Teves leaves extension plea to Romualdez

Suspended Negros Oriental Rep. Arnies Teves will leave it to the hands of Speaker Martin Romualdez whether to file a leave extension once his two-month suspension expires. “About the two-month suspension, please ask speaker Romualdez,” said the embattled lawmaker during his hybrid press con yesterday. “I will continue to appeal for what is right. Actually, I don’t need to file a leave of absence. I only did that because they insisted.” Teves was slapped with a 60-day suspension after his 292 peers in the House voted in favor of the sanction. The move was prompted by his failure to adhere to the ethics panel’s 24-hour ultimatum and his continued defiance of the Speaker’s marching orders to report to work, perform his duties, and face the allegations leveled against him. Teves is being implicated in the murder of his political foe, Governor Roel Degamo, and eight others, who were gunned down in his home in broad daylight last 4 March. The suspended lawmaker also faces complaints over loose firearms and a series of killings in the province in 2019. Foul Teves cried foul over him being considered absent — that later resulted in suspension — despite attending the legislative proceedings via teleconference, which he lamented was permitted by Congress. “Bakit biglang si Arnie bawal? Para lang madiin ako?” he stressed.       But the congressman did not rule out the possibility of communicating with Romualdez, to whom he claimed he had been reaching out the entire time, despite receiving no response. Teves, who was allowed a medical leave from the House from 28 February to 9 March 2023, had asked Romualdez for a two-month extension of his authority to travel, which the House chief thumbed down. But despite the Speaker’s adamant order, Teves remained headstrong to stay abroad, citing security concerns, notwithstanding his expired travel clearance. The congressman, who reportedly left the US, contented that his failure to return to the country was not due to guilt but anchored in “very grave and serious security threats” to his life. The post Teves leaves extension plea to Romualdez appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Teves,12 others tagged terrorists

The Anti-Terrorism Council or ATC has designated Negros Oriental Rep. Arnolfo “Arnie” Teves Jr. as a terrorist for allegedly masterminding the assassination of Gov. Roel Degamo last 4 March, which also resulted in the deaths of nine others. The ATC named the congressman, who had gone into hiding, as the leader of the Teves Terrorist Group, which allegedly included as members his younger brother, Pryde Henry Teves, and purported bagman Marvin Miranda. Pryde was unseated by the Commission on Elections after a recount of the votes cast in the 2022 Negros Oriental gubernatorial election showed that Degamo had won. Degamo was killed in a commando-style attack at his residential compound in Pamplona town. The slain governor’s wife, Janice, is the mayor of Pamplona. The assault happened just weeks after the Supreme Court upheld the Comelec’s proclamation of Degamo as governor. Also tagged as terrorists were Nigel Electona, Tomasino Aledro, Rogelio Antipolo, Hannah Mae Oray, Rommel Pattaguan, Winrich Isturis, John Louie Gonyon, Dahniel Lora, Eulogio Gonyon Jr. and Jomarie Catubay. In a three-page resolution dated 26 July and signed by Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin that was released yesterday, the ATC said Pryde and Electona “provided material support” to Teves in furtherance of his alleged terrorist activities. “Investigation also revealed that Hannah Mae Sumero Oray handled the operational funds for the killings while Marvin H. Miranda acted as organizer and recruiter of personnel for specific terrorist attacks,” the ATC said. In April, Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla revealed the government’s intention to designate Teves as a terrorist, saying that his group’s alleged “activities that led to the killings are all covered by the Anti-Terror Law, [including] the recruitment, financing, purchase of firearms, and their distribution.”   In hiding Teves has refused to come home after being located last in Timor-Leste, claiming his life was in danger. There was talk he was already in the Philippines under the protection of a former high government official. The House of Representatives had twice suspended Teves for refusing to heed Speaker Martin Romualdez’s plea to come home to face the charges against him. The Philippine National Police had filed a separate complaint against Teves before the Department of Justice last March over the alleged political killing of three other persons in Negros Oriental in 2019. A Degamo lawyer said the Teveses could be linked to as many as 60 killings in Negros Oriental. In reaction, Pryde said in a radio interview that his lawyers would appeal the ATC resolution. He expressed dismay that his right to travel and earn a livelihood would be affected by the order. Saying he would not leave Negros Oriental despite the tagging, the younger Teves said he would be the last to resort to terrorism because he had been a victim of violence. Meanwhile, Ferdinand Topacio, a lawyer of Congressman Teves, lambasted the ATC whose order, he said, demonstrated the government’s prejudgment of the case and “desperation” to take his client into custody. “Since day one of the Degamo killing, the government has mobilized all the resources at its disposal, starting with immediately tagging Teves as the mastermind thereof without investigation, conducting illegal searches on his properties, laying siege to his powers and prerogatives as a member of the House, embarking on a massive media campaign to discredit him and prejudice the minds of the public against him, among other things, all in an obsessive attempt to blame him for a crime at the expense of his constitutional rights,” Topacio said. Topacio questioned why the government had to use the ATC against Teves, in a case for which the Anti-Terrorism Law of 2020 was not “designed.” “The agencies of government, having eggs on their faces due to the recantation of all the key witnesses, the lack of evidence against Representative Teves, the public backlash against his obvious persecution, and the embarrassing failure of the authorities to bully him into returning to the country in spite of grave and serious threats to his life has expectedly weaponized the Anti-Terror Act by using it for the purpose for which it was not designed,” he said. When it was first floated that Teves would be tagged as a terrorist, he posted a video of himself wearing Muslim garb and laughing. The post Teves,12 others tagged terrorists appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Ultimate Fusion of Fitness and Germ Protection: Bioderm X Casino Wellness Weekend

