Crunch time as U.S. Senate braces for health care vote

Crunch time as U.S. Senate braces for health care vote.....»»

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Senate opens ‘Obamacare’ debate at last but outcome in doubt – ABC News

Prodded by President Donald Trump, a bitterly divided Senate voted, at last, Tuesday to move forward with the Republicans' long-promised legislation to repeal and replace &'8220;Obamacare.&'8221; There was high drama as Sen. John McCain returned to the Capitol for the first time after being diagnosed with brain cancer to cast a decisive &'8220;yes&'8221; vote. The final tally was 51-50, with Vice President Mike Pence, exercising his constitutional prerogative, breaking the tie after two Republicans joined all 48 Democrats in voting &'8220;no.&'8221; When the Senate voted Tuesday evening on the bill's initial amendment, it underscored how hard it will be for the chamber's divided Republicans to pass a sweeping replacement of Obama's law. By 57-43 — including nine GOP defectors — it blocked a wide-ranging proposal by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to erase and replace much of the statute. It included language by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, letting insurers sell cut-rate policies with skimpy coverage, plus an additional $100 billion to help states ease out-of-pocket costs for people losing Medicaid — a provision sought by Midwestern moderates including Rob Portman, R-Ohio. On the day's opening vote to begin debate, and with all senators in their seats and protesters agitating outside and briefly inside the chamber, the vote was held open at length before McCain, 80, entered the chamber. Greeted by cheers, he smiled and dispensed hugs — but with the scars from recent surgery starkly visible on the left side of his face. Despite voting &'8220;yes,&'8221; he took a lecturing tone afterward and hardly saw success assured for the legislation after weeks of misfires, even after Tuesday's victory for Trump and Republican leader Mitch McConnell. &'8220;If this process ends in failure, which seems likely, then let's return to regular order,&'8221; McCain said as he chided Republican leaders for devising the legislation in secret along with the administration and &'8220;springing it on skeptical members.&'8221; &'8220;Stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on the radio, TV and internet. To hell with them!&'8221; McCain said, raising his voice as he urged senators to reach for the comity of earlier times. At the White House earlier, after senators voted to consider the bill, Trump wasted no time in declaring a win and slamming the Democrats anew. &'8220;I'm very happy to announce that, with zero of the Democrats' votes, the motion to proceed on health care has just passed. And now we move forward toward truly great health care for the American people,&'8221; Trump said. &'8220;This was a big step. I want to thank Senator John McCain — very brave man.&'8221; Trump continued to celebrate the vote at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio that doubled as a victory lap. &'8220;We're now one step closer to liberating our citizens from this &'8220;Obamacare&'8221; nightmare and delivering great health care for the American people&'8221; he said. At its most basic, the Republican legislation is aimed at undoing &'8220;Obamacare&'8221;'s unpopular mandates for most people to carry insurance and businesses to offer it. The GOP would repeal &'8220;Obamacare&'8221; taxes and unwind an expansion of the Medicaid program for the poor, the disabled and nursing home residents The result would be 20 million to 30 million people losing insurance over a decade, depending on the version of the bill. The GOP legislation has polled abysmally, while &'8220;Obamacare&'8221; itself has grown steadily more popular. Yet most Republicans argue that failing to deliver on their promises to pass repeal-and-replace legislation would be worse than passing an unpopular bill, because it would expose the GOP as unable to govern despite controlling majorities in the House, Senate and White House. Tuesday's vote amounted to a procedural hurdle for legislation whose final form is impossible to predict under the Senate's byzantine amendment process, which will unfold over the next several days. Indeed senators had no clear idea of what they would ultimately be voting on, and in an indication of the uncertainty ahead, McConnell, R-Ky., said the Senate will &'8220;let the voting take us where it will.&'8221; The expectation is that he will bring up a series of amendments. Yet after seven years of empty promises, and weeks of hand-wringing and false starts on Capitol Hill, it was the Senate's first concrete step toward delivering on innumerable pledges to undo former President Barack Obama's law. It came after several near-death experiences for earlier versions of the legislation, and only after Trump summoned senators to the White House last week to order them to try again after McConnell had essentially conceded defeat. &'8220;The people who sent us here expect us to begin this debate, to have the courage to tackle the tough issues,&'8221; McConnell said ahead of the vote. Democrats stood implacably opposed, and in an unusual maneuver they sat in their seats refusing to vote until it was clear Republicans would be able to reach the 50-vote margin needed to get them over the top with Pence's help. &'8220;Turn back,&'8221; Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York implored his GOP colleagues before the vote. &'8220;Turn back now, before it's too late and millions and millions and millions of Americans are hurt so badly.&'8221; Schumer's pleas fell on deaf ears, as several GOP senators who'd announced they would oppose moving forward with the legislation reversed themselves to vote &'8220;yes.&'8221; Among them were Dean Heller of Nevada, the most vulnerable Republican senator in next year's midterm elections, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Johnson has recently accused McConnell of [&'].....»»

