‘I think it was Russia’ – CNN News

President-elect Donald Trump said for the first time Wednesday he believes Russia was responsible for hacking ahead of the election but contemptuously rejected allegations that Moscow mounted a campaign to compromise him. In his first news conference since winning the election, a combative Trump made clear he will not mute his style when he is inaugurated in nine days. He lashed out at media and political foes alike in a bravura performance. The Trump Tower press conference confirmed the President-elect's deep desire to quickly assert power once he's sworn in. He insisted on moving speedily &'8212; too speedily for some Republicans in Congress &'8212; to replace Obamacare. He also pledged swift action on building a wall along the border with Mexico and nominating a new Supreme Court justice. But it's also clear Trump will take office amid persistent questions about his relationship with Russia. While Trump was at the podium, his nominee to become secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, faced tough questions on Capitol Hill about whether the incoming administration will view Russia with sufficient skepticism. At the news conference, Trump finally conceded he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin's intelligence agencies were behind hacks on Democratic computers ahead of the election but argued that wouldn't happen again. &'8220;I think it was Russia,&'8221; Trump said. Putin &'8220;should not be doing it. He won't be doing it. Russia will have much greater respect for our country when I am leading it than when other people have led it.&'8221; Trump, who has vowed to improve relations with Russia despite some Republican opposition, said he did not know if he would get along with Putin and noted it's possible he won't. But he could not resist a swipe at his defeated Democratic election rival, Hillary Clinton. &'8220;Do you honestly believe Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me?&'8221; he asked. He added that Russia is not the only nation that hacks US targets and accused Democrats of not having sufficient cybersecurity programs. The news conference opened with the incoming White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, slamming a &'8220;political witch hunt&'8221; following reports that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Trump. Vice President-elect Mike Pence also criticized the media before introducing Trump, who kept up his criticism of US intelligence. &'8220;I must say that I want to thank a lot of the news organizations here today because they looked at that nonsense that was released by maybe the intelligence agencies,&'8221; Trump said. He said any such move by the agencies would be a &'8220;tremendous blot on their record.&'8221; &'8220;A thing like that should never have been written, it should never have been had and it certainly should have never been released,&'8221; Trump said. The news conference follows exclusive reporting by CNN on Tuesday that classified documents presented last week to President Barack Obama and Trump included the allegations about Russia. The allegations were presented in a two-page synopsis that was appended to a report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and drew in part from memos compiled by a former British intelligence operative, whose past work US intelligence officials consider credible. Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him 01:38 The FBI is investigating the credibility and accuracy of these allegations, which are based primarily on information from Russian sources, but has not confirmed many essential details in the memos about Trump. The news conference, delayed from December, was scheduled for Trump to outline how he will address questions about possible conflicts-of-interest related to his vast business empire. Trump appeared beside a large pile of files he claimed were pertinent to the companies that are going to be placed in a trust to be run by his sons. He reiterated that he doesn't plan to release his tax returns, saying they are under audit and don't include relevant information After taking a handful of questions, Trump turned the event over to Sheri Dillon, an attorney who was on hand to discuss Trump's business interests. She said Trump planned to put in place a structure that will &'8220;completely isolate him from the management of the company.&'8221; &'8220;He further instructed that we build in protections that will assure the American people that the decisions that he makes and the actions he takes as President are for their benefit and not to support his financial interests,&'8221; she said. Trump will place all his financial and business assets in a trust, Dillon said. The Trump Organization, meanwhile, will not enter into any new deals abroad and all domestic deals will be subject to a heavy vetting process. The firm will also appoint a new ethics officer, she said. The President-elect has also terminated a number of deals set to close shortly, a step that had cost him millions of dollars, she said. Dillon argued that the decision had been made not to put all Trump's assets in a blind trust or to divest of all his assets because it would be impractical. She also said that Trump should not be forced to destroy the business that he had built up. &'8220;President Trump can't unknow he owns Trump Tower,&'8221; Dillon said, explaining why a blind trust would not be a workable solution to addressing conflicts of interest issues while he is President. Dillon said Trump would take other actions to avoid the appearance of a conflict over the Emoluments Clause [&'].....»»

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Batshuayi s Dortmund season over; World Cup still possible

