Pinoy Pride: First look at Trese anime adaptation coming soon on Netflix

The anime series will premiere in 2021......»»

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Acer boosts gaming experience with new monitors, In-Game Live AI translator

During the recent Next@Acer Global Press Conference, Acer unveils new additions to its award-winning gaming monitor portfoilio. The new Predator and Acer Nitro monitors sport a TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe certification—a first of its kind. These monitors are also designed to selectively filter out blue light while still maintaining crisp and vivid colors......»»

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Acer welcomes new models to its award-winning gaming monitor portfolio

Acer continues to broaden its roster of award-winning gaming monitors with a new assortment of powerful models suited to a wide range of gamers—from elite professionals requiring top-of-the-line technology to casual players more concerned with enjoying themselves. Designed to selectively filter out blue light while still maintaining crisp and vivid colors, Acer is the first […] The post Acer welcomes new models to its award-winning gaming monitor portfolio appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Anime without subtitles? Well, Thirdy you’re in the Land of Rising Sun

    By CARLO ANOLIN Thirdy Ravena traveled to Japan last week in the hopes of helping the San-En NeoPhoenix rise from mediocrity in the B.League there. The former Ateneo star has already missed the first six games of the Neophoenix and will continue to do so as the lackluster team remained winless without an […].....»»

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Piling SM Cinemas, bukas na!

Simula noong ika-14 ng October ay muling nagbukas ang piling SM Cinemas sa ilalim ng pinaigting na safety at health measures. Ilan lang ang Break The Silence: The Movie, ang latest movie ng global K-Pop superstars BTS, ang Digimon anime film mula sa Japan, Train to Busan Peninsula at My Spy ang ipalalabas. Ang branches […] The post Piling SM Cinemas, bukas na! appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Godzilla Returns: Netflix Announces 2021 New Anime Series Godzilla Singular Point

Netflix announces an all new original anime series Godzilla Singular Point featuring a brand new cast and original story. The new series is set to premiere globally on Netflix in 2021. Singular Point, from director Atsushi Takahashi (Doraemon the Movie 2017: Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi), will follow the success of Godzilla anime […].....»»

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From anime to Beyoncé: Janine Berdin s transformation gets mixed reactions

Kapamilya singer Janine Berdin surprised her fans with her new look as her photos became viral in different social media sites today......»»

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Coppermask launches Ninja Ion personal air purifier

Negative Ions, also known as “Vitamins of the air” that reportedly increases physiological health, productivity, and over-all-well-being, is making waves in the health and wellness market. Most air conditioners and air purifier brands not only include an anti-microbial filter but also equip their units with a so-called “negative ion generator”. And what exactly the Negative […] The post Coppermask launches Ninja Ion personal air purifier appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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A hole new world: Japan city lights up humble sewer covers

The humble manhole cover might not seem like much of a blank canvas, but one Japanese city is reimagining the possibilities with illuminated versions featuring anime characters......»»

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Boyfriends naging sagabal sa travel goals ni Janice de Belen

Sa Midnight Snack online tsikahan nina Janice de Belen at ng celebrity photographer na si Raymund Isaac ay mapangahas ang naging tanong ng netizen kay Janice na ini-relay ng photographer. Ani Raymund, “Nahiya ako pero sabi mo, no filter ’to, ha?” na sinagot naman ng aktres ng, “No filter.” Tanong ni Raymund, “Do you have a secret sex […] The post Boyfriends naging sagabal sa travel goals ni Janice de Belen appeared first on Pinoy Parazzi......»»

