Lockdown tales of 7 Philippine Eagles; 3 released back to the wild

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 22 November) — Seven individuals of the “critically endangered” Philippine eagle Pithecophaga jefferyi were rescued since the COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantines. One died of malnutrition; three were released back to the wild; two are non-releasable, and one is primed for release next year. Here are their stories. “Siocon” A farmer found […].....»»

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DA bans Japan, UK poultry imports

The Department of Agriculture has issued a temporary ban on the importation of domestic and wild birds and poultry products from Japan and the United Kingdom following an outbreak of a strain of avian influenza in the two countries......»»

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Out-of-the-box tricks

Phoenix coach Topex Robinson called it “out-of-the-box” thinking and credited assistant Jamike Jarin for coming up with wild ideas to unsettle opponents......»»

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Dorsey, Zuckerberg will face Senators at another tech hearing amid election rift

The recent crackdown on Silicon Valley misinformation is expected to highlight partisan divisions. Accusing Republican companies of leading the hearings to go too far........»»

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2020 Masters Leaderboard: Live Coverage, Tiger Woods Score, Golf Score Today on Saturday at Augusta National

The 2020 Masters is going to be 3 days wild. Saturday will begin with the conclusion of Round 2 as John Rahm (-8) tries........»»

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Vice, Pokwang, Lovi, Gary hindi rin pinatulog ng bagsik ni Ulysses: Ang wild ng bagyo!

NAKARAMDAM din ng matinding takot ang mga celebrities nang magsimula nang humagipit ang Bagyong Ulysses sa Metro Manila at mga kalapit-probinsya. Grabe ang dalang ulan at hangin ng bagyo na nagsimulang magparamdam dakong alas-dose nang madaling-araw kanina na inaasahang tatagal pa hanggang ngayong araw, Huwebes. In fairness naman sa PAGASA, National Disaster Risk Reduction and […] The post Vice, Pokwang, Lovi, Gary hindi rin pinatulog ng bagsik ni Ulysses: Ang wild ng bagyo! appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Kershaw, LA stars shine, Dodgers top Rays 8-3 in WS opener

ARLINGTON, Texas: Clayton Kershaw, Cody Bellinger, Mookie Betts and the Los Angeles Dodgers left the Tampa Bay Rays stuck in neutral to start a most strange World Series played amid the pandemic. Kershaw dominated for six innings, Bellinger and Betts homered and the Dodgers chased a wild Tyler Glasnow in the fifth inning for an […].....»»

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Time to change our system and structure of government

The recent imbroglio in Congress caused by the rift between Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano and Lord Allan Velasco shows yet again the need to change the system and structure of government forced on us by the US when we became “independent.”.....»»

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This was a wild week for the House of Representatives even by its own standards......»»

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Roach trains Marcial at Wild Card Gym

Top Olympic bet Eumir Felix Marcial has started his training at the famed Wild Card Gym Thursday afternoon in Hollywood, California. .....»»

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How far will Eumir go?

Olympic middleweight boxing qualifier Eumir Marcial is now in Los Angeles for training with Freddie Roach at the Wild Card Gym and will make his pro debut as soon as he’s pronounced ready to rumble......»»

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As COVID-19 ravages the Philippines, a bible thumper insults our intelligence

