They safely find a military man from Fort Bliss

Roberto Carrillo ArteagaEl Paso Magazine Wednesday, 07 April 2021 | 19:59 a step- Specialist Auranda Herminette Perez Moctezuma, 27, was found safe and sound after.....»»

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Jovelyn Gonzaga: A soldier s heart

National team star Jovelyn Gonzaga continues to fulfill her duty as a soldier serving the locally stranded individuals (LSI) inside the Philippine Army camp in Taguig. Since the start of the lockdown, Gonzaga as well as other volleyball players and coaches, who are also enlisted military personnel, heeded the call in the war against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in different fronts as frontliners. The opposite hitter of the Army Lady Troopers in the Premier Volleyball League and Cignal in the Philippine Superliga has been on duty in Fort Bonifacio since the start of the community quarantine four months ago. Gonzaga in a lengthy but heartwarming post on her Instagram account shared her experience and realizations while on her tour of duty. “With this pandemic crippling our nation. I once again feel the importance and value of what we do as soldiers serving the country,” she wrote. “We are tasked to take care of the LSIs. And the inspiration I am getting every day on duty from our displaced countrymen despite of all the challenges surrounding their conditions is really remarkable.”         View this post on Instagram                   1/2 PROUD ARMY.. I remember the days when I was just starting my playing career. I was hesitant and full of doubt until I find my niche and understand my deeper why? Why am I doing these things? And where is passion coming from. All my life since I started playing volleyball, I always make it a point that my resiliency is always in check. Though there were some instances that I intend to give up? However, the desire in me to do better withstand all these challenges. That same resiliency and passion is what keeps me going until now. As a professional volleyball player and as a soldier. Serving the country is in my DNA, while playing for the country and as a soldier serving my countryman. With this pandemic crippling our nation. I once again feel the importance and value of what we do as a soldier in serving the country. We are tasked to take care of the LSI’s. And the inspiration I am getting every day on duty from out our displaced countrymen despite of all the challenges surrounding their conditions is really remarkable. And instead of me writing about them? I would rather write something from me and the lessons I’ve learned meeting them first hand. And this is my story. My regular day is training, duty and training. Sometimes go out for other stuff but most often times it’s me being a soldier and an athlete altogether. When we were call to duty in taking care of the LSI’s? Mixed emotions hit me. There’s excitement, pity and I would say fear of the unknown as we took on our new tour of duty within our territory. As we received our first batch of LSI’s. You can see in their eyes the struggles they’ve been through. However, you can also sense the sigh of relief from their actions that things will be better compared to their previous conditions. You can feel in the air the longingness of our LSI’s to go home and be with their families. Regardless of their uncertainties with regards to the acceptance of their home provinces on returning LSI’s. We all know that not all provinces are welcoming their LSI’s due to the danger of spreading Covid-19 in their respective places. @yourphilippinearmy To be continued..... A post shared by Jovelyn Gonzaga (@bionic_ilongga) on Jul 12, 2020 at 6:34pm PDT The Ilongga spiker said that she can also relate to the plight of the LSIs holed up in the camp while waiting for clearance to get back to their homes. “I remember when I was just new here in Manila. I am always looking forward to that opportunity that I can go home and visit my family. I know the struggle of being far from your family. But then again, I think, my condition is far away better than their current situation,” Gonzaga posted. Gonzaga continued by saying that the resiliency and the spark of hope in the eyes of the LSIs serves as her inspiration.            View this post on Instagram                   2/2 PROUD ARMY Longing to go home is somewhat I can personally relate. I remember when I was just new here in Manila. I am always looking forward to that opportunity that I can go home and visit my family. I know the struggle of being far from your family. But then again, I think, my condition is far away better than their current situation. This is where I draw my inspirations. These LSI’s desire to come home notwithstanding all the hassles and challenges are very admirable. This is where you will feel the value of having a family to come home to. The strong family ties we Filipinos have will always be the reason and the foundation of each and every LSI’s I met and will be meeting in the next coming days. The Filipino bayanihan spirit is very evident since no one is too selfish not to share what they have to help others. The resiliency I have and the toughness these LSI’s are showing is what made us Filipinos invincible amidst any circumstances. This experience I am in right now will always be my driving force in serving my country more. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. Mabuhay tayong mga Filipino. @yourphilippinearmy Collab w/ @iamjlac ♥? A post shared by Jovelyn Gonzaga (@bionic_ilongga) on Jul 12, 2020 at 6:38pm PDT With positive cases still on the rise, LSIs in different holding facilities could be looking at an extended time away from their families. But rest assured that military personnel like Gonzaga will always be there to serve......»»