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Volleyball manga 'Haikyuu' ends after eight years and 402 chapters

One of the most popular sports manga ever has ended Haikyuu, the volleyball manga by Haruichi Furudate, released its final chapter today, closing a story that lasted 402 chapters and 45 volumes spread across eight and a half years. Chapter 402 provided a meaningful end to Haikyuu's colorful cast of characters, led by rivals and teammates Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama Tobio. First serialized in 2012, Haikyuu follows the story of Hinata Shoyo, who aspires to be a volleyball star despite his short stature. Majority of Haikyuu follows Hinata and his adventures with the Karasuno High School volleyball team. Last year, Haikyuu announced its "final arc" which many predicted would end right around the Tokyo Olympics, which were originally set to open July 24. True enough, the release of Haikyuu's final chapter would have coincided around the Tokyo Games' original start date. While the manga has ended, Haikyuu's anime adaptation is currently on its fourth season, which are based on the events from manga chapter 190 onwards. The second cour of season 4 is set to premier October 20. The hashtag #ThankYouHaikyuu has been trending online as a celebration for the manga's end.   — Follow this writer on Twitter, @paullintag8.....»»

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Japan Sinks 2020 character has Cebuana roots

  CEBU CITY, Philippines— Cebu represent! Dystopian Anime Show “Japan Sinks: 2020” is taking its Pinoy fans by storm, when one of its characters revealed that she came from Cebu, Philippines. Mari Mutoh, the mother of the show’s protagonist Ayumu, revealed in the fourth episode of the show that she had Cebuano roots before moving […] The post Japan Sinks 2020 character has Cebuana roots appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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New FaceApp: No malicious elements, but users must be careful

The FaceApp application has started to circulate again on social networks after the free launch of the "gender swap" filter. The new craze has generated the hashtag "faceappchallenge" and received hundreds of thousands of shares on Facebook and Instagram. As a result, concerns about the security of the facial recognition application and the risks of sharing this information for privacy reasons have also been raised......»»

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Virus-proofing sports facilities presents a big challenge

By DAVE CAMPBELL AP Sports Writer MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The jersey-wearing camaraderie. The scent of sizzling sausages. The buzz before a big game. The distinctive atmosphere of live sports, that feeling in the air, will return in time as pandemic restrictions are eased. But will that very air be safe in a closed arena with other fans in attendance? The billions of dollars spent on state-of-the-art sports facilities over the last quarter-century have made high-efficiency air filtration systems more common, thanks in part to the pursuit of green and healthy building certifications. Upgrades will likely increase in the post-coronavirus era, too. The problem is that even the cleanest of air can’t keep this particular virus from spreading; if someone coughs or sneezes, those droplets are in the air. That means outdoor ballparks have high contaminant potential, too. “Most of the real risk is going to be short-distance transmission, people sitting within two, three or four seats of each other,” said Ryan Demmer, an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health. “It’s not really about the virus spreading up, getting into the ventilation system and then getting blown out to the entire stadium because this virus doesn’t seem to transmit that way. It doesn’t aerosolize that well.” The three hours spent in proximity to thousands of others is part of the fan experience. It's also why major sports leagues have been discussing plans to reopen in empty venues, for now. High-touch areas with the potential to spread the virus — called fomite transmission — are plentiful at the ballgame, of course. Door handles. Stair rails. Restroom fixtures. Concession stands. Hand washing by now has become a societal norm, but disinfectant arsenals need to be brought up to speed, too. “I can’t really find good hand sanitizer easily in stores. So think about trying to scale that up, so everybody who comes into U.S. Bank Stadium gets a little bottle of Purel. Things like that can be modestly helpful,” Demmer said. There is much work to be done. Vigilant sanitizing of the frequent-touch surfaces will be a must. Ramped-up rapid testing capability during pre-entry screening could become common for fans. Minimizing concourse and entry bottlenecks, and maintaining space between non-familial attendees, could be mandatory. Mask-wearing requirements? Maybe. Most experts, including those at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, believe the primary mode of transmission for COVID-19 is close person-to-person contact through breathing, coughing or sneezing but there's no consensus on some of the details. “There’s still widespread disagreement between experts on which mode of transmission dominates for influenza. So the likelihood of us figuring this out soon for this virus is low,” said Joe Allen, director of the Healthy Buildings Program and an assistant professor at Harvard’s School of Public Health. “We may never figure it out, but I also think it’s irrelevant because it’s a pandemic and we should be guarding against all of them.” Including, of course, the air. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers designed the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) scale to measure a filtration system's effectiveness (from 1-16) at capturing microscopic airborne particles that can make people sick. Not just viruses, but dust, pollen, mold and bacteria. Most experts recommend a MERV rating of 13 or higher, the minimum standard for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. An emerging technology in this area is called bipolar ionization. Connecticut-based AtmosAir has a bipolar ionization air treatment system in about 40 sports venues. Staples Center in Los Angeles was one of the first major sports customers. TD Garden in Boston and Bridgestone Arena in Nashville are among the others who’ve signed on. The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority approved last year a 10-year contract for a little more than $1 million with AtmosAir to install its system in U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Vikings and the first indoor NFL stadium to use it. The building, which measures 1.8 million square feet, has 53 air handling units with AtmosAir tubes installed, including 30 in the seating bowl. The ions act like fresh air, reducing the amount of outside air needed to be introduced for the cleansing process. The protein spikes in the coronavirus particles make them easier to catch and kill, said Philip Tierno, a New York University School of Medicine professor of microbiology and pathology. Said AtmosAir founder and CEO Steve Levine: “We’re never going to create a mountaintop, but we’re going to put in maybe three to four times the ions over the ambient air and then let those ions attack different pollutants in the air. The ions grab onto particles and spores and make them bigger and heavier, so they’re much easier to filter out of the air." The next time fans do pass through the turnstiles, in a few weeks or a few months, in most cases they will probably encounter an unprecedented level of cleanliness. “There will be some controls that are visible, extra cleaning and disinfection, but some of it will be invisible, like for what’s happening in the air handling system,” said Allen, the Harvard professor. “The consumers will decide when they feel comfortable going back, and that’s going to depend on what strategies are put in place in these venues and stadiums and arenas and, most importantly, how well these organizations communicate that to the paying public.”.....»»