In a spectacular fusion of health and hygiene, Bioderm and Casino proudly presented the much-awaited Wellness Weekend that left health enthusiasts exhilarated, relaxed, and germ-free. This event was held on 12 August at the vibrant Whitespace Manila on Don Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City. The event began with an enthusiastic registration and warm welcome for the esteemed guests from various corners of the National Capital Region. An invigorating opening remark by a prominent Gym Instructor and Health Enthusiast set the tone for the eventful day ahead. The attendees were then treated to an unforgettable workout session, followed by a soul-soothing yoga class that stretched their muscles and their sense of tranquility. The combination of these fitness activities left everyone energized and ready for more. Post-workout, a spread of nutritious and refreshing food and drinks awaited the participants, ensuring they replenished their energy in the healthiest way possible. The event culminated with a memorable class photo, capturing the radiant smiles of individuals who had enjoyed a day well-spent in pursuit of both fitness and wellness. Your perfect workout companions The dynamic duo of Bioderm Coolness and Casino Active was central to the Wellness Weekend. These innovative products seamlessly incorporated hygiene into the participants' workout routines, ensuring that their efforts were matched by optimal germ protection. Bioderm Coolness, with its remarkable 99.9% germ-killing action, guarantees up to 24-hour protection against germs. Infused with refreshing menthol crystals, it leaves a cooling sensation on the skin, enhancing the bathing experience beyond the ordinary. Casino Active stands as a testament to innovative hygiene solutions. It contains active ingredients that obliterate 99.9% of germs while combating body odor for up to 8 hours. The calm and fresh scent Casino Active offers makes it the ideal companion for the active individual seeking all-day freshness. Join the movement The attendees resonated with the event's message, spreading the word about their newfound affinity for Bioderm Coolness and Casino Active. As one influencer passionately exclaimed, "My workout is never complete without Bioderm Coolness and Casino Active. No more worries about germs and that sticky feeling!" The post Ultimate Fusion of Fitness and Germ Protection: Bioderm X Casino Wellness Weekend appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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House calls for special poll to fill Teves’ seat

The House of Representatives on Tuesday adopted a resolution requesting the Commission on Elections to hold a special election to fill the vacancy that expelled lawmaker Arnie Teves left in the chamber. Filed by Speaker Martin Romualdez, who has served as the temporary legislative caretaker of the Negros Oriental, and two other House leaders, the lower chamber adopted House Resolution 1212, seeking to fill Teves' seat. The proponents stressed in the resolution that the vacancy "has left the constituency of the Third Legislative District of the Province of Negros Oriental without representation in the House of Representatives of the Congress of the Philippines." Owing to his "disorderly behavior" and violation of the Code of Conduct of the House of Representatives, the House expelled Teves last Wednesday with 265-0-3 votes. According to the House leaders, the prolonged vacancy of Teves' seat invoked Section 9, Article VI of the Constitution, which provides that "In case of vacancy in the Senate or the House of Representatives, a special election may be called to fill such vacancy in the manner prescribed by law." However, under the Constitution, the elected senator or House member "shall serve only for the unexpired term. In accordance with Republic Act 6645, the Comelec, upon receipt of a resolution of the Senate of the House of Representatives, shall hold a special election to fill such vacancy. Comelec chairperson George Garcia had previously said the poll body was geared up to conduct a special election if requested by the House. “If we will be directed… we will comply with haste,” Garcia said. The Comelec is set to receive a copy of the House-resolved resolution. The post House calls for special poll to fill Teves’ seat appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Wiping out private armies?

Our otherwise contented political class is definitely on edge with the terrorist branding of suspended Congressman Arnolfo “Arnie” Teves Jr. While the innovative terrorist branding seemingly solely targets mainstream politician Mr. Teves, the branding is actually also a live political grenade thrown right onto the laps of the mainstream political class. Mr. Teves’s case is the first time an elected official is officially designated a terrorist by the nascent Anti-Terrorism Council or ATC. Previously, the ATC consistently tacked terrorist tags on red-tagged activist groups and armed extremist groups. But obviously, now it’s on the right side of the political spectrum. As a matter of course, Mr. Teves — the suspected mastermind in the March 4 assassination of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo — is vehemently contesting the terrorist tag and is trying to reverse it. Anyway, we don’t see yet any telltale signs of mainstream politicians taking serious notice of the terrorist branding, much less starting to scamper for cover. But they will certainly have to. Without a doubt, the unfamiliar use of the anti-terror law complicates matters for politicians, particularly provincial-based pols who maintain private