EDITORIAL - Escaping accountability

Public office is a public trust. Anyone who is physically and mentally qualified to serve as a public official must be deemed physically and mentally fit to face punishment in case of conviction for graft and other offenses involving betrayal of public trust......»»

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EDITORIAL - Top-secret assets

While President Duterte has issued an executive order promoting freedom of information in the executive branch, the House of Representatives is going in the opposite direction when it comes to transparency and public accountability......»»

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Editorial: Free education is not a dream

The Philippines has since been under the worst economic and social conditions. It is under these dire conditions that education has become the “greatest gift” a parent can pass on to their children. A college diploma is seen as a “gate pass” to the dream of escaping poverty. For years, families endure all kinds of sacrifice to access the much-sought out education, as the family’s valued “investment”......»»

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Editorial Raises Issue of Police Accountability

Photo of Inquirer editorial.CHEERS TO the for its editorial that looked into police accountability in the death of a detainee.The August 12 editorial "Unremit.....»»

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Editorial Raises Issue of Police Accountability

Photo of Inquirer editorial.CHEERS TO the for its editorial that looked into police accountability in the death of a detainee.The August 12 editorial "Unremit.....»»

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EDITORIAL - Accountability

Don’t expect a miracle, the Department of Transportation has asked the public, even as it promised “diligence” in improving the Metro Rail Transit 3 service......»»

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Media’s gaffes, accountability

THE RECENT editorial lapses of the state-run Philippine News Agency can be traced largely to a blurred corporate vision and ill-defined accountability......»»

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What is South Korea’s take on the killing? – BBC News

Only a few people know why VX was chosen &'' presumably by North Korea &'' as the chemical agent of Kim Jong-nam's assassination, and they're not talking. The (perhaps unwitting) women who smeared his face with the highly toxic oil are unlikely to know much about the substance. And the men who left the terminal in Kuala Lumpur for Dubai even as the victim staggered around seeking medical help are not about to share their secrets with anyone far from Pyongyang. But in South Korea, there is much speculation. Was it a deliberate signal from the North that nuclear isn't the only weapon of mass destruction just over the border? Or was it simply an effective way of killing a reclusive man in a public place? It has certainly raised the temperature in South Korea. Monday's Joongang Daily says: &'8220;The government must take steps immediately to protect the country from chemical weapons dangers.&'8221; The editorial raises the spectre of North Korea supplying terrorists with the substance (in the same way it may have helped Pakistan with nuclear technology and Syria with missile development). The editorial continues: &'8220;North Korea is known to have chemical weapons from 3,000 tonnes to 5,000 tonnes. It could threaten the world if Pyongyang sells any of these weapons to Islamic militants or other extremists to secure hard cash.&'8221; There is no doubt that the attack has sent a tremor of fear through the defector community in South Korea. Fugitives who were previously easy to contact have gone to ground. Thae Yong-ho, the diplomat who defected from the London embassy last year, already had bodyguards as he went incognito around Seoul but they would not have been able to protect him against a seemingly innocent member of the public just coming up and smearing him with a speck of VX. Two years ago, the American ambassador in Seoul was lucky to survive when his face was slashed with a blade in public. How much easier it would be to kill someone with a mere trace of a chemical. The great advantage of poisoning for the assassin is that it can be perfectly targeted and it kills with little immediate fuss. Only scientific examination afterwards reveals the cause. Those behind Kim Jong-nam's killing watched, then left. Alexander Litvinenko, a fugitive spy from Russia, took tea with two former KGB agents in London in 2006 and died three weeks later of poisoning by radioactive polonium-210, believed to have been administered in the cup. The BBC producer, Georgi Markov, was murdered at a bus stop in central London in 1978 but his killer vanished in the crowd seconds after the victim felt the pin-prick from an umbrella used like a syringe to inject the fatal poison. He had been a thorn in the side of the Bulgarian communist government but so simple and bloodless was the killing that nobody was ever identified as the perpetrator. The efficiency of poison as a means of assassination is leading North Korea watchers in South Korea to think that there was no great intention to send a signal by using VX specifically. Koh Yu-hwan, of Dongguk University, thinks that VX was chosen because of its efficiency; North Korea &'' or at least leader Kim Jong-un &'' allegedly wanted Kim Jong-nam dead and VX offered certainty. It also offered the possibility that the death would pass as being from natural causes, at least for the time before a serious post-mortem scientific examination could take place. Chang Yong-seok, of Seoul National University's Institute for Peace and Unification Studies, adds: &'8220;North Korea was already under immense pressure over its efforts to develop nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles, and also its human rights issues. Things will get even more complicated for Pyongyang if its chemical weapons issues are thrown into the mix.&'8221; There are benefits and costs to Pyongyang of being caught red-handed. On the one hand, it would send a signal to dissidents that there will be no escaping the regime's ruthlessness. On the other, it also says to North Koreans that the regime at the top is insecure and fratricidal. News from outside does get into North Korea and the revelation that one ruling Kim was allegedly having his half-brother bumped off could scarcely strengthen the regime in the people's eyes. &'160; As a columnist in Daily NK puts it: &'8220;With the influx of information pouring into North Korea, more of its citizens are learning for the first time of Kim Jong-nam's existence, prompting them to speculate on the motive for the assassination.&'8221; There is some speculation in South Korea about the role of the two women suspected of carrying out the hit job. One researcher told the Associated Press news agency that the theory VX had been mixed from two innocuous chemicals into a deadly combination on the victim's face was unlikely. The expert said that VX could be produced in this way but not reliably. It is more likely that it was applied in its deadly form by people wearing protective gloves. &'8220;The security camera footage shows one of the women heading to the bathroom to wash her hands after attacking Kim. If she touched VX with her bare hands, she wouldn't have had the time to do even that,&'8221; the researcher told AP. If the means of murder is causing debate, the motive is not. In dynasties with hereditary rule, brothers are [&'].....»»