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Rep. Djalia Hataman explains ‘NO’ vote on Martial Law extension

Rep. Djalia Hataman explains ‘NO’ vote on Martial Law extension.....»»

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US Senate advances health care bill, tough debate looms

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump's drive to abolish Obamacare scraped through a key Senate vote Tuesday, with John McCain coming to the US president's rescue in a dramatic return to Congress following cancer surgery. The vote, which allows the Senate to begin debate on health care reform legislation, was a victory for Trump, who had spent weeks [...].....»»

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Embiid, Dirk, Porzingis to lead 15th Basketball w/o Borders Africa camp

em>NBA press release /em> JOHANNESBURG, MIES, NEW YORK – The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) today announced the top 80 boys and girls ages 17 and under from 26 African countries who will participate in the 15th edition of Basketball without Borders (BWB) Africa ahead of NBA Africa Game 2017, the NBA’s second game in Africa. BWB, the NBA and FIBA’s global basketball development and community outreach program, will be held Wednesday, Aug. 2 - Saturday, Aug. 5 at the American International School of Johannesburg with Nike serving as the official partner.  NBA Africa Game 2017 will take place Aug. 5 at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. The campers will be coached by NBA and FIBA players, including Leandro Barbosa (most recently with the Phoenix Suns; Brazil), Bismack Biyombo (Orlando Magic; Democratic Republic of the Congo), Jaylen Brown (Boston Celtics; U.S.), Clint Capela (Houston Rockets; Switzerland; parents from Angola and Congo), DeMarcus Cousins (New Orleans Pelicans; U.S.), Luol Deng (Los Angeles Lakers; South Sudan), Gorgui Dieng (Minnesota Timberwolves; Senegal; BWB Africa 2009), Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons; U.S.), Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers; Cameroon; BWB Africa 2011), Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (Brooklyn Nets; U.S.), Serge Ibaka (Toronto Raptors; Congo), Courtney Lee (New York Knicks; U.S.), Kyle Lowry (Raptors; U.S.), Luc Mbah a Moute (Rockets; Cameroon; BWB Africa 2003), CJ McCollum (Portland Trail Blazers; U.S.), Salah Mejri (Dallas Mavericks; Tunisia), Emmanuel Mudiay (Denver Nuggets; Democratic Republic of the Congo), Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks; Germany), Victor Oladipo (Indiana Pacers; U.S.; parents from Nigeria and Sierra Leone), Kristaps Porzingis (Knicks; Latvia), Dennis Schroder (Atlanta Hawks; Germany; parent from The Gambia), Thabo Sefolosha (Utah Jazz; Switzerland; parent from South Africa) and Kemba Walker (Charlotte Hornets; U.S.). Joining the NBA and FIBA players will be NBA Global Ambassador Dikembe Mutombo (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Suns Vice President of Basketball Operations James Jones, former NBA players Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Bruce Bowen, Elton Brand, Brian Cardinal and Ronny Turiaf (France), and former WNBA players Rushia Brown and Astou Ndiaye (Senegal). NBA head coaches Alvin Gentry (Pelicans), Michael Malone (Nuggets) and Erik Spoelstra (Miami Heat), current NBA assistant coaches David Adelman (Magic), Pat Delany (Hornets), Sidney Lowe (Washington Wizards), Jamahl Mosley (Mavericks), Patrick Mutombo (Raptors) and Lloyd Pierce (76ers), and Patrick Hunt (President of the World Association of Basketball Coaches; Australia) will also serve as BWB Africa 2017 coaches.  San Antonio Spurs General Manager R.C. Buford and Raptors President Masai Ujiri (Nigeria) will be the camp directors, with Duane Brooks (Pelicans) and Keith Jones (Rockets) serving as the camp’s athletic trainers.  A number of NBA front office personnel will also participate. Players and coaches will lead the campers through a variety of activities on and off the court, including movement efficiency, positional skill development, shooting and skills competitions, 5-on-5 games, and daily life skills seminars focusing on health, leadership and communication.  One boy and one girl will be named BWB Africa Camp MVPs at the conclusion of the camp. Nike, a BWB global partner since 2002, will outfit the campers and coaches with Nike apparel and footwear. BWB has reached more than 2,780 participants from 134 countries and territories since 2001, with 46 campers, including nine BWB Africa campers, drafted into the NBA.  This year’s BWB schedule also featured an inaugural BWB Americas camp in the Bahamas from July 5-8, while BWB Europe 2017 will be held in Israel for the first time Aug. 13-16. The NBA and FIBA have staged 50 BWB camps in 31 cities across 26 countries on six continents.  More than 230 current and former NBA, WNBA and FIBA players have joined more than 185 NBA team personnel from all 30 NBA teams to support BWB across the world. .....»»

