Syrian army breaks siege of army base near Damascus

Syria’s army has broken the siege of an army base encircled by opposition forces on the eastern outskirts of Damascus, state television and a war monitor reported on Sunday. Source link link: Syrian army breaks siege of army base near Damascus.....»»

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Syrian army readies assault to end rebel siege of base east of Damascus

The Syrian army backed by Russian jets escalated bombing of the last rebel bastion on the eastern outskirts of Damascus as they prepared to break a siege of an army base encircled by opposition forces, residents and witnesses said on Wednesday......»»

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Syrian army kills 300 rebels in tightening siege of Aleppo

DAMASCUS -- More than 300 rebels were killed Friday as extremist groups failed to storm a military base and open a supply route in Syria's northern province of Aleppo, according to a military source and official Syrian media......»»

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Clashes in Syria’s Damascus after surprise rebel attack – Al Jazeera

Heavy clashes rocked eastern districts of the Syrian capital on Sunday after rebel fighters launched a surprise assault on government forces, a monitor and state television said. Steady shelling and sniper fire could be heard across Damascus on Sunday as rebel factions allied with former al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Fateh al-Sham launched an attack on government positions in the city's east. The clashes centered on a government-held gap between two besieged opposition enclaves, the Jobar and Qaboun neighborhoods. The Ahrar al-Sham rebel group said fighters had &'8220;liberated&'8221; the area. Tahrir al-Sham &'' a umbrella group of rebels formed by Jabhat Fateh al-Sham last month &'' and the independent Failaq al-Rahman group also participated in the attack. Syrian state media said the military had repelled an attack by one group after &'8220;terrorists&'8221; infiltrated through tunnels in the middle of the night. Rebels detonated two large car bombs at 5:20am on Sunday close to the Jobar neighborhood. Tahrir al-Sham claimed responsibility for the attack. Rebels then advanced into the nearby Abbasiyn Square area, seizing several buildings and firing a barrage of rockets into multiple Damascus neighbourhoods, according to Rami Abdelrahman of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Government forces responded with nearly a dozen air strikes on Jobar, he added. Al Jazeera's Mohamed Al Jazaeri, reporting from near Damascus, said that at least 15 civilians had been killed after government forces shelled residential neighborhoods in Eastern Ghouta, but that the fighting had since become less intense. &'8220;This advance is the largest for opposition groups in over a year and a half,&'8221; Al Jazaeri said. &'8220;Military operations have not stopped in the area but it has calmed down. There remains sniper shooting from both sides and regime forces are shelling Jobar neighborhood, as well as other areas controlled recently by the opposition.&'8221; Control of Jobar &'' which has been a battleground district for more than two years &'' is divided between rebels and allied fighters on one side, and government forces on the other. It is one of three pockets in the Syrian capital still in opposition hands. The recent fighting has resulted in rebel control of industrial areas in Al-Qaboun in addition to parts of Abbasiyn breaking a siege on the area and linking it to Jobar neighborhood, which is connected to Eastern Ghouta, Al Jazaeri said. Joshua Landis, an expert on Syria at the University of Oklahoma, told Al Jazeera that the offensive had taken the government by surprise and that its response was likely to be very significant. &'8220;I don't think it's going to change the trajectory of the war, which has been seeing the regime make important gains and the opposition getting increasingly restricted. But it shows the opposition is far from dead. It shows also that this new combination led by [Tahrir al-Sham] is very potent,&'8221; Landis said. &'8220;The regime is going to realise that it cannot allow these two areas to linger there because they are beachheads for this Tahrir a-Sham group to make inroads into the Damascus area,&'8221; he said, adding the government would likely withdraw some forces from areas such as Homs and Hama to refocus on Damascus. &'8220;It means that the fight is still on, there are many fronts to this war, and the opposition remains powerful.&'8221; Syrian state TV aired footage from Abbasiyn Square, typically buzzing with activity but now empty except for the sound of shelling. Residents said artillery shells and rockets were landing in the heart of the city. The Observatory said rebel shells hit several nearby districts in Damascus, including Bab Touma, Rukn al-Din and the Abbasiyin area. Several schools announced they would close through Monday, and many civilians cowered inside in fear of stray bullets and shelling. According to the Observatory, the Faylaq al-Rahman group and the Fateh al-Sham Front &'' known as al-Nusra Front before it broke ties with al-Qaeda &'' were present in Jobar. &'8220;This neighbourhood is the most important front line because it's the closest rebel position to the heart of the capital,&'8221; said Abdel Rahman. Government forces have long sought to push the rebels out of the district because of its proximity to the city centre in Damascus. But with Sunday's attack, Abdel Rahman said, &'8220;rebels have shifted from a defensive position in Jobar to an offensive one&'8221;. &'8220;These are not intermittent clashes &'' these are ongoing attempts to advance,&'8221; he said. One rebel commander told the Associated Press news agency they launched the assualt from Jobar as a way to relieve allied fighters in the nearby districts of Barzeh, Tishreen, and Qabun from government attacks. &'8220;This is to relieve the pressure on rebels with the regime not stopping its bombardment and artillery shelling,&'8221; said Abu Abdo, a commander from Failaq al Rahman. The attack on Damascus comes just days before a fresh round of UN-brokered peace talks in Geneva aiming to put an end to Syria's six-year war. Rebels and government troops agreed to a nationwide cessation of hostilities in December, but fighting has continued across much of the country, including in the capital. Rebels said the army had advanced in the last two days after weeks of bombardment and aerial strikes aimed at regaining control of strategic areas inside the capital, a few kms away from President Bashar al Assad's seat of power. The army had advanced towards a road between Qaboun and Barza, whose capture severed the links between the two besieged rebel districts where tens of thousands of [&'].....»»

