Venezuela’s Guaido defends regime sanctions

CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP) — Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido on Wednesday defended foreign sanctions against his country 24 hours after he was attacked at the Caracas international airport by state airline employees shouting “fascist.” Guaido returned on Tuesday from a three-week international tour that took him to the US, Canada, Colombia and Europe. He was […] The post Venezuela’s Guaido defends regime sanctions appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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EU backs U.S. plan for Venezuela transitional government

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Union on Friday, April 4, welcomed a US plan for a transitional government in Venezuela and subsequent lifting of economic sanctions. (READ:  Who backs whom in Venezuela crisis ) Washington last month suggested that both hard left President Nicolas Maduro and his rival Juan Guaido – previously backed by the US ........»»

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Guaido takes over frozen Venezuela assets

CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP) — Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly on Thursday authorized its leader Juan Guaido to take control of around $80 million in assets frozen outside the country due to sanctions against President Nicolas Maduro. Guaido can now set up a trust overseen by the Organization of American States to take control of accounts blocked […] The post Guaido takes over frozen Venezuela assets appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Venezuela s Maduro freezes talks with opposition after U.S. sanctions

CARACAS, Venezuela  – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blamed Washington on Wednesday, August 7, in cancelling scheduled talks with the political opposition, as his embattled regime struggles under the weight of US sanctions. Maduro's oil-rich leftist government has been hurt hard since US President Donald Trump on Monday ordered a ........»»

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Venezuela to prosecute lawmakers who backed failed uprising

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuela will prosecute 7 lawmakers who backed last week's failed uprising orchestrated by opposition leader Juan Guaido , the country's Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, May 7, as Washington removed sanctions against Caracas' sacked spy chief for backing the revolt. The court, which announced the ruling in a ........»»

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US announces UN sanctions on Iran, Venezuela s Maduro

The United States said Monday it was imposing sanctions on Iran's defense ministry and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro under a UN authority which is widely contested......»»

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Made in Hong Kong brand suffers as US-China tensions deepen

The US has sanctioned key Chinese and Hong Kong officials in response to the law. But that same security law also forbids companies from complying with any foreign sanctions regime......»»

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Maduro gives EU ambassador 72 hours to leave Venezuela

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro on Monday gave the head of the European Union mission in Caracas, Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa, 72 hours to leave the country after the bloc announced sanctions against 11 Venezuelan officials......»»

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Venezuela s Guaido reappears after claim he hid in French embassy

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido reappeared in the street in videos distributed Saturday by his team and parliamentary allies, after foreign minister Jorge Arreaza claimed he had taken refuge in the French embassy in Caracas......»»

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Maduro claims Guaido planned Venezuela invasion while at White House

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro alleged Wednesday that opposition leader Juan Guaido met with a former member of the US Army special forces at the White House to plan a failed sea invasion of the Caribbean country. .....»»

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Iran defends response as virus deaths surpass 1,000

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran said its novel coronavirus death toll surpassed 1,000 on Wednesday, March 18, as President Hassan Rouhani defended the response of his administration, which has yet to impose a lockdown. The COVID-19 outbreak in sanctions-hit Iran is one of the deadliest outside China, where ........»»

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U.S. warns Venezuela of consequences if Guaido harmed

WASHINGTON, USA – The United States on Thursday, February 6 warned Venezuela's rulers of consequences if opposition leader Juan Guaido is not allowed to return safely from a visit to Washington, where he enjoyed pledges of robust support. (READ:  Venezuela's Guaido meets Trump but overshadowed by impeachment ) In one sign that some saw as retaliation, authorities in Caracas ........»»

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Guaido calls for great mobilization ahead of Venezuela return

MIAMI, USA – Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido promised "a great mobilization in Caracas" when he returns to the country after a two-week international tour, drumming up support to dislodge President Nicolas Maduro. Recognized as interim president by more than 50 nations, Guaido said in Miami on Saturday, February 1, ........»»

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U.S. sanctions Venezuelan officials involved in assembly takeover

WASHINGTON, United States – The US government slapped sanctions Monday, January 13, on Venezuelan officials who tried to take over the National Assembly in a bid to block opposition leader Juan Guaido from taking up his role as speaker. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced the financial penalties on 7 officials in Caracas who ........»»

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Venezuela s acting president confident of parliamentary reelection

CARACAS, Venezuela – Opposition leader Juan Guaido is confident he will be reelected as Venezuela's parliament speaker on Sunday, January 5, even though he says opponents offered bribes to lawmakers to vote against him. Guaido, 36, issued a statement on Friday addressed to the "international community" announcing that his leadership "will be ........»»

