Kamatayan ni Magsaysay

Alam niyo ba na noong Marso 17, 1957 pumanaw sa edad na 49 si President Ramon Magsaysay. Nasawi ang tinaguriang kampeon ng masang Pilipino, dahil sa pagbagsak ng presidential lane na ‘Mt. Pinatubo’ sa Mt. Manuggal, sa Cebu. The post Kamatayan ni Magsaysay first appeared on Abante......»»

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Mt. Pinatubo alert raised amid low-level unrest

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology on Thursday raised the status of Mt. Pinatubo in Zambales from alert level 0 – its highest level since January 1996 – to alert level 1......»»

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826 quakes recorded around Pinatubo

At least 826 “imperceptible” earthquakes have been recorded in the vicinity of Mt. Pinatubo in this city since Jan. 20 even as it remains in “quiscient condition,” according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology......»»

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Abueva, Sangalang reunite with troubled ‘Pinatubo Trio’ member

          By JONAS TERRADO       The “Pinatubo Trio” made their much-awaited reunion Sunday after Calvin Abueva and Ian Sangalang met with troubled former college teammate Ronald Pascual. Abueva and Sangalang posted on their social media accounts a group photo with Pascual, who is dealing with hard times in what […].....»»

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Lahar mula Mayon, Taal, Pinatubo raragasa

Bukod sa banta ng pagbaha at landslide, pinaghahanda din ng Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) ang mga residente na naninirahan sa 3 aktibong bulkan laban sa pagragasa ng lahar kasunud ng inaasahang pag-uulan na dala ng Bagyong Rolly. The post Lahar mula Mayon, Taal, Pinatubo raragasa first appeared on Abante......»»

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Typhoon Rolly may trigger lahar flows near Mayon, Pinatubo, Taal volcanoes — Phivolcs

State seismologists on Friday night warned that the heavy rainfall brought by Typhoon Rolly might cause three volcanoes in Luzon to generate volcanic sediment flows or lahars and muddy runoffs into nearby rivers and drainage areas......»»

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What spokespersons do

THE VIEW FROM RIZAL Dr. Jun Ynares An apparent “word war” recently erupted between the science community of the University of the Philippines (UP) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The tussle seems to have been triggered by what the DENR spokesperson described as a criticism from the UP scientists, particularly those who are part of the UP Marine Science Institute (UP MSI). The institute, according to its website, is UP’s “coordinating base for marine research.” Its mandate is to “pursue research, teaching and extension work” related to marine life in the large bodies of water in the country. The spokesperson of the DENR was visibly angry when he fired verbal shots against UP’s science community at a televised media conference last week. The DENR spokesperson labeled the UP scientists “bayaran” which roughly translates in English as “mercenaries” or “whore.” The televised rant was apparently triggered by what the spokesperson said was the criticism by UP scientists against the DENR’s “white sand” project for the Manila Bay shore. The project, it will be recalled, involved the use of so-called “dolomite” – the residue derived from crushing rocks and stones and which visually resembles white sand. Media described the DENR spokesperson’s action as “lashing out” against the UP experts, saying the latter have no right to air their criticism. He accused the scientists of having received some P500 million from the government and delivering nothing but consultation services. According to media, the DENR spokesperson called the UP scientists “blood-suckers.” In reporting the rant by the DENR spokesperson, media used the headline “DENR slams UP scientists.” This led to confusion among media consumers like us. Wasn’t it the DENR spokesperson who “slammed” UP scientists and not DENR per se? Why should the rant dished out by a spokesperson be attributed to the entire department? To explain the role of a spokesperson and the nature of that job, we turned to international training consultant and fellow Antipoleño Archie Inlong. Archie served as spokesperson for three major agencies – the erstwhile Department of Transportation and Communication, and the two Presidential Task Forces which rebuilt the areas affected by major disasters, the earthquake of 1990 and the subsequent eruptions of Mt. Pinatubo. “There are three important tasks that the spokesperson of a government agency performs,” he told us. “These are, first, to provide relevant information and instructions; second, to issue clarification when needed; and, third, to give assurances to the public on behalf of the organization he represents,” Archie explained. “Occasionally, the spokesperson also shares the point of view of the head of the agency, the latter’s prognosis, and position on certain issues,” he added. “There are items outside of what the spokesperson may safely say to the public, and these include rants, insults, accusations,” he continued. “When these come out of the spokesperson’s mouth,” the public interprets them as the official statement of the entire organization and its head,” he pointed out. This should explain why media now interprets the “mercenary/whore” label given by the DENR spokesperson to the scientists of UP as a “slam” coming from the DENR itself. “The spokesperson is a mouthpiece, that’s all,” Archie added. “We, spokespersons, must be good mouthpieces,” he said. Does that mean that a spokesperson is not entitled to express his own opinion, his own views, his own sentiment? This was his answer: “No, his job is to speak on behalf of the organization and its head, period.” “That disclaimer used by some spokespersons that the comment he or she made ‘is just my own opinion’ does not work,” Archie explained. “Outside of his role as the mouthpiece of the organization, the spokesperson has no personality and his words would carry no weight,” he added. So, does that mean we have to interpret the labels “mercenary” and “whore” given to UP scientists as having come from the DENR secretary himself, I asked. This was the answer I got. “Unless and until the head of agency disowns the statement, that would be the case.” Lesson learned: what the spokesperson says is the official stand of the organization and its head. That means the spokesperson job is something that must be taken seriously and must be handled with utmost prudence and care. Words have power. Particularly those that come from a spokesperson’s mouth......»»