RJ Nieto We have been made too aware of the speakership catfight in the House of Representatives. On one side is Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano who, last year, agreed to a term sharing deal that entails his voluntary resignation this month. On the other side, the PDP-Laban Lord Allan Velasco, head of the House’s biggest political party. If Cayetano just complied with the term-sharing agreement that he himself insisted on having, then the nation could have moved on and returned its focus on the COVID-19 pandemic that has been ravaging the erstwhile flourishing Philippine economy. But that was not the case: after getting a taste of his lucrative position for 15 months, Cayetano didn’t want to let go. In mid-September, Cayetano said he should remain as the speaker as he claims to enjoy majority support. Days later, his camp even went a step further when Camarines Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte accused Velasco of planning to delay the passage of the crucial 2021 National Budget. President Rodrigo Duterte, acting as head of the Kilusang Pagbabago Coalition, mediated the rift when he called for a meeting with Cayetano and Velasco. There are various versions of what happened during the meeting, but what’s clear is that both sides agreed to a vote on the speakership on October 14th. At this point, minus the speakership drama, pretty much everything else in the House, especially the 2021 budget deliberations, was going quite smoothly . At this point, the Cayetano-Velasco catfight was still a purely political skirmish. But things took a turn for the worse during the October 7 House session. While the budget debates were still ongoing, Cayetano abruptly declared the end of debates. He then moved to suspend House sessions until mid-November, effectively cancelling the October 14th vote for speaker. Cayetano’s move squarely violated Section 16(5), Article VI, of the Constitution, which forbids the House from adjourning for more than three days without the Senate’s nod. The term he used — “suspension” — is just semantic acrobatics for adjournment. Cayetano’s move effectively delayed the transmission to the Senate of the budget’s House version from October 14 to mid-November at the earliest. For the sake of holding onto power, he escalated the purely political skirmish into a full-blown national crisis. If Cayetano and his allies did not want a speakership change because his replacement will just delay the budget, then why did he delay the budget himself? The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a New Normal, and we need a national budget that takes this New Normal into account. However, the speaker’s latest political stunt risks the reenactment of the previous national budget, a budget that was written before COVID-19 ravaged us. How can the nation address the rampaging pandemic without a national budget that recognizes COVID-19 as a national disaster? We need more IT infrastructure funding as more Filipinos engage in e-commerce and as schools shift to online learning. We need more healthcare funding as Filipinos continue to get infected with this virus. We need more fiscal support for ailing businesses as thousands have gone bankrupt after the economy ground to a halt. But all of these may not happen because of what Cayetano did. He can bicker with anyone as much as he wants, but he should not sacrifice the welfare of this nation for the sake of his ambitions. Cayetano loves to quote the Bible every chance he gets, but it appears that the Bible he reads excludes all the verses that mention greed. I know for a fact that politicians want power. Running for office, after all, is inherently a quest to gain power. But power is sought not for power’s sake. Power is just a means to towards an end, and that end should be public welfare. Too bad for us earthlings, Cayetano may not share the same view of power. And even if he does, his notion of power is a warped, twisted version that serves his aspirations more than those of the Filipino people. And despite what he’s done, he has the gall to insult our intelligence by claiming that he has the nation’s best interests in mind. If there’s anything we can learn from Cayetano, that would be new and more creative ways to cringe. Alan Peter Cayetano’s latest stunt suggests that while Alan Peter Cayetano may still love this country, Alan Peter Cayetano happens to love Alan Peter Cayetano more. For comments and reactions, please email or visit»»

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DENR-7 urges public to report poachers, collectors of illegal wild plants

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Wild plants may be trending these days, but the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Central Visayas (DENR-7) is reminding the public that some of these plants are protected species. In a statement, DENR-7 urged the public to report individuals poaching or trading endemic and threatened wildlife plants during the […] The post DENR-7 urges public to report poachers, collectors of illegal wild plants appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Japan to California for record-chasing Tiger: golf talking points

Big names, wild weather and a steady slide feature in AFP Sport's golf talking points this week:.....»»

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Wild accusations

There was something supremely ironic about a bill filed by a US congresswoman seeking to suspend American security assistance to the Philippines until the Duterte administration institutes reforms in the military and police to end human rights abuses here......»»

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Hardcourt& rsquo;s Chinito heartthrob

When John Kenneth Zamora sidesteps from way beyond the arc and hits that lethal dagger three, the crowd goes wild. And the pandemonium doesn’t end there, the throng of young girls who wanted to take a photo op with him piles up in the athlete’s entrance. .....»»

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US legislators told: Be wise, not wild

An administration senator said Friday it would be wise for United States legislators to do their research first before they act on the new measure filed in the US  House of Representatives which seeks to stop American help to the Philippine military and police until reforms are made to address alleged human rights violations......»»

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US legislator: Suspend aid to PH; Wild idea& mdash;Roque

A lawmaker from Pennsylvania has introduced a bill in the US Congress seeking to suspend American security assistance to the Philippines until the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte institutes reforms in the military and police to end human rights abuses......»»

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Malacañang confident Trump won’t cut security aid over anti-terror law

"The chances of this proposed measure turning into law are very small. So let's just let it be. That is the personal opinion of Congresswoman Wild," Roque said in Filipino, referring to a US bill seeking to cut American funding to Philippine military and police until they makes certain reforms......»»

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Plant ito na lang : Filipinos urged to grow vegetables instead of buying wild plants

The ongoing community quarantine in the Philippines—one of the longest and strictest in the world—boosted the demand for house plants as Filipinos find ways to develop hobbies and de-stress while the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on......»»

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