World Roundup: & bull; New Zealand virus-free & bull; North Korea doles out aid

New Zealand marked 100 days on Sunday with no recorded cases of the coronavirus in the community but health officials warned there was no room for complacency......»»

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World Roundup: & bull; HK closes all schools in wake of sharp rise in virus infections

Hong Kong will close all schools after the territory reported a spike in locally transmitted coronavirus infections, the city’s education minister said Friday......»»

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World Roundup: & bull; US exits WHO; critics outraged & bull; WHO sees proof virus is airborne

Washington—US President Donald Trump on Tuesday formally started the withdrawal of the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO), making good on threats to deprive the United Nations body of its top funding source over its response to the coronavirus......»»

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World Roundup: & bull; Australia eases virus restrictions & bull; Tourism bubbles in Thailand up

Crowds of up 10,000 people will be allowed into Australian sports stadiums from next month, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Friday, as COVID-19 restrictions are further relaxed......»»

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World Roundup: & bull; COVID death toll exceeds 3M & bull; 2nd blood clot case in Canada

The global COVID-19 death toll passed 3 million over the weekend as the pandemic sped up despite vaccination campaigns, leading countries such as India to impose new lockdowns to fight spiraling infection numbers......»»

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World Roundup: & bull; 6 EU states stop AstraZeneca use & bull; UK strain 64% deadlier& mdash;study

Health authorities from Denmark and Norway said Thursday they were temporarily suspending the use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine after some patients developed blood clots since receiving the jab......»»

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World Roundup: US vouches for one-dose shot & bull; UK prince blasts & rsquo;infodemic& rsquo;

A US panel has recommended Johnson & Johnson's one-dose COVID-19 shot for emergency approval, as some of the world's most powerful countries issued a unified call for better vaccine access for poorer nations......»»

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World Roundup: & bull; Japan situation: Maximum alert & bull; Russia: 2M cases

Japan is on “maximum alert” after logging a record number of daily coronavirus infections, its prime minister said Thursday, though no immediate restrictions are planned......»»

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World Roundup: & bull; 10M Chinese tested amid new outbreak & bull; HK-SG bubble up

Almost 10 million people in the Chinese city of Qingdao have now been screened for the coronavirus, officials said Thursday, as authorities rushed to quash an outbreak through an ambitious program of mass testing......»»

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Local Roundup: & bull; Virus cases inch closer to 300k & bull; Protocol breach

The number of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases in the Philippines surged to 296,755 on Thursday after the Department of Health (DOH) announced 2,180 new infections, marking the third consecutive day in which less than 3,000 new cases were reported......»»

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World Roundup: & bull; & lsquo;Haves& rsquo; corner vaccine stocks & bull; Alarming rates

Rich nations representing a fraction of the global population have already bought up over half the promised COVID-19 vaccine stocks, a study showed, as US President Donald Trump pledged to begin inoculating Americans within weeks......»»

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World Roundup: & bull; Aussie PM: Immunize 25M people

Australia’s leader called for coronavirus immunizations to be mandatory, wading into ethical and safety debates raging around the world as the race to develop a vaccine gathers pace......»»

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World Roundup: & bull; Melbourne sets six-week curfew & bull; Vaccine race

Australia's second-largest city imposed an overnight curfew on Sunday to halt the spread of coronavirus cases, as South Africa's infection count topped more than half a million......»»

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DoTA 2 star N0tail sees eSports thriving in new normal

