people, Malacañang clarified yesterday......»»

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Record storms in Brazil kill 30

Brasilia---At least 30 people have been killed in two days of intense storms in southeastern Brazil, the Minas Gerais state Civil Defense office said Saturday......»»

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World experts to mount urban & lsquo;revolution& rsquo; in PH

Construction and real estate experts from all over the world are coming to Manila to virtually mount an “urban revolution” geared at addressing the challenges of climate change, global warming, rising sea levels, earthquakes, natural calamities, environmental pollution, and the socioeconomic pressures from spiraling energy costs, among many others, all impacting the quality of city life......»»

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Amazing grace in the home of Grace Barbers Baja

Grace is a natural at hosting. She also loves gatherings where she gets to spotlight inspiring women from different fields. After all, she grew up in a house that always welcomed people and taught her to use her voice......»»

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Taal and PH’s many other natural disasters

  THE Philippines was in the news around the world when typhoon Phanfone – which carried the local name Ursula – struck the Visayas on Christmas Day. It was a terrible time to lose homes and family members. At least 50 were killed in the typhoon and 2.1 million people were forced to seek refuge […].....»»

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Amid Taal eruption, Bayan Muna pushes for Evacuation Centers Bill

House Bill 5259 is an act seeking to establish evacuation centers in two to three barangays that is “big enough to accommodate the target population, strong enough to withstand natural calamities and situated away from waters and landslide-prone areas.” The post Amid Taal eruption, Bayan Muna pushes for Evacuation Centers Bill appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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DOLE: No sanctions, no pay for employees who miss work because of calamities

DOLE issued Labor Advisory 1, which covers suspension of work in the private sector by reason of natural or man-made calamity following the eruption of Taal Volcano......»»

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China police kill kidnapper armed with explosives

BEIJING, China – Police in China shot and killed a kidnapper who held 3 people hostage using a homemade gun and explosive devices, local authorities said Monday, in a rare case involving firearms in the country. The incident took place in Hohhot, capital of the northern Inner Mongolia region, on Sunday, ........»»

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Egypt road accidents kill 28

Cairo―At least 28 people, including textile workers and several Asian tourists, were killed Saturday in two separate road crashes in Egypt, official media and other sources said......»»

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Simone Soars: Biles named 2019 AP Female Athlete of the Year

By Will Graves, Associated Press They’re called “Simone Things,” a catchall phrase for the casual ease with which Simone Biles seems to soar through her sport and her life. The irony, of course, is that there’s nothing casual or easy about it. Any of it. The greatest gymnast of all time and 2019 Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year only makes it seem that way. Those jaw-dropping routines that are rewriting her sport's code of points and redefining what can be done on the competition floor? Born from a mix of natural talent, hard work and a splash of ego. The 25 world championship medals, the most by any gymnast ever? The result of a promise the 22-year-old made to herself when she returned to competition in 2017 after taking time off following her golden run at the 2016 Olympics. The stoicism and grace she has shown in becoming an advocate for survivors — herself included — and an agent for change in the wake of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal that’s shaken USA Gymnastics to its core? The byproduct of a conscious decision to embrace the immense clout she carries. “I realize now with the platform I have it will be powerful if I speak up and speak for what I believe in,” Biles told The Associated Press. “It’s an honor to speak for those that are less fortunate. So if I can be a voice for them in a positive manner, then of course I’m going to do whatever I can.” And it's that mission — combined with her otherworldly skill and boundless charisma — that's enabled Biles to keep gymnastics in the spotlight, a rarity for a sport that typically retreats into the background once the Olympic flame goes out. She is the first gymnast to be named AP Female Athlete of the Year twice and the first to do it in a non-Olympic year. Biles edged U.S. women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe in a vote by AP member sports editors and AP beat writers. Skiing star Mikaela Schiffrin placed third, with WNBA MVP Elena Delle Donne fourth. Biles captured the award in 2016 following a showstopping performance at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, where she won five medals in all, four of them gold. She spent most of the following 12 months taking a break before returning to the gym in the fall of 2017, saying she owed it to herself to mine the depth of her talent. Check social media following one of her routines and you’ll find people -- from LeBron James to Michelle Obama to Chrissy Teigen -- struggling to distill what they’ve witnessed into 280 characters or fewer, with whatever they settle on typically followed by multiple exclamation points and a goat emoji, a nod to Biles being considered the Greatest Of All Time. Her triple-twisting double-flip (the “triple double”) at the end of her first tumbling pass on floor exercise is a wondrous blur. Her double-twisting double-flip beam dismount (the “double double”) is so tough the International Gymnastics Federation made the unusual decision to downplay its value in an effort to deter other gymnasts from even trying it. This is both the blessing and the curse of making the nearly impossible look tantalizingly attainable. When Biles learned about the FIG's decision, she vented on Twitter, her palpable frustration highlighting the realness she's maintained even as her first name has become synonymous with her sport's royalty. It can lead to a bit of a balancing act. In some ways, she's still the kid from Texas who just wants to hang out with her boyfriend and her dog and go to the grocery story without being bothered. In other ways, she's trying to be respectful of the world she's built. Take the GOAT thing. It’s a title she embraces — Biles wore a goat-themed leotard during training at the national championships in August — but also takes with a grain of salt, determined to stay grounded even as the hype around her grows. Yes, GOAT happens to be the acronym for her planned post-Olympic “Gold Over America Tour,” but ask her where the inspiration came from and she laughs and gives credit to a friend, Kevin, who came up with it in a group chat. It is both paying tribute to and winking at her status at the same time. Biles has become well aware over the last three years that her every word and action carries far greater weight than she ever imagined. Her most impactful moment of 2019 might not have come during a meet but sitting for an interview on the eve of winning her record sixth national title, when she fought back tears while talking about how USA Gymnastics, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the FBI failed to protect athletes during an investigation into Nassar's abusive behavior. The moment went viral, as most things surrounding her tend to do these days. “I’m starting to realize it’s not just the gymternet anymore,” Biles said, using the term for her sport's dedicated fans. "It’s an overall thing. It’s weird to get that kind of attention, but at the end of the day, I feel gymnastics has been overlooked in non-Olympic years. Yeah, it puts pressure on me. But I’m not trying to think about all the attention from the outside world.” The attention figures to only grow in the run-up to Tokyo, where she will attempt to become the first female gymnast in more than half a century to repeat as Olympic champion. Her smiling face serves as the exclamation point at the end of every television promo for the Summer Games. Let it be known: The smile is real. That might not have always been the case, but is is now. Heading into the final months of a singular career, she is trying to revel in the journey while anxiously awaiting what's next. Add it to the list of Simone Things. “I feel like this is the beginning of my life and I don’t want gymnastics to be my whole entire life,” she said. “I’m definitely going to soak in the moment and enjoy it so 10 years from now I can look back and say ‘I had the time of my life out there’ ... rather than ‘I was good, but I was miserable.’”.....»»

