Reviving the action genre

Reviving the action genre.....»»

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Liam Neeson Takes Hard-Action Genre to New Heights in “Cold Pursuit”

Blockbuster action icon Liam Neeson is back with a vengeance in a heady mix of rage and dark humor in “Cold Pursuit”. Infused with irreverent humor, “Cold Pursuit” sees Liam Neeson as Nels Coxman, a family man whose quiet life with his wife (Laura Dern) is upended following the mysterious death of their son. Nels’ […].....»»

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‘PUBG’ linked with December PlayStation 4 debut

"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" ("PUBG") appears to be heading to PlayStation 4 in December, though an official DC Comics tie-in could happen before that. Having spearheaded the rise of a new action game genre, the last-person-standing "Battle Royale", "PUBG" looks likely to land on PlayStation 4 by the end of the year. The game had launched on PC in March 2017, dominating sales charts on the Steam store as a result and leading to an Xbox One edition by December 2017 and mobile editions in early 2018. A PlayStation 4 edition had never been ruled out, and now it appears that the Xbox One version is subject to a one-year exclusivity agreement. A PSN Profiles communit...Keep on reading: ‘PUBG’ linked with December PlayStation 4 debut.....»»

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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (2018)

Titre: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Réalisateur: J.A. Bayona Scénariste: Colin Trevorrow, Derek Connolly Casting: Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt, Ted Levine Genre: Film 2018, Action, Aventure,Science-Fiction Descriptions: Jurassic World 2018 Cela fait quatre ans que les dinosaures ont échappé à leurs enclos et détruit le parc à thème Jurassic World et la station balnéaire de luxe. Puis Owen et Claire iront à nouveau à Isla Nublar pour sauver les dinosaures restants avec l’aide de son équipe. Regardez plus de Filmzenstream sans inscription......»»

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Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

Titre: Mission Impossible – Fallout (2018) Réalisateur: Christopher McQuarrie Scénariste: Christopher McQuarrie, Bruce Geller Casting: Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Ving Rhames Genre: Film 2018, Action, Aventure, Thriller Descriptions: Ethan Hunt et l’équipe du FMI se joignent à August Walker, assassin de la CIA, pour éviter une catastrophe d’une ampleur épique. Le marchand d’armes John Lark et un groupe de terroristes connu sous le nom des Apôtres prévoient d’utiliser trois noyaux de plutonium pour une attaque nucléaire simultanée sur le Vatican, Jérusalem et la Mecque, en Arabie Saoudite. Quand les armes disparaissent, Ethan et son équipage se retrouvent dans une course.....»»

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The Debt Collector (2018)

Titre: The Debt Collector (2018) Réalisateur: Jesse V. Johnson Scénariste: Jesse V. Johnson, Stu Small Casting: Scott Adkins, Louis Mandylor, Vladimir Kulich Genre: Film 2018, Action Descriptions: Un artisan militaire préparé de manière traditionnelle fonctionne comme une autorité d’obligation de la horde. L’activité semble assez simple, jusqu’à ce qu’un client le transporte dans une circonstance plus profonde que ce qui serait jamais prévu. Regarder plus de film zen streaming en ligne sans aucune inscription......»»

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Final Score (2018)

Titre: Final Score (2018) Réalisateur: Scott Mann Scénariste: Scott Mann, Stu Small Casting: Scott Adkins, Louis Mandylor, Vladimir Kulich Genre: Film 2018, Action Descriptions: Un artisan militaire préparé de manière traditionnelle fonctionne comme une autorité d’obligation de la horde. L’activité semble assez simple, jusqu’à ce qu’un client le transporte dans une circonstance plus profonde que ce qui serait jamais prévu. Regarder plus de filmzenstreaming en ligne sans aucune inscription......»»

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Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Titre: Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Réalisateur: Ron Howard Scénariste: Jonathan Kasdan, Lawrence Kasdan Casting: Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke Genre: Film 2018, Action, Aventure, Fantastique Descriptions: « Solo: A Star Wars » nous emmène dans un voyage dans une galaxie lointaine. Cette série d’escapades audacieuses au cœur d’un monde criminel sombre et dangereux, Han Solo rencontre son puissant et futur copilote Chewbacca et frappe le célèbre joueur Lando Calrissian. Ce sera un voyage qui écrase le cours de l’un des héros les plus improbables de la saga Star Wars. Regardez plus de Action Films sans inscription......»»

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Death Wish (2018)

Titre: Death Wish (2018) Réalisateur: Eli Roth Scénariste: Joe Carnahan, Brian Garfield Casting: Bruce Willis, Vincent D’Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue Genre: Film 2018, Action, Crime, Drama Descriptions: Un homme de famille devient une machine à tuer quand sa famille est violemment attaquée par des voleurs. Ils sont venus pour sa famille. Maintenant il vient pour eux. Regarder plus de 2018 Films sans inscription......»»

