AGB Nielsen NUTAM Ratings (January 21-27, 2017): Meant To Be defeats A Love To Last

AGB Nielsen NUTAM Ratings (January 21-27, 2017): Meant To Be defeats A Love To Last.....»»

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Duterte favors heavy taxes on idle lands, says Pernia

MANILA, Philippines - President Duterte meant it when he said earlier this month that idle lands would be taxed heavily under his term unless these are broug.....»»

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Addy Raj, Ken Chan, Jak Roberto, Ivan Dorschner on what startled them on Meant To Be set

Addy Raj, Ken Chan, Jak Roberto, Ivan Dorschner on what startled them on Meant To Be set.....»»

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The new boys on the Primetime Block

Fans of Meant to Be, one of the Kapuso Network’s newest evening primetime programs, can’t get enough of the young and fresh-faced cast that includes Ivan Dor.....»»

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Was Fontana raid meant to favor 'crony' in online gambling?

Was Fontana raid meant to favor 'crony' in online gambling?.....»»

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Was Fontana raid meant to favor 'crony' in online gambling?

Was Fontana raid meant to favor 'crony' in online gambling?.....»»

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What are Barbie Forteza's conditions for her kissing scene in Meant To Be?

What are Barbie Forteza's conditions for her kissing scene in Meant To Be?.....»»

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Barbie Forteza on who she felt "kilig" for among the Meant To Be boys

Barbie Forteza on who she felt "kilig" for among the Meant To Be boys.....»»

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Barbie Forteza on who she felt "kilig" for among the Meant To Be boys

Barbie Forteza on who she felt "kilig" for among the Meant To Be boys.....»»

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Barbie Forteza admits having four boys in Meant To Be is not easy

Barbie Forteza admits having four boys in Meant To Be is not easy.....»»

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Barbie Forteza admits having four boys in Meant To Be is not easy

Barbie Forteza admits having four boys in Meant To Be is not easy.....»»

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Did Meant To Be imitate Meteor Garden? Ken Chan gives his comment

Did Meant To Be imitate Meteor Garden? Ken Chan gives his comment.....»»

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Did Meant To Be imitate Meteor Garden? Ken Chan weighs in

Did Meant To Be imitate Meteor Garden? Ken Chan weighs in.....»»

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Durant still loves Oklahoma City despite fans' frustrations

