When it comes to back pain, there s always rheum for knowledge

Hip and back pain plagued Clark Ferrer for most of his adult life. Painful sensations would start to manifest in his hip all the way to his back after doing simple household chores or playing basketball with friends......»»

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Love and the law

This is another case of alleged psychological incapacity of a spouse under Article 36 of the Family Code that renders the marriage void from the beginning, if the incapacity is (1) serious such that the party would be incapable of carrying out the ordinary duties required in a marriage, (2) rooted in the history of the party antedating the marriage although it becomes manifest only after the marriage and (3) incurable, or even if it were otherwise, the cure would be beyond the means of the party involved......»»

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Copycat? PNP to plant civilians in community pantry-like Barangayanihan

"These netizens can be planted beneficiary civilians so as to manifest community appreciations." .....»»

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Effects of ECQ may take 2 weeks to manifest

The effect of the enhanced community quarantine on COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila and surrounding provinces may take up to two weeks to manifest, an adviser of the National Task Force against COVID-19 said yesterday......»»

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Banks soured loans seen to peak only in Q2 next year

“We recognize that assessment of impact may still manifest in Q1 and Q2 next year because of mandatory grace period until the end of 2020,” BSP Deputy Governor Chuchi Fonacier said......»»

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Manila judge faces raps for parting Baby River from political prisoner ma

Human rights lawyers representing Reina Mae Nasino said the Manila judge exhibited manifest bias and partiality against the political prisoner and her co-accused. The post Manila judge faces raps for parting Baby River from political prisoner ma appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Calida tells Leonen to inhibit self from Marcos poll protest

The Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) on Monday called on the Supreme Court to compel Associate Justice Marivic Leonen to inhibit himself from any involvement in former Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.'s electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo, citing the magistrate’s “evident bias and manifest partiality.”.....»»

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Ambition encounters illicit affair in & lsquo;High-Rise Lovers& rsquo;

In the world of television, people are drawn to forbidden relationships, specifically to the drama and the kind of “love” people manifest in this context. We always wait for the twists and turns, for how long the affair would last, and who would discover the affair, and in what kind of situation it would be uncovered. And ultimately, we wait for the confrontation scene that makes forbidden love drama memorable......»»

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Manifest It: New York Knicks Filipino therapist s dreams are bigger than basketball

Six years since reaching the Filipino’s ultimate American Sports dream, Erwin Benedict Valencia is still waiting for a fellow homegrown Filipino to crack the NBA. .....»»

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COVID-19 can manifest as a headache

TV host and model Bianca Gonzalez, who was diagnosed with migraine when she was three years old, shared that bright lights and loud sounds are triggers for her. ‘My worst migraine attacks lasted for three days.’.....»»

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