U2 pays tribute to terrorist attack victims in Manchester show

U2 paid its respects to the victims of the May 2017 terrorist attack by dedicating the song "13. There is a Light" in their Oct. 19 show at the Manchester Arena in England. Frontman Bono made the dedication as the band prepared to play the closing song for a set. "This is a prayer for the safety of your children," said Bono before he started singing as reported by NME. The May 2017 Manchester Arena terrorist attack involved Islamic extremists detonating homemade bombs following the concert of American singer Ariana Grande. Twenty-two civilians were killed in the attack. YouTube user Raymond Jager shared a two-minute clip of Bono solemnly singing "There Is a Light" as the spo...Keep on reading: U2 pays tribute to terrorist attack victims in Manchester show.....»»

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GakiMoto 168 : Lady Riders Club Manila : 1 Year Anniversary Meet Up : Bike Club Hits – Manila Video

#LRC #LadyRidersClub #RidePhilippines It’s been awhile since I’ve done an episode of Bike Club Hits. So it’s about time I met up with Lady Riders Club Manila. Thank you to for the invite! Ride safe and keep inspiring other women to ride. Oh, I did meet up with them again… together with Lady Riders… link: GakiMoto 168 : Lady Riders Club Manila : 1 Year Anniversary Meet Up : Bike Club Hits – Manila Video.....»»

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MAJOR POINT: Has the PBA Solved Its Draft Problem?

