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The following is a compilation of my Viber texts to colleagues in the past two days:.....»»

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Lockdowns, depressed global oil prices stain Petron s balance sheet red in first half

Petron Corp., the country's largest oil refiner, swung to a net loss in the first half after tough stay-home orders enforced at home and abroad to curb coronavirus infections sent world oil prices crashing amid anemic demand......»»

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What’s in style? Safe shopping.

Rustan’s goes all out with safety measures, including the latest in disinfection and sanitation. THANK YOU FOR SMOKING. Rustan’s utilizes Spanish technology Sanivir, which contains active ingredients proven to kill bacteria, molds, and coronavirus These extraordinary times have completely shifted the definition of so many ordinary words. Take, for example, “weekends.” What does a weekend even mean, when everyone is living their weekends day in, day out? People cooped up inside their homes, Netflix and chilling (or pacing, depending on current anxiety levels), wearing their Natori Fortuna Mandarin all day, as governments all over the world caution to shelter in place.  Or “homecooked.” Everything’s veritably homecooked now—whether it’s cooked in your home, by you, or cooked in somebody else’s home, by an upstart baker you support because she’s your niece, or by your favorite chef, who is left with no choice but to create his oeuvres from his home kitchen.  Or “luxury.” Let’s be honest. Luxury—its BC (before Covid) definition—contained overused keywords like glamour, opulence, indulgence, lavishness. But times, they’ve changed.  Fancy things now seem so unnecessary, so excessive, so out of touch, so…pointless—in a world that has hastily pivoted back to the basics. Sipping tea from a Royal Albert 1980 Roseblush cup doesn’t seem as luxurious as being able to score some actual, hard-to-acquire Gold Yen Zhen tea from TWG, even if you have to gulp it from those ubiquitous bamboo cups.  The pandemic has changed what luxury meant. Now, luxury is the feeling of being safely ensconced in our cocoons, safe from the virus, safe from the madding crowds. Safety is luxury. To be more accurate: Luxury is being safe, while experiencing as few inconveniences as possible. One Home, One HopeMarketers and entrepreneurs are now realizing, after putting in all necessary work to convince their clients to come back, that a sense of safety is beyond physical, it is psychological. It’s Plexiglass with perception, masks coupled with marketing.  Brands, to successfully ride out these challenging times, need to do more than just tick off government checklists—they need to bank on their legacies, their ethos, their abiding sense of connection to loyal clientele.  AT YOUR SERVICE. Rustan’s opened up a Sanivir desk to allow its customers to avail of its method In the travel industry, as it is in the retail industry, it’s about leveraging on your loyal clientele’s sense of home. “Home” is no longer just their place of residence, but their familiar zones. It’s about “feeling at home.” As people start to nervously and grudgingly go out, they will only want to stay and explore sacred spaces where they’ve “felt at home.” Luxury retailer Rustan’s understands this well. “Our goal for the past 70 years has always been to serve the community with great service and to provide a safe environment that feels like home,” Nedy Tantoco, chairman of Rustan Commercial Corporation, says. “In this new chapter, we are committed to the idea of ‘One Home, One Hope.’ As an establishment that has been a second home for many shoppers, we will stay dedicated in implementing thorough safety protocols to ensure that our employees and shoppers are protected and can visit us with ease of mind.” And this is why higher-end businesses like Rustan’s will flourish, despite the financial challenges Covid-19 brings. They have the space, and they obviously can very well afford to put stringent safety measures in place. Precise precautions are in their DNA. These are establishments that cater to the VVIPs, whose exacting standards they’ve always tried to meet.  And it’s not just loyal clients who will seek out these private spaces—the occasional and habitual shopper will gravitate toward businesses that offer them this hushed environment. Going inside cramped little boutiques have lost their novelty, and many will shirk away from places that tend to be crowd favorites.  At Rustan’s, shoppers have always counted on the intimacy of the shopping experience. Unobtrusive but alert sales personnel have always kept their distance as you scan the racks, and there’s always a sense of quiet order—a serene retail floor space, backed by an efficient team who anticipate your needs and who move with the fluidity of a well-directed orchestra.  This efficiency will be in full display when you visit the store again—that is if you still haven’t since it reopened in June.   Opened after three months of closure, the luxury retailer has implemented, in compliance with government regulations, security measures like foot baths, thermal scans, hand sanitation, and mandatory wearing of masks. You’ll also see staff repeatedly disinfecting touchpoints like escalator rails and elevator buttons, and alcohol dispensers are going to be ubiquitous.   RETAIL WONDER. Sanivir is perfect for retail spac-es as smoke is dry and won’t stick to clothing Managers, sales associates, security personnel, and cleaners are all wearing masks, face shields, and goggles. But it’s the little touches that will remind you how they’ve set the bar high—sanitation boxes are placed in fitting rooms for clothes that are not purchased, fitting rooms are sanitized after every use, and store personnel are required to steam the clothes before putting them back on display.  At the payment counter, all credit cards will be sanitized, and packages will be disinfected before being handed to the customer. At the store’s East Café, tables are separated with plastic shields, and so are the wash basins in the restrooms, which will each have a sanitary officer, whose only job is it to disinfect the toilet after every use.  And that’s just the stage. Backstage, it’s just as—if not more—exacting. Introducing Sanivir, the latest in disinfection technology “Even in our employees’ canteens we have placed plastic shields to protect each of our employees while they are having their lunch break,” Nedy says. The company has required all returning employees to be tested for Covid-19.  Rustan’s is also continually disinfected using Sanivir, a technology introduced in the Philippines by chemist Pinky Tobiano of KPP Powers Commodities, who is also CEO of Qualibet Testing Services. “Sanivir is a smoke disinfectant from Spain, which contains glutaraldehyde and orthopenyl phenol—two active ingredients have been tested that can kill bacteria, molds, and viruses that have been proven against coronavirus by laboratories in EU.” PINKY’S PROMISE. Pinky Pe Tobiano, the chemistwho brought the technology to the Philippines “It was great timing and serendipitous that we found the product right before the pandemic escalated to the level it is now,” Pinky tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “Sanivir was both an innovative and unique product that addresses the problem we currently have—it is easy to use, cost-friendly, effective, and safe.” It is a perfect disinfectant for a retail space—it only utilizes smoke, is dry, and won’t stick to clothing. “When Pinky introduced to me her disinfection program, I immediately asked her to do my father’s house and my own house,” Nedy shares. “I was so satisfied with the service that I asked her if she could open a service desk at Rustan’s to allow our customers the chance to avail of this disinfecting method. It’s so easy. Any housewife can do it. It allows us the ease of disinfecting without a fuss. It also works for our cars. The service desk has been open for two weeks at Rustan’s Ayala Avenue. And I am happy to say that it has met full acceptance with quite a number of Rustan’s customers.” Its ease of use is an advantage. “Just open the can, remove the plastic cover of the wick, set on a flat surface, light the wick, and leave for the next six to eight hours. The smoking process lasts for only one to two minutes, then disinfection takes place for the next six to eight hours,” Pinky says. “That’s good for 14 days.” And the cost? Surprisingly very minimal.  “One can of Sanivir of 25 grams is P1,750 and it’s good for 14 days for a room of 30 to 50 square meters,” Pinky says. “The cost per day is only a P125 investment. If you have five people in the room, the investment per person per day is only P25.”    But for those who are not in the mood to shop in-store, Rustan’s online service has amped up its service. Apart from its website, fortuitously launched a year ago, you can also tap the Personal Shoppers on Call Service, where sales associates respond to you on Viber, after which you can have your items delivered to you, or picked up by the curbside. Nedy shares, “And very soon, we will launch our Rustan’s Concierge Service, where customers can call a single number, and will be immediately assigned a personal shopper to attend to their needs.”  Now, many ways words and concepts are redefined in these troubled times—but having your own personal shopper, one who’ll do your shopping for you as you leisurely read the latest Kevin Kwan Sex and Vanity book in the comfort of your home?  We’re guessing that that’s a definition of luxury that won’t likely ever change—unprecedented crisis or not.  .....»»