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Four of coach Frankie s NCAA First 5 comes straight from San Beda

Frankie Lim has been calling the shots for University of Perpetual Help from 2018 to present. Before this, the fiery mentor was at the helm of San Beda University from 2007 to 2011. Through all of that, he has had a hand in the discovery and the development of young talent for his teams as well as the game planning for the opposing rising stars. Among all of those, who are the best of the best for him? Here is Frankie Lim's NCAA First 5, as he told ABS-CBN Sports: ROBERT BOLICK Coach Frankie was no longer in San Beda when Robert Bolick became "Big Shot Bolick." Where he was instead was at the other end, doing his best to push Perpetual into getting the better of the 6-foot-1 playmaker. In his three games going up against Bolick, Coach Frankie and his boys fell short - and that only made the latter all the more impressed with the former. GARVO LANETE Before Bolick was doing what he was doing, Lanete set the standard on what San Beda should get from its lead guard. A fearless gunner forever willing to put the Red Lions on his back, the 6-foot-2 scorer was right up there with the likes of Kiefer Ravena and Kevin Alas as the best backcourt players in college. Lanete had an edge over those two, though, as he was a key cog in four championships for the red and white. MIKE NZEUSSEU Nzeusseu is not the foreign student-athlete we're used to watching. Yes, he could back down on opponents, but he was at his best either facing up and forcing his quickness on defenders or finishing setups from the likes of CJ Perez and the Marcelino twins. Coach Frankie knows a thing or two about paint presences, but he is also a big fan of more well-rounded big men. SUDAN DANIEL Daniel had an unenviable task of following Sam Ekwe, you know, the Nigerian who won MVP and Rookie of the Year in the same season. Without a doubt, though, "Superman" lived up to his lofty billing, making sure San Beda remained the team-to-beat even in the face of San Sebastian College-Recoletos' Pinatubo Trio as well as Alas and Raymond Almazan-led Colegio de San Juan de Letran. In an MVP campaign in 2010, Daniel stood as the pillar for the Red Lions' 18-0 romp through the tournament and wound up with something not even Ekwe had - a season sweep. OLA ADEOGUN At the peak of his powers, Adeogun was, simply put, scary. An unbelievable hybrid of Ekwe's power and Daniel's agility, the Nigerian saw to it that there was no let up for San Beda even after they had moved on from their two foreign student-athletes who won MVP. Adeogun did not win the top individual player himself and yet, he won the hearts of the San Beda faithful thanks to the attitude he brought to the Red Lions. --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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Beast and Baby Beast together in Coach Topex s NCAA First 5

