UNESCO says Ampatuan case “unresolved” as families still pursue justice

A United Nations body made changes in their position on the Ampatuan massacred case from “resolved” to “ongoing/unresolved” following appeals of the family of the media victims and media organizations......»»

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Update on the Appeal to UNESCO regarding classification of Ampatuan massacre case as resolved

Greetings from the Philippines! We hope this letter finds you safe and well during such difficult times. We – the families of the journalists killed in the Ampatuan massacre, as well as media groups, civil society organizations, and concerned citizens who have stood with them in their continuing search for justice – wish to express our distress and disappointment as news reports, including from government media, have called attention to UNESCO’s classification of the entire case as “resolved” and citing this as an accomplishment of the Duterte administration and its efforts to protect journalists......»»

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Progressive groups stage protest actions in different areas in Davao City on the 48th anniversary of Marcos' Martial Law, criticizing Duterte's Anti-Terror Law as a draconian measure. (Kath M. Cortez/»»

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Haran, displaced Manobos slam NTF-ELCAC for trumped-up charges

The displaced Manobo Lumad from Talaingod and Kapalong and the UCCP Haran are once again charged with trafficking persons and child abuse, charges they say is orchestrated by the lies of the government’s anti-insurgency task force......»»

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Four new Covid-19 test facilities underway in Davao Region

The Department of Health Davao Region encourages provincial government units to set up Covid-19 testing facilities as Davao de Oro province began construction of their own facility......»»

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Bike safety advocates surprised by online criticism from environmentalist

As the pandemic draws people to advocate for bicycle use and safety, advocates here in Davao City encountered an unlikely critic to this cause......»»

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‘Counter-narrative’: book on Lumad school’s agri education counters red-tagging

A community college in Davao de Oro that was closed by the Department of Education will be releasing a book on its unique experience of agro-ecology in their curriculum......»»

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Duterte’s pardon of US Marine who murdered transgender fuels outrage

President Rodrigo Duterte's absolute pardon to American Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton, convicted of killing transgender Jennifer Laude in 2015, drew strong condemnation from Filipinos, calling it a "subservience" to the US government......»»

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QR Code sought for contact tracing in Davao City

The Davao City Government is eyeing the use of Quick Response (QR) Code to improve contact tracing and health-related information in the Covid-19 pandemic......»»

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Cabantan ordained new archbishop of Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro

Archbishop Jose Cabantan is the fifth archbishop of the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro after his installation on August 28 held at the Saint Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral......»»

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Health measures set for Roxas Night Market re-opening on September 12

The City Government of Davao has set the re-opening of the Roxas Night Market this September 12 with “new normal” operations and guidelines for stall owners and customers......»»

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22 Davao City Hall employees had Covid-19, says Mayor

22 employees of Davao City Hall were found to have been infected with coronavirus (Covid-19), but details were not divulged how and where they got infected......»»

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Jolo bombings need investigation, not Martial Law

Martial Law would have been imposed in the entire province of Sulu after the “twin bombings” that happened on August 24. But due to the clamor of the people, the local government, civil society and human rights groups, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and even legislators, Philippine Army Chief Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana withdrew his recommendation for it. Fifteen people were killed in the bombings including soldiers, policemen and civilians, with 75 others injured. Even President Rodrigo Duterte avoided mentioning aobut Martial Law during his visit in Jolo on August 30......»»

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TV Patrol, Maayong Buntag Mindanao ends with memories and thank-yous

n Friday, August 28, ABS-CBN Davao aired its final episodes online of its local programs, the morning show Maayong Buntag Mindanao (MBM) and TV Patrol Southern Mindanao. Its local radio station MOR and DXAB also bid farewell......»»

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Zara’s burial sparks call for probe into state accountability in activists’ murders

As slain human rights worker Zara Alvarez was buried in her home town in Cadiz to an emotional mass, calls are raised for an independent probe to see if State forces are complicit in her murder......»»

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Lawmakers, Moro rights advocate reject Martial Law proposal in Sulu

Lawmakers and a Moro human rights advocate reject calls from defense officials to declare Martial Law in Sulu following the wake of the twin blasts that killed 14 in Jolo......»»

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Zara Alvarez, human rights worker, mother

Here I am, writing another piece about a mother. Here I am, writing about the murder of a female human rights activist who was repeatedly threatened and harassed. Here we are mourning the death of another selfless woman who, despite being unjustly incarcerated for almost two years, chose to continue seeking justice for others......»»

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Randall Echanis tortured before murdered, autopsy reveals

There are signs of torture and use of multiple weapons in the murder of peasant advocate Randall Echanis, an autopsy report revealed......»»

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The pandemic is a portal we create

While it is only logical to say that complete educational overhaul can only happen upon the realization of socio-economic reforms, it is equally logical to seize this chance to work on its initiation......»»

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Health activist’s murder in Bacolod condemned

Another activist was shot dead in Bacolod on Monday night, raising alarm from groups that the “killing spree” against defenders continue despite the pandemic......»»

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