Late last week on October 12th, the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) made an announcement that the PBA Board of Governors voted and agreed unanimously that starting 2019, the number 1 overall draft pick can no longer be traded and is exclusively for the worst team in the league to pick who they choose. At first glance, the PBA’s announcement looks like a solution to the draft problem that has gone on for over a decade. If you just read the headline or skimmed through the press release or an article written on the subject maybe you think the PBA has found its solution to the draft problem that caused division in the PBA Board and led to the hiring of a new commissioner after another draft debacle last year. Ever the skeptic, I read more than the headlines. Instead of skimming through the press release and articles, I read the fine print. After my readings and a few discussions with basketball people, do I feel the PBA has found a solution to its draft problem? I’m skeptical. I have questions. But before we get to my questions, lets take a look at how the PBA got itself in a situation where they had to make an actual rule that the worst team in the league CAN’T trade the number one overall pick: 2005: Anthony “Jay” Washington gets drafted number one overall by Air21 Express. Washington gets traded on draft day to the Talk ’N Text Phone Pals. Talk ’N Text was second in wins in the PBA in the three conferences leading up to the 2005 draft. 2008: The Talk ’N Text Phone Pals have picks 2 and 4 in the first round of the draft despite being tied for the most number of wins in the 2006-2007 season. They draft Jared Dillinger and Rob Reyes with those picks. TNT trades Jay Washington to the San Miguel Beermen and acquires the third overall pick, which turns out to be Jayson Castro. 2009: Japeth Aguilar is selected number one overall by the Burger King Whoppers. Aguilar plays one game for the Whoppers, before he is shipped to the Talk N Text Tropang Texters in a three-way trade also involving Barako Bull. Burger King was able to get Barako Bull’s 2010 (previously acquired by Talk ‘N Text) and 2012 first-round picks along with Talk ‘N Text’s 2013 and 2014 first-round picks. 2010: Noy Baclao and Rabeh Al-Hussaini are selected first and second overall by Air21 Express. Midway through their rookie season both Baclao and Al-Hussaini along with Rey Guevarra are traded to Petron Blaze in exchange for Danny Seigle, Dondon Hontiveros, Dorian Peña and Paul Artadi. Baclao and Al-Hussaini help the Petron Blaze win the 2011 PBA Governors’ Cup. Al-Hussaini wins Rookie of the Year. 2012: The Petron Blaze Boosters (from Barako Bull via Air21) select June Mar Fajardo number one overall. 2013: Barangay Ginebra (from Air21) selects Greg Slaughter number one overall. Barako Bull had the fourth, fifth and sixth picks in the first round. Barako Bull decides to trade away all three first round picks. The fifth pick turns out to be Terrence Romeo. 2014: Despite winning the Philippine Cup in a 4-0 sweep, Talk ’N Text lands the second and fourth picks overall and selects Kevin Alas and Matthew Ganuelas-Rosser before the 2014-2015 PBA season begins. Alas & Ganuelas-Rosser help Talk ’N Text win the 2015 Commisioner’s Cup. Kia Sorento with their first pick in franchise history selects Manny Pacquiao 11th overall. 2015: Despite winning the 2015 Commissioner’s Cup, Talk ’N Text has the number one overall pick (from Blackwater). Talk ’N Text selects Moala Tautuaa number one and then two days later trade for the number two overall pick, Troy Rosario (Mahindra). 2016: The “Special” Draft. Gilas players are selected behind closed doors. One Gilas cadet per team, not to be traded for two years. Draft order was never released to the PBA fans/public. 2017: The San Miguel Beerman, despite winning two championships, having the most wins and the best win percentage, select Christian Standhardinger number one overall after a trade from Kia. Losing out on the Standhardinger sweepstakes, TNT blasts Commissioner Narvasa for approving the trade. The PBA divides where seven teams declare they have a “loss of confidence” in Commissioner Narvasa. Five teams support Commissioner Narvasa. After a three-month stalemate, Commissioner Narvasa steps down and the PBA Board appoints a new commissioner, Willie Marcial. As you can see, it is a little more complicated than having the number one overall pick protected from a trade. While the number one overall pick has been traded seven times in the last 13 years, which has to be some kind of record, there have been other issues as well. And that is where my long list of questions begins: -    What’s to stop an already winning team from stacking up multiple first round picks other than the number one overall pick, like in 2008 and 2014? -    This "no trading of the top pick rule" becomes effective in 2019. Why the wait? Why can’t it apply this year? Columbian Dyip has the first pick this season. History says they could likely trade that pick to a championship team. Why do we have to go through this make-believe world another year? -    Hypothetically, how would the PBA handle this situation: Phoenix trades an active player to Rain or Shine for ROS’s 2021 1st round pick. Unfortunately, in 2020, ROS has a variety of injuries and acquires the number one overall pick. What happens then? Who gets the first pick? ROS or Phoenix? -    After the first pick is drafted, when does that player selected first become tradeable? Can it be traded after the draft? If not, for how long? Looking at the draft history of the last 13 years, you have to wonder, what were the objectives of teams like Air21, Barako Bull & Kia? Were those teams in the league to form competitive teams? Were they attempting to build championship teams? Why were those teams trading so many of their top picks? Columbian justified its trading of the number pick last year by saying they were going to play in an “unconventional” way. Their unconventional way has led them to five wins in 31 games so far this season. It has also earned them the number one overall pick for the second year in a row. The PBA Draft is supposed to be fun. It used to be fun. Before 2005, the PBA Draft was a legitimate event. It was something to look forward to. The idea of the draft is still special in theory. It’s a day where dreams come true. Drafted players lives change that day. Many times, the lives of a player's family change forever when their son or husband or father is drafted in the PBA. It's an opportunity for teams who have struggled to get better. It's supposed to give hope to teams drafting high and a challenge to teams drafting low. That is how the draft system is supposed to work. Unfortunately, in the PBA that system has been broke for a long time. I like the idea and the spirit of the draft. However, last year on my podcast, Staying MAJOR, I argued that the PBA should scrap its draft. That made me sad. It made me sad because I feel like the spirit of the PBA Draft has been lost. It's been lost by teams manipulating the system for the improvement of their individual team or their team's objective, but not for the betterment of the league. I’m tired of the PBA Draft getting hijacked every year. And now we have to likely go through it again this year. Even after what happened last year. Not being able to trade the number one pick sounds good. It’s a nice blanket statement. I even think it might be a step in the right direction. But, sometimes when you're bleeding, you need more than a band-aid. Fans aren’t naive. They can figure out what’s going on when year after year the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. Maybe some of my questions will get answered here as the draft approaches? Maybe Columbian Dyip won’t trade their pick again? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part? If there is a silver lining, it is at least the PBA and its Board have acknowledged that there is a problem. At least there was an attempt to fix it. I’d say vetting of new potential franchises, so the PBA doesn’t have members who want to trade their draft picks to already successful teams is the bigger issue, but hopefully this is a start of trying to level the playing field. Wouldn’t it be fun to have teams that haven’t won in a while, keep their picks and build contending teams? Or at least not give them to the already strong teams? Wouldn’t that be fun? Wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate the draft spirit of hope on draft day without trying to figure out how the best teams ended up with the top picks again? The PBA is a professional, competitive, sports league. That’s what it’s supposed to be. The PBA is supposed to be fun too. However, it’s NOT fun or competitive when the top teams keep picking high every year. That’s not real competition to me. So will the PBA’s new rule regarding the number one overall pick change anything? This year, no. Starting next year, maybe. I’d like to be optimistic that there will be change or that this rule will initiate an on-going conversation of how to make the draft better. Unfortunately, we still have a full year of waiting before we find out. Eric Menk played in the PBA from 1999 to 2016. Menk is a four-time PBA champion, three-time PBA Finals MVP and one-time PBA MVP (2005). He will be writing for ABS-CBN Sports weekly. Menk also has his podcast Staying MAJOR as welll as his own YouTube channel ......»»