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Superal edges closer to crown despite 72

Princess Superal struggled to find her rhythm and range but her even par 72 still proved enough to keep her safely ahead as her pursuers failed to mount any serious challenge in the second round of the ICTSI Riviera Invitational Challenge......»»

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Babies have rights

 #ASKGOYO Atty. Gregorio Larrazabal Quoted below is the statement of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines: “The tragic death of 3-month-old Baby River highlights the need to do MORE, BETTER, FASTER in the justice sector quoted below is the statement of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines: “Baby River was born at the Fabella Medical Center on July 1, 2020.  Her mother, urban poor organizer Reina Mae Nasino, 23 years old, is a detainee at the Manila City Jail Female Dormitory who was arrested on November 5, 2019 at the Tondo office of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan.  The police raids that resulted in the arrests of over 60 activists in Metro Manila and Bacolod were by virtue of various warrants issued by the RTC Branch 89 in Quezon City.  Reina Mae and two others were charged with illegal possession of firearms and explosives, a non-bailable offense. “Despite questions raised against the validity of the raids and arrests as well as petitions for the release of Reina Mae on health and humanitarian grounds or for continued breast-feeding, the frail and underweight Baby River was separated from her mother barely a month after birth. “The case went through RTC Manila Branch 20, the Supreme Court, back to RTC Branch 20, then RTC branch 42 and RTC Branch 37, and the Court of Appeals, until Baby River died on Oct. 12, 2020. “Manila RTC Branch 47 finally allowed Reina Mae furlough – this time to visit her dead daughter.  Despite many fully armed BJMP escorts, police and military personnel monitoring and accompanying Reina Mae, she remained hand-cuffed while at the wake. “The heartbreaking and brief life-story of Baby River compel us to raise these questions: “1. Why can’t our justice system safeguard the needs and rights of an innocent child to breastfeeding and a better chance to survive? “2. Why don’t our jails have adequate facilities to address the needs and rights of children and women detainees duly recognized by domestic and international law? “3. Why does it take so long to respect, protect, and fulfill human rights? “4. Isn’t there double standard when “bigger” detainees are allowed similar or even greater privileges? “5. Can we not have justice with compassion? “Let our concern, dismay, or rage and the tears that we may shed for Baby River Nasino fuel our collective determination and action to improve our justice system.  Let not our innocent children fall under the cracks.  Babies have rights and we have duties to nurture them.  Let our humanity rise above our personal comforts or the privileges of power.” DOMINGO EGON CAYOSA National President & Chairman of the Board of Governors *** We can talk about the law legal processes, and I’m sure many will.  But at the crux of all this should be:“What is it to be human?” Have we sunk so low that we’ve lost our humanity?  Have we forgotten what it is that separates us from animals?  Have we been numb to peoples’ suffering and death? Have we been stripped of our sense of morality and compassion that we have lost our appreciation of what is right and wrong?  People have discussed the trampled rights of the mother of the infant.  But what about the rights of the baby?  Stripping the legalese of the tragedy, we have to ask: What about the basic needs of the baby, as emphasized by the statement of the IBP?  There is no justification to being deprived of the love and care his mother, and the warmth of her embrace. The soothing voice to say she’s going to get better, and she’s loved…  Have we regressed to a point that we’ve been stripped of our empathy? More than the legality of this.  After the furor will have died down, and it surely will, I think we have to ask ourselves, “Where are we now?”  How low have we sunk and how to we get back up and regain some sense of decency? My heart broke when I saw pictures of Reina Mae Nasino covered in PPE, in handcuffs, unable to even hug her dead baby one last time.  I still cannot understand the inhumanity towards not only the mother, but the baby, who had done no one wrong, yet was treated with so much hate, disrespect, contempt, and derision for her to be born in this world, yet stripped and deprived of human love and affection.  I can never hate anyone that much to treat him or her so badly. I think we need to dig deep within ourselves and search our soul.  To find the humanity which has clearly been missing.  We need to find our moral compass, before we all lose our soul and drown in the abyss. Stay Safe.  Pray for Baby River.  Pray for OUR country......»»

