China acquires basic technology for manned lunar missions: chief engineer

JIUQUAN -- China has acquired the basic technology to carry out manned lunar missions, chief engineer of China's manned space program Zhou Jianping said Thursday......»»

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1 kilo of marijuana seized in Iligan

ILIGAN CITY --- The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) seized on Monday more than a kilo of marijuana from a suspect who was later identified as the kidnap victim the agency rescued two years ago in Lanao del Norte. Lawyer Abdul Jamal Dimaporo, chief of NBI Iligan, said they arrested Cedric Nicolo Jamias, 25, a resident of Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat. Jamias, a newly licensed Electonics and Communications Engineer, was one of the four students of Mindanao State University -- Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT)allegedly kidnapped two years ago and rescued by Dimaporo's team from a hinterland area in Munai, Lanao del Norte. Also arrested were Kevin Christopher Saderna, 26; a...Keep on reading: 1 kilo of marijuana seized in Iligan.....»»

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UK to ramp up powers to block takeovers by foreign companies

LONDON --- The British government plans to expand its powers to block takeovers by foreign companies that pose national security concerns. Proposals unveiled Tuesday would allow the government to review deals in a wide variety of industries in which a foreign buyer acquires as little as 25 percent of a company. Britain and other NATO nations are worried about foreign governments, particularly China, using takeovers to gain access to new technology. Business Secretary Greg Clark says the proposals "will ensure we have the appropriate safeguards to protect our national security whilst ensuring our economy remains unashamedly pro-business and open to high levels of foreign inve...Keep on reading: UK to ramp up powers to block takeovers by foreign companies.....»»

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Taiwan firm eyes PH as manufacturing hub; local unit sets P6.77-B IPO

Taiwan-based New Kinpo Group (NKG) is grooming the Philippines to be its next Southeast Asian electronics manufacturing hub with a P6.77-billion local stock market debut planned by its local arm, Cal-Comp Technology (Philippines) Inc. Simon Shen, NKG chief executive, yesterday said the group was boosting its operating capacity in the Philippines as it shifted the focus of operations in China. "China will move toward higher level R&D (research and development), so its manufacturing component will slowly be transitioned to the Philippines. This IPO (initial public offering) will allow us to raise the funds needed to support the transition and help the Philippines enhance its manu...Keep on reading: Taiwan firm eyes PH as manufacturing hub; local unit sets P6.77-B IPO.....»»

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RCMP reveals use of secretive cellphone surveillance technology for the first time – CBC News