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‘Tough job’ for Pietro’s future GF

  Pietro Boselli, aka "the world's hottest math teacher," recently asked his fans to send him questions via Instagram Story.   The Italian sensation, who has 2.6 million followers on the image-sharing app and over 630,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, actively uploads photos and videos of his workout sessions, his downtime, and even his TEDx talk on physical and mental fitness.   Asked if he liked teaching, the former mathematics lecturer responded, "It's definitely a fulfilling activity."   How much sleep does he get every day? "Not as much as I should! I wake up early in the morning ... I get about five to six hours a day," said Bosell...Keep on reading: ‘Tough job’ for Pietro’s future GF.....»»

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YouTube crashed for 2 hours and Google has yet to reveal cause

Internet users worldwide were in for a surprise when video streaming service YouTube crashed for close to two hours on Wednesday morning in Manila. Reports of videos uploaded on the site refusing to play and ‘Error’ messages flashing upon attempts to load the site circulated around 9 a.m. in the Philippines, usually the start of […] The post YouTube crashed for 2 hours and Google has yet to reveal cause appeared first on Interaksyon......»»

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YouTube back up after outage of around 2 hours

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – YouTube is back up after suffering a major outage that lasted about 2 hours on Wednesday morning, October 17, Manila time. Reports on the website Downdetector saw a spike at around 9 am, with about 2,237 reports. Over the hour, the reports came from many parts ........»»

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Of course, Twitter folks had fun with 'YouTubeDOWN

MANILA, Philippines – The eyes of Twitter comedians around the world surely must have lighted up when YouTube went down , Wednesday morning, October 17, Philippine time. Count on these folks to bring out their best whenever these tech giants experience some misery. We've collected some of their finest stuff here: {source}.....»»

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Children drowning in digital diet of pizza and sweets

CANNES, France – Children are being swamped by the visual equivalent of "pizza and sweets" in "a digital Wild Wild West", some of the world's top kids television program makers have warned.  With YouTube replacing Disney as the most-loved brand among young children in the US, and streaming giants encouraging binge ........»»

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WATCH: Police load helicopters with food for struggling farmers in Australia Police kicked off the "Feed A Farmer" appeal on Friday, Oct. 12, filling helicopters with food to take to farmers suffering drought throughout New South Wales, Australia. All emergency service organizations joined forces to fill a helicopter with groceries and non-perishable food, which the community can donate to until December. The video above shows one of the first Food Bank convoys to be given to farmers. KM RELATED STORIES: WATCH: Family calls police after whales got too close to their boat LISTEN: 10-year-old Colorado boy calls police for help in math homework...Keep on reading: WATCH: Police load helicopters with food for struggling farmers in Australia.....»»

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Enchong Dee shares favorite experiences in ‘Extreme Ends’ Kapamilya actor Enchong Dee revealed his favorite moments in Hong Kong during the taping of international reality show "Extreme Ends," which will feature the many sides of that autonomous territory of China. Dee and friend Ria Atayde were tapped to represent the Philippines in the show. Out of all his experiences in the show, Dee said he would brag most about his visit to a restaurant with a Michelin Star. "If there is something I wanna brag about it is the Michelin Star restaurant that they made me experience. And it was so good," Dee said on Saturday during the media launch of the show at SM City Manila. https:...Keep on reading: Enchong Dee shares favorite experiences in ‘Extreme Ends’.....»»

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WATCH: Boston Dynamics robot demos agility in parkour video

MANILA, Philippines – Massachusetts-based Boston Dynamics has taught their robot a new trick: hopping over stuff with more skill than ever.  The robot, named Atlas, is seen on a YouTube video hopping over a log before taking on a set of boxes of increasing height that are asymmetrically arranged such ........»»

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YouTube driving global consumption of music

If you are listening to music, chances are you're on YouTube. A music consumer report by the industry's global body IFPI published on Tuesday found that 86 percent of us listen to music through on-demand streaming. And nearly half that time, 47 percent is spent on YouTube. Video as a whole accounted for 52 percent of the time we spent streaming music, posing challenges to such subscription services as Spotify and SoundCloud. But while Spotify's estimated annual revenue per user was $20 (P1,000), YouTube's was less than a dollar. The London-based IFPI issued a broader overview in April that found digital sales for the first time making up the majority of global revenues...Keep on reading: YouTube driving global consumption of music.....»»

