‘Chinese hackers targeting US firms connected to South China Sea’

MANILA, Philippines — A suspected Chinese cyber espionage group has been targeting American companies that have involvement in the South China Sea, according.....»»

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China says new US sanctions threaten cooperation over North Korea

China reacted with anger on Saturday to new US sanctions aimed at increasing pressure on nuclear-equipped North Korea, saying the unilateral targeting of Chinese firms and people risked harming cooperation on the problem. Source link link: China says new US sanctions threaten cooperation over North Korea.....»»

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North Korea cyber threat more aggressive than China – US firm

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korean hackers are becoming more aggressive than their Chinese counterparts, a leading US cybersecurity firm warned on Tuesday, February 20, as it identified a Pyongyang-linked group as an "advanced persistent threat". It was the first time that FireEye had used the designation for a North Korean-based ........»»

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Bangladesh, China firms ink multi-bln deals as Xi ends tour

Bangladeshi and Chinese firms have signed $13.6 billion in trade and investment deals on the sidelines of President Xi Jinping's brief tour to the South Asian nation, a trade group official said Saturday......»»

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SUPER 8: Inside the Asia League s grand basketball plans for the region

MACAU --- The Summer Super 8 is just the beginning. The Asia League may only have eight teams, including two Pinoy teams, in its tournaments now with the Super 8, but the FIBA-recognized offseason competition platform for club basketball is targeting bigger and better things. All for the continued development of basketball, particularly in this part of Asia. Matt Beyer, CEO of the Asia League, noticed a couple of years back that there's pretty much no international club-to-club basketball competitions in Asia so he made some things happen. While football has tournaments like the UEFA Champions League, basketball has no such thing. There's the FIBA Champions Cup, but that includes all of Asia. What the Asia League tries to focus on is the East Asia and Southeast Asian territory, where top teams from China, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines can go after each other in high-level tournaments. "I just think there's a huge lack in international club-to-club basketball competition in Asia," Beyer said. "And if you look at China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Chinese Taipei, if you add the population of these geographies, it's over 2 billion people. So there's a lot of fans but no high level club-to-club competition. That's the reason this was created," he added. For Beyer, Macau seems to be the perfect setting to stage such tournaments and for the Summer Super 8, he's looking at it as something that could become Asia's version of the NBA's Las Vegas Summer League. Asia League has eight teams competing for the Super 8 this year with two teams each from China, Korea, and the Philippines plus one each from Japan and Taipei. Next year, the Super 8 may no longer be as the plan is to have 16 teams see action. "What we're aiming for is to become the East Asian version of the Las Vegas summer league," Beyer said. "Our July events, we will expand the scale of the teams. The eight teams this year, I wanna have 16 next year and that means more PBA teams if that's logistically possible," he added. Speaking of the PBA, the Asia League is aggressive is trying to work with getting Filipino teams to its events. Why? Pinoy teams attract crowds and they generally perform well with these kind of tournaments. For the ongoing Super 8, both NLEX and Blackwater ended up with identical 2-1 records. The Road Warriors are in the semifinals and the Elite missed the playoffs by one basket and ended up with an inferior quotient. And despite group play being played on weekdays, a decent Filipino crowd have showed up to watch the action at the East Asian Games Dome. "We started the dialogue with the PBA and Commissioner Willie (Marcial)," Beyer said. "We're trying to coordinate being able to make things work with the schedule and have teams released for the tournaments or just fit into the windows where they're available. I think we can work it out long term and I think this is good for the PBA and to the teams to play against different types of teams for a technical perspective and it should help to get the news out about PBA teams in other markets," he added. Aside from the Super 8 this year, the Asia League also has the Terrific 12 coming up in September. More than the number of teams involved, that tournament should be fiercer with club teams being allowed to have imports. Beyer ideally wants to have the PBA participate in that as well but with the Governors' Cup ongoing at that time, it might be difficult at least for this year. Still, the Asia League wants Pinoy teams, but not just any Pinoy teams. That's why Alab Pilipinas has been in consideration to compete in September though it's yet to be seen if Jimmy Alapag's crew can join. Ultimately, Beyer's goal is to have the Asia League be a hub for teams across Asia to compete with one another in such a way that their own mother leagues aren't being disrupted. The Asia League wants its July event to be the premier offseason joust. "The ideal situation that I look at is the July event be the summer league and expand it to 32 teams in three years. And that becomes the premier offseason forum just like the Las Vegas summer league is in the West," Beyers said. "September, we can't expand it above 12, that might be a little too big but let's see how it goes. That's gonna be the biggest preseason party for teams. We're gonna have the best rosters, tons of media, and broadcast on over 30 platforms all over the world," he added. That seems grand enough for the Asia League but there's more. Soon enough, full integration is going to be Beyer's target. "What we want starting the 2019-2020 season is to have integration into the seasons. What I look at is a pilot project where we take teams that are on the region and put them into two small groups that play home and way through the season, maybe one game per month to start," Beyer said. "And then we do a Final Four event, probably here in Macau to start. And then maybe that Final Four event can be like Euroleague Final Four before it moves around the region at an annual basis. That would be what I like to see. That would require a deep partnership with FIBA and the associations like the PBA," he added. Ultimately, the Asia League would like to stay true its mission to raise the standard of basketball in the region through greater collaboration with different leagues. It helps that for the current Super 8, teams are in it to win it and are taking things seriously. There should be more to come. "This isn't a one off tournament. We want to have a series of events. FIBA's mandate is a little different than ours but I think the goal is the same, we want to develop basketball and make the level of competition better in the region," Beyers said.   --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @paullintag8.....»»