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Arteta takes charge of Arsenal after learning from Guardiola

LONDON (AP) — Arsenal hired Mikel Arteta as manager on Friday, hoping its former midfielder can turn around the fortunes of the ailing London club after spending more than three years learning the coaching ropes as assistant to Pep Guardiola at English champion Manchester City. Arteta signed a 3 1/2-year contract as the full-time replacement for Unai Emery, who was fired three weeks ago. Arteta was persuaded to leave his role at City despite potentially being in line to be the natural successor to Guardiola. "What I have learned mostly is you have to be ruthless, consistent and fit the culture of the club to sustain a winning mentality," Arteta said. “Every act is important. Pep's work-rate is incredible. The staff have to be able to transmit it and when (the players) buy into that, you can be strong.” The Spaniard retired in 2016 after spending the last five years of his playing career at Arsenal. He returns to Emirates Stadium with Arsenal having regressed, no longer in the Champions League or a challenger in the Premier League. “We all know there is a lot of work to be done to achieve that but I am confident we’ll do it," Arteta said. "I’m realistic enough to know it won’t happen overnight but the current squad has plenty of talent and there is a great pipeline of young players coming through from the academy.” Arsenal is languishing in 10th place in the league, as close to the relegation zone as it is to the top four. Arteta was close to taking charge of Arsenal after the departure of long-time manager Arsene Wenger in the offseason of 2018. Emery got the job, however, but couldn’t revive the team and left it in something of a mess when he was let go last month. “I want to do things my way by convincing them it is the right way for everybody to live better,” Arteta said. "Everybody has to be responsible and I do not want them hiding, I want people who deliver passion and energy. Anyone who does not buy into this has a negative effect, is not good enough for this environment and culture.” Head of football Raul Sanllehi said the club interviewed other names before opting to pursue Arteta. "We met several top-class candidates and Mikel stood out to every single one of us as the perfect person for us," Sanllehi said. “Mikel understands and what it means to our fans around the world. We look forward to him getting down to work and bringing the best out of our squad as we work to get our season back on track.” Arteta takes over a side that is porous in defense and has a lack of quality or leadership in midfield. The team is in its worst shape since the mid-1990s, before Wenger was in charge. “Mikel Arteta has certainly a great future, he has learned a lot in his first experience, in his first position as an assistant coach,” Wenger said this week. “He will have to deal with the fact he has no experience at that level, and he will have to get surrounded well and have a good environment at the club.”.....»»

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Tisoy-affected government workers can avail special emergency leave

LEGAZPI CITY, Dec 16 (PIA) - Government employees affected by typhoon Tisoy and other natural calamities or disasters can avail of the five-day special emergency leave."The Civil Service Com.....»»

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Kenya landslides kill a dozen people

  NAIROBI, Kenya – At least 12 people were killed in Kenya when their homes were swept away in a landslide during ferocious rainstorms, local government officials said Saturday, November 23.  Their homes were hit overnight Friday, November 22, amid torrential rains in Kenya's West Pokot region, 350 kilometres (220 miles) northwest ........»»

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