DORTMUND, Germany (AP) — Striker Michy Batshuayi's World Cup participation for Belgium is still possible despite suffering a left ankle injury in Borussia Dortmund's Ruhr derby defeat to Schalke. Batshuayi was hurt in injury time on Sunday, left the stadium in Gelsenkirchen on crutches, and was taken to hospital for treatment. 🤕 @mbatshuayi hat sich im Revierderby bei @s04 eine Sprunggelenkverletzung zugezogen und wird wahrscheinlich für den Rest der Saison ausfallen. Ein Einsatz für die belgische Nationalmannschaft bei der WM in Russland ist im Bereich des Möglichen. Gute Besserung, Michy! — Borussia Dortmund (@BVB) April 16, 2018 Dortmund says on Twitter he "will probably be out for the rest of the season (but) an appearance for the Belgian national team at the World Cup in Russia is in the realm of possibility. Get well soon, Michy!" Well its not good news for now, my season is probably over, and i wont be able to pay @BVB back for their confidence ... 😔 Thank you all the amazing amount of love I received since yesterday. Wishing my teammates the best for the final days. See you soon ❤️ — Michy Batshuayi (@mbatshuayi) April 16, 2018 Batshuayi also took to social media, tweeting his season "is probably over, and I wont be able to pay @BVB back for their confidence ... Thank you all the amazing amount of love I received since yesterday. Wishing my teammates the best for the final days. See you soon." Batshuayi, who is on loan at Dortmund from Chelsea, was injured in a sprint for the ball when he collided with Schalke defender Benjamin Stambouli. His absence will hit Dortmund hard at the sharp end of the Bundesliga. He scored seven goals and set up another in 10 league appearances since his winter switch as a replacement for the Arsenal-bound Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Dortmund is fourth in the last Champions League qualification place with four rounds remaining. The side faces tough games against Bayer Leverkusen at home, Werder Bremen away, and Mainz at home before its last game at Hoffenheim......»»

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News Analysis: Turkey-Russia Rapprochement Expected to Continue Amid Turkey’s Rifts With U.S., NATO

As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest visit puts Turkey’s flourishing ties with Russia in the spotlight, analysts expect the rapprochement to continue amid Ankara’s ongoing rifts with the U.S. and NATO. With its frustration with Western allies continuing to grow in the past years, Ankara has significantly boosted its ties with Moscow following a stormy […].....»»

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UK hints at sanctions over Russia spy attack – CNN News

Britain’s National Security Council is due to meet Monday to discuss the latest intelligence on the attempted murder of former […].....»»

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Putin ordered to shoot down passenger plane over terror threat – Fox News

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said in a new film he ordered – but later pulled back – the shooting down […].....»»

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Bots, Assange, an alliance: Has Russian propaganda infiltrated the Philippines?

By Natshaya Gutierrez/ – At the peak of the Catalan independence movement in Spain, Twitter account @Ivan226622 tweeted 139 news items. From September 29 to October 9, @Ivan226622 – like accounts @rickrick888 and @bobbit2266 – tweeted articles created by Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik. Both RT and Sputnik are Russian Read more ».....»»

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Plane with 71 aboard crashes near Moscow

MOSCOW --- Russia's Emergencies Ministry says a passenger plane has crashed near Moscow and fragments of it have been found. The An-148 regional jet disappeared from radar screens shortly after takeoff from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport on Sunday afternoon. News reports said 71 people -- 65 passengers and six crew -- were aboard the plane heading for the city of Orsk, about 1,500 kilometers (1,000 miles) southeast of Moscow. The Tass news agency says the plane fragments were found in the Ramenskoye area about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the airport. Russian media said the jet belonged to Saratov Airlines....Keep on reading: Plane with 71 aboard crashes near Moscow.....»»

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Dems headed for Nov. midterm polls with an energized base

WASHINGTON--- Democrats are heading into the November elections with an energized party base, an unpopular president to rail against and a growing wave of GOP retirements. Now they just need a clear message. In recent weeks, lawmakers have zigzagged from digging in against President Donald Trump --- even forcing a government shutdown --- to trying to cut deals. They've played to their core supporters on immigration, only to shift quickly to the middle on spending. They've amplified news about the Russia investigation and dueling classified memos, at the risk of drowning out their objections to Trump's economic policies. Democrats had planned to retreat to Maryland's Eastern Sho...Keep on reading: Dems headed for Nov. midterm polls with an energized base.....»»

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Argentina coach wants Messi fresh for World Cup

Argentina coach Jorge Sampaoli said Tuesday he expects captain and star striker Lionel Messi to arrive at the World Cup in peak form after he battled fatigue at the 2014 tournament. "We've spoken with Leo about what's happening and that he doesn't find himself in the same situation four years ago when he arrived exhausted at the World Cup (in Brazil)," Sampaoli said at a news conference. The former Chile and Sevilla coach added the goal was to ensure that Messi "makes the most of his rest periods to arrive (in Russia) at the top of his physical and mental form". Messi scored four goals as Argentina reached the final in Brazil, but he cut a peripheral figure in the latter st...Keep on reading: Argentina coach wants Messi fresh for World Cup.....»»

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US says no need for nee Russia sanctions

WASHINGTON, D.C.: World governments have canceled billions of dollars in potential deals with Russian arms companies, the US government said Monday, arguing there is no need for new sanctions to deter them But there was no immediate news from the US Treasury on a much-anticipated list of Russian oligarchs that American authorities regard as close [...] The post US says no need for nee Russia sanctions appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Russia voices concern over Turkey operation in Syria

MOSCOW, Russia – Russia on Saturday voiced concern and urged restraint over a new Turkish operation to oust Kurdish militia from a northern Syrian enclave, with Moscow responding by withdrawing its troops from the zone in question.  "Moscow is concerned at this news. We call on the opposing parties to show ........»»

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France s Macron vows law vs fake news, eyeing Russia

PARIS, France – French President Emmanuel Macron announced plans Wednesday, January 3, for legislation to stop fake news spreading online in the run-up to elections, in a veiled reference to Moscow-backed RT and Sputnik. Macron, who came to power in May, has previously lashed out at the Russian outlets as ........»»

