Survey: Duterte trust rating back to Excellent

Survey: Duterte trust rating back to Excellent.....»»

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Survey: Duterte trust rating back to Excellent

Survey: Duterte trust rating back to Excellent.....»»

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Duterte’s trust rating back to ‘excellent’ – SWS

  President Rodrigo Duterte has regained his "excellent" trust rating in the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.   The SWS 2017 Fourth Quarter Survey released on Thursday night showed that 83 percent of Filipinos had "much trust" in Duterte while seven percent had "little trust" with the President.   SWS said Mr. Duterte had a net trust rating of +75 (%much trustminus %little trust, correctly rounded).   The +75 net trust rating of the chief executive was a 15-point increase from the +60 or "very good" he got from the SWS September 2017survey.   "Except in September 2017, Pres. Duterte's net trust rating has been excell...Keep on reading: Duterte’s trust rating back to ‘excellent’ – SWS.....»»

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SWS: Duterte net trust rating back to excellent

MANILA, Philippines — President Duterte’s net trust rating returned to “excellent” in the fourth quarter of 2017, the Social Weather Stations (SWS) said in i.....»»

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Philippines' Duterte keeps 'excellent' trust rating in survey - Channel NewsAsia

Philippines' Duterte keeps 'excellent' trust rating in survey - Channel NewsAsia.....»»

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Duterte retains 'excellent' trust rating in SWS Q4 survey - Philippine Star

Duterte retains 'excellent' trust rating in SWS Q4 survey - Philippine Star.....»»

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Duterte retains excellent trust rating in SWS Q4 survey

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte retained an "excellent" trust rating in the latest Social Weather Stations survey, with respondents in Mindan.....»»

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High prices pull down Duterte approval, trust ratings

Gut issues are pulling down the approval and trust ratings of President Rodrigo Duterte. His approval and trust ratings saw double-digit declines early this month, plunging to their lowest levels, as soaring prices of basic commodities hurt consumers, especially the poor, who spend a big part of their income on food. Results of a Pulse Asia survey released on Tuesday showed the President's approval and trust scores declining 13 points and 15 points, respectively, although a majority of Filipinos still approve of his work and expressed trust in him. The President's approval rating stood at 75 percent and trust rating at 72 percent, both his lowest since September 2016. His...Keep on reading: High prices pull down Duterte approval, trust ratings.....»»

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Filipinos’ trust in Duterte falls to lowest level – survey

MANILA — Public trust in Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte dropped to the lowest of his presidency, a survey showed on Saturday, although he still maintained a rating of “very good”. Trust is used by independent pollster Social Weather Stations (SWS) to gauge public opinion with a president’s personality. It fell 8 points in the second quarter […].....»»

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Roque: Duterte continues to have ‘excellent’ rating

Malacanang said President Rodrigo Duterte continued to enjoy "excellent" satisfaction rating because of his administration's propoor programs despite a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey that showed his net satisfaction rating dropped by 12 points.   Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said "it is noteworthy to mention" that the President's satisfaction rating was still "very good" at +58 and remained strong in Mindanao.   He said that in Luzon and Visayas the President continued to enjoy very good satisfaction ratings.   Roque made the remarks in reaction to the SWS survey which was conducted from March 23 to 27.   "We remain grateful to o...Keep on reading: Roque: Duterte continues to have ‘excellent’ rating.....»»

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Duterte, a ‘strongman’? Who cares!

CERTAINLY not the Filipinos who, in a Social Weather Station (SWS) survey last month, gave President Rodrigo Duterte a “very good” net trust rating of +65, with 76 percent of adult Filipinos saying they had “much trust” in their commander in chief. Although the president’s rating dipped slightly from the previous quarter’s survey, his trust [...] The post Duterte, a ‘strongman’? Who cares! appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Pulse Asia poll on Cha-Cha, Ombudsman on Paolo Duterte, Moon on North Korea | Evening wRap

Today on Rappler: A Pulse Asia survey shows majority of Filipinos or 64% oppose amending the 1987 Philippine Constitution.  A Social Weather Stations survey shows Vice President Leni Robredo's net trust rating is down by 13 points, from +52 last December to +39 in the first quarter of 2018.  The special fact-finding panel of the Office of the Ombudsman clears resigned Davao City ........»»

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SWS survey on Duterte’s trust rating, Press freedom in PH, Kim and Moon summit | Evening wRap

Today on Rappler: A  Social Weather Stations survey shows a 10-point drop in President Rodrigo Duterte's trust rating in the first quarter of 2018.  The Nacionalista Party will field 3 senatorial candidates in the 2019 elections.  Reporters in the House of Representatives are protesting proposed new media accreditation rules that virtually demand only positive coverage of the legislative ........»»

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Duterte& apos;s net trust ratings downgraded from & apos;excellent& apos; to & apos;very good& apos; – latest SWS survey - Manila Bulletin

Duterte's net trust ratings downgraded from 'excellent' to 'very good' – latest SWS survey - Manila Bulletin.....»»

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Palace welcomes DU30 poll rating

MALACAÑANG yesterday welcomed the latest survey showing the majority of Filipinos continue to trust President Rodrigo Duterte who has been repeatedly criticized here and abroad for some of his policies especially the war on drugs. Duterte secured a net trust rating of +65 following a survey conducted by the Social….....»»

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Duterte trust rating drops by 10 points

President Duterte’s trust rating suffered a 10-point decline and a downgrade from “excellent” to “very good” in the latest Social Weather Stations survey......»»