em>By Janie McCauley, Associated Press /em> OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — As much as it still hurts for so many Oklahomans to see Kevin Durant shine elsewhere, the Golden State star remains committed to the community he called home for nearly a decade. The place where he grew into the basketball player he is today, and the man he has become. KD departed Oklahoma City with fanfare on the 4th of July last year to chase a championship with Stephen Curry and the star-studded Warriors. So when he goes back Saturday night (Sunday, PHL time) for the first time it will be far from a perfectly harmonious reunion. And that's fine with Durant. He gets it, he understands what he meant to a city that so desperately needed the lift he provided. 'I put everything into that place, so it will be great to see some people that I haven't seen in a while,' he said. 'So I'm looking forward to that.' In December, Durant donated $57,000 to Positive Tomorrows, an Oklahoma City elementary school for homeless children that he still cares so much about — and insists he always will, wherever he is. So far, he has honored that commitment after previously giving $35,000 to the school through his foundation. 'Well, that's real life,' Durant said in December. 'I've been a part of that group going on four years now. Just 'cuz I left there don't mean I'll stop building with them. That's totally separate from this NBA stuff. Those kids mean a lot to me, definitely want to continue to keep helping them. I'm glad I can keep helping growing the school. It's all about the community there. That was home for me for eight years. I've still got love for the people there.' But did Durant have to join the Warriors of all teams? The franchise that somehow rallied from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Thunder in a thrilling Western Conference Finals last June. 'I do know it'll be huge for him, and them,' teammate Draymond Green said this week. 'They want him coming back in there as well. It will be a huge weekend for them also. Huge for him, and if it's huge for him, it's huge for us. It's like any other time, you always have ones that you have circled on the schedule.' Golden State has already beaten Durant's old team handily twice this season — by 47 combined points. Durant has been brilliant in those games: 79 points on 28-for-40 shooting. Most recently, Durant dazzled with a season-best 40 points in a 121-100 win Jan. 18 (Jan. 19, PHL time) at Oracle Arena. He hit seven three-pointers on the way to 39 points in the first meeting, a 122-96 Warriors rout Nov. 3 (Nov. 4, PHL time) also at Oracle. There are certain to be mixed feelings when he enters Chesapeake Energy Arena again. Boos? Cheers? Both. So stung were some fans by his decision they burned his No. 35 jersey and turned to calling him a coward. Facing Russell Westbrook and his old teammates twice already, Durant has kept his emotions in check and flat-out dominated. 'It's good to see everybody but once the ball's tipped you're just playing, just hooping. It's as simple as that,' he said. There is no love lost between Durant and OKC's current superstar. No pregame pleasantries planned. 'I don't talk to nobody during the game,' Westbrook said, noting it's up to the fans what kind of reception they choose for KD. 'Obviously, Kevin has done a lot for Oklahoma City and our team when he was here.' Warriors coach Steve Kerr changed teams so many times he became used to regular returns to arenas he once called home. Yet the reigning NBA Coach of the Year was a role player, a far different situation than Durant's going back. 'It always gives you a bounce in your step when you go back to the place where you played. You get an emotional kickstart. Just walking into the building is exciting, seeing all your old friends and having all those memories,' he said. '... It's a weird feeling but it's nice because out of 82 games sometimes you need that emotion, and that'll definitely do it. I can't even imagine what it'll feel like for KD, that's a totally different level. It's one thing to be a role player for a few years but to be a superstar in one town and have the whole place adore, the whole city, to go back is going be very emotional for him.' You bet the Warriors want to win for him. 'He grew up there, pretty much, into a man,' Curry said. 'That's hard to turn off.' Durant acknowledges that truth. 'It meant a lot,' he said of the community. 'I had some great times there, man, never going to forget them.' .....»»

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Trump’s appeal of travel ban suspension pits executive against judiciary – CBC News