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Israel removes Jerusalem metal detectors after cabinet vote – BBC News

Israel removes Jerusalem metal detectors after cabinet vote – BBC News.....»»

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Venezuela opposition urges boycott of vote to overhaul constitution

Venezuela opposition urges boycott of vote to overhaul constitution.....»»

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NBA: Original Lakers coach Kundla dead at 101

LOS ANGELES: John Kundla, a Hall of Fame coach who led the Minneapolis Lakers to five NBA titles before the team moved to Los Angeles, died Sunday. He was 101. Kundla, the original coach of the Lakers NBA franchise, had been in a Minneapolis assisted living facility in recent years. &'8220;On behalf of the entire [...].....»»

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Basketball Hall of Famer John Kundla dies at 101

em>By Jon Krawczynski, Associated Press /em> MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Before Phil Jackson and Pat Riley, before Gregg Popovich and Larry Brown, even before Red Auerbach, there was John Kundla. Kundla, the Hall of Fame coach who led the Minneapolis Lakers to five NBA championships, died Sunday (Monday, PHL time). He was 101. Jim Kundla said his father died at an assisted living facility in Northeast Minneapolis that he called home for years. With George Mikan in the middle and Kundla the calm, steady hand directing the team, the Lakers won the 1949 championship in the BAA — the league that preceded the NBA and NBA titles in 1950 and 1952-54, cementing the franchise's place as the league's first true dynasty. The Lakers also won an NBL title in 1948, but the NBL marks are not included in the NBA's records. Kundla was the oldest living Hall of Famer in any of the four major pro sports in America. Kundla was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995. A year later, he was named one of the league's 10 greatest coaches as part of the league's 'NBA at 50' celebration. He was hired at 31 and resigned at 42 with a career record of 423-302, happy to cede the attention and the accolades to his players over himself. He was known for his understated sideline demeanor, which was unique compared with the fiery drill sergeants of the era. 'John wasn't a screamer and was very mild-mannered, but he'd let loose when we deserved it, and usually I was the first one he bawled out,' Mikan once told Sports Illustrated. 'The message he sent was that no one on the team was above criticism.' Kundla was born in Star Junction, Pennsylvania, on July 3, 1916. He relocated to Minneapolis with his family at the age of 5. The Detroit Gems of NBL moved to the Twin Cities in 1947 and hired Kundla to run the re-named Lakers. In Mikan, Vern Mikkelsen and Jim Pollard, the Lakers assembled the first super team, beating New York in 1952 and '53 and Syracuse in '54 for the three straight titles. To this day Jackson, Auerbach and Kundla stand as the only three coaches to have won more than two championships in a row. What was Kundla's secret? 'One game with about a minute left to go. Tie game. I substituted,' Kundla recalled to last year. 'The player I substituted gets a beautiful basket and wins the ball game. Everybody said, 'What a smart move you made.' 'What had happened, the [other] player came to me and said, 'I want to go to the bathroom.' I got credit for being smart.' Kundla stepped down in 1959 to coach at his alma mater, the University of Minnesota, before the Lakers moved to Los Angeles. 'We played team ball,' Kundla told 'We didn't try to [run up] the score. We played defense. We didn't try to make the other team look bad. But the players were a real good group together.' .....»»

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The Mindanao Vote on extending martial law: 54 yes, 3 no, 7 absent

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 23 July)  &'8212;  How did Mindanao's 64 representatives in the House of Representatives and three in the Senate vote on the extension of martial law and suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus until December 31, 2017? Mindanao has 59 district representatives, two of whom passed away last [&'].....»»

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MARTIAL LAW SA MINDANAO: Hindi ito ang pangakong pagbabagong hinahanap ng mamamayan

(Explanation of “No” Vote para sa Extension of Martial Law in Mindanao by Anakpawis Rep. Ariel “Ka Ayik” B. Casilao, Hunyo 22, 2017. Tatlo lang sa 64 na Kongresista na taga Mindanao ang bumoto ng 'No') Bilang kinatawan ng Anakpawis Party-list, na binubuo ng mga maralitang sektor, mariin naming inirerehistro ang aming boto na “NO” para [&'].....»»

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Lagman seeks Supreme Court intervention on Congress vote to extend martial law

Lagman seeks Supreme Court intervention on Congress vote to extend martial law.....»»

