Trump call with Duterte left White House ‘genuinely horrified’

“Unheard of,” one former White House official who handled foreign calls said. “That just blew me away.”.....»»

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China signs deal to lease Pacific island in Solomons

A Chinese company signed an agreement to lease an entire island in the Solomon Islands a day after Beijing recruited the Pacific nation as its latest ally in the strategically important region, according to documents obtained by AFP Thursday......»»

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Google celebrates pioneering doctor who changed how drug addiction is viewed

The doodle shows the late doctor in a therapy session with a patient shown to be wrestling with inner turmoil......»»

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UN chief basks in climate spotlight, amid global conflict clouds

On Monday, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will position himself on the frontline against climate change as he presides over a UN emergency summit, a role some say he turned to after difficulties in resolving global conflict......»»

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Chinese scholars claim English is actually Mandarin

A group of Chinese scholars claim that all European languages, including English, are actually Mandarin dialects......»»

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UN, France raise concern over Amazon wildfires crisis

"Our house is on fire. Literally. The Amazon, the lung of our planet which produces 20 percent of our oxygen is burning," Macron said on Twitter. .....»»

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EU countries at UN condemn North Korean missile tests

European Union members of the UN Security Council condemned North Korea Thursday over its recent spate of missiles tests that have fueled fears Pyongyang is developing more advanced weapons......»»

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US-South Korea military exercises still on despite North s warnings

Joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea will go ahead, a Pentagon official said on Wednesday, after missile tests and calls for the drills' cancellation by North Korea......»»

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DOLE urged to help lotto workers displaced by shutdown

The Department of Labor and Employment can extend assistance to the over 120,000 workers affected by the closure of lotto stations and gaming outlets nationwide, Sen. Nancy Binay said Monday......»»

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Philippines most dangerous for land, environment defenders in 2018 — watchdog

In the Philippines, which overtook Brazil as the deadliest place for land defenders, one incident saw a group of gunmen shoot dead nine sugarcane farmers including a number of woman and children on the island of Negros......»»

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China soon to host global meet on journalism

Journalism that usually fits in democracies will come to China in 2022 when the economic giant hosts a triennial global congress of journalism educators......»»

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One country, two systems : Hong Kong s special status

Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997 under a handover agreement that guaranteed the territory certain levels of autonomy and freedoms unseen on the mainland—and that "one country, two systems" deal is at the center of the row between London and Beijing......»»

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China earthquake quake kills 11, injures 122

The toll from a strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake in southwest China rose to 11 dead and 122 injured on Tuesday, as rescuers pulled survivors from wrecked buildings......»»

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Fewer but newer nuclear arms in the world, report says

The overall number of nuclear warheads in the world has declined in the past year but nations are modernizing their arsenals, a report published Monday said......»»

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Surveillance-savvy Hong Kong protesters go digitally dark

Hong Kong's tech-savvy protesters are going digitally dark as they try to avoid surveillance and potential future prosecutions, disabling location tracking on their phones, buying train tickets with cash and purging their social media conversations......»»

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On 30th anniversary, China says Tiananmen crackdown was correct policy

China on Sunday defended the bloody Tiananmen crackdown on student protesters in a rare public acknowledgement of the event, days before its 30th anniversary, saying it was the "correct" policy......»»

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China bemoans US bullying of Huawei

China's foreign minister has slammed US moves against telecom giant Huawei as "economic bullying", and warned that Beijing was ready to "fight to the very end" in its trade war with Washington......»»

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Straws you can eat

In South Korea, a company has taken the fight against the use of plastic straws on another level – by developing an alternative that you can eat......»»

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Paving roads with plastic bottles rescued from the sea

(Earth Beats) In the Caribbean city of Utila, in Honduras, local officials found a solution to the plastic problem by turning them into asphalt that can be used to pave the city streets......»»

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Nigerian startup turns tires into furniture

(Earth Beats) A young entrepreneur in Nigeria has found a solution to tire waste by converting them into furniture......»»

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