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Occupation (2018)

Titre: Occupation (2018) Réalisateur: Luke Sparke Scénariste: Luke Sparke, Felix Williamson Casting: Dan Ewing, Temuera Morrison, Stephany Jacobsen Genre: Film 2018, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi Descriptions: Le film se concentre sur un groupe de civils qui voient comment leur petite ville en Australie est anéantie par une attaque aérienne écrasante. Le groupe est maintenant parmi les derniers survivants d’une invasion extraterrestre à l’échelle mondiale. Lorsque l’humanité sera attaquée, ils formeront une petite armée locale pour lutter contre les forces ennemies très supérieures. Au premier plan de la bataille pour la Terre, ils sont notre dernier espoir. Regarder plus de Zen streaming.....»»

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‘Fortnite’ teaming up with Monopoly, Nerf

Special editions of board game Monopoly and Nerf toy guns will be themed after popular video game "Fortnite". A premature retail listing has revealed the existence of "Fortnite Monopoly" which adapts breakout video game "Fortnite" in line with the rules of classic property-dealing board game "Monopoly". Board spaces are named after different areas of the "Fortnite" island, while some "Monopoly" rules have been altered to reflect "Fortnite" and its status as an action game in which players manage both movement, health and special moves. And in keeping with the last-person-standing status of "Fortnite" and its fellows in the Battle Royale genre, players can eliminate each othe...Keep on reading: ‘Fortnite’ teaming up with Monopoly, Nerf.....»»

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Romantic comedies rise again

Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder in 'Destination Wedding' LOS ANGELES--Summer is always full of action and superhero pics, but this year, a once-dormant yet utterly adored genre is coming ba.....»»

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Spain replaces fired Lopetegui with Hierro

By Tales Azzoni, Associated Press With only two days to go before Spain's opening match at the World Cup, Julen Lopetegui was fired as national team coach because he accepted a job to lead Real Madrid next season. Spanish soccer federation president Luis Rubiales, who made the announcement on Wednesday in Krasnodar, later said Fernando Hierro would replace Lopetegui as coach for Spain's match against Portugal in Sochi on Friday. The 50-year-old Hierro, a former national team player and Real Madrid captain, had been acting as the federation's sports director and was already in Russia with the national team. Rubiales said firing Lopetegui wasn't the best solution but it was needed after the federation was caught by surprise by Real Madrid's announcement. "The federation cannot be left out of a negotiation by one of its workers and be informed five minutes before the press release," Rubiales said. "We have been compelled to act." Rubiales, who took over as president last month, said Lopetegui betrayed the federation's values and it was the only decision he could make. "It's a difficult situation, but we are not the ones who determined the action that had to be taken. The federation has its values and it has to maintain them," Rubiales said. "It may look like a weakness now, but with time this will make us stronger." Lopetegui did not attend the news conference but was expected to talk to the media later. "We have to work on a series of decisions that come just two days before the opener," Rubiales said. "There's a lot to do." Hierro spent most of his career as a defender for Real Madrid and finished his playing days with English club Bolton in 2005. He played in four World Cups with Spain, from 1990 to 2002, and in two European Championships, 1996 and 2000. Hierro was Carlo Ancelotti's assistant at Real Madrid after Zinedine Zidane left the post in 2014. He coached second-division club Real Oviedo two seasons ago and was Malaga's general manager after leaving his sports director position with the Spanish federation in 2011. After Madrid's announcement that it hired Lopetegui, critics immediately began questioning some of the coach's decisions with the national team, including his choice to leave some Barcelona players such as Sergi Roberto out of the World Cup squad. There were also questions about how Lopetegui would be able to fully focus on the national team while also having to discuss off-season signings for his new club. There are six Madrid players in Spain's team for the World Cup. Lopetegui's name had not been mentioned by Spanish media among the probable candidates for the Madrid job, which opened up after Zidane unexpectedly quit. Last month, Lopetegui agreed to extend his contract with the national team through 2020. "I admire and respect Lopetegui a lot. He is a top coach, and that made it harder to make this decision," Rubiales said. "Winning is important, but above that, we need to know how things have to be handled." The 51-year-old Lopetegui took over from Vicente del Bosque after the 2016 European Championship. He was credited with reviving a team that was on the decline after winning Euro 2008, the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012. By successfully blending talented youngsters and veterans from its golden generation, Lopetegui kept Spain unbeaten through 20 matches in charge, comfortably leading the team to the World Cup from a qualifying group that included Italy. He won European championships with Spain's under-19 and under-21 teams in the early 2010s, but had a lackluster stint with Portuguese team Porto in his only job with a major club. He was fired after failing to win a title during almost two years in Portugal. Rubiales took over a federation which was in the hands of embattled official Angel Maria Villar for nearly three decades. He was elected president over Juan Luis Larrea, the federation's former treasurer and its interim leader since Villar was suspended following his arrest last year on suspicion of corruption. In one of his first actions, Rubiales canceled a previously arranged "vacation" trip by officials to the World Cup that would cost nearly 2 million euros ($2.3 million). He got the money reimbursed and spent only about 500,000 euros ($590,000) with new travel arrangements for sponsors and federation officials. "We are all affected," Rubiales said about Lopetegui's departure. "We have to think about what is best for the entity, for the federation and the team, and from this afternoon we will all be together to go forward.".....»»