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Roddick, Clijsters among Tennis Hall of Fame inductees

em>By Jimmy Golen, Associated Press /em> NEWPORT, Rhode Island (AP) — Looking around the International Tennis Hall of Fame, Andy Roddick thought about all the things he is not. Not as good as the historic greats, especially Americans who preceded him into the Newport shrine like John McEnroe, Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. Not as good as the modern Big Four — Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray — who stood in the way of him winning more than one Grand Slam. 'I'm not the best of all time. I'm not going to win Wimbledon. I'm not the best of my generation. I'm not the most well-behaved. I'm not the most polished,' Roddick said in a speech Saturday that was sometimes funny and sometimes poignant. 'I'm also never going to take this honor for granted,' he said. 'I may not be a lot of things, but from this day forward, I'm never going to be anything less than a Hall of Famer.' Known for his powerful serve and his often biting wit, Roddick was inducted into the Hall along with Belgian star Kim Clijsters, six-time Paralympic medalist Monique Kalkman-van den Bosch and journalist and historian Steve Flink. Tennis instructor and innovator Vic Braden, who died in 2014, was inducted posthumously. Clijsters won four Grand Slam singles titles and 31 overall, including the 2009 U.S. Open as an unranked, wild-card entry after coming out of retirement following the birth of her daughter. 'Sorry, guys, but it's different,' said Hall of Famer Chris Evert, who presented Flink for induction. Evert said she developed a friendship with Flink over his career, which started when he was a researcher for Hall of Fame tennis writer Bud Collins. He went on to write books and magazine articles and provide tennis commentary on TV and radio. Evert spoke in awe about Flink's recall for long-ago matches, and how he would interrupt her at press conferences when she got details about her own record wrong. 'Steve Flink is being inducted today for a lifetime of making tennis the center of his world,' she said. Kalkman-van den Bosch discussed fighting cancer at the age of 14 and fearing that she would never play tennis again. Her friends pushed her around on a court in her wheelchair so she could she feel like she was still involved with the sport. 'I'm so fortunate to have tennis in my life,' she said. 'It's been magic for me.' Roddick thanked his several coaches and his father and his wife, Brooklyn Decker, who sat in the stands near fellow model Chrissy Teigen and her husband, singer John Legend. He also congratulated his fellow inductees, joining those who praised Clijsters as a person. 'I have a simple way of putting it,' he said. 'If you have a problem with Kim Clijsters, I blame you.' Roddick also spoke of sneaking into the players' lounge at the U.S. Open when he was 8 years old and playing video games with Sampras, too scared to speak. Eleven years later, they were on the same Davis Cup team. And he said he doesn't play 'the 'what-if' game' and wonder what he might have done if he hadn't overlapped with the Big Four. 'It (stunk) being in your vacuum at times. I still consider myself lucky,' said Roddick, who lost to Federer in a Grand Slam final four separate times. 'I got to guard (Michael) Jordan. I went the distance with (Muhammad) Ali. I pitched to Babe Ruth. I feel like I know what it must have been like to watch Picasso. I saw it all. 'I won a couple times — not a lot, but a couple,' he said. 'The big four guys really (angered me) most of the time when I played them. But I'm absolutely proud to have my life and career associated with such quality individuals.' And he said at the pre-ceremony news conference that when he woke up that morning, the first text he saw was from Federer. 'He makes it extremely hard not to like him as a person,' Roddick said. The inductees took a tour of the museum on Friday, where they got to see their mementos alongside those of some of their heroes. Roddick took special pleasure in seeing the racket Arthur Ashe used when winning Wimbledon in 1975, or the one Rod Laver used at Forest Hills. 'It's almost like your childhood flashes through your head,' Clijsters said. 'It's very humbling. I'm just trying to take it all in.' Wearing a white button-down shirt embroidered with trucks that his 22-month-old son, Hank, picked out, Roddick noted that as an inductee he now gets to vote on future candidates. And he joked that he would take advantage of his new power to pay Federer back for all of the defeats. 'I might vote against him,' he said with a smile.   .....»»

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Only 3 Mindanao Reps voted “No” to extension of martial law in Mindanao

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 22 July) &'8212; By a vote of 261-18, with only three Mindanawon Representatives voting &'8220;No,&'8221; the joint session of the Senate and the House of Representatives approved Saturday the request of President Rodrigo Duterte to extend martial law and the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus all [&'].....»»

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Progressive solons stress human rights violations in vote vs. Mindanao martial law extension

Progressive solons stress human rights violations in vote vs. Mindanao martial law extension.....»»

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Makabayan solons stress human rights violations in vote vs. Mindanao martial law extension

Makabayan solons stress human rights violations in vote vs. Mindanao martial law extension.....»»

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Palace on martial law vote: The nation has chosen to stand united

MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang on Saturday expressed its gratitude to Congress for voting to extend the declaration of martial law in Mindanao......»»

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16 senators vote to extend martial law until December 31

16 senators vote to extend martial law until December 31.....»»

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Lawmakers to vote on Duterte bid for longer martial rule

Lawmakers to vote on Duterte bid for longer martial rule.....»»

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Congress to vote on martial law extension bid

Congress to vote on martial law extension bid.....»»

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