The RCMP for the first time is publicly confirming it uses cellphone surveillance devices in investigations across Canada — but at the same time says the potential of unauthorized snooping in Ottawa, as reported by CBC News, poses a threat to national security. &'8220;Absolutely,&'8221; RCMP Chief Supt. Jeff Adam, who is in charge of technical investigations services, said in an unprecedented technical briefing Wednesday with reporters from CBC News, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail. The RCMP held the briefing in the wake of a CBC News investigation that found evidence that devices known as IMSI catchers may be in use near government buildings in Ottawa for the purpose of illegal spying. &'8220;Not everyone uses the equipment in the way the RCMP does,&'8221; Adam said. &'8220;It is publicly known there is equipment out there that is not limited in its capturing of communications between devices. And so it's a security risk when it is used in proximity to government and/or any other commercial enterprises.&'8221; Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said Tuesday the devices detected did not belong to any Canadian police or intelligence agency. Adam told reporters that while he isn't &'8220;personally aware&'8221; of foreign agencies using the technology in Canada, &'8220;I can't rule that out.&'8221; But on Wednesday, after shrouding their own use of the technology in secrecy for years, the RCMP took the unprecedented step of speaking publicly about the devices — also known as Stingrays or Mobile Device Identifiers (MDIs) — to address public concern amidst mounting questions about their use The RCMP says that MDIs — of which it owns 10 — have become &'8220;vital tools&'8221; deployed scores of times to identify and track mobile devices in 19 criminal investigations last year and another 24 in 2015. He says in all cases but one in 2016, police got warrants. The one exception was an exigent circumstance — in other words, an emergency scenario &'8220;such as a kidnapping,&'8221; said Adam, whose office tracks every instance where an MDI has been used by the RCMP. &'8220;This technology is a vital tool in providing valuable assistance to criminal investigations,&'8221; Adam said, adding some recent media reporting has misstated how police use MDIs and what the technology can actually do. He says using an MDI requires senior police approval as well as getting a judge's order. And he says the technology provides only a first step in an investigation allowing officers to identify a device. He says only then can police apply for additional warrants to obtain a user's &'8220;basic subscriber information&'8221; such as name and address connected to the phone. Then, he says, only if the phone and suspect are targets of the investigation can police seek additional warrants to track the device or conduct a wiretap to capture communications. Adam says the RCMP currently has 24 technicians trained and authorized to deploy the devices across Canada. He knows other police forces own and use them too, but declined to name them. He said the RCMP's devices are restricted in their use, with software that only allows them to identify a mobile device and to potentially track the location of that phone. &'8220;What the RCMP technology does not do is collect private communication,&'8221; Adam said. &'8220;In other words, it does not collect voice and audio communications, email messages, text messages, contact lists, images, encryption keys or basic subscriber information.&'8221; There do exist interception tools that allow eavesdropping on phone calls and direct interception of digital messages but Adam said the RCMP does not own them or use them. He said anyone operating in Canada without a proper licence or judge's authorization would be breaking section 191.1 of the Criminal Code that prohibits possession of these kinds of interception devices. He also said it would be a violation of the Radiocommunications Act. Adam conceded that until two months ago the RCMP itself failed to get express approval to use MDIs from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED, formerly Industry Canada), the government body responsible for regulating technology that might interfere with wireless communications. He said the RCMP believed at one point that an exemption introduced in early 2015 to the Radiocommunications Act allowing the use of cellular &'8220;jammers&'8221; might also exempt the use of MDIs — but ISED ultimately disagreed. Otherwise, he said police have almost always sought a warrant, though he noted a few exceptions. He said in recent years the law has changed to catch up with emerging technologies. Police used to apply for a general warrant to use the technology. In 2015, Adam said there was a period of at least six months — between March and October — when the RCMP didn't seek a warrant at all, acting on advice from the Department of Justice and government prosecutors. RCMP say that in the past five years — including this period — police used the devices without a warrant in 11 investigations. IMSI catchers have been highly controversial for fear that hundreds of innocent device users can be swept up in the collection of cellular data. Adam said all data collected is strictly protected, isolated and reported to judges, preserved until it is no longer needed and then destroyed. &'8220;The data, once it is seized lawfully to the judge, will be secured and locked up for criminal court purposes. It will not be accessed other than the target information,&'8221; Adam said. He said the RCMP has been fully co-operating with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, which has been investigating police use of cellphone-tracking equipment in Canada. He also said police are very aware that cell MDIs can potentially [&'].....»»

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How technology is innovating agriculture in the Philippines

GUIYANG — Agriculture industry originally relies on manual labor but certain integrations of technology into the sector has definitely leveraged its own growth and development. In other countries, for instance, they have started to roll out particular innovations in order to boost their agricultural systems. China, which is known for its massive landscapes of grasslands and mountains, has […].....»»

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Former DFA chief on China: We cannot remain silent

By Camille A. Aguinaldo Former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert F. Del Rosario on Friday, Aug. 17, reiterated that the Philippines should not remain silent with China’s “non-adherence to the law.” In his speech during a forum organized by Stratbase, Mr. Del Rosario said the Philippines should act “with peaceful resistance against threats” the country’s sovereign […] The post Former DFA chief on China: We cannot remain silent appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Lenovo posts 1st quarter profit as recovery continues

HONG KONG, China – Chinese technology giant Lenovo, Thursday, August 16, recorded a sharp rise in first quarter net profit as the company's turnaround gathered pace. The PC maker posted a $77 million net profit in the quarter to June 30 – up from a $72 ........»»

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Successful Examinees in the Sanitary Engineer Licensure Exams

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces that 107 out of 157 passed the Sanitary Engineer Licensure Examination given by the Board of Sanitary Engineering in Manila this August 2018.:   RANK                     NAME SCHOOL     RATING(%)   1 RAYMOND CHARLES AMIO  GARCIA MAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY-MANILA 83.55 2 ARLENE VILLANUEVA  MAGABO NATIONAL UNIVERSITY-MANILA 83.47 3 [...] The post Successful Examinees in the Sanitary Engineer Licensure Exams appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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China’s vaccine scandal highlights Hong Kong’s special status

IN mid-July, China’s state drug administration ordered Changsheng Bio-technology, a company headquartered in Changchun, in northeastern China, to stop production of rabies vaccines after it uncovered evidence of forged data. At about the same time, the company was fined 3.4 million yuan ($502,000) for the production of inferior DPT vaccines last year. As soon as [...] The post China’s vaccine scandal highlights Hong Kong’s special status appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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China ahead of U.S. in 5G race – report

MANILA, Philippines - The US is trailing China in the race to build the fifth-generation wireless networks, or 5G, and it risks losing out on economic benefits that come with being a leader in the emerging technology. According to Reuters , who cites a report from ........»»