A federal appellate court heard arguments Tuesday for and against lifting a block on U.S. President Donald Trump's executive order, which has over the last two weeks given rise to mass confusion, legal maneuvres and plenty of human drama. An emergency three-judge panel with the San Francisco-based Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals convened the hour-long telephone hearing at 6 p.m. ET. The case pits the Department of Justice lawyers against lawyers representing Washington state and Minnesota. The states were the plaintiffs in this case, and argued in favour of continuing to suspend Trump's ban. Justice department lawyer August Flentje contended that Trump's executive order, which closes U.S. borders for 90 days to citizens from seven predominantly Muslim nations (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen) should be reinstated as a matter of national security. Both sides filed their legal briefs ahead of the hearing and had up to 30 minutes to make their case via phone. A quick ruling is expected. These oral arguments were not meant to be about the overarching merits of the travel ban itself. Rather, this hearing focused on the narrow question of whether to uphold a temporary restraining order imposed on Friday by Seattle U.S. District Judge James Robart. The federal judge's injunction, which applied nationwide, effectively put Trump's immigration executive order on ice. Temporary restraining orders are granted as a form of interim relief. The Ninth Circuit will be ruling on the sole question of whether the restraining order was justified until the case is heard on its larger merits. Robart wrote in his decision that the plaintiff states were likely &'8220;to suffer irreparable harm&'8221; if the enforcement of Trump's order was not halted. While the original court challenge of the travel ban was a battle of states vs. the federal government, the case before the Ninth Circuit is being framed as a showdown between two separate but equal branches of the government: the judiciary and the executive branch (president). The Department of Justice argued that the president's executive power to manage immigration in the U.S. is being unlawfully undermined by the judiciary. Trump's Twitter feed was revealing about the way he views the judicial branch. In one missive, he referred to Robart as a &'8220;so-called judge.&'8221; In another, he wrote: &'8220;Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system.&'8221; Restraining orders are not typically appealable, notes Yvonne Tew, a professor of constitutional law at Georgetown University. &'8220;But the government is bringing this before the Ninth Circuit, arguing that because of the nature of the case, they should allow it to be appealed before the appeals court.&'8221; In its 15-page legal brief filed on Monday, the justice department put the crux of its argument in its top line: &'8220;The executive order is a lawful exercise of the president's authority over the entry of aliens into the United States and the admission of refugees.&'8221; The line cites the Immigration Act of 1952 to argue the order is lawful. The Act includes a provision giving the president the authority to &'8220;suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants&'8221; if their arrival in the U.S. is deemed &'8220;detrimental&'8221; to U.S. interests. Justice department lawyers also said the courts have taken an &'8220;extraordinary step of second-guessing&'8221; the president's judgment on a matter of national security. While the states asserted that constitutional rights would be violated by the ban, the Justice Department said that the Supreme Court has already ruled that &'8220;an alien seeking initial admission to the United States requests a privilege and has no constitutional rights regarding his application.&'8221; In other words, the department said, foreign nationals aren't protected by U.S. constitutional rights to due process and equal protection. Arguments by lawyers opposing the ban The suit brought by the attorneys general of Washington state and Minnesota warned that lifting the suspension of Trump's immigration executive order would &'8220;unleash chaos again&'8221; by breaking up families, causing disarray in immigration procedures and hurting economies. &'8220;The order also caused immediate harm to Washington's public universities, which are state agencies,&'8221; the 32-page brief said. &'8220;Hundreds of their faculty, staff, and students are from the affected countries.&'8221; Minnesota soon joined the Washington complaint, alleging similar harms. Although the president does have wide discretion on immigration, as outlined in the 1952 Immigration Act, the plaintiffs counter that the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act signed by president Lyndon B. Johnson actually supersedes the older law. That's because under the 1965 Immigration Act, Congress decided to give each country an equal shot at immigration quotas, thereby &'8220;putting in a ban on discriminating based on national origin,&'8221; says David Bier, an immigration policy analyst with the Cato Institute. The 1965 amendment states: &'8220;No person shall receive any preference or priority or be discriminated against in the issuance of an immigrant visa because of the person's race, sex, nationality, place of birth, or place of residence.&'8221; Citing the 1965 legislation, Washington State solicitor General Noah Purcell told the judges Tuesday &'8220;that is a claim that we feel very likely to succeed on&'8221; and would allow the court to &'8220;avoid&'8221; some constitutional issues. Included with the states' filings asking the court to keep blocking Trump's travel ban were amicus (friend of the court) supporting documents. These briefs included statements from: 16 attorneys general; 97 tech companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft; as well as a brief [&'].....»»

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Messi, Suarez finish off Atletico, Barca reaches Copa final

