Why are the powers that be so afraid of our truth-telling?

This is prior restraint against protected speech. It is downright unacceptable as it is based on Esperon's mere hearsay. The post Why are the powers that be so afraid of our truth-telling? appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Bulatlat raises alarm against gov’t order to block sites of independent media, progressives

“No matter who is in power, we have remained fearless in our truth-telling. We will continue our work while we also consider all legal remedies available to question, and stop yet another state-sponsored repression." The post Bulatlat raises alarm against gov’t order to block sites of independent media, progressives appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Dominic Zapata directs an entertaining, timely series

“It gives the audience the chance to look at it from a different perspective,” answered director Dominic Zapata when asked if GMA 7’s I Can See You: #Future is a social commentary on the role of technology in telling the truth in a recent media conference......»»

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'Bulatlat20: Reaffirming truth-telling, defending press freedom

This article looks back on Bulatlat‘s commitment to human rights reporting and how it has remained true to truthtelling. By JANESS ANN J. ELLAO The years 2004 and 2005 were crucial for Bulatlat. As an alternative media, it was expected to actively report on the worsening extrajudicial killings – at least one activist killed… The post #Bulatlat20: Reaffirming truth-telling, defending press freedom appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Word to the artistic

From national artists to award-winning actors and drag queens, inspirational words of advice from our local creatives Last year brought us to our knees, yet here we are standing tall with courage, facing 2021 with hope and a positive perspective. To give us more inspiration to create and explore new things this year, the Manila Bulletin has compiled some quotes from creative individuals, from national artists to award-winning actress. May their words of wisdom bring out the creative urges in all of us, as we make this world a better, more colorful, more meaningful place to live in. Kidlat Tahimik, national artist for film We are all adjusting to the new normal—new rules and new protocols. I’m sure that most artists are taking this time to take art deeper into their hearts. After all, you have nothing to do but just to be productive. *** Ian Inoy, biromantic pansexual artist Every move I made with my art before had this follow up question in my head, asking if it would look gay or not. Now that I’ve fully accepted myself, nothing like that matters anymore. I no longer have the fear of hearing people perceiving my art as “too gay or girly.” *** Heart Evangelista/Love Marie Ongpauco Escudero, actor, painter Express yourself in art. See how art can move you or distract you from distress or how art can bring the best out of you. I notice that my paintings have been a bit muted these days. I feel it’s a bit because of the drama that’s going on around us. In a weird way, I find beauty in sorrow and the way my colors have been coming out, I like what’s happening. I’ve always been like this anyway. I find something beautiful about my emotions, no matter how dark they are, and I translate all that into art. *** Whatsoever you do, if you do it joyfully, if you do it lovingly, if your act of doing is not purely economic, then it is creative.—Osho, Creativity unleashing the forces within *** Kate Adajar, blogger artist The uncertainty Covid-19 brings has triggered confusion, anxiety, and mixed emotions in me. But the lockdown has also given me time to focus on and practice my art. Being in quarantine has allowed me to look at my craft not only as a creative outlet but also as a form of stress release. It has suddenly become therapeutic and meditative. *** F. Sionil Jose, national artist for literature Photo by Noel Pabalate Artistry is something that is created not just by intellect but by passion. And you stop being a craftsman. That is when you become an artist. You cannot be an artist without being a craftsman first. *** Miz Kiki Krunch, drag queen I am more creative as a gay person. My drag persona brings out the best and most authentic part of me. I can express myself better, I can perform better when I channel my weirdness, my “freak,” my truth. *** Cherie Gil, actor Everything can be learned as long as one sets one’s mind and heart to it. There is also no age limit to learning anything. Acting—what is it really but reliving lives and telling their stories. But this requires a lot of work to excavate the instrument to be able to truthfully do just that. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of balls to share one’s personal inner sanctum. *** Iana Cris Forbes, owner of art shop Quiversmiths Pursue what you want. At first, it was hard for me because I wanted to be a painter, I wanted to be a sculptor, I wanted to be a graphic artist, I wanted to be a wedding colorist, I wanted to stitch, I wanted to make bags and shoes and jewelry. But I haven’t seen a person doing all of those!. Before, I could not see any future in them but here they are now. I’m doing everything all at once and I’m fine. I’m happy living multiple lives. It’s like connecting the dots. My hobbies are now my sources of living and I couldn’t be more thankful. *** BenCab, national artist for visual arts This pandemic gives artists more time for their art. It’s usually better for an artist to be locked-in because you work on your own. *** Natasha Aliño, jewelry artist It’s been said many times and my mother always says this whenever I feel frustrated, which most people would feel when they’re starting something new—“trust the process.” This is more of a reminder when you’re in that headspace. Another thing is when you are learning a certain skill, do it so with purpose and authenticity. Then you can confidently say after some time that you can indeed trust the process. Never stop learning and inspiring others on your journey. Photos from the artists’ respective social media accounts and websites.....»»