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Syrian Army Offers Safe Exits to Civilians in Rebel-held Aleppo

Damascus — The Syrian army on Tuesday offered safe exit to civilians in the rebel-held areas in the northern city of Aleppo, on which it had completed the siege. The military’s general command said the...The post Syrian Army Offers Safe Exits .....»»

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Syria blames Israel for air strike near Damascus – BBC News

Syrian state media says Israel has launched an air strike against an army position south of the capital Damascus. The […].....»»

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Evacuations of Rebels to Start in Southern Damascus Amid Ongoing War on Is

Deals were reached on Sunday for the evacuation of rebels from the southern outskirts of Damascus, as the battle on the Islamic State (IS) group is ongoing until the full liberation of rebel-held areas. The deal was reached between the rebels and the Syrian army in the towns of Yalda, Babila and Beit Sahem in […].....»»

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Syria conflict spares Pinoys

THE Philippine Embassy in Damascus has so far received no report of any Filipinos being affected by the ongoing Syrian Army offensive to capture the last stronghold of Islamic militants in the capital. Foreign Acting Assistant Secretary Emer Cato said the Embassy reported artillery and mortar exchanges had been ongoing….....»»

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DFA advises Pinoys in Syria to stay safe

FILIPINOS in Syria were advised to exercise caution and be vigilant as the Syrian Army plans to eject Islamic militants from Damascus. In a statement, Foreign Affairs Office of Public Diplomacy Acting Assistant Secretary Elmer Cato said “we continue to monitor the situation in Damascus and have alerted our kababayans….....»»

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Syria army cuts off main town in Ghouta rebel enclave

DOUMA, Syria – Syrian regime forces on Saturday, March 10, cut off the largest town in Eastern Ghouta from the rest of the opposition enclave in a blow to rebels defending their last bastion near Damascus. Government troops and allied militia have recaptured half of the besieged region in a blistering assault ........»»

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US warns of unilateral Syria moves if UN fails to act – Al Jazeera

