SCHOOL THROWBACK 5: Best Section Ever!

. It came from the root word 'connect' and according to Merriam-Webster, 'connect' means 'to become joined' and 'to have or establish a rapport.' But for me,.....»»

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In many official forms today, people are given gender choices: Mister, Miss, Mrs., Ms. plus that ambiguous word “Other,” about which I have always wondered. I know it to be a gender-neutral honorific but who actually ticks it off? I need never wonder again. According to Merriam-Webster, “Other” refers to those who do not identify […].....»»

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American Ripper : What it s like when you discover your ancestor s a serial killer

MANILA, Philippines – As far as family secrets go, Jeff Mudgett’s is perhaps on the darker end of the spectrum. His ancestor, Herman Webster Mudgett, is actually HH Holmes – who confessed to murdering 27 people but is believed to have killed many, many more. The 19th century doctor was ........»»

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War on shrugs

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “shrug” as “to raise and lower your shoulders usually to show that you do not know or care about something.” I’d like to focus on the latter part of this definition. More often than not, th.....»»

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‘Lone assassin killed Odictas’

The Special Investigation Task Force (SITF) looking into the Monday assassination of alleged Iloilo drug lord Melvin Odicta Sr. and his wife Merriam said there was only one gunman who fired shots at the couple. Senior Supt. Dionardo Carlos, Philippine Nat.....»»

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Odicta couple to name gov’t officials linked to illegal drugs

Interior and Local Government Secretary Ismael Sueno on Friday said suspected drug lord Melvin Odicta and his wife Merriam will reveal the names of government officials allegedly involved in illegal drug trade......»»

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