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'FreeLadyAnnSalem: Truth-telling is not a crime

“The reason we have peaceful lives is that there are people like Icy who are continuously fighting for our rights.” The post #FreeLadyAnnSalem: Truth-telling is not a crime appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Ending child rape

It is a story that is often told in hushed voices. A 13-year-old girl is raped, at times repeatedly by an adult who is known to her and her family. Trauma impedes her from telling anyone, and fear for her family’s safety keeps her from reporting it to them. But the pain and the distress build up to a point that it would be too much for a child to bear. So one day, she decides to tell her mother the truth......»»

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Red-tagged lawmakers told: Face Senate hearing

National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon on Thursday dared congressmen belonging to the Makabayan Bloc at the House of Representatives “to show courage and face us in another legislative hearing to show who is telling the truth about the red-tagging issue.”.....»»

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Airing entertainment shows amid a super typhoon a disservice to the audience

The media should resist all commercialist trappings and not favor profit over truth-telling. Journalists and news media organizations need to brush up on the normative standards of journalism, if only to realize that bias is inherent and should not be hidden. The post Airing entertainment shows amid a super typhoon a disservice to the audience appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Telling the truth is dangerous

Before leaving for Ceylon in 1962 to work for the Colombo Plan Bureau and to have some experience in the diplomatic service, I was an aide to then vice president and foreign affairs secretary Emmanuel Pelaez for several months......»»

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Bulatlatan: Citizen’s role in truth-telling

HOSTED BY REIN TARINAY EDITED BY AARON MACARAEG   The post Bulatlatan: Citizen’s role in truth-telling appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Bulatlatan Q& A | Citizens’ role in truth-telling

In this week’s Bulatlatan, Advocacy and publication officer of Ramento Project for Rights Defenders, Vaughn Geuseppe Alviar discusses citizen’s role on truth-telling. HOSTED BY REIN TARINAY EDITED BY AARON MACARAEG Rein Tarinay (RT): Mapagpalayang araw sa ating lahat! Welcome sa panibagong episode ng Bulatlatan. Bulatlatan is Bulatlat’s weekly podcast on pressing issues in the… The post Bulatlatan Q&A | Citizens’ role in truth-telling appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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My old/new Gucci bag

When I wrote last week about coming close to death because of boredom during the quarantine, was I telling the truth? A friend texted and accused me of being a “faker.” Now I think she was right......»»

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Bulatlatan: Grassroots journalism in the time of crisis

In this week’s #Bulatlatan episode, journalists from Northern Dispatch, Radyo Natin Guimba, Dampig Katarungan, and Altermidya – People’s Alternative Media Network share the challenges they face as they continue to report the issues of the marginalized & oppressed sectors in their communities. Be inspired by their persistence & courage in telling the truth amid the… The post Bulatlatan: Grassroots journalism in the time of crisis appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Muzzle Mr. Met? Mascots wonder why they re banned from MLB