The United States has warned it could take unilateral action if the United Nations fails to respond to a suspected chemical attack on a rebel-held town in Syria that killed more than 80 people, including many children. &'8220;When the United Nations consistently fails in its duty to act collectively, there are times in the life of states that we are compelled to take our own action,&'8221; US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said on Wednesday. The warning came during an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council called by France and Britain after an early morning attack on Tuesday in Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province. Britain, France and the US presented a draft resolution demanding a full investigation of the attack, which they blamed on the Syrian government. But talks ended without a vote after Russia, an ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said the text was &'8220;categorically unacceptable&'8221;. Syria has denied the allegations, while Russia had blamed the rebels, saying the deaths occurred when a government shell hit a rebel chemical weapons depot. Haley lashed out at Moscow for failing to rein in Damascus, standing in the council chamber to hold up photographs of victims &'' one showing a young child lying lifeless, a mask covering his face. &'8220;How many more children have to die before Russia cares?&'8221; she asked. &'8220;If Russia has the influence in Syria that it claims to have, we need to see them use it,&'8221; she said. &'8220;We need to see them put an end to these horrific acts.&'8221; The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said at least 86 people, including 30 children, were killed in the raid on Khan Sheikhoun. Dozens more were left gasping for air, convulsing, and foaming at the mouth, doctors said. If confirmed, it will be be the worst chemical weapons attack in Syria since 2013, when sarin gas was used on a rebel-held area of Damascus. &'8220;If we are not prepared to act, then this council will keep meeting, month after month to express outrage at the continuing use of chemical weapons and it will not end,&'8221; Haley said. &'8220;We will see more conflict in Syria. We will see more pictures that we can never unsee.&'8221; The draft resolution backs a probe by the Organisation of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and demands that Syria cooperate to provide information on its military operations on the day of the assault. Russia's Deputy Ambassador Vladimir Safronkov told the council the proposed measure was hastily prepared and unnecessary, but voiced support for an investigation. &'8220;The main task now is to have an objective inquiry into what happened,&'8221; he said. Negotiations continued on the proposed resolutions throughout most of Wednesday. Diplomats said it could come up for a vote at the council as early as Thursday. In a press conference at the White House later in the day, US President Donald Trump said the chemical attack had crossed &'8220;many, many lines&'8221; and had abruptly changed his thinking about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. &'160; Only days earlier multiple members of Trump's administration had said Assad's ouster was no longer a US priority, drawing outrage from Assad critics in the United States and abroad. But Trump said Tuesday's attack &'8220;had a big impact on me &'' big impact&'8221;. &'8220;My attitude towards Syria and Assad has changed very much,&'8221; he said, but refused to telegraph any potential US military retaliation. Since the attack, Trump has been under increasing pressure to explain whether it was egregious enough to force a US response. Robert Ford, former US ambassador to Syria, expressed scepticism that Trump would resort to military action. &'8220;As a presidential candidate he could not have been more clear that he wanted to avoid military involvement in the Syrian civil war,&'8221; he told Al Jazeera. &'8220;For him to order military strikes, even limited military strikes, in response to the chemical attack in Idlib, would be a gigantic change and not one that I'm at all sure that the administration is actually going to do.&'8221; Ford said all fingers point to the Syrian government as the culprit of the attack. &'8220;I find it laughable that governments such as Russia would suggest that rebels have a chemical weapons capacity but they always seem to use it on their own people and never on the Syrian army,&'8221; he added. Idlib hospitals overwhelmed after suspected gas attack Trump's first reaction to the attack was to blame former president Barack Obama's &'8220;weakness&'8221; in earlier years for enabling Assad. Obama had put Assad on notice that using chemical weapons would cross a &'8220;red line&'8221; necessitating a US response, but then failed to follow through, pulling back from planned air strikes on Assad's forces after Congress would not vote to approve them. Trump and other critics have cited that as a key moment the US lost much global credibility. &'8220;I now have responsibility,&'8221; Trump said. &'8220;That responsibility could be made a lot easier if it was handled years ago.&'8221; Joshua Landis, director for the Centre of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, told Al Jazeera that the US would likely warn Moscow if it was to resort to using military might in Syria. &'8220;They have to disambiguate and they have to make sure that they don’t hurt any Russian soldiers,&'8221; he said. &'8220;But there’s a wide palette of things they can do. They can bomb airports and destroy the [&'].....»»

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Syrian army retakes Aleppo district as bombs rain down

DAMASCUS: Syria’s army took control of a rebel-held district in central Aleppo on Tuesday, after days of heavy air strikes that have killed dozens and sparked allegations of war crimes. In the first advance since announcing plans last week to retak.....»»

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Syria army moves into siege town after fighters evacuated

Government forces moved into the town of Daraya near the Syrian capital on Saturday after rebels and civilians were evacuated following a four-year siege by regime forces, a military source said......»»

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Tears as evacuation nears for symbol of Syria’s revolt

DARAYA , Syria: Thousands of rebels and civilians, many in tears, prepared Friday to evacuate the Syrian town of Daraya after a four-year army siege, in a blow for the beleaguered opposition. The evacuation comes after a deal struck by President Bashar al.....»»

