UN urges Myanmar to end Rohingya violence – Al Jazeera

UN urges Myanmar to end Rohingya violence – Al Jazeera.....»»

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UN urges Myanmar to punish perpetrators of Rohingya attacks

The U.N. Security Council urged Myanmar's government on Wednesday to fulfill its commitment to hold perpetrators of violence against Rohingya Muslims accountable and to address the root causes that led about 700,000 members of the ethnic minority to flee to Bangladesh......»»

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Pope Francis urges world to act on Rohingya refugee crisis

  DHAKA, Bangladesh – Pope Francis called Thursday, November 30, for "decisive" international action on the Rohingya refugee crisis as he began a visit to Bangladesh, where more than 620,000 of the Muslim minority have sought sanctuary after fleeing violence in Myanmar. The pope made the comments in a speech shortly ........»»

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One Rohingya’s struggle to empower women in Malaysia – Al Jazeera

Tucked away upstairs at a shopping plaza in this city’s north end is a small storefront turned classroom for dozens of Rohinyga women and children. The sound of these women reciting English phrases, laughing and the occasional cries of kids can be heard in the stairwell. Its founder, Sharifah Husain, 24, said she wanted to do something to help women and children in her community, who are not allowed to work or study in Malaysia. “I noticed we didn’t have a Rohingya women’s organisation that was standing up for women – to be the voice of women,” Husain said. Husain comes from Buthidaung village in Myanmar’s restive Rakhine state. Her father fled to Malaysia when she was five-years old, fearing for his life. Husain was left behind with her mother and two younger siblings. The village was attacked soon afterward, so Husain’s mother took them to Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar – then known as Burma. Her recollection of the traumatic moment when a local mob attacked her village is hazy. It took place almost 20 years ago. But it mirrors the accounts of Rohingya refugees now in Bangladesh, who’ve recently fled the Myanmar’s army clearance operations and local Buddhist mobs. “My mother was arrested in Yangon and sentenced to prison for not having official [identification or travel] documents,” Husain recounted. “This left me in charge.” Husain can’t remember how long she spent in Yangon, but she said she was separated from her siblings and sent north to Mandalay and forced into servitude. She spoke to her father in Malaysia, over the phone, and he agreed to pay human traffickers to bring Husain and her siblings to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s largest city. All three, including Husain, were smuggled by land, into Thailand and Malaysia. At that time the Southeast Asia trafficking route wasn’t as defined as it is today. Human trafficking groups in Bangladesh and Thailand now make a lot of money off of poor, desperate refugees fleeing war and violence in Myanmar. Today, the concern faced by the Malaysia government is if it recognises its refugees then that could send a signal to more to make the perilous journey, now taken by sea from Myanmar and Bangladesh to sanctuary in Malaysia, where they don’t face violent persecution. The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, states there are 152,170 registered refugees in Malaysia. The majority are Rohingya, displaced from their homes in Myanmar, like Husain. But the amount of unregistered refugees varies widely from 40,000 to 140,000, according to Asylum Access Malaysia. “The big question is – when are the boats going to come? There’s no indication they will now, but there’s definitely a high possibility that they will. And once new groups arrive, that complicates [the] situation,” said Deepa Nambiar, Asylum Access Malaysia director. UNHCR runs what it calls a “parallel school system” for refugees in Malaysia, allowing children to  access basic, primary-level education. Refugee groups and local faith-based organisations fund these schools, staffed by volunteers. One-hundred and twenty-eight informal refugee schools in Malaysia access funding from the UN. It provides education to 7,154 children, according to UNHCR. Malaysia’s Prime Minister’s Office states 16,809 Rohingya refugee children are registered with UNHCR. This means about 10,000, or more, refugee children in Malaysia are unable to access any form of education. A dozen or so more informal refugee schools exist but rely solely on donations and are understaffed, said Asylum Access. “To live in Malaysia, yes you can live, but you don’t have a future. You are in a box. You can’t go out of the box,” Husain said. Husain has received no formal education in Malaysia. This is remarkable considering her drive to educate refugee women and children. Malaysians are supporting Rohingya Women’s Development Network by volunteering as teachers and support staff. Rohinyga Women’s Development Network started officially last year. But Husain has spent the last decade educating her community’s most vulnerable women and children in their own homes. “I have built up a trust. The men especially trust me. They feel safe sending their wives to our centre because they know me,” Husain said. Word has spread and more refugee families are now attending Rohingya Women’s Development Network classes, where they receive English-language instruction, leadership training and brand new self-defence classes. “We want to stop domestic violence. We want to stop child marriages in the community. We want to build up women’s empowerment,” Husain said. “We really need the Malaysia government to recognise us.” Husain is trying to change the mentality in the Rohingya and wider refugee community in Malaysia, that women and girls can’t study, work, or earn an income. She receives some funding from UNHCR to run programmes but uses her own money to keep them going. “Of course I have support from my family. My father is my hero. My husband is my hero. Both of these men have really pushed me forward,” Husain added. The Rohingya Women’s Development Network has teamed up with Asylum Access Malaysia on a refugee theatre project. This will allow refugee women to educate the community on issues of sexual violence. “What I think is so innovative about Sharifah and the team is that when we were discussing this project they said ‘we need to get men involved’,” Nambiar said. Husain is appealing to others in the refugee community to support initiatives set up by the Malaysia government and civil society groups to help […].....»»