Topex Robinson has been calling the shots for Lyceum of the Philippines University from 2015 to present. Before this, the always amiable mentor was at the helm for San Sebastian College-Recoletos from 2011 to 2014. Through all of that, he has had a hand in the discovery and the development of young talent for his teams as well as the game planning for the opposing rising stars. Among all of those, who are the best of the best for him? Here is Topex Robinson's NCAA First 5, as he told ABS-CBN Sports: CJ PEREZ One phone call - one phone call was all it took for the tides to turn in favor of LPU. When Perez was looking to leave the nest of Ateneo de Manila University, he called one person and one person only - Coach Topex, who discovered and then developed him back in San Sebastian. The rest, as they say, is history as in the first year of their reunion, the 6-foot-2 guard was hailed as MVP all while the Pirates sailed to a historic Finals. CALVIN ABUEVA "The Beast" continued to be unleashed under the watchful eye of coach Topex. Already a force under then-coaches Ato Agustin and Turo Valenzona, Abueva stayed Abueva even as he did not replicate his MVP win in Season 87. And up until now, there is still no end-to-end force quite like one-third of the "Pinatubo Trio." IAN SANGALANG Another third of the "Pinatubo Trio," Sangalang had polished post moves from the moment he stepped into the collegiate ranks. He became an all-around player in his later years in San Sebastian, however, and much of that was thanks to the guidance of Coach Topex. The 6-foot-7 big man's MVP came in the season that went unfinished by Robinson, but there remains no doubt that the latter had a huge hand in the rise of the latter. ROBERT BOLICK LPU was woken up from its dream season in Season 93 by San Beda University - who else but dynastic San Beda University. In particular, it was Bolick who dashed their dreams, dropping seven of his 24 points in the last two minutes of Game 1 and delivering seven of his 22 markers in the last five minutes of Game 2. The only thing unfortunate about the Pirates' transformation into a powerhouse was that it just so coincided with the self-proclaimed bench player in De La Salle University's transformation into "Big Shot Bolick." RAYMOND ALMAZAN (Photo courtesy of Mark Cristino, ABS-CBN News) In the early 2010s, San Beda's challenger in the Finals was either San Sebastian or Colegio de San Juan de Letran. In the same time that Baste was the stage for the "Pinatubo Trio," Letran was home to tantalizing talents such as Kevin Alas, Rey Guevarra, and RJ Jazul. Among them, though, it was only the 6-foot-8 Almazan who stood out enough to be recognized as MVP - and his two-way impact throughout his collegiate career has most definitely not gone unnoticed by opposing coaches. --- Coach Topex did not go into detail as to why he went with these five players. In general, though, he said that these five are "for a fact, the best that the NCAA has produced in the last 10 years." Even better, Robinson said that all of Perez, Abueva, Sangalang, Bolick, and Almazan are, at present, keeping at proving his point as stars in the PBA. --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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Pinatubo eruption remembered

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Central Luzon is reminding everyone to help protect the environment as it commemorated the 29th year of Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption yesterday......»»

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DID YOU KNOW? Perez stayed in La Salle first before heading to Baste

CJ Perez was the Season MVP who led Lyceum of the Philippines University into making history. Before that, he was supposed to be Ateneo de Manila University's next great guard. Before that, he was San Sebastian College-Recoletos' shining star in the post-"Pinatubo Trio" era. But did you know that before that, he was in Taft Avenue for four months? "Nung 2011, nag-tryout ako sa Baste, pero umuwi rin ako (sa Bautista, Pangasinan)," he said in The Prospects Pod last Friday. "Tapos pinuntahan ako ng La Salle dun, sumama naman ako at doon ako tumagal talaga, mga four months." Yes, De La Salle University already had its hands on the 6-foot-2 do-it-all guard before every other collegiate team. And from the very start, he was already impressive. "Yung unang-unang dating ko rin sa La Salle, nandun din si CJ. Ako noon, high school pa lang, pero pina-try out na ng coach ko sa Ormoc kasi dapat daw, Ateneo o La Salle lang, yun yung standard," Robert Bolick - who was trying his luck with the Green Archers straight from Leyte at that time - recalled. He then continued, "Pagdating ko doon, sando ko Dickies, yung medyas abot-tuhod, doon ko unang nakita si CJ, magaling na talaga dati pa." Of course, the green and white had nothing but interest in Perez - so much so that it had him staying in its nearby lodging for student-athletes. "Ang tagal ko doon. Umabot na nga ng four months na mag-isa ako," he shared. He then continued, "Sabi ko, ang hirap naman mabuhay mag-isa, pero maganda naman din kasi nasa hotel ka sa tabi ng La Salle." Only, circumstances other than basketball had other plans. "Nung nag-entrance exam na, nagkaproblema dahil nakita nila yung papers ko galing Pangasinan, may problema nga," the future top overall pick in the 2019 PBA Draft recalled. "'Di talaga tinanggap ng La Salle so umuwi na rin ako. Pagkatapos, pumunta akong Baste tapos doon na ako talaga." And with that, not only were Perez and Bolick almost teammates in Ateneo, apparently, they were also almost teammates in La Salle. --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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Mga solon muling umapela sa ABS-CBN franchise

MULING iginiit ng ilang kongresista ang kahalagahan na muling mabigyan ng prangkisa ang ABS-CBN. Sinabi ni House Deputy Speaker Aurelio Gonzales II Jr., na nakita niya kung papaano tumulong ang ABS-CBN sa kanyang probinsya nang pumutok ang Mt. Pinatubo noong 1991. “On June 15, 1991, pumutok po ang Mt. Pinatubo. Malaki po ang epekto neto […] The post Mga solon muling umapela sa ABS-CBN franchise appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Last decade s NCAA MVPs all hail from outside Metro Manila