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Balangiga bells’ return ‘sign of US respect for PH alliance’

The Department of National Defense (DND) on Monday said the return of the Balangiga bells to the country after 117 years was a sign of the United States' "respect" for and commitment to its alliance with the Philippines. The iconic bells, a war booty taken by the US Army from a church in Balangiga, Easter Samar, during the Filipino-American war in 1901, will be turned over by US Embassy officials on Tuesday at Villamor Air Base in Pasay City. President going to Balangiga President Rodrigo Duterte is skipping the ceremony in Pasay but will instead go to Balangiga on Dec. 15 to turn over the bells to the town's officials, according to presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo. ...Keep on reading: Balangiga bells’ return ‘sign of US respect for PH alliance’.....»»

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Joma debunks fear of NPA attack on CPP anniversary

  LUCENA CITY -- Exiled top communist leader Jose Maria "Joma" Sison on Thursday debunked the rehashed warning being peddled by the government that the New People's Army (NPA) is set to stage attacks against state security forces to celebrate the anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).   "I believe that when the CPP orders ceasefire the NPA will follow accordingly and will desist from launching tactical offensives," Sison said in an online interview from his base in Utrecht, The Netherlands.   The CPP will celebrate its 50th founding anniversary on December 26, which also coincides with the annual Yuletide ceasefire being observed by the...Keep on reading: Joma debunks fear of NPA attack on CPP anniversary.....»»

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NPA ready to foil attacks during its Yuletide truce – Joma

LUCENA CITY -- Top communist leader Jose Maria "Joma" Sison on Tuesday warned government forces that the New People's Army (NPA) rebels were ready to thwart attacks from its enemies during its forthcoming holiday truce. "They are on alert for active defense because the enemy forces continue to wage all-out war and commit all kinds of terrorist acts and atrocities," Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), said in a statement from his base in Utrecht in The Netherlands. He said the negotiating panel of National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) , which is also based in Utrecht, had already received an "advance notice from the CPP" that it will ord...Keep on reading: NPA ready to foil attacks during its Yuletide truce – Joma.....»»

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Navy man gunned down in Albay

LEGAZPI CITY --- A Philippine Navy man was shot and killed by a suspected member of the New People's Army (NPA) in Pio Duran town in Albay province on Friday afternoon. Chief Inspector Maria Luisa Calubaquib, Bicol police spokesperson, said Senior Chief Petty Officer Jesus Zaavedra, 55, was on his way home to Barangay (village) Caratagan when an unidentified man shot him in Barangay Binodegahan at 4:10 p.m. The victim died instantly while the suspect fled after the shooting, Calubaquib said. Ensign Estela Jane Sasil, Naval Forces in Southern Luzon spokesperson, said the victim was assigned at the Naval base in this city. Sasil said the victim, who was set to retire next year,...Keep on reading: Navy man gunned down in Albay.....»»

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Duterte ‘death squad’ to cover up EJK – Joma

LUCENA CITY -- Exiled Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria "Joma" Sison said President Duterte's formation of a civilian hit squad as the counterpart of the dreaded New People's Army (NPA) rebels' Sparrow Unit was a ploy to cover up the widespread summary execution by alleged government forces and other forms of state violence against innocent civilians. "I think that Duterte is citing them (Sparrow) as a pretext for organizing more death squads of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) and PNP (Philippine National Police) for the mass murder of mere suspects who are not even the target of any court warrant of arrest," he said in a Facebook interview from his base...Keep on reading: Duterte ‘death squad’ to cover up EJK – Joma.....»»

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Suspected NPA rebels attack patrol base in Negros Occidental; soldier hurt

A soldier was hurt when suspected communist rebels fired at a patrol base in Negros Occidental on Tuesday. An undetermined number of armed men believed to be members of the New People's Army attacked Sitio Bugtong Kahoy Patrol Base in Barangay Asia, Hinoba-an town past 8 a.m., a military report said. The soldier from the 12th Infantry Battalion was hit on his right thigh and was brought to the Eleuterio Decena Memorial Hospital. Negros Occidental is one of the areas covered by the recently issued Memorandum Order 32, which calls for more troop deployment "to suppress lawless violence." /ee READ: Duterte sends more troops in Bicol, Samar, Negros vs 'lawless violence'...Keep on reading: Suspected NPA rebels attack patrol base in Negros Occidental; soldier hurt.....»»

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Mass surrender of NPA fighters and supporters in Eastern Samar

8 regular members of NPA, 9 Milisya ng Bayan (MB), 12 members of Communist NPA Terrorist Mass base Organization or Underground Mass Organization of Brgy Boco, Can-avid, Eastern Samar voluntarily surrendered to the 14th Infantry (Avenger) Battalion, Philippine Army last October 01, 2018......»»

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