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Groups call for release of minors arrested by military in Negros Oriental

Based on the residents’ accounts, the Remasog brothers were charging their mobile phones at the house of farmer DeliaTenianu, when the soldiers arrived. The two girls, meanwhile, were trying to find a signal near the area. The post Groups call for release of minors arrested by military in Negros Oriental appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Careless young people driving pandemic spikes

As part of its efforts to further help boost the national government’s anti-coronavirus disease measures, the military on Friday launched the Philippine Army COVID-19 Telemedicine Information System (PACTIS) in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Outgoing Army chief, Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay, led the launching of PACTIS — a project expected to systematically record and consolidate detailed […] The post Careless young people driving pandemic spikes appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Sumagsaysay distributes food to frontliners, less fortunate

Jayvee Sumagaysay found a way to be productive despite a pause in his volleyball career due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Aside from his online food business, the PLDT star and part of the men’s volleyball team national pool has been helping out frontliners, the less fortunate and stranded individuals. The former University of Sto. Tomas star on his business ‘Sherep’ Facebook page posted a video of their food distribution run in Fort Bonifacio military camp. Sumagaysay like other local volleyball stars has been active in helping out our frontliners and less fortunate kababayans by joining fundraising drives and donating relief goods to vulnerable communities. Kind-hearted individuals through Sumagaysay’s business donate food packs which he himself delivers to its recipients. ‘Sherep’ offers a variety of ‘silog’ meals, chicken wings, fries and desserts......»»

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PMA plebes Covid-free

BAGUIO CITY—The administration of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) assured its 350 freshmen are clear of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) infection. The plebes entered Fort Del Pilar on Monday morning and were welcomed by the Cadet Corps of the Armed Forces of the Philippines at the Borromeo Field. Adhering to the new normal, the reception […] The post PMA plebes Covid-free appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Troops find arms cache in Lanao del Norte village

The military has coordinated with the police in the investigation and tracking of the possible owners of the confiscated guns and ammunition......»»

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MLS players agree to salary cuts, possible tournament

By ANNE M. PETERSON AP Sports Writer The Major League Soccer Players Association voted to approve economic concessions for this season, including across-the-board salary cuts, while also agreeing to play in a proposed summer tournament in Orlando, Florida. The proposal, made public by the union Sunday night, will now be sent to back to the league for approval by team owners. “While a difficult vote in incredibly challenging times, it was taken collectively to ensure that players can return to competition as soon as they are safely able to do so,” the MLSPA said in a statement. The MLS season was suspended March 12 because of the coronavirus pandemic. Teams had played just two games of the season. Major League Soccer gave its teams the go-ahead Thursday to begin small voluntary group training sessions outdoors. Teams must follow a strict protocol, as well as local public health and government restrictions. Not all of the league's teams have returned to training. Details of the Orlando tournament were still under consideration, but the league’s 26 teams and limited staff would be sheltered at hotels with games played without fans at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex at Disney World. In addition to salary cuts, the union's proposal includes reduced team and individual bonuses, as well as concessions to the existing and future terms of the collective bargaining agreement. Details were not immediately available. MLS did not immediately comment on the proposal. MLS first announced last month it was exploring possible “changes to player compensation” because of the financial hit the league and teams were facing with the extended suspension in play. “We are seeking to work collaboratively with the MLSPA to find a solution that provides a safety net for all players, opportunity to earn full salary in the scenario where all matches are played with fans, and in particular provides protection for the players at the lower end of the salary scale,” the league said in a statement at the time. MLS and the players’ union agreed to terms of a new contract in early February, but it had not been ratified when the season was put on hold......»»

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De Los Santos Medical Center Innovates with Locally Produced Negative Pressure Tents to Help Curb COVID-19 Infection

The global pandemic has pushed essential businesses to find innovative and efficient ways to ensure that they can still provide their much-needed services while keeping both employees and customers safe. At De Los Santos Medical Center (DLSMC), this meant creating a “new normal” that would allow their invaluable healthcare frontliners all the protocols and equipment they need to provide healthcare services most safely and effectively......»»

