Beauty Inspo: This Lip Trend Isn t Dying According To Sue Ramirez

This sweet and sultry look is becoming a classic......»»

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Beauty Inspo: The Blush Shade That We re Currently Loving On Every Celeb

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Beauty Inspo: AsNTM s Adela-Mae Marshall Has A Face We ll Never Grow Tired Of

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Beauty Inspo: Too Busy For Skincare? Here Are Three Tips Woman In Action Gretchen Ho Swears By!

The celebrity athlete shows beyond doubt that taking care of your skin doesn’t always have to be complicated!.....»»

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Beauty Inspo: This Is Why Anne Curtis Isn t Dyeing Her Hair Anymore!

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Beauty Inspo: Kathryn Bernardo s Freshest Beauty Looks Ever

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Beauty Inspo: MayMay Entrata s On-Point Beauty Looks

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This makeup trend lets you draw an IG window on your face

Social media has proven itself to be a hub of makeup inspiration thanks to beauty gurus. Many have posted pictorials, aka tutorials in picture form, to give their followers a step-by-step on how to do their looks. Now, the latest trend involves drawing a small Instagram window on your face to show the comparison of filtered and unfiltered photos. This trend started with a look posted by Dominic (@dom.skii) where he painted a whole window on the middle of his face. He only put makeup in the area covered by the window. A post shared by dominic (@dom.skii) on Jul 19, 2018 at 8:15am PDT 14-year-old beauty guru Lance Aguas was inspired by Dominic and did the same lo...Keep on reading: This makeup trend lets you draw an IG window on your face.....»»

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Beauty Inspo: Celebs With The Best Highlight Game

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Beauty Inspo: Julia Barretto s Most Glowing Looks

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Beauty Inspo: These Queens Reveal Their Most Kept Beauty Secrets!

Ever since their training as candidates started, they have known what it means to be beautiful from head to toe......»»

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