JOSEPH WILSON, Associated Press br /> BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez teamed up again to send Barcelona to a fourth consecutive Copa del Rey final after a combative 1-1 draw with Atletico Madrid on Tuesday that saw three players sent off. Suarez fired in a rebound from Messi's shot to put Barcelona ahead, but the Uruguay striker will miss the final after being dismissed for a second booking in the 90th minute of a game that helped his team to a 3-2 victory on aggregate. Suarez scored two minutes before halftime after Messi had dribbled through Atletico's defense and forced goalkeeper Miguel Moya to make a save. 'We did what we needed to do to reach the final and with hard work we got there,' Suarez said. As for his red card, he added: 'The sending-off makes me laugh because it seems to be what the referee wanted.' Barcelona's Sergi Roberto was the first player to be sent off after collecting a second yellow card with more than half an hour remaining for a studs-first challenge of Filipe Luis. Atletico was reduced to 10 men shortly afterward following Yannick Carrasco's second booking for cutting down Arda Turan. Messi almost added a second goal in the 77th with a free kick that rattled the crossbar, before the match swung Atletico's way. Moments after Kevin Gameiro had sent a penalty kick over the bar, the Atletico substitute striker equalized from Antoine Griezmann's pass in the 83rd to add some drama to the finale. Atletico hemmed Barcelona into its area but couldn't find an equalizer. Despite the elimination, Atletico coach Diego Simeone said he hoped his team could build on the strong performance, which also included a Griezmann goal incorrectly ruled off-side and a slew of shots. 'My team played with passion, with heart. We are out, but our heads are high,' Simeone said. 'I pray we can keep playing like we did in the second half of the first leg and the entire match tonight. When you lose like this, something special can grow inside the team.' While Simeone took pride in his team's showing, counterpart Luis Enrique acknowledged that his Barcelona side was far from its best. Other than Messi, Barcelona lacked its characteristic ball possession, its ease of generating shots, and the composure of a reigning champion. 'We didn't look like the team that had won this competition,' Luis Enrique said. 'Atletico was dangerous from the start, but luck was on our side. It would have been dangerous to go into added time.' Barcelona has won Spain's domestic cup for the past two seasons and holds a record of 28 Copa del Rey trophies. The defending champions will face either Celta Vigo or Alaves in the final. Celta visits Alaves in the other semifinal on Wednesday after they drew 0-0 in their first leg. Last week, Messi and Suarez each scored a goal to earn a 2-1 first-leg win at Atletico's Vicente Calderon. Yet it was Simeone's team that followed on from its good finish to the first leg by dominating both the start and final stretch of the match at Camp Nou. In the first half hour, Barcelona goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen was forced to turn back shots by Carrasco, Jorge 'Koke' Resurreccion and Diego Godin. Atletico continued to threaten until Messi made the difference. The club's all-time leading scorer appeared to have nowhere to go when he received the ball far outside the area and with a pack on defenders in his way. But Messi dipped his head, started his run with a quick change of foot, and soon enough he had eluded three Atletico players. Goalkeeper Miguel Moya did well to parry Messi's left-foot strike, only for the ball to fall right to the unmarked Suarez to finish off. Gameiro squandered a great scoring opportunity with 10 minutes remaining when he sailed a penalty kick high after he was fouled by Gerard Pique. Griezmann soon found him with a nice squared pass for an easy goal. And after Suarez went sent off for using his arm to challenge for a high ball, Atletico pressed right till the end for a goal that would have forced extra time. 'We had a shot to go through, but it wasn't meant to be,' Koke said. .....»»

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Heat keeping Okaro White, waive Derrick Williams

MIAMI (AP) — The Miami Heat have waived forward Derrick Williams, and are signing rookie forward Okaro White through the 2017-18 season. The Heat, who play in Minnesota on Monday (Tuesday, PHL time), are 10-0 since signing White to a pair of 10-day contracts. White was added to the roster when Miami got permission from the NBA to carry a 16th player because of an abundance of injuries. But to keep him long-term, the Heat had to create a roster spot. That meant parting ways with Williams, who appeared in 25 games for Miami and started 11. He averaged 5.9 points on 39 percent shooting with the Heat. White has averaged 4.1 points on 48 percent shooting in his brief stint so far with the Heat. .....»»

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NDF: Soldiers’ rubout meant to mislead Rody

NDF: Soldiers’ rubout meant to mislead Rody.....»»

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The sinking of the Titanic, new evidence (1)

The titanic was the largest ship in the world when it set sail from Southampton to New York in 1912 and was designed in such a way that it was meant to be ‘unsinkable’. More than 1,500 people died when the ship, which was carrying 2,224 passengers and crew, sank in the Northern Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage......»»