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Russia confirms it will appeal 4-year Olympic ban

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia confirmed Friday that it will appeal its four-year Olympic ban for manipulating doping data. The Russian anti-doping agency, known as RUSADA, sent a formal letter disagreeing with the sanctions imposed earlier this month by the World Anti-Doping Agency. The case is now heading to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Next year's Olympics in Tokyo will be the third consecutive edition of the games preceded by a legal battle over Russian doping issues. RUSADA said it “disputes the (WADA) notice in its entirety," including the evidence of tampering with the data archive. The data was handed over in January and was meant to clear up past cover-ups, but has led to more legal tussles. RUSADA's own CEO, Yuri Ganus, attached his own note of protest to Friday's letter. Ganus is critical of Russian officials and had disagreed with the decision to appeal. He was overruled by his agency's founders, which include some of Russia's most influential sports leaders. The WADA sanctions ban the use of the Russian team name, flag or anthem at a range of major sports competitions over the next four years, including next year's Olympics and the 2022 soccer World Cup. Ganus said he believes any appeal has little chance of success and could even lead to harsher sanctions, including a ban of all Russian athletes, who under the current ban are allowed to compete as neutrals. “There is a possibility of entering the case new players which may demand from the court not to soften the sanctions but to toughen them,” Ganus said. "The sanctions regime that is in place against the Russian sport is not full, it is not a 100 percent. There were greater sanctions, up to a ban of all athletes." Russians will be allowed to compete in Tokyo as unaffiliated athletes if they pass a vetting process that examines their history of drug testing, and possible involvement in cover-ups at the lab. That has prompted anger from some Western athletes and organizations like the United States Anti-Doping Agency, which wanted a blanket ban on Russian athletes. The appeal was widely expected with Russian President Vladimir Putin having branded the ban “unfair.” RUSADA's supervisory board voted Dec. 19 to file an arbitration case with CAS in Switzerland after WADA ruled Russia had manipulated doping laboratory data to cover up past offenses. Putin has said it was not fair to threaten Russia with more doping-related punishment, and that any sanctions should be on an individual basis. “I think it is not just unfair but not corresponding to common sense and law,” Putin said. After a panel of three CAS arbitrators is chosen, a verdict will be issued within three months. Putin added that WADA's recommended four-year ban on Russia hosting major sports competitions would have little effect, pointing to the 2022 men's volleyball world championships as an event Russia intends to keep. WADA demands events are moved unless it's "legally or practically impossible" to do so, which could create a loophole for event organizers who don't want to break financial commitments. That ban already doesn't apply to next year's European Championship soccer games in St. Petersburg or the 2021 Champions League final, both of which are exempt because they're continental, not world, championships. Russia handed over the lab's doping data archive in January in return for having earlier sanctions lifted in 2018. WADA investigators found evidence that Russia was intensively editing the data in the weeks before the handover to remove signs of failed drug tests. Ganus has said he believes the editing took place, and he said a hearing reveal further evidence of data manipulation. “What are the risks? First of all, it is a public hearing, which will reveal to the whole world the supporting information of the official position of sports authorities on changes in the computer database,” Ganus said. WADA said it found fake messages spliced into chat logs in an apparent attempt to smear former lab director Grigory Rodchenkov, who's become a key witness for WADA since leaving Russia. Rodchenkov went public with allegations of a vast state-sponsored doping scheme after the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, where Russia was the top medal-winning country......»»

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EU extends sanctions against Venezuela for a year

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Union extended sanctions against Venezuela by a year on Monday, November 11, to pressure President Nicolas Maduro's government as the crisis gripping the oil-rich country rumbles on. An embargo on arms and equipment that could be used for political repression was extended to November 14 next ........»»

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U.S. slaps sanctions on Turkey as Syrian regime returns to north

WASHINGTON, USA – The United States slapped sanctions on Turkey Tuesday, October 15,  as it demanded an end to its deadly incursion against Syrian Kurdish fighters, accusing its NATO partner of putting civilians at risk and allowing the release of Islamic State extremists. The actions came hours after regime troops returned ........»»

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Venezuela parliament ratifies Guaido as interim president

Venezuela’s opposition-dominated National Assembly on Tuesday ratified Juan Guaido as the country’s interim president until new elections can be held. The endorsement came a day after the government of President Nicolas Maduro said its lawmakers would return to the legislature, which they abandoned three years ago. The vote represented “unrestricted political support for the leadership […] The post Venezuela parliament ratifies Guaido as interim president appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Venezuela government, opposition reopen Barbados talks

CARACAS, Venezuela – Representatives for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaido reopened talks in Barbados on Wednesday, July 31, to resolve the country's political crisis. Three weeks ago during previous talks in Barbados , the rival factions agreed to set up a platform for negotiations mediated by Norway, where the ........»»

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Oil demand growth falls as economy weakens

SINGAPORE/HOUSTON -- World oil markets have undergone a U-turn, switching from supply-side risks like OPEC’s production cuts or US sanctions against producers Iran and Venezuela, analysts said, to concerns of slowing consumption amid fears of a global recession......»»

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