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China unveils electromagnetic rocket

BEIJING: China has unveiled a new and more powerful electromagnetic rocket amid US regional security coneerns in North Korea and the West Philippine Sea. Experts said China’s unprecedented innovation of electromagnetic catapult rocket artillery technology renders the weapon more powerful than most conventional artillery, especially for deployment in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau areas. Han Junli, a [...] The post China unveils electromagnetic rocket appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Huawei eyes smartphone lead after passing Apple

Shanghai, China — China’s Huawei on Friday said it could replace Samsung as the world’s top smartphone maker by late next year, just days after data showed it surpassed Apple for the number-two spot despite being essentially barred from the key US market. The chief of Huawei’s consumer division, Richard Yu, made the remark at […].....»»

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Pantaleon Alvarez, ASEAN statement on China, Bong Go movie role | Evening wRap

Today on Rappler: After ouster, Alvarez says he is now 'at peace' with himself. ASEAN to hit China reclamation , hail Trump-Kim talks. Will next UN rights chief treat Duterte, world leaders more gently? Nicki Minaj hunting for Tracy Chapman as album waits. Bong Go to play 'basketball coach' in Stephen Baldwin movie ........»»

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DICT to await SC ruling on frequencies

Some claimants have agreed to withdraw petitions for disputed 3G frequencies but the issue remains far from settled, the country’s acting Information and Communications Technology chief said on Monday. Industry players Globe Telecom, ABS-CBN Convergence and NOW Corp. have to jointly agree to pursue an out-of-court settlement, Department of Information and Communications Technolocy (DICT) officer-in-charge [...] The post DICT to await SC ruling on frequencies appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Chief Justice welcomes Duterte’s stance on South China Sea issue

ACTING CHIEF JUSTICE Antonio Carpio welcomed President Rodrigo Duterte’s pronouncement that the Philippines will not waver in defending the country’s […].....»»

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China donates boats and grenade launchers to Philippines

File photo: President Rodrigo Duterte inspects firearms together with Eduardo Ano, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), during his visit at the military camp in Marawi city,.....»»

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Lorenzana apologizes for saying Hague ruling was an ‘empty victory’

DEFENSE Secretary Delfin N. Lorenzana on Friday issued an apology to former foreign affairs secretary Albert F. del Rosario and Acting Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice Antonio T. Carpio for saying that The Hague’s 2016 ruling favoring the Philippines in a maritime dispute with China is “an empty victory.” The post Lorenzana apologizes for saying Hague ruling was an ‘empty victory’ appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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BoC chief approves fresh smuggling raps vs traders

BUREAU of Customs (BoC) commissioner, Isidro Lapeña, has approved the filing of smuggling charges against those behind the smuggling of rice from Thailand, Vietnam and China, just hours after visiting a warehouse in Laguna where they are being stored. Accompanied by the media and other bureau officials, Lapeña went to….....»»

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Facebook sets up China subsidiary

BEIJING, China – Facebook has opened a subsidiary in mainland China, records show, a long-awaited step for the social networking giant and its Mandarin-speaking founder Mark Zuckerberg. The company, called Lianshu Science & Technology (Hangzhou), was established on July 18 with $30 million of registered capital, according to China's corporate record ........»»

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Spell out China strategy in Sona, Carpio tells Duterte

President Duterte should spell out in his State of the Nation Address (Sona) on Monday his strategy on the territorial dispute with China after a Social Weather Stations (SWS) poll found that 9 of 10 Filipinos wanted the Philippines to recover its islands in the West Philippine Sea that Beijing had seized, acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio said on Sunday. "I think this is a message to the Duterte administration that they have to listen to the people and that they cannot set aside the arbitral ruling," Carpio said. "This is really overwhelming. The Filipino people don't buy the appeasement policy that if we enforce the arbitral ruling, it means war [with China]," he said. "...Keep on reading: Spell out China strategy in Sona, Carpio tells Duterte.....»»

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