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MPBL: Bacoor Strikers give back to Army frontliners

Bacoor City Strikers team owners Congressman Strike Revilla and wife Chaye Revilla extended their helping hand to the Philippine Army based in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig last Friday. The Strikers’ top brass sent 12 sacks of rice and hundreds of canned goods to the unit through Strikers guard and Private First Class Eric Acuña. Acuña is serving as a front liner ever since the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) took place in Luzon due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic last March. It was their way of supporting the military men who have spent countless hours working during the Philippines’ on-going battle against the pandemic. But aside that, it is also a means of support for Acuña – an adopted son of Bacoor City – who played 29 games for the Strikers in the 2019-20 Chooks-to-Go Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League Lakan Season. “Malaking tulong talaga siya lalo para dito sa mga tropa sa Army, lagi rin akong kinakamusta ni Cong. Strike kung may kailangan ako e” bared the 5-foot-8 Acuña, who enlisted in the Philippine Army last 2015. “Sobrang blessed ako kaso hindi lang sa loob ng court nila ako pinapahalagahan, tinuturing na rin talaga nila kaming pamilya. Sobrang malaking blessing talaga sila Cong. Strike at ma’am Chaye sakin kasi laging silang nandiyan kahit wala na kaming laro.” Besides this, the Revillas have also been taking care of the Strikers squad, continuing to give the players’ salaries and giving them whatever they need during this trying times......»»

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PGA Tour hopes to resume in June at Colonial with no fans

By DOUG FERGUSON AP Golf Writer The PGA Tour laid out an ambitious plan Thursday to resume its season the second week of June and keep fans away for at least a month, conceding that any return to golf depends on whether it can be played safely amid the coronavirus outbreak. The Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial in Fort Worth, Texas, was pushed back to June 11-14. Assuming golf gets the green light from government and health officials, the tour then would have an official tournament every week through Dec. 6 except for a Thanksgiving break. “Our hope is to play a role — responsibly — in the world’s return to enjoying the things we love,” PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan said. “But as we’ve stressed on several occasions, we will resume competition only when ... it is considered safe to do so under the guidance of the leading public health authorities.” Golf is the first sport to announce plans for a restart, although its arenas are far different from other sports because it is played over some 400 acres. It was the second significant step to try to salvage the year, following last week’s announcement of three majors — including the Masters in November — going later in the year. Even as it announced a truncated schedule, several key details were still being contemplated, such as testing for COVID-19 at tournaments. “We have a level of confidence that is based upon ... changes and developments being made in the world of testing, available tests,” said Andy Pazder, the tour’s chief officer of tournaments and competition. “We’re following very closely, through the assistance of our expert medical advisers, the development of more large-scale testing capabilities. ... It gives us confidence that we will be able to develop a strong testing protocol that will mitigate risk as much as we possibly can.” The RBC Heritage at Hilton Head, previously canceled this week, was brought back to be played after Colonial on June 18-21. Those dates previously belonged to the U.S. Open at Winged Foot, which plans to move to September. That would be followed by the Travelers Championship in Connecticut and the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit. The tour said its invitation-based tournaments — Colonial, Hilton Head and the Memorial — would have their fields expanded to 144 players. Memorial, with Jack Nicklaus as the host, takes the July 16-19 week that had belonged to the British Open before it was canceled. The World Golf Championship in Memphis, Tennessee, now has the dates (July 30-Aug. 2) when the Olympics were to be played. If all goes according to plan, the season would end on Sept. 7 at the Tour Championship with a FedEx Cup champion getting the $15 million bonus. That would be a 36-tournament schedule, down from 48 tournaments on the original schedule. Three more tournaments were canceled, one permanently. The Canadian Open, the third-oldest on the PGA Tour schedule, said it would not be played this year. Also canceled was the Barbasol Championship in Kentucky, typically held the same week as the British Open. The Greenbrier tournament in West Virginia was canceled for good. The tour had only 40 events in 2013, a short season to prepare for the start of its wraparound season that now begins in the fall. Even so, it could lead to a peculiar two seasons. The current season could have only one major championship; the PGA Championship is scheduled for Aug. 6-9 at Harding Park in San Francisco. The following season could have two Masters, two U.S. Opens, the PGA Championship and the British Open. Other details the tour still has to sort out was who fell under the “essential” category that would be allowed at tournaments beyond players, caddies, scoring official, rules officials and support staff. Pazder said at least 25 players are outside the U.S., along with at least 35 caddies, all subject to international travel restrictions. “We are playing very close attention to if and when those restrictions are changed,” he said. Tyler Dennis, the tour’s chief of operations, said officials also were considering the movement of everyone who would be at a golf tournament. Social distancing in golf is not difficult; some people continue to play golf in states where courses remain open. Still to be determined is how to keep other areas, even the flag stick, sanitized......»»