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US ban on China’s ZTE forces telecoms to rethink business

LONDON — The U.S. trade ban on Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE wreaked havoc at wireless carriers in Europe and South Asia and forced operators worldwide to consider broadening their supply networks, industry sources told Reuters. Disruptions at Russian and emerging markets mobile operator Veon, one of the world’s 10 largest mobile firms by number of […].....»»

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2 years after Hague ruling: Preserving rules-based order in South China Sea

In this photo, taken Sept. 23, 2015, a Chinese Coast Guard boat sprays a water cannon at Filipino fishermen near Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea. China on Friday, May 19, 2017, said it rea.....»»

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Report accuses China firms over ozone-depleting gas

BEIJING, China – An environmental pressure group claimed on Monday, July 9, that Chinese factories are illegally using ozone-depleting CFCs, which have recently seen a spike in emissions that has baffled scientists. The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) campaign group said 18 factories in 10 Chinese provinces they looked into admitted to ........»»

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China firms to build bridges in Metro Manila

President Duterte announced last Friday that Chinese firms will construct two bridges in Metro Manila, one in Manila and the other straddling Makati and Mandaluyong......»»

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China’s Hainan invites ‘individuals’ to develop idle islands in South China Sea — report

China’s southern province of Hainan, which oversees the country’s territorial claims in South China Sea, has allowed “any entity or individual” to develop uninhabitated islands in the disputed waters in a bid to discourage rival claimants from occupying idle features, Chinese state media reported......»»

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Xi to US: China will not lose any inch of territory

Chinese President Xi Jinping reiterated Beijing's position on the disputed South China Sea in his meeting with United States Defense Secretary Jim Mattis......»»

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PCG rescues Chinese girl attempting to cross South China Sea

A Chinese woman who tried to swim her way across the South China Sea back to her homeland was rescued in waters off Cagayan last Sunday, the Philippine Coast Guard said yesterday......»»

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US restrictions on Chinese investment next front in trade dispute

WASHINGTON, D.C.: President Donald Trump this week is due to launch the next phase of his economic confrontation with Beijing, with new restrictions possible on Chinese investments to clamp down on access to sensitive American technologies. That could open US firms like Apple and General Motors up to new forms of retaliation from China and [...] The post US restrictions on Chinese investment next front in trade dispute appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Noynoy blamed for sea dispute with China

MALACANANG yesterday said the Philippines under former President Benigno Aquino III started the “militarization” of South China Sea, as it defended President Rodrigo Duterte’s friendly stance towards the Chinese. Duterte has been criticized for his friendliness towards China despite the latter’s aggressive moves in the disputed sea. The President has….....»»

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Chinese mother sits in on son’s classes for 3 years

A Chinese mother sat in on her son's junior high class for three years to keep an eye on him. The Chinese mother, identified as Dai Jihua, sat in on over 3,000 classes beside her son who was simply identified as Xiao Hua. She did this during his three years in junior high school to keep an eye on Hua's studies, according to a report by Yangtze River Daily via South China Morning Post. Hua's teacher from his school in Wuhan, Hubei province, advised his mother Dai to join a class one time to figure out why he was doing poorly. Hua previously had no trouble in primary school. Dai later discovered that her son's attention span was too short and he would easily get distracted. So...Keep on reading: Chinese mother sits in on son’s classes for 3 years.....»»

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Pure gold loses its luster

Models display gold accessories at a jewelry fair in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong province, on Sept 14, 2017. Younger Chinese consumers view jewelry as an accessory more than an investmen.....»»

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Chinese anti-porn office targets video streamers whispering on microphones

Chinese cyber authorities have cracked down on video streamers whispering on microphones. Some video streamers that specialize in streaming, doing relaxation sounds or autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos are being targeted by China's anti-pornography office for take-down. The office reasoned that some of the video streams could be called software porn, according to a report by Abacus via South China Morning Post. ASMR streams would generally have streamers whispering on the microphone, eating food that make certain sounds and other similar actions to trigger the relaxation effect of ASMR. ASMR in itself is not sexual, but the office said some streamers perform these s...Keep on reading: Chinese anti-porn office targets video streamers whispering on microphones.....»»

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Hontiveros: ‘Drive out tambay in South China Sea, not those in the streets’

Sen. Risa Hontiveros yesterday challenged President Duterte to drive out Chinese occupants in Panatag or Scarborough Shoal before apprehending the tambays in the streets......»»

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U.S. Senate votes to reimpose ban on China s ZTE, shares plunge

WASHINGTON, DC, USA – The US Senate defied President Donald Trump on Monday, June 18, by voting to overrule his administration's deal with Chinese telecom firm ZTE and reimpose a ban on hi-tech chip sales to the company. Senators added an amendment targeting ZTE into a sweeping, must-pass national defense spending ........»»

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Trump s tariffs: What they are and how China is responding

President Donald Trump just imposed tariffs on hundreds of Chinese products — from X-ray tubes to incinerators. And Beijing is striking back by targeting U.S. soybeans, beef, seafood and other products......»»

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PH booths at China exposition disappoint Filipino-Chinese traders

KUNMING CITY, China --- Imagine seeing your country with only two exhibition booths out of the more than 8,000 in a huge international exposition held in China. The disappointment was simply undeniable as Manila-based journalists bumped into a group of Filipino-Chinese businessmen during the 5th China-South Asia Exposition 2018 held at Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center Thursday. According to a briefer sent to the media, around 8,500 booths occupied the 190,000-square-meter exhibition area. And the Philippines was among the more than 80 countries that participated in the expo. One of the two booths set up by the Philippines showcased the country's...Keep on reading: PH booths at China exposition disappoint Filipino-Chinese traders.....»»

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