Through the years, the NCAA has been a fertile ground for promising prospects from all over the Philippines and even overseas. That has not been any truer than in the last decade which has seen all of the Grand Old League's MVPs coming from outside the country's capital. In University of Perpetual Help's Scottie Thompson and San Beda University's Calvin Oftana, the Grand Old League has witnessed a player born and bred in Mindanao and Visayas, respectively, hoist the top individual trophy. Thompson was discovered in Digos, Davao del Sur before being developed in Las Pinas while Oftana was recruited from Dumaguete, Negros Oriental before rising in Mendiola. And in Calvin Abueva and Ian Sangalang from San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Raymond Almazan of Colegio de San Juan de Letran, and CJ Perez from Lyceum of the Philippines University, talents from other parts of Luzon have also won MVP. Abueva and Sangalang are Kapampangans who alongside Ronald Pascual, once formed the Pinatubo Trio for the Golden Stags while Almazan and Perez grew in Orion, Bataan and Bautista, Pangasinan, respectively. Four MVP trophies have also gone to foreign student-athletes from two countries. American Red Lion Sudan Daniel was the last decade's first MVP while Mapua University has the timeframe's only back-to-back top individual player in Allwell Oraeme from Nigeria. Another Nigerian in Alta Prince Eze completes the last 10 top individual players in the NCAA. Breaking it down school-by-school, the trophy has been pretty much evenly distributed. All of San Beda, San Sebastian, Perpetual, and Mapua have had two MVP trophies apiece while Letran and LPU each have one. That means that 60 percent of the NCAA's member-schools have had the best player at one point in time in the last decade. Meanwhile, Jose Rizal University's last MVP was John Wilson in 2009 while College of St. Benilde last had the top individual player in Jay Sagad back in 2005. Arellano University and Emilio Aguinaldo College are yet to have an MVP. Here is the full list of NCAA MVPs in the last decade: 2010 - Sudan Daniel, C, San Beda 2011 - Calvin Abueva, F, San Sebastian 2012 - Ian Sangalang, C, San Sebastian 2013 - Raymond Almazan, C, Letran 2014 - Scottie Thompson, G, Perpetual 2015 - Allwell Oraeme, C, Mapua 2016 - Allwell Oraeme, C, Mapua 2017 - CJ Perez, G, LPU 2018 - Prince Eze, G, Perpetual 2019 - Calvin Oftana, F, San Beda --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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The Beast remains NCAA basketball s best moniker in 20 years