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UST footballer Conrado Dimacali III has Navy and National Team aspirations

The cancellation of the rest of the UAAP Season 82 tournaments was no doubt an unfortunate way for the participating athletes to say goodbye to their UAAP season. It was all the more painful for the seniors, who were hoping to be able to put a stamp on their collegiate careers and go out on a positive note. Most of the graduating athletes are hoping to be able to have one more shot at closing out their UAAP careers the proper way, and one of those is University of Santo Tomas Men’s Football team member Conrado Dimacali. If given the chance to play out their last year of eligibility next season, Dimacali says he and his fellow Espanã-based seniors would be more than willing. “Opo, mag-lalaro kami, sana payagan ulit kami ng UAAP, na lahat ng seniors na graduating ngayon, mabigyan ng chance,” Dimacali told ABS-CBN Sports. “Maglalaro kami ulit, gustong-gusto talaga namin bumawi.” (READ ALSO: UAAP football stars express sadness, disappointment over Season 82 cancellation) Dimacali was one of the key cogs of UST’s Finals run back in UAAP Season 80, but the Growling Tigers fell just a solitary point short of making the Final Four in Season 81, serving as motivation for them to bounce back in Season 82. Unfortunately, after just two match days wherein they won one and lost one, the rest of the season was initially postponed, and then ultimately cancelled. With his college career still uncertain however, Dimacali can’t really say yet what comes next. The 23-year old striker has aspirations of one day making the Philippine Men’s National Football Team and playing professionally, but also has his sights set on military service. “Hindi ko pa masabi [kung maglalaro ako ng pro after college] kasi baka pumasok ako ng Navy, doon ako mag-lalaro,” Dimacali shared. “Pero if mabibigyan ako ng chance na makapag-laro sa sa pro team, maglalaro ako.” “Tsaka kung mapag-bigyan ako ng chance sa Philippine Team mag-laro, ibibigay ko yung best ko para sa bansa,” he continued. With regards to his plans on joining the Navy, Dimacali says it’s to be able to serve the country as well. “Gusto ko din maka-tulong sa bansa at makapag-lingkod.” The Puerto Princesa, Palawan native shares that his kababayans were partly the reason why he wants to enlist. “Yung mga kababayan ko kasi nag-Marines, inaya nila ako, tsaka gusto ko rin maging sundalo talaga.” The main reason however, Dimacali says, is the stability that servicemen enjoy in terms of being able to provide for their family. “Kaya ako na-enganyo mag-sundalo, nung pumunta ako sa Fort Bonifacio, nakita ko lahat ng sundalo, disiplinado, tsaka stable na sila dahil may trabaho na sila, hindi na mahihirapan yung pamilya nila, at pwede pa makapag-laro ng football,” he explained......»»