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People On TikTok Are Cleaning Their Dirty Dishwasher Filters

A PSA about changing your dishwasher filter is circling the app......»»

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Online child sexual exploitation in the Philippines nearly tripled during quarantine — DOJ

"We are confident that ISPs will voluntarily comply with the law requiring them to install technology that will block or filter out materials that exploit children," Justice Undersecretary Markk Perete told reporters in a statement. .....»»

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Pinoy comic series na Trese, magkakaroon ng anime adaptation: Netflix anime director

Manila, Philippines – Inanunsyo ng executive director for anime ng Netflix na si Taito Okiura na magkakaroon ng adaptation para sa Pinoy graphic novel series nila Budjette Tan at Kajo Baldissimo na “Trese”. Ayon sa Netflix, ang “Trese” ay naganap sa Maynila kung saan nagtatago sa mga tao ang mythical creatures ng Philippine folklore. Ito […] The post Pinoy comic series na Trese, magkakaroon ng anime adaptation: Netflix anime director appeared first on REMATE ONLINE......»»

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Voice actor Keiji Fujiwara dies of cancer

MANILA, Philippines – Japanese actor Keiji Fujiwara died on April 12 at age 55, after a battle with cancer. His agency, AIR Agency, confirmed his death in an April 16 statement on their website. Fujiwara’s voice is familiar to many anime fans, who are currently mourning his passing. He was best known ........»»

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Reliving anime shows of our childhood

Most of us probably watched an anime or two in our lives as it is aired on national TV and are now made available online and on streaming platforms like Netflix and Crunchyroll. While we can just search and watch the latest anime online, one just can’t help but reminisce about the days when we […] The post Reliving anime shows of our childhood appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Maxed out about COVID-19

“One must exercise one’s power of discernment to subject news reports to the process of filter, separating the grain from the chaff. The post Maxed out about COVID-19 appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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