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Beijing urges ceasefire after deadly Myanmar border clashes

YANGON, Myanmar – China on Sunday, May 13 condemned fighting on its border between Myanmar forces and ethnic rebels that has left 19 dead , mostly civilians, in some of the worst violence to rattle the restive frontier in recent years. The fighting erupted on Saturday, May 12, when ethnic-minority insurgent groups – who ........»»

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Duterte ready to open PH doors to Rohingya refugees

President Duterte's heart goes out to the Rohingya whom he describes as victims of "genocide" in Myanmar and is willing to accept as refugees in the Philippines.   In a speech in Malacaang, Mr. Duterte chided the United Nations for failing to solve the Rohingya crisis.   "That is really genocide, if I may [say] so," he said, adding he would welcome the Rohingya to the country. "Me? We? I'm willing to accept refugees. Rohingyas, yes, I will," he said.   But Europe should accept them as well, he added. Members of the mostly Muslim Rohingya minority are facing persecution and violence from the Myanmar military, and they have been escaping in droves to nearby...Keep on reading: Duterte ready to open PH doors to Rohingya refugees.....»»

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Nobel laureates to Suu Kyi: Wake up and stop Rohingya abuses

COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh – Three Nobel Peace Prize winners on Monday, February 26, urged fellow laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to speak out about violence against the Rohingya minority, warning she otherwise risks prosecution for "genocide." The trio – Tawakkol Karman, Shirin Ebadi, and Mairead Maguire – implored the embattled Myanmar ........»»

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Swiss President Says Rohingya Return Must Be Voluntary

DHAKA, BANGLADESH - Swiss President Alain Berset said Monday the return of Rohingya Muslims who have fled violence in Myanmar must be voluntary. Berset, who is on a four-day visit to Bangladesh, said.....»»

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Talks in Myanmar to settle issues on Rohingya return

YANGON, Myanmar – Talks were held on Monday, January 15, to "settle issues" over the repatriation of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar, Bangladeshi officials told the Agence France-Presse, as doubts linger over how many of the 655,000 Muslim minority who fled violence are likely to return. Under diplomatic pressure, Myanmar has vowed ........»»

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Rohingya rebels claim ambush on Myanmar security forces

YANGON, Myanmar – Rohingya rebels on Sunday, January 7, claimed responsibility for an ambush on Myanmar security forces that left several wounded in northern Rakhine state, the first attack in weeks in a region gutted by violence. Rakhine was plunged into turmoil last August, when a series of insurgent raids prompted ........»»

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Bangladesh targets 100,000 for first Rohingya repatriation

COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh – Bangladesh wants to send up to 100,000 Rohingya back to Myanmar in the first batch of repatriations of Muslim refugees who fled ethnic violence this year, officials said on Friday, December 29. Senior minister Obaidul Quader said a list of 100,000 names was to be sent to ........»»

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6,700 Rohingya killed in first month of Myanmar violence: MSF

YANGON, Myanmar – At least 6,700 Rohingya Muslims were killed in the first month of a Myanmar army crackdown on rebels in Rakhine state that began in late August, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said on Thursday, December 14. The figure is the highest estimated death toll yet of violence that erupted ........»»