By DAN GELSTON AP Sports Writer PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Phillie Phanatic had stories of his favorite adventures -- from the Galapagos Islands to the cobblestone streets of Philadelphia -- read to him most weeks from his very best buds. The Philly furball was tucked in with a bedtime story from Bryce Harper. Andrew McCutchen and manager Joe Girardi stopped by as guest readers to entertain fans and unite the Phillies community. But should the Phillies play ball this year, well, the book will close on the Phanatic. MLB wants to ban the birds -- sorry, Pirate Parrot -- and Bernie Brewer, Blooper, Bernie the Marlin, heck, all costumed creatures great and small from the ballpark this season. Firebird, Paws, the Oriole Bird, all face extinction -- at least this season, should baseball resume. Not even a muzzle on Mr. Met or a mask on Mariner Moose would help the cause. Gasp! Baseball’s furriest and funniest fans are forbidden from entering a ballpark. And that’s not cool. “Every mascot should be essential because of its ability to connect and distract with fun,” mascot guru Dave Raymond said. Raymond should know as well as any performer, as the first person to take on the 6-foot-6, 300-pound, 90-inch waist frame of the Phanatic. He’s since become a mascot consultant to the stars and helped create, brand and train the next generation of hundreds of stadium characters. Mascots are as much a ballpark staple as hot dogs and the long ball, and each fuzzy fist bump or chance concourse encounter hooks the youngest fans on the game. As baseball prepares for a summer slate without fans, Raymond wonders: What’s a game without a mascot? “You don’t have to convince me of that,” Raymond said. “It’s the powers that be that don’t understand that simple truth.” There’s already a blueprint MLB could follow that explains why mascots fit in barren ballparks. Take a look across the globe. Mascots remained a staple of baseball games in Taiwan and the KBO League in South Korea. American fans who stayed up late (or is it, woke up early?) to watch KBO games on ESPN were mesmerized by mascots gone wild in empty stadiums. The LG Twins mascots -- twin robot boys named Lucky and Star -- wore masks. So did cheerleaders and a drum section that provided the soundtrack for an otherwise dreary atmosphere. The Chinese Professional Baseball League barred spectators over concerns of spreading the new coronavirus in a crowded space, but the league decided it was safe to let in cheerleaders and costumed mascots. “This is the most important time to leverage fun, when people are sick and dying and dealing with the brutality of life,” Raymond said. “That is the time that you find a way to distract people and entertain them.” Philadelphia Inquirer cartoonist Rob Tornoe drew the Phanatic (wearing a mask) sitting atop the dugout with his phone and on hold with the unemployment office. “This is life or death now for a lot of characters, a lot of performers,” former Timberwolves mascot Jon Cudo said. It’s not that dire for most MLB performers who often have other duties within the organization or remained active in the community with food drives, firetruck parades or other feel-good efforts during the pandemic. Raymond had former and current mascots, including Cudo, join this week on his webinar, “What The Heck Should My Mascot Do Now?” The best suggestion to stay connected with fans -- with the ATV temporarily parked -- is engaging through social content. Mascot Mania has gone wild on Instagram and TikTok. Mr. Met cleans windows. D. Baxter the Bobcat taught crosswalk safety. Wally the Green Monster records virtual messages for charity. Then again, mascots have problems just like us: Who gives the Phanatic a trim during quarantine? “The Phanatic doesn’t need to get his hair cut,” Raymond said. “It’s actually a positive when it gets unkempt and long.” The Phanatic already underwent one makeover this year — his new look features flightless feathers rather than fur-colored arms, stars outlining the eyes, a larger posterior and a powder blue tail, blue socks with red shoes, plus a set of scales under the arms — because of a lawsuit filed against the team by the creators of the original Phanatic. The creators threatened to terminate the Phillies’ rights to the Phanatic as of June 15 and “make the Phanatic a free agent” unless the team renegotiated its 1984 agreement to acquire the mascot’s rights. Mascots were lumped in with other baseball traditions that would be weeded out under a 2020 proposal. The traditional exchange of lineup cards would be eliminated, along with high-fives, fist bumps and bat boys and girls. “I don’t know of anybody who bought season tickets to watch the bat boy,” Raymond said. “But you can say that in spades for the mascots. We’d be losing one of the draws that brings in people beyond the statistic nerds.” Plus, any fan who attended a Phillies game in the late 1990s at Veterans Stadium knows the Phanatic can play in an empty ballpark. Mascots just want to honk, honk, honk for the home team and they do care if they ever get back. “I’m just imploring them to value the character brands,” Raymond said. “There is a safe way for you to have fun, and frankly, fun is the most important thing you can invest in right now.”.....»»

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Balik-Tanaw | Be ready to speak the truth

Today’s gospel provides us guidance on how to be disciples today. To be able to share the Good News, we must be ready to speak the truth. We should come prepared for some people to reject us because God’s ways are different. Do not expect royalties, retainers, commissions, and other rewards for it is not promised. The post Balik-Tanaw | Be ready to speak the truth appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Red-tagging raps won t stop NTF-ELCAC from exposing truth

MANILA - Nothing will stop the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) from unmasking front organizations of terrorist groups as it stays true to its mandate to stopping more than 50 years of insurgency.Presidential Communications Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy,.....»»

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Balik-Tanaw | The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

On the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, the Eucharist shows us that the way forward is not to focus on ourselves and on our “truths” but to move toward others, especially those who are in need, as Jesus Christ had shown us in his life, ministry, passion and resurrection. There are no alternative truths and we cannot own the truth. The post Balik-Tanaw | The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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ONE Championship: Geje Eustaquio responds to Gurdarshan Mangat s callout

Singapore, June 17 (ANI): Former ONE Flyweight World Champion Geje "Gravity" Eustaquio has reached the highest of highs and the lowest of lows during his time in ONE Championship. And he isn't afraid of anyone calling him out to a fight. Gurdarshan Mangat, who was victorious over Thai striker Yodkaikaew Fairtex at the recently concluded ONE 158, immediately focused his crosshairs at the Filipino former flyweight king. Man.....»»

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Lessons from Afghanistan

One wonders which is worse for a developing country with no economic or military muscle: to be consigned to the margins of global affairs, or to serve as a recurrent battleground of rival world powers. Throughout its long and fabled history, Afghanistan had known that because of its strategic location in Central and South Asia, […] The post Lessons from Afghanistan appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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PLDT Home Biz powers home-based entrepreneurs with e-commerce solutions

Despite the challenges of the global health crisis, the country's small business ecosystem continues to thrive as resilient entrepreneurs make the shift and explore the opportunities of going into digital......»»

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