Which is the best version of Trese ? Here s why watch it in Filipino, English, Japanese

Here is an honest review of what can be expected from experiencing it dubbed in different tongues. .....»»

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By popular demand: Voice talent Inka Magnaye dubs Trese

Have you seen Filipina voice actor Inka Magnaye dubbing Alexandra Trese?.....»»

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A glimpse into the underbelly of Filipino folklore

Netflix’s new anime series, Trese, is bringing new life to the supernatural genre. .....»»

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What is known about the third season of the Lupine series?

Last Friday, June 11th Netflix the first show lupine; Part 2It is the second installment of the episodes in which they closed the story arc.....»»

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Perfect but... : Voice actor reviews Liza Soberano s Trese Filipino dubbing

Some of the fans of the Netflix anime that debuted on Friday and has been the no.1 streamed show in the streaming platform since Sunday could not help but air their sentiments on who they feel fit the role of Alexandra Trese......»»

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Shay shares Pinoy culture with the world through Trese

In the English-language version of Trese, Shay Mitchell is in good company of Hollywood actors with Filipino heritage such as Dante Basco, Jon Jon Briones, Darren Criss, Manny Jacinto, Lou Diamond Phillips and Nicole Scherzinger. Being part of the Netflix anime series is Shay’s way of paying homage to her cultural roots......»»

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3 critically acclaimed series to watch on Netflix

Looking for your next favorite series? Don’t waste any more time and try one of these products that have not only been well received by.....»»

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Liza Soberano on doing Trese: I’ve learned to be braver

Liza Soberano stepped out of her “comfort zone” by lending her voice to Alexandra Trese, the heroine in the Netflix Original Anime series Trese......»»

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3 Books-Based Series To Watch On Netflix

Throughout the history of film and television, thousands of literary works have served as inspiration for various audiovisual productions. This is the case for the.....»»

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Trese director admits marketing strategy to vandalize billboards

"Brilliant, next level marketing!".....»»

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Liza Soberano lives out & lsquo;superhero& rsquo; dream in & lsquo;Trese& rsquo;

Young television and movie star Liza Soberano had to unlearn a few things when she lent her voice to Alexandra Trese, the modern-day babaylan in the upcoming Filipino anime series on Netflix entitled Trese. .....»»

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French star Omar Sy steals hearts in Lupin

Oui, Lupin is back! And French star Omar Sy couldn’t be any prouder to be reprising the lead role in Part 2 of the Netflix mystery thriller/ heist series following the global success of the first season......»»

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Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel, angry at Netflix

be a daughter Luis Miguel It’s no easy feat and brings with it an exhibition that is not always chosen, but sometimes touching. This is.....»»

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Trese fulfills Liza Soberano s superhero dreams after Darna

The actress had fun "dissecting" her character and creating Trese's backstory at the back of her head......»»

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Liza Soberano addresses critics of her Tagalog speaking for Trese

Liza Soberano is aware of those who were against of her Filipino dubbing of graphic novel character Alexandra Trese, but the actress said she did everything possible to prepare for it, including speaking Tagalog for straight two weeks......»»

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Parenthood is a great movie on Netflix

Netflix ‘Parenthood’ Trailer ‘Parenthood’ with Kevin Hart | Netflix Official Announcement When is Father’s Day? when i start June, It raises the same question: When.....»»

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Check fatigue, Netflix virus

Comedy, adventure, or documentary? Is the new German series in the top ten, or real crime Which friend recommended between reeds and talks? It may.....»»

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Netflix, The Passion for Macrosmo | Keep spinning Barba…

Mauricio Macri He surprised with a statement at his televised dinner with Juan Viale last Saturday, when he stated that he had stopped his activities.....»»

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Parenthood is an impressive Netflix movie

Netflix Trailer “Parenthood” ‘Parenthood’ with Kevin Hart | Official Trailer | Netflix When is Father’s Day? Every time it starts June, The same question comes.....»»

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Jung Soo-jung stars in her first Netflix Original film

Jung Soo-jung is getting the hang of the big-screen acting as she stars in her first-ever Netflix Original film......»»

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