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Philippines Fake Market Mania! – Manila Video

Today, we are in the heart of Manila, Philippines bargaining for many products such as Jordan, Off-White, NBA jerseys, Supreme and many more! So come along for the ride! ——————————————————————————————————- GIVEAWAY! Samsung Galaxy A9 Star! Each follow counts as one entry! (YouTube = 1, IG = 1, FB = 1) Click the link below to… link: Philippines Fake Market Mania! – Manila Video.....»»

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Manila Bay, and Why No YouTube Comments Allowed? – Manila Video

Manila Bay, and Why No YouTube Comments Allowed? – Manila Video.....»»

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Horse walks - storms, rather - into French bar after escaping stables

A horse walks -- storms, rather -- into a bar in France after escaping the stables. Image: Screengrab from YouTube/Jasmin Stephane What used to be just a joke about a horse walking into a bar has m.....»»

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AFP clears Trillanes, Pangilinan on ‘Red October’ ouster plot     The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Tuesday cleared opposition Senators Antonio Trillanes and Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan of involvement in the so-called "Red October" ouster plot against the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.   During the hearing of the Senate committee on finance, Trillanes categorically asked AFP Chief of Staff General Carlito Galvez asked if he and Pangilinan were involved in the ouster plot.   "Basically this a sinister plot of the CCP-NPA (Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army). Kung makikita po natin talaga they would like to have a coalition wi...Keep on reading: AFP clears Trillanes, Pangilinan on ‘Red October’ ouster plot.....»»

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AFP chief links 10 Metro Manila universities to ‘Red October’   At least 10 universities in Metro Manila have allegedly been organized by a broad coalition led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) as part of the so-called "Red October" plot to oust President Rodrigo Duterte, the Armed Forces (AFP) chief revealed on Tuesday.   AFP Chief of Staff General Carlito Galvez Jr. detailed the plot to oust President Duterte during the hearing of the Senate committee on finance on the proposed 2019 budget of the Department of National Defense and its attached agencies.   It was opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, who asked about the ouster plot. Galvez said the "Re...Keep on reading: AFP chief links 10 Metro Manila universities to ‘Red October’.....»»

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‘Red October’ aims to force Duterte to declare martial law – AFP The "Red October" ouster plot against President Rodrigo Duterte is meant to push him to declare martial law nationwide, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff General Carlito Galvez Jr. said Tuesday.   "Ang nakikita namin (What we are seeing) is the President is being dragged to declare martial law nationwide, [and] most probably a revolutionary government," Galvez said during a Senate hearing on the budget of the Department of National Defense.   Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana earlier confirmed the existence of the plan tounseat the President.   The AFP believes that the communists are tryi...Keep on reading: ‘Red October’ aims to force Duterte to declare martial law – AFP.....»»

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Jericho Rosales in a pink suit—we’re a fan Don't get us wrong, we love traditional black, gray, or white tuxedos. But Jericho Rosales looking dapper in a salmon pink Ziggy Savella suit at the ABS-CBN Ball is one we can't stop looking at. Can Echo do no wrong? Probably not.   Photo courtesy of Ziggy Savella's Instagram account For the latest in culture, fashion, beauty, and celebrities, subscribe to our weekly newsletter here Follow Preen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Viber Related stories: Jericho Rosales stands up for women's choice to not have babies It's a match: Couples who coordinated their outfits at the ABS-CBN Ball ...Keep on reading: Jericho Rosales in a pink suit—we’re a fan.....»»

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WATCH: Sophie Turner, Josh Groban and James Corden perform ‘definitive version’ of ‘Baby Shark’

You've never heard "Baby Shark" in anything like this. James Corden put a classy touch on the now viral hit, with a little help from "Games of Thrones" star Sophie Turner and Josh Groban in "Late Late Show" episode aired Thursday night. Corden first teased "Baby Shark" as a song "so iconic" since it has reached almost two billion views on YouTube alone. He added that unlike John Lennon's "Imagine" and Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On," this song clearly defined the current generation. Since he has heard this song multiple times, he thought: "Why should this song just be for kids?" and thought to perform "the definitive version" of the song in front of an audience---with a posh s...Keep on reading: WATCH: Sophie Turner, Josh Groban and James Corden perform ‘definitive version’ of ‘Baby Shark’.....»»

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