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‘Grand Deception’ by Jun Ledesma

Letters From Davao: WHEN RAPPLER through its President, Maria Ressa, was caught trifling with an important tenet in the Philippine constitution that mandates that Philippine media should be 100% owned by Filipinos the Securities and Exchange Commission ordered it closed. Rappler was parading like it is wholly owned by Filipinos but turned out it accepted investment from Omidyar Network (ON) which is known for its notoriety in destabilizing heads of state that are not docile to America. It tried deception by claiming that the Philippine Deposit Receipts it issued to ON money was for philanthropic contribution. The attempt dragged them deeper in shit as PDRs are actually commercial instruments. When this trick did not work, Ressa again tried another act this time claiming that Omidyar signed a waiver on its veto power. Again this did not pass scrutiny of the SEC because the said waiver was discovered to be just a scrap of paper as the document was not notarized.  Running out of deceptive tricks Ma. Ressa went berserk when she was served the closure order and went about town crying her freedom is being curtailed by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte no less. Her partner Pia Ranada did the same screaming she will be jailed by Duterte’s military. The grandstanding, it was obvious, was to stonewall the criminal violation they committed and to paint Rappler and its staff headed by Ressa as victims of oppression and dictatorial regime of Duterte. Contrary to its claim that they have lost their freedom of expression, more than ever Rappler had increased the crescendo of its unfettered attack on no less than the President Duterte himself. Ressa spearheaded a Black Friday movement supported by a handful of students from where else by the University of the Philippines campus and the usual garrulous but moribund Liberal Party stalwarts headed by VP Leni Robredo. They were joined in by UN Rapporteur Agnes Callamard and her local counterpart Chito Gascon in denouncing the Duterte government for curtailing the freedom of the press. Other foreign-funded media outfits joined the fray for obvious reason.  Theirs is a cacophony of ridiculous chants. Robredo warned that the closure of Rappler is a symptom of a dark future of the country. The juvenile delinquents in the UP campus joined pipsqueak assemblies with screaming placards denouncing Pres. Duterte and his “malignant forces that continue to peddle lies to justify their tyranny and dictatorship”.  They cut classes to face the TV cameras and klieg lights unmindful of yet another spectacular grade the survey firms Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia showing an “excellent” grade on the sustained trust and popularity of the nation on Duterte which they had been flagellating no end.  No one seems to mind their issue about tyranny and dictatorship as the World Bank grudgingly declared that “DDS killed democracy in the Philippines but they haven’t killed the country’s vibrant economy”.  Forbes, an international business magazine, likewise quoted WB on its Global Economic Prospects, which asserts that “Duterte Philippines is the 10th fastest growing economy in the world”.  The statistics is a slap on the face of VP Robredo who remains to be an incurable pessimist despite the figures that cannot lie. She continues to see the future of the Philippines in dark glasses forgetting that she is a Vice President and therefore should have celebrated with the rest for the gains that the country achieved. For her part, Maria Ressa simply ignored what Forbes and WB declared.  Maybe out of outrage that the Robredo seemed to be out of sync and blinded by sheer politicking and negativism, UP Political Science professor and political analyst, Clarita Carlos,  made a five-worded message to The Vice President thus: “President Duterte moves the Philippines forward”. To those who denigrate Duterte from cutting the country’s umbilical cord to America, Professor Carlos had this to say. “Duterte has moved the Philippines away from the usual foreign policy and in turn ‘defined national interest’ by tracking his own way of foreign policy”. She admired Duterte for his political guts and courage.  It is indeed pathetic that while the Philippines rise several notches higher in political and economic arena the opposition and the foreign-aided media outfits shamelessly continue to belittle these achievements. It is no small feat that Philippines came out stronger in economic growth than China in the 3rd quarter of 2017. On the 4th quarter moreover China rallied (6.9%) and landed on top of Asian countries followed by Vietnam (6.8) and Philippines 6.7%. The Philippines however has been growing more than 6% for nine consecutive quarters and that sustained growth is best among Asean nations. Any which way you look at it, that spells economic stability and investment grade for investors service firms like Moody’s and other international credit rating institutions. Cause and effect is a simple gauge to measure the impact of the tyranny and dictatorial regime that Rappler and its sympathizers have been accusing the Duterte regime. But as I always say, no one can quarrel with success especially when institutions of unquestionable stature put the positive figures across. Expect the economy to grow even faster in 2018 when infrastructure spending commences under the Duterte’s Build, Build, Build program. As we all know, the government had earmarked P8.4-trillion to achieve the mega infrastructure projects comprising of railways, highways and bridges, irrigation’s, airports and seaports to name a few. The job opportunities that these programs will generate are equally mind-boggling. […].....»»

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94.98% of Filipinos trust PCSO

PCSO’s Customer Satisfaction rating is at 94.98 p ercent and it is expected to grow further under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. The survey was conducted in 2016. The rating rose from 86.51 percent in 2015. Duterte was inaugurated as President in June 2016. “Naniniwala kami na mas lumakas pa ang kumpiyansa at tiwala [...] The post 94.98% of Filipinos trust PCSO appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Poll: Little support for revolutionary gov’t despite Duterte’s high trust ratings

DESPITE higher trust ratings of President Rodrigo R. Duterte, a recent study of the Social Weather System (SWS) showed that there was little support for the proposed proclamation of a “Revolutionary Government.” In its latest survey conducted by SWS, Mr. Duterte earned a trust rating of +75, with 83% having much trust, 7% with little […] The post Poll: Little support for revolutionary gov’t despite Duterte’s high trust ratings appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Trust in Duterte rebounds to excellent – SWS

Filipinos’ trust in President Rodrigo Duterte rebounded to “excellent” last month from “very high” in September, the results of the latest survey by polling firm Social Weather Stations showed......»»

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Duterte keeps highest trust, approval rating among key govt officials: Pulse Asia survey

President Rodrigo Duterte maintained the highest trust and approval rating from among the top government officials, according to the latest Pulse Asia survey......»»

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