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Pope Francis ends Asia tour after meeting Rohingya

DHAKA, Bangladesh (UPDATED) – Pope Francis wrapped up a high-stakes Asia tour on Saturday, December 2, after meeting Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh in a highly symbolic gesture of solidarity with the Muslim minority fleeing violence in Myanmar. The Catholic leader flew out of Dhaka after visiting a hospital run by the ........»»

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Pope urges Myanmar Buddhist clergy to tackle prejudice and hatred

YANGON, Myanmar – Pope Francis urged Myanmar's Buddhist clergy to conquer "prejudice and hatred" on Wednesday, November 29, a carefully-worded appeal to powerful monks in a country facing intense scrutiny over its persecution of the Muslim Rohingya. Some extremist Buddhist monks have spewed anti-Muslim hate speech in Myanmar for years, ........»»

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MILF urges PH to change its ‘no’ vote on Rohingya at UN

DAVAO CITY --- The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has urged the Philippine government to change its "no" vote on the draft UN resolution calling for full and free access to humanitarian aid for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.   "To our mind, a no vote is too difficult to comprehend, because the issue here is about principle; it is about the inalienable right of people, Muslims or non-Muslims, to be protected by states and the United Nations and member states. And principles are not subject for compromise," the MILF said in an editorial posted on its official web site,, on Nov. 23.   The Philippines was one of the 10 nations that last week opposed the ...Keep on reading: MILF urges PH to change its ‘no’ vote on Rohingya at UN.....»»

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Pope heads into Rohingya diplomatic minefield

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis plunges into a diplomatic minefield next week with visits to under-fire Myanmar and neighboring Bangladesh amid mounting outrage over the plight of persecuted Rohingya Muslims. Some 620,000 Rohingya, more than half their total number, have fled from Myanmar’s Rakhine state to Bangladesh since August as a result of violence that the [...] The post Pope heads into Rohingya diplomatic minefield appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Cayetano: PH vote in UN on Rohingya aims to prevent harder stance in Myanmar

Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said on Monday that it was to ensure humanitarian aid could come for Rohingyan refugees that prompted the Philippines to vote against a United Nations draft resolution calling for the Rohingya's full and unhindered access to humanitarian aid. The Rohingya are members of a Muslim minority group now fleeing Myanmar to escape violence there, with many of them seeking refuge in Bangladesh. Cayetano, who was in the Senate on Monday, said there were actually three reasons why the government decided a yes vote on the UN resolution was not an option. First, the Philippine government feared that Myanmar would harden its stance on allowing humanit...Keep on reading: Cayetano: PH vote in UN on Rohingya aims to prevent harder stance in Myanmar.....»»

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Pimentel puzzled by PH vote vs Rohingya

Senate President Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III wants the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to tell him how the Philippines ended up voting against a UN draft resolution that called for Rohingya's full and unhindered access to humanitarian aid, as he insisted that help should be given to the Muslim minority running to Bangladesh to escape violence from the Myanmar military. Pimentel said that he would ask the DFA to brief him and his fellow senators. "Why should Rohingya be denied full access to humanitarian aid. I don't understand it. We should extend assistance to all human beings in need of help," Pimentel said in a text message. Pimentel said that this was his personal opini...Keep on reading: Pimentel puzzled by PH vote vs Rohingya.....»»

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Rohingya gang-rapes bared

UNITED NATIONS, United States -- Myanmar troops gang-raped countless Rohingya women and girls during a military campaign that sent hundreds of thousands fleeing across the border to Bangladesh, Human Rights Watch said Thursday. The US-based rights group said in a report that the sexual violence, along with other atrocities committed….....»»

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Mounting evidence of Myanmar genocide – watchdogs

WASHINGTON DC, USA – Myanmar security forces slit the throats of Muslim Rohingya, burned victims alive, and gang-raped women and girls, according to two separate reports detailing mounting evidence of genocide against the minority group. Human Rights Watch focused on the use of sexual violence in its report on the ........»»

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No Asean condemnation of violence against Rohingya Muslims

THERE was no condemnation from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) concerning the violence committed by Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims living in Rakhine State. Based on the Chairman’s Statement on the 31st Asean Summit hosted and chaired by the Philippines this week, the 10-member regional bloc was limited to urging Myanmar “to continue… link: No Asean condemnation of violence against Rohingya Muslims.....»»

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