With physical distancing being enforced and mass gatherings being prohibited during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most, if not all major sports have taken big blows.  While most professional sports are slowly getting back on their feet, it might take a while - if ever - for the live sports experience to return to normal.  For eSports, an industry that really doesn’t require physical interaction or mass gatherings, surviving and thriving in the new normal should not be an issue, and DoTA star Johan “N0tail” Sundstien is confident that will be the case.  Speaking to a handful of Filipino media before his 1 on 1 DoTA 2 battle with Filipino gamer Zedrik “Jeff” Dizon, N0tail spoke about how the eSports industry can survive, how it has grown since he began playing, and what Jeff’s 2020 Red Bull r1v1r Runes Championship can do for the Filipino eSports scene.  For the 26-year old native of Denmark, eSports should have little to no problems getting back on track after the COVID-19 pandemic.  “Yeah, I think eSports is in way better shape than other physical sports, for sure. Physical sports, sports in general, have probably made more of a business and they’ve been used to offline events and monetizing fans coming into stadiums, so obviously they’re having a much harder time than we would be,” N0tail explained.  Prior to eSports exploding and becoming a live attraction, tournaments were done mainly online, and N0tail believes that this is one of the industry’s advantages especially in the ’new normal’.  “We come from a place where we used to have online tournaments, we used to do these things online purely, and when [the COVID-19 virus pandemic] happened, I think all streaming and all online entertainment platforms had this opportunity to thrive and to exist. It’s a good time to be playing video games and not doing live music or something like that.”  “The Coronavirus] hit a lot of people pretty hard, but we have a good chance,” he added.  Speaking of the explosion of eSports, N0tail recalls the industry’s humble beginnings and how far it has come now.  “When I started, it was nowhere near what it is today. Today, obviously, we travel the world, have all these tournaments, have so many more viewers than we’ve ever had,” N0tail said. “Humanity really likes games, obviously, chess, sports, any kind of game for entertainment, and we’ve come a very long way. We’re way more professional, and financially, way more stable.”  The prizes now have also come a long, long way from what they used to be, N0tail shared.  “Ten years ago, we were playing for headsets and a couple hundred dollars, and now it’s way, way bigger, for millions. It keeps going up, it keeps getting more traction and attention, and I like to see that trend, I hope it keeps going.”  The Philippines has slowly emerged as a hotbed for eSports talent, and Ateneo’s Zedrik  “Jeff” Dizon could be on his way to becoming a top star following his 2020 Red Bull R1v1r Runes Championship victory.  Apart from the win, Jeff also had the opportunity to go one-on-one with N0tail, Team Captain of the 2-time The Internationals champions Team OG.  For an established name and veteran like N0tail, being able to compete against people from all over the world is always a sign of progress for eSports.  “DoTA connects people, and whenever somebody from one region that might be weaker plays against another region that might be stronger, or even if they’re both strong or equally [matched], DoTA is a game of ideas and experience, so whenever there’s this cross-country or cross-region game happening, I think there’s always progress. It’s the same when we shape a metagame, when those events were happening, all these teams came together, you quickly saw ideas transfer and a meta being formed between regions and, SC might be doing something one way and it might take something that Europe or NA might be doing, so everytime that it happens, I think it’s a postive thing.”  “It makes the ideas evolve and they evolve into something better,” he added.  Jeff came up big against N0tail in their one-on-one match, winning 2-1. Catch the replay HERE.....»»

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World Roundup: & bull; New contagion in China market & bull; Lab monkeys in short supply

China has released genome data for the coronavirus found in a new outbreak in Beijing, which state experts suggest share similarities to European strains, as the number of cases neared 200 on Friday......»»

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World Roundup: & bull; Prospects grim for diabetics & bull; SoKor limit

One in 10 diabetics with coronavirus dies within seven days of hospital admission, according to a study of more than 1,300 patients published Friday in the journal Diabetologia......»»

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Local Roundup: Task force crows about rollout gains & bull; Vaccines to be used up before expiry

The Philippines has administered more than 4 million COVID-19 vaccine doses, and is averaging 162,513 jabs daily, the National Task Force (NTF) against COVID-19 said Sunday......»»

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Local Roundup: & bull; P75B vaccines for teens, adults & bull; Razon s Moderna & bull; Rollout revved

Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III on Thursday said the government would likely need around P75 billion to purchase vaccines for approximately 15 million teenagers and 70 million adults in the country......»»

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North Korea was eliminated from the World Cup and the atmosphere

North Korea is split from the two biggest sporting events in the world: the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. His resignation from these.....»»

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Local Roundup: & bull; Tayag warns of long COVID & bull; Million mark & bull; New curbs eyed

Coronavirus patients who have recovered yet experience remaining symptoms are urged to report them as they might be experiencing "long COVID," infectious disease expert Dr. Eric Tayag said Sunday......»»

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Hamilton earns 99th career pole at Emilia Romagna GP

Lewis Hamilton claimed his 99th career pole position in qualifying Saturday for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, with Red Bull's Sergio Perez starting alongside the seven-time world champion's Mercedes at Imola......»»

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