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Putin thanks Trump for help in foiling attack plot

MOSCOW, Russia --- Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked his US counterpart Donald Trump on Sunday for the CIA's help in thwarting a planned attack in Saint Petersburg, the second time in a week that the leaders have exchanged praise. Putin spoke by phone with Trump to convey his gratitude for intelligence supplied by the CIA which allowed Russia's FSB security service to break up a "terrorist cell" that was planning attacks in Russia's second city, according to the Kremlin. "The information received by the CIA was enough to detect, hunt down and arrest the criminals," it added in a statement carried by Russian news agencies. Putin also pledged that Russian security agenc...Keep on reading: Putin thanks Trump for help in foiling attack plot.....»»

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Miss Russia takes home World Miss Tourism Ambassador 2017 title

Miss Russia Aibedullina Talliya took home the title of World Miss Tourism Ambassador 2017 during the pageant held in Pasay City over the weekend. Meanwhile, 18-year old Karen Ivy MarieThe post Miss Russia takes home World Miss Tourism Ambassador 2017 title appeared first on DZRH News......»»

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Trump slams vicious media after erroneous reports on WikiLeaks, Russia

WASHINGTON, DC, USA – Donald Trump on Saturday, December 9, renewed his onslaught against major US news networks, accusing them of launching a "vicious" assault on his presidency as he seized on a reporting error by CNN. In an early-morning tweet, the US president said "Fake News CNN made a ........»»

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Trump shrugs off Flynn guilty plea in Russia probe

WASHINGTON DC, USA – US President Donald Trump on Saturday, December 2, shrugged off the bombshell news that his former national security adviser pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and will cooperate with a special prosecutor probing Russian election meddling. As the Russia probe overshadowed his big legislative win, ........»»

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Flynn pleads guilty on Russia, reportedly ready to testify against Trump

Former US national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty on Friday to lying to the FBI about Russia, and ABC News said he was prepared to testify that before taking office President Donald Trump had directed him to make contact with Russians. Source link link: Flynn pleads guilty on Russia, reportedly ready to testify against Trump.....»»

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Russia signals rainbow flags tolerated at World Cup

MOSCOW --- Spectators will be allowed to fly rainbow flags at the World Cup, Russia's top anti-discrimination official for soccer indicated on Thursday. Alexei Smertin, the Russian Football Union official and a World Cup ambassador, said spectators won't be affected by a Russian law prohibiting "propaganda" of homosexuality to minors. "There will definitely be no ban on wearing rainbow symbols in Russia. It's clear you can come here and not be fined for expressing feelings," Smertin said at a news conference in Moscow to discuss race and discrimination issues in football. The former Russia and Chelsea midfielder added it's unlikely gay fans could fall foul of Russian law, s...Keep on reading: Russia signals rainbow flags tolerated at World Cup.....»»

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NBC News fires ‘Today’ co-host Matt Lauer for sexual misconduct

The alleged incident occurred while Lauer and the accuser were covering the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics in Russia......»»

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Philippines Ready to Expand Ties with Russia

President Rodrigo Duterte expressed the Philippines’ willingness to expand relations with Russia particularly in area of trade. “We have started an improvement of our friendship and the plan increases of our trade, expand it and... The post Philippines Ready to Expand Ties with Russia appeared first on MetroCebu News......»»

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Putin: Russian doping scandals could be US election meddling

MOSCOW (AP) — President Vladimir Putin is suggesting that a recent flurry of Russian sports doping allegations could be an American attempt to interfere in next year's Russian presidential election. On Thursday, four Russian cross-country skiers were found guilty of doping at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. In all, six Russian skiers have been found guilty by an International Olympics Committee commission. Putin noted that international sports organizations have a complex skein of "relationships and dependencies." He said "and the controlling stake is in the United States," where sponsors and television broadcasters are concentrated. "In response to our alleged interference in their elections, they want to create problems during the election of the president of Russia," he said Thursday. Putin has not announced whether he will run for another term in the March 18 election. Russian officials have consistently denied involvement in efforts to interfere with or influence last year's U.S. presidential election, including the hacking of Democratic National Committee emails. They also reject complaints that the Kremlin-funded Sputnik news agency and the RT satellite television channel act as government propaganda arms. In turn, they have alleged that U.S. private companies effectively act in line with Washington directives. After Twitter last month banned advertising by RT and Sputnik, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova claimed that the move was due to pressure from U.S. intelligence services. She said retaliatory measures would be taken, but none have emerged. On Thursday, she said "symmetrical measures" would follow if the U.S. restricts Russian media activities. The Russian Cross-Country Ski Federation said Thursday that four cross-country skiers at the Sochi Olympics have been disqualified by the International Olympic Committee and banned from all future Olympics. They include Maxim Vylegzhanin, Alexei Petukhov, Yulia Ivanova and Evgenia Shapovalova. Vylegzhanin won three silver medals in Sochi, but none of the others won a medal. Six Russian cross-country skiers have now been found guilty of doping at the Sochi Olympics by an IOC commission......»»

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