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Questions and answers

I got this material from a Viber group; this stuff makes me laugh and it made me think......»»

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Viber eyes banking, e-commerce services in Philippines in 3 years

“A few years from now, people in the Philippines will be able to send money to each other on Viber or browse a catalog and buy some products on Viber and exchange with their banks," Djamel Agaoua said......»»

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Viber on wheels

Being a certified pack rat, I was rummaging through some boxes last week when I turned up a bunch of papers from 30 to 40 years ago......»»

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BI officers sacked for ’fictitiously’ encoding Wirecard COO’s entry to PH

MANILA, Philippines — Some Bureau of Immigration (BI) officers were removed from their posts as they were found to have “fictitiously” encoded that the former chief operating officer (COO) of German payments processing firm Wirecard AG entered the country on June 23, the Department of Justice (DOJ) said Saturday. In a Viber message to reporters, […] The post BI officers sacked for ’fictitiously’ encoding Wirecard COO’s entry to PH appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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& lsquo;A Thousand Cuts& rsquo; - a review

Actually, this is not my review. I got it from the Viber thread of friends of mine who spent almost one whole day debating the merit or demerit, depending on what side of the debate you are with, of  "A THOUSAND CUTS", a documentary by Fil-Am Director Ramona Diaz which was recently shown at the Sundance Film Festival......»»