We have already gone through the most memorable monikers in the UAAP since 2000. Not to be outdone, of course, the NCAA has had its own nicknames to easily identify its shining stars. From Baser Amer to Rey Nambatac and from CJ Perez to Robert Bolick, the Grand Old League has been a grand old stage for tantalizing talents to make a name for themselves - and even more, make a nickname for themselves. Here, we have gathered the cream of the crop monikers for the NCAA in the last 20 years. First and foremost, there is not one nickname that had as much of an impact as this: THE ULTIMATE NCAA MONIKER Without a doubt, Calvin Abueva is a beast on the court. The now-Phoenix Fuel Master can make his presence felt anywhere and everywhere - and he has always done so even in his time in San Sebastian. Abueva was such a problem for defenses, even dynastic San Beda's, and that's exactly why it was just perfect to call him "The Beast." Also, did you know that "beast" is actually an anagram for Baste? How 'bout that, huh?! More than the perfect fit, though, Abueva's nickname has also had an impact quite like "Phenom" from the UAAP. After Abueva, San Sebastian just had to have more beasts in the form of "Baby Beast" CJ Perez and "Lady Beast" Grethcel Soltones. MONIKERS THAT FOLLOWED SUIT Perez's nickname isn't original - as already said, it came from Abueva's "The Beast." Still, "Baby Beast" is a perfect fit for the top overall pick in the 2018 PBA Draft - a player who can make his presence felt anywhere and everywhere. He just does it all while standing two inches shorter and packing 20 lbs. lighter than "The Beast." MONIKERS ABOUT DEFINING MOMENTS Once upon a time, Robert Bolick was a bench player in La Salle. Not getting his shot in his time as a Green Archer is his origin story - as he loves to tell. Fast forward to his donning the red and white for San Beda and Bolick got his shot. 2??3??PTS 0?? 6??ASTS 0??4??REBS Big Shot Bolick made sure San Beda punched a ticket to the #NCAASeason94 Finals! — ABS-CBN Sports (@abscbnsports) October 26, 2018 Once he did, not only did he deliver, he delivered big-time - hitting the biggest shots in the biggest moments in the biggest games. BIG. SHOT. BOLICK. #NCAASeason94 #GalingNCAA — ABS-CBN Sports (@abscbnsports) August 10, 2018 That is why he was "Big Shot Bolick." MONIKERS THAT GO TOGETHER Abueva already has the ultimate NCAA moniker - and still, he also has the best name for a group. "Pinatubo Trio" was an ominous moniker that denoted doom and gloom for San Sebastian's opponents. And it wasn't just scare tactics either. Abueva, Ronald Pascual, and Ian Sangalang are all Kapampangan and therefore, hail from Mt. Pinatubo, indeed. It was always just a matter of time before any of them - or worse for the rest of the NCAA, all of them - erupted. A close second was San Beda's "Bandana Bros" in James Canlas and Evan Nelle. With Robert Bolick and Javee Mocon gone, the spotlight, all of a sudden, shone on two guards who were just entering the second seasons. Still, Canlas and Nelle did nothing but take the challenge head-on - and the black bandanas on their foreheads game in and game out symbolized that the Red Lions' future was now. Unfortunately, "Bandana Bros" is no more, but we will always have that "new drip." MONIKERS THAT PLAYED ON GIVEN NAMES When an opportunity presents itself, you just have to take it. That's what happened with the names of these guys: Bright Akhuetie became "Mr. Brightside" Baser Amer became "The Hammer" Sudan Daniel became "Superman" Sam Ekwe became "The Equalizer" Rey Nambatac became "Stingrey" And Scottie Thompson became "The Pearl" (his full name is Earl Scottie Thompson) MONIKERS THAT ARE JUST… COOL Nothing much to explain here other than the fact that RJ Jazul, now of Phoenix, had one of the most unique nicknames in all of sports. "So Cool" encapsulated what he was as a lead guard for Letran - and it just so happened that it rhymed so well with his last name. All in all, "So Cool" RJ Jazul is just, well, so cool. HONORABLE MENTIONS Of course, how could we forget how both Mark Cruz and Borgie Hermida played way bigger than their actual heights. "Ant-man" Cruz came through time and time again for Letran while Hermida transformed into "The Mighty Kid" to take charge for San Beda. There's also "Master Chief" for Kent Salado to definitely describe how he led Arellano into remaining a tough out even after the departure of Jiovani Jalalon - much like how Halo's supersoldier stood strong in the face of The Covenant. --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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A bright star resort

When Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991, the toxic ash travelled far and wide, reaching Barangay Tala in Orani, Bataan, a short bird’s flight away......»»

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COA allows DOST to write off P23-M loan to Pinatubo victims

MANILA, Philippines – The Commission on Audit (COA) has allowed the Department of Science and Technology's Central Luzon office to write off P23.85 million in uncollected loans to victims of the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption. COA, in its decision dated January 10, said that based on the validation of the loan program conducted by ........»»

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LIVE: Senate hearing on proposed Taal Commission

MANILA, Philippines – Nearly 3 weeks after Taal Volcano  started erupting, the Senate is now tackling the proposed creation of a Taal Commission. The proposed commission is modeled after the '90s-era Pinatubo Commission, which oversaw reconstruction and rehabilitation after Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991 . Watch the hearing live on Rappler on ........»»

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From times past to times present, calamity stories never change

Some stories never change. For example, the stories of June 16, 1991 and the stories of Jan. 12, 2020. The second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century, the Mount Pinatubo eruption, was on Jan. 15, 1991. In terms of the volume of volcanic mineral and toxic metals unleashed, it was the century’s largest. No volcanic eruption has sent that massive volume […].....»»

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WALA pang nakaaalam kung kailan huhupa ang sumasabog na bulkang Taal sa Batangas. Habang tinitipa natin ito, mga Bro, mismong ang Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology ay naghihintay pa ng maaaring mas malalang kondisyon ng bulkan. Ang Big Bang na katulad ng nangyari sa bulkang Pinatubo noong 1991 ay wala pa umano. Kapag may […] The post MAGTULUNGAN, HUWAG MAGSAMANTALA appeared first on REMATE ONLINE......»»

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My Mindanao, My People

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 02 November) — It pains me when Filipinos from Manila gloat and declare “retribution” has come to Mindanao. It is so unChristian, nay, so unFilipino, to take unusual glee in seeing the suffering of others, simply because they are from Mindanao. When Mt Pinatubo erupted, Mindanawons did not celebrate. Instead, schools […].....»»

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