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Lowry's triple-double leads Raptors past Nets, 103-95

em>By Brian Mahoney, Associate Press /em> NEW YORK -- Kyle Lowry was already ill, then he was injured. Neither was going to keep him off the floor with the Toronto Raptors badly needing a victory. Lowry finished with 15 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists for his ninth career triple-double, and the Raptors beat the Brooklyn Nets 103-95 on Sunday (Monday, PHL time). Already feeling sick, Lowry needed four stitches after cutting his right forearm on a camera mounted to the basket stanchion. But he played more than 39 minutes and recorded his first triple-double of the season. 'It's a part of the game. You're going to get injured, you're going to get hurt,' Lowry said. 'It's just how you find ways to get through it, and I'm always going to find a way to get through it.' Playing again without leading scorer DeMar DeRozan, the slumping Raptors ended a two-game skid and won for just the third time in 11 games. Jonas Valanciunas led them with 22 points. Terrence Ross had 17 points for the Raptors, who extended their longest winning streak ever against the Nets to eight. Brook Lopez scored 20 for the Nets, who had 16 turnovers in the first half and finished with 22. They have lost nine in a row overall and 12 straight at home, where they haven't won in 2017. 'I thought in the second half we improved,' coach Kenny Atkinson said. 'That's why we gave ourselves a chance, because our defense was not great but decent enough to have a chance to win the game.' Brooklyn cut a 17-point deficit to four midway through the fourth quarter but Lowry soon took over, throwing a lob to Valanciunas for a basket, making a pair of free throws and then finding DeMarre Carroll for a basket that pushed the lead back into double digits at 92-82. DeRozan has missed seven of the last eight games because of right ankle injuries during a frustrating time for the Raptors, who snapped a five-game road losing streak. 'Good teams, bad teams, whatever it is, frustration's a part that you've got to fight through as a team,' coach Dwane Casey said. strong>TIP-INS /strong> em> strong>Raptors: /strong> /em> Lowry finished 0-for-5 from three-point range and remained with 799 three-pointers with the Raptors, two behind Morris Peterson's franchise record. Patrick Patterson also sat out after leaving Toronto's loss in Orlando on Friday (Saturday, PHL time) with a bruised left knee. He has missed 11 of the last 20 games with knee injuries. em> strong>Nets: /strong> /em> Lopez entered averaging 21.7 points against the Raptors, second-highest among Nets players with at least 10 appearances. Former Toronto star Vince Carter averaged 23.3 in 18 appearances after being traded to the Nets. Rookie Caris LeVert sat out to rest his sore knee. strong>DWANE'S DISAPPOINTMENT /strong> The Raptors' struggles cost Casey a chance to coach the Eastern Conference at the All-Star Game. The coach whose team had the second-highest winning percentage through Sunday's games -- Cleveland's Tyronn Lue is ineligible after coaching last year -- earned the spot, and Boston's Brad Stevens clinched it Friday (Saturday, PHL time). Casey said he was disappointed, but only because that meant the Raptors weren't playing well. 'I'd much rather for us to be playing well right now more so than coaching in the All-Star Game,' Casey said. 'If we were in third playing well I'd be happy, but I'm more upset about not playing well and everybody not being healthy than coaching in the All-Star Game.' strong>O NO CANADA /strong> Raptors players and coaches looked around in confusion during the singing of Canada's national anthem, as Broadway performer Amber Iman included some lyrics that aren't in 'O Canada.' 'I'm going to leave that alone, but yeah, that anthem was a lot different than I've heard over the last five years. A lot different,' Lowry said. 'Her voice was beautiful but the anthem, the song, the words ... have her come to Toronto, we'll come and get somebody to give her some lessons.' strong>UP NEXT /strong> em> strong>Raptors: /strong> /em>Host the Clippers on Monday (Tuesday, PHL time). Los Angeles won the first meeting this season after the Raptors won the previous four. em> strong>Nets: /strong> /em>Travel on Tuesday (Wednesday, PHL time) to Charlotte, where they have lost three in a row. .....»»

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