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Enlisted volleyball stars on duty in fight against COVID-19

Enlisted volleyball players and coaches are working behind the scenes in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19). Athletes who are part of the different branches of the Armed Forces are serving in their mother units, heeding the call of duty as the country battles the global pandemic. While others are actively deployed in the field to help curb the contagion, there are those like women’s national team assistant coach Kungfu Reyes who work inside the camps.     “So far nasa work pa rin kami. May mga tasking for decontamination sa tropa namin, kami nasa QRF (Quick Reaction Force),” Reyes, who is a Staff Sergeant in the Philippine Army, told ABS-CBN Sports. Since Metro Manila and then the whole of Luzon went under a community quarantine, military personnel were called to report to their camps for deployment orders.     In the case of Reyes, who is also the head coach of the Army Lady Troopers in the Premier Volleyball League, he and his crew are tasked to work inside Fort Bonifacio. “Nasa loob lang kami,” said the University of Sto. Tomas Tigresses mentor. “May quarantine area kami para sa mga tropa na nasa checkpoint. Ngayon kami nag-aayos ng facilities namin.” Jovelyn Gonzaga, who is an Army Corporal, is also based in the Taguig camp. She and other enlisted members of the Lady Troopers are just waiting for their deployment orders. “Nandito kami ngayon sa camp, naka-quarantine lang din pero ready for deployment,” said the national team member. “For now naghihintay lang kami ng instructions,” said the Ilongga hitter. “In case ma-deploy kami sa repacking [of relief goods] at sa mess para sa pag-ready ng mga food ng mga sundalo na galing sa deployment.” Gonzaga explained that their work if given the order is to serve the frontline soldiers deployed in the field who will be quarantined. “Kami ang mag-ready ng food nila kapag ma-quaratine sila dito sa camp,” she said. “Kasi after nila mag-checkpoint and all, makaka-quarantine sila for 15 days [dito].” Meanwhile, the 30th Southeast Asian Games silver medal winning men’s team head coach Dante Alinsunurin, setter Jessie Lopez and winger Ranran Abdilla of the Philippine Air Force are on duty in Villamor Airbase.           “Nasa base po kami mga Air Force, duty kami dito katulad nang ginagawa namin ‘pag walang laro kasama si coach Dante at iba pang national team,” said the Airman 2nd Class Lopez. Just like their counterparts in the army, Lopez, SSG. Alinsunurin and Airman 1st Class Abdilla and Jeffrey Malabanan, a reserve in the national squad, are on standby for deployment.    “Naka-ready naman po kami lahat dito sa base in case na i-deploy kami sa labas kung need po,” said the veteran playmaker. “Kaya di rin kami maka-uwi sa family namin. Halos lahat kami nandito.”.....»»

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Mega drug rehab center eyed as quarantine site

The Philippine Army (PA) is preparing the mega drug rehabilitation center located inside a military base in Palayan, Nueva Ecija as a quarantine site for individuals being monitored for 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Lieutenant General Gilbert Gapay, Army commanding general, said the Mega Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (Mega DATRC) at Fort Magsaysay is ready […].....»»

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Army chief bestows Military Merit Medals to 7ID personnel

FORT MAGSAYSAY, Nueva Ecija, Feb.21 (PIA) -- Philippine Army Commanding General Lieutenant General Gilbert Gapay bestowed Military Merit Medals (Interim) to one officer and seven enlisted personnel.....»»

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PMA alumni activities closed to public

As part of the overall efforts in the country to contain COVID-19, the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) announced that the activities for its annual alumni homecoming in Fort del Pilar, Baguio City will not be open to the public. In a statement, PMA spokesperson, Capt. Cheryl Tindog said that while the alumni homecoming will push […] The post PMA alumni activities closed to public appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Army chief bestows Military Merit Medals to 7ID personnel

FORT MAGSAYSAY, Nueva Ecija, Feb.21 (PIA) -- Philippine Army Commanding General Lieutenant General Gilbert Gapay bestowed Military Merit Medals (Interim) to one officer and seven enlisted personnel.....»»

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DOH eyes Caballo Island, Fort Magsaysay as quarantine for OFWs from Wuhan, Hubei

MANILA, Philippines – Health officials are looking at two military facilities as possible quarantine areas for Filipinos returning from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told reporters on Saturday morning, February 1. Department of Health (DOH) officials visited the ........»»

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2 military sites in Luzon eyed as quarantine areas for Filipinos from Wuhan

  MANILA, Philippines — Two military sites in Luzon are being considered as quarantine areas for Filipinos who would be evacuated from Wuhan, the central China’s city at the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak. “The Department of Health is looking at the naval station at Caballo Island and Fort Magsaysay Drug Rehabilitation Center in […] The post 2 military sites in Luzon eyed as quarantine areas for Filipinos from Wuhan appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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