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U.S. to impose steel, aluminum tariffs on EU, Canada, Mexico

WASHINGTON DC, USA – The United States said Thursday, May 31, it will impose stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the European Union , Canada, Mexico, reviving fears of a trade war with angry allies and trading partners . The announcement by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross immediately drew retaliatory action by Mexico, ........»»

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To hide in plain sight

It’s a standard feature of any fictional movie, TV series or novel in the action/thriller genre: effortless access by state security, intelligence or law enforcement agencies to data bases, both public and private, to identify or monitor a friendly or hostile target......»»

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‘Knives Out’ moves for ‘Battle Royale’ writer

The publishing giant behind mobile hit "Knives Out" has hired Kenta Fukasaku, the writer of Japanese cult thriller movie "Battle Royale", from which the in-vogue game genre took its name. Released in the year 2000, Koshun Takami's "Battle Royale" had an immediate impact on the world cinema. It followed a class of disruptive students let loose upon an isolated island and told by their old high school teacher (film icon Takeshi Kitano) that only one of them could leave alive. Fast forward 13 years and "Battle Royale" had become the inspiration behind an action game genre that took its name and format. Irish designer Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene adapted its last-person-sta...Keep on reading: ‘Knives Out’ moves for ‘Battle Royale’ writer.....»»

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Weekly PC download charts: ‘Vermintide 2’, ‘Final Fantasy XV

A strong first week for team action adventure "Warhammer: Vermintide 2" and a warm reception for typically lavish role-playing epic "Final Fantasy XV" mark leading PC download charts starting March 12. Building on the achievements of 2015's intense ratman-eradicating journey "Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide", itself received as a commendable riff on the 10-year-old genre-defining title "Left 4 Dead" and a 2009 sequel, "Vermintide 2" released on March 8. A score of good reviews praise the young franchise's second entry with its expanded range of abilities, environments, enemies and loot hauls. While "Vermintide 2" was first on PC, with console editions to follow f...Keep on reading: Weekly PC download charts: ‘Vermintide 2’, ‘Final Fantasy XV.....»»

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Arnold Schwarzenegger named to ‘Kung Fury’ cast

Action hero actor of the 1980s and '90s, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is joining the cast of action comedy "Kung Fury II," a feature-length sequel to 2015's cult hit short. As with the free 2015 short "Kung Fury," Swedish creative David Sandberg returns as director, producer and star for a feature-length riff on the titular time-traveling kung fu cop. Together with the producers from 2017's $700m-grossing Stephen King adaptation "It," Sandberg has recruited David Hasselhoff, Michael Fassbender, and now Arnold Schwarzenegger. The "Austrian Oak" (and ex-Governor of California) was synonymous with the action movie genre in the 1980s and '90s thanks to leading role appearances in the ...Keep on reading: Arnold Schwarzenegger named to ‘Kung Fury’ cast.....»»

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This week in video game history: Celebrating ‘Panzer Dragoon Saga’ and ‘Rez HD’

Two stand-outs of their genre, both first published by Sega, reach milestone anniversaries a day apart, beginning with 1988's rail shooter hybrid "Panzer Dragoon Saga" and continuing in 2008's trancendent experience "Rez HD". Unlike its three predecessors, on-rails shooters which allowed players room to maneuver within a predefined air corridor, 1998's "Panzer Dragoon Saga" dared to embrace elements of an otherwise unrelated role-playing adventure genre; in doing so it became one of the most well-received releases of its time. The dragon-riding combat stayed central to proceedings, but added to it were on-foot exploration, live-action video cutscenes, plentiful non-player chara...Keep on reading: This week in video game history: Celebrating ‘Panzer Dragoon Saga’ and ‘Rez HD’.....»»

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Matteo ‘inspired’ in foray to action genre

In the Cobra energy drink commercial, Matteo Guidicelli proves beyond doubt that he can be an action star......»»

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After ambush, police eye EDSA ban on men riding in tandem

MANILA, Philippines – Following the EDSA ambush that left two dead and one injured , Mandaluyong City police are planning to recommend a ban on men riding one motorcycle together along the major thoroughfare. "Isa sa mga recommendation naming possible action to preempt [incidents like] this one...we will recommend na 'yung riding-in-tandem na ........»»

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