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EDITORIAL - Tokhang for ransom

With police allowed to do pretty much what they please and accountability flushed down the drain, abuses in the ongoing brutal drug war are inevitable......»»

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EDITORIAL - Skills shortage

Investors have been expressing concern for many years now about a shortage of the skilled workers needed in various industries......»»

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EDITORIAL - ‘Unli’ rice imports

Brushing aside a last-minute appeal from local rice producers, President Duterte has signed a law lifting quantitative import restrictions on rice......»»

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EDITORIAL - Snakes and crocodiles

It may be a snake pit, but not all denizens of the House of Representatives are snakes......»»

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With wounds still unhealed, ‘Morong 43’ press suit vs GMA, jailers

  More than nine years after their ordeal, the group of doctors and health workers collectively known as "Morong 43" continue to demand accountability for their questionable arrest and detention from military and government officials, including former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.   In a court hearing on Wednesday, the health workers recounted before Judge Catherine Manodon of Quezon City Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 224 how they were frisked, blindfolded and handcuffed on Feb. 6, 2010, by soldiers from the Philippine Army's 2nd Infantry Division on suspicion that they were communist rebels.   The military had accused the group, which included ...Keep on reading: With wounds still unhealed, ‘Morong 43’ press suit vs GMA, jailers.....»»

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EDITORIAL - A tradition of violence

As the campaign for national positions officially kicked off last Tuesday, the Philippine National Police identified a total of 701 election hotspots......»»

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EDITORIAL | A victory in Bikolnon education

EDITORIAL | A victory in Bikolnon education.....»»

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Trillanes: Ressa’s arrest exposes Duterte’s ‘despotic regime’

MANILA, Philippines --- The arrest of Rappler's chief executive Maria Ressa for cyberlibel proves President Rodrigo Duterte's "despotic regime," opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said Thursday.   "I strongly condemn Duterte's latest effort to persecute independent journalist, Maria Ressa. This move unmasks his despotic regime and his fear of accountability," Trillanes said in a statement.   Rappler and Ressa have been critical of the Duterte administration and its controversial policies.   With Ressa's arrest, the senator, who is a staunch critic of Duterte, urged the public to stand for press freedom.   "We must unite and stand for p...Keep on reading: Trillanes: Ressa’s arrest exposes Duterte’s ‘despotic regime’.....»»

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EDITORIAL - Looking the other way

There is ongoing litigation specifically for the government to recover the paintings. So people are mystified by the sale of three prized paintings for nearly $3.6 million by Christie’s auction house in New York......»»

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EDITORIAL - Drug education

After targeting suppliers of prohibited drugs, the government is giving increased attention to curbing demand. Children from kindergarten to Grade 12 will soon be taught about the evils and prevention of drug abuse......»»

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Senator Zubiri: ‘BOL went through the wringer in Senate’

THIS is in connection with The Manila Times Editorial of Feb. 1, 2019 (“Lasting peace beyond talk of BOL vote success”). I take exception to the claim made in your…READ The post Senator Zubiri: ‘BOL went through the wringer in Senate’ appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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From Asean Economic Development to Militarization - The Manila Times Online

From Asean Economic Development to Militarization The Manila Times IN a recent editorial, The Manila Times expressed concern that relatively benign economic conditions may lead to a false sense of se.....»»

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Beyond lawmaking: Powers, roles of Philippine Congress members

Beyond lawmaking: Powers, roles of Philippine Congress members Rappler Congress plays a vital role in exacting accountability from other branches in government......»»

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