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FB account ni Alfred Vargas na-hack

NA-HACK ang official Facebook account ng aktor at Quezon City Rep. Alfred Vargas. Ayon sa post ni Vargas sa Viber nawalan na ito ng access sa @AlfredVargasPH “Please note that all posts since 2:47 am of June 11 did NOT come from us and all posts hereafter are NOT from us. We are now in […] The post FB account ni Alfred Vargas na-hack appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Record-High Unemployment Rate Grossly Exaggerated: Diokno

The Philippines’ 17.7 percent record-high unemployment rate last April does not reflect the true picture of the economy and the jobs market due to the impact of the global pandemic, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Benjamin Diokno said. In a Viber message to reporters Saturday, Diokno said the unemployment rate in the fourth month […].....»»

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Inflation seen settling at 1.9-2.7% in May

The country’s headline inflation could have eased further to 1.9 percent or picked up to 2.7 percent this month on the back of higher oil and food prices, as well as lower electricity rates, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) projected on Friday. In a Viber message, BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno said the forecast range […].....»»

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Inflation estimated at 1.9-2.7% in May

PHILIPPINE headline inflation could have fallen further to 1.9 percent percent or jumped to 2.7 percent this month on the back of higher oil and food prices, as well as lower electricity rates, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Benjamin Diokno announced. In a Viber message on Friday, Diokno said the forecast range provided by […].....»»

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Apple iOS 13.5 lets users with face masks unlock iPhone faster

Apple’s iOS 13.5 has new features that aim to help people cope with the coronavirus pandemic. The updated operating system, released yesterday, May 20 as reported by VentureBeat, has an improved Face ID function for users wearing face masks and supports a coronavirus exposure notification system. If a user is wearing a face mask, a swipe […] The post Apple iOS 13.5 lets users with face masks unlock iPhone faster appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Reporter na unang naglabas ng larawan ng bday celeb ni Sinas tinanggal sa viber group ng NCRPO

TINANGGAL sa official Viber group ng National Capital Region Police Office ang reporter ng Rappler na unang nag-post ng birthday celebration ni Gen. Debold Sinas. Kinondena ni Bayan Muna Rep. Ferdinand Gaite ang hakbang na ito laban sa reporter na si Rambo Talabong. Siya ay inalis umano ng Public Information Office ng NCRPO na si […] The post Reporter na unang naglabas ng larawan ng bday celeb ni Sinas tinanggal sa viber group ng NCRPO appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Letran officially handed hosting duties for NCAA Season 96

The 95th Season of the NCAA is officially over as Arellano University has passed the hosting baton to Colegio de San Juan de Letran. The Intramuros-based school formally accepted hosting duties for Season 96 on Wednesday following the Policy Board’s discussion and decision through Viber. The hosting baton for #NCAASeason96 has been passed, officially, to Letran. Big ups to Arellano for a memorable #NCAASeason95! — Normie Riego (@riegogogo) May 13, 2020 “Letran graciously accepts the hosting duties of Season 96,” it said in a statement. The move was forwarded by previous host Arellano through Management Committee member Peter Cayco. According to Cayco, the recommendation, at present, is for Season 96 to start in 2021. Whenever the opening would be, the Season 96 host vows to go all-out - still with respect to the so-called “new normal,” of course. “Letran, celebrating her quadricentennial anniversaey this 2020, shall shepherd the NCAA to rise to the challenge of promoting youth empowerment and excellence through sports,” its statement read. —— Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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BSP hints pause on policy easing

The central bank might take a pause in its monetary policy easing, its chief hinted on Monday. In a message to reporters via Viber, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Benjamin Diokno said. “The more benign inflation provides the Monetary Board greater room for easing.” Specifically, he highlighted that lower inflation rates since January have […].....»»

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April inflation to hit 1.9-2.7%

The country’s headline inflation could have eased further to 1.9 percent or picked up slightly to 2.7 percent last month on account of lower oil prices, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) said on Thursday. “The progressive fall in inflation will continue,” BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno told reporters in a Viber message after the central […].....»»

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US oil bounces after crash but Asia stocks suffer big losses

US crude prices bounced back into positive territory Tuesday, a day after crashing below $0.00 for the first time owing to crippled demand and a storage glut, while the commodity rout sent Asian equities sharply lower......»»

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BSP shaves interest rates anew by 50 bps

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) kept its promise to support the country’s economy during this “once-in-a-lifetime” coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) crisis by announcing an off-cycle monetary policy easing on Thursday. In a Viber message, BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno told reporters that the central bank “cut [the] key policy rate by 50 bps (basis points).” […].....»»

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Govt allots over P1T for strategy against virus

The government will pour over a trillion pesos into a socioeconomic strategy to fight the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic. The package includes a P35-billion wage subsidy for the employees of small businesses. The four-pillar program is contained in a document Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez 3rd shared with reporters in a Viber message. In the […].....»»

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