Tiger widows shunned as bad luck in rural Bangladesh

Abandoned by her sons, shunned by her neighbors and branded a witch.  .....»»

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Year of widows

    IF you believe your wise old grannies and elderly aunts, the saying is that any year that ends in 9 is bound to be associ­ated with events sad or bad. Last year, crowned by an annular so­lar eclipse, was not one to end on a note of collectively gladsome memories. On a mountain […].....»»

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SONA 2019: Duterte insists on fishing deal, threat of war with China

MANILA, Philippines – As he promised, President Rodrigo Duterte dedicated a portion of his State of the Nation Address (SONA) to justifying his purported “fishing deal” with China, arguing that it is a way to avert war over the West Philippine Sea. “War leaves behind widows. War leaves ........»»

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Unfinished business- Philippines widows stand in elections for murdered politicians

At least six widows are taking up the political fight in this years midterm elections At least six widows of slain male politicians are standing in the Philippines midterm elections, extending a decad.....»»

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Widows take over in Philippines deadly polls - Asean

Widows take over in Philippines deadly polls - Asean+ The Star Online Manila: Gertrudes Batocabe never wanted to enter the Philippines' cutthroat politics, but after her husband was shot dead, al.....»»

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Silence, mourning since fatal crash turn to hope at Chapeco

MAURICIO SAVARESE, AP Sports Writer   CHAPECO, Brazil (AP) — Silence and mourning are slowly being replaced by boisterous fans and hope. As the Chapecoense club rebuilds after the air crash that killed 19 players and nearly all members of the staff and board of directors, so is the town of 200,000. Like many in Brazil, football is the oxygen for everything: gossip, community pride and heated debate. On Saturday, Chapecoense's 20,000-capacity Arena Conda will host the team's first match since the tragedy almost two months ago. Lines outside are filled with fans excited about the club's and the city's restart. Fifty coffins lined the same field in November, where this time Chape's reconstructed team will play Brazilian champion Palmeiras in a friendly match. 'I bet I won't be able to sleep Friday night,' 19-year-old fan Marcelo Ribeiro said as he walked to the stadium. 'Since the accident the city is dead. The festivities were mostly canceled at the end of the year, and all most people are thinking about is the rebirth. I want to see what the rebirth looks like.' At the Hotel Bertaso, where most of Chape's players and coaching staff have traditionally lodged, the first signs of that rebirth are obvious. The second floor, which was home to many of the victims, including coach Caio Junior, is once again full. 'I can't help feeling a lot of hope for the future now,' said receptionist Gelson Mangone, who lost several friends in that crash on an Andean mountain side near Medellin, Colombia, on Nov.28. 'It has been a lot of work to settle all these new signings here, they are also learning their way here,' the receptionist said. 'But it does feel like a brand new start.' New coach Vagner Mancini is one of the hotel's new residents. He said the job makes him 'a better human being, but it's the most challenging to face.' 'We have to build a team, a coaching staff and a club infrastructure in a season in which Chape will be in demand,' Mancini told The Associated Press. 'I understand now that the city was so affected because the club and the city are run like a family,' he added. 'The players we brought are cut from that cloth, but we have to reach a higher level now.' After the crash, Colombian club Atletico Nacional, which was to face Chape in the Copa Sudamericana final in Medellin, awarded the victory to the small Brazilian team. That means that Chape qualified for South America's No. 1 tournament for the first time, the competitive Copa Libertadores. The team will also try to defend its title in the Santa Catarina state championship, try to stay up in Brazil's top-flight competition, and play in a pile of fundraisers, including one against Barcelona. 'We have to assemble a competitive team at the same time we need to hire someone to handle passports, contracts,' Mancini said. 'The club used to handle this well, but like a family run business. Now we are at a different moment.' Chapecoense had almost nothing left after the crash: six players that did not travel on the ill-fated flight, two physiotherapists, one goalkeeping coach, one doctor, one data analyst, one nurse and a few club officials. New chairman and club co-founder Plinio David de Nes Filho, a wealthy local businessman known as Maninho, is leading the charge to bolster club finances. Former players like Nivaldo Constante, who played as a goalkeeper until the tragedy struck, are approaching players that can help. And Chapeco Mayor Luciano Buligon is working as a kind of ambassador for the club and the city. 'Our weekends were about three things: family, church and Chapecoense,' Buligon said. 'It has been hard to get the city back on track because the wounds are still very open. But we are slowly moving on. On Saturday we will start getting a part of our weekends back.' Not everyone is happy. Rosangela Loureiro, widow of crash victim Cleber Santana, said she is upset because his belongings still have not been returned to the family. 'I feel sadness and rage. No one is doing anything to bring their belongings back. I plead with them to soften our pain and make us get the memories that we will hold dear for the rest of our lives,' she said on Instagram last week. Other widows have complained about damages not yet being paid by the club. Chapecoense directors say they are doing the best they can as they try to rebuild. There are even complaints at the joyous Hotel Bertaso. 'These new players love to make a mess in their rooms,' said a cleaner, who declined to offer her name. 'The other ones were older, more mature and the new ones seem to be more infantile. I hope they are up for the task. The city really needs that now.' .....»»

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Cows for MILF

Government peace panel Implementing Panel Chairman Irene Santiago (third from right) and Moro Islamic Liberation Front Implementing Panel Chairman Mohagher Iqbal (center) with World Bank representative Matthew Stephens (right)  lead the distribution of cattle to widows of MILF combatants in Camp Abubakar, Barangay Tugaig in Barira, Maguindanao on Tuesday. It is part of the confidence-building measures for the six identified  MILF camps in the camp—and transform these camps into peaceful and productive communities under the annex of normalization supervised and coordinated by the Joint Task Forces on Camps Transformation of the GPH and the MILF. Omar Mangorsi.....»»

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THE WAR'S LOSSES | Watch: A drug suspect's demise, a cop's death, and their widows' despair

THE WAR'S LOSSES | Watch: A drug suspect's demise, a cop's death, and their widows' despair.....»»

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THE WAR'S LOSSES | Watch: A drug suspect's demise, a cop's death, and their widows' despair

THE WAR'S LOSSES | Watch: A drug suspect's demise, a cop's death, and their widows' despair.....»»

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Widows of slain soldiers included in 4Ps

President Duterte has mandated the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to facilitate the automatic membership of widows of slain soldiers to the government’s Pantawid progra.....»»

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P4.7B OK’d for AFP retirees, widows

In commemoration of National Heroes Day, President Duterte has ordered the release of P4.7 billion for the benefits of widows of fallen soldiers as well as aging retired soldiers......»»

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Heroes remembered; war vets, widows get P4.7 B

MANILA, Philippines - Not every Filipino is given a chance to die for his country......»»

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Duterte gives heroes and their dependents P4.7B in benefits

President Duterte paid tribute yesterday to modern-day heroes in celebration of National Heroes’ Day by ordering the release of P4.7 billion in benefits for the widows of fallen soldiers as well as those who have retired from the service......»»

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₱4.7B for AFP retirees, widows

₱4.7B for AFP retirees, widows.....»»

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Duterte releases P4.7B for AFP retirees, war vets' widows

Duterte releases P4.7B for AFP retirees, war vets' widows.....»»

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President Duterte releases PHP4.7-B TAD arrears for widows of WW veterans, AFP retirees

President Rodrigo Duterte announced Monday the release of PHP4.7 billion in unpaid total administrative disability (TAD) for widows of World War II veterans and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) retirees......»»

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Duterte: P4.7B to be released for soldiers' widows, AFP retirees

Duterte: P4.7B to be released for soldiers' widows, AFP retirees.....»»

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Duterte releases P4.7-B arrears for retirees, widows of WWII veterans

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday announced that a total of P4.7 billion will released as arrears for Armed Forces of the Philippines.....»»

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Duterte orders 1-stop shop for soldiers’ widows

Duterte orders 1-stop shop for soldiers’ widows.....»»

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Duterte orders 1-stop shop for soldiers' widows -

Duterte orders 1-stop shop for soldiers' widows -»»

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