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In Focus: Mike And Eleven Share An Even More Adorable Friendship In Real Life!

See the reel-to-real friendship of "Stranger Things" stars Millie Bobbie Brown and Finn Wolfhard!.....»»

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In Focus: These K-Pop Stars Are Currently Obssessing Over Toy Story

From BLACKPINK's Jennie to EXO's Suho, see who has a soft spot for 'Toy Story' just like us!.....»»

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In Focus: 15 Non-Korean Idols Who Have Made It Big In The K-Pop Scene

From BLACKPINK' Lisa to EXO's Lay, these K-pop stars proved that they deserved to debut!.....»»

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In Focus: We Can t Help But Stan iKON s B.I. and Lee Hi s Friendship!

K-pop idols B.I and Lee Hi are giving us the feels with their adorable friendship!.....»»

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In Focus: Proof That EXO s Chanyeol And D.O. Have The Cutest 'Cat-Dog' Friendship

From their cute little fights on stage to their recent trips to Japan, EXO's Chansoo is our fave bromance!.....»»

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In Focus: There s Nothing More Adorable Than These K-Idols And Their Furry Friends!

From Lisa's doll-eyed cat named Leo to V's playful doggo Yeontan, these celebrity pets got us spazzing hard!.....»»

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Style Inspo: BLACKPINK s Jennie And Vlogger Rei Germar Have On-Point Twinning Moments!

They may be an unexpected duo, but here's major proof that BLACKPINK's Jennie and vlogger Rei Germar could be style sisters......»»

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In Focus: 6 Ugly Friendship Truths That You’ll Learn The Hard Way

Here's what to do when your friendship isn't as fun as it used to be......»»

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In Focus: Proof That Khalil Ramos & Gabbi Garcia Are The Most Precious Couple Ever!

We just love how genuinely in love Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia are with each other! Agree?.....»»

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In Focus: Unforgettable Moments That Prove iKON s Solid Friendship

We will always stan iKON's friendship "no metter wut!".....»»

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Hotties Alert: The Sexiest Female Idols We re Girl-Crushing On

From BLACKPINK's Jennie to MAMAMOO's Hwasa, these idols know how to show off their sultry charm!.....»»

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Beauty Inspo: Makeup Looks We d Totally Steal From BLACKPINK s Jennie

Whether she's keeping it sweet or going all out, BLACKPINK's Jennie's Instagram feed is a gold mine of makeup pegs!.....»»

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In Focus: Proof That TWICE s Tzuyu Is Loisa Andalio s K-Pop Twin

Loisa Andalio and Tzuyu from TWICE could be sisters in another life!.....»»

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In Focus: Jungkook Will Forever Be The Baby Of BTS, And Here s Proof!

Here's to BTS' golden maknae, Jungkook!.....»»

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In Focus: 12 K-Drama Roles We Think Blackpink s Jisoo Can Totally Pull Off

Let actress Jisoo come through your area and check out our list in the gallery!.....»»

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In Focus: Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz Are Making Us Melt Over Their Cuteness

Prepare to feel all the feels with Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz (A.K.A. KyCine) and their adorable off-cam moments!.....»»

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In Focus: Proof That EXO s Chanyeol & Sehun Are The Most Visually Flawless Duo In K-Pop

Chanyeol and Sehun are making us way too giddy for their debut as EXO's newest sub-unit!.....»»

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In Focus: The Gold Squad Of 'Kadenang Ginto' Proves That Their Friendship Gets Stronger Off-Cam!

Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, Seth Fedelin, and Francine Diaz are #squadgoals on the set of 'Kadenang Ginto!'.....»»

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Are Bacolod buildings quake proof?

BACOLOD City – Bacolod City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) officer-in-charge Dondon Parandas said they will check buildings here following the series of strong earthquakes last month. Parandas said the inspections will be made after the 2019-midterm elections and they will focus on assessing the structural integrity of the buildings. Parandas said that after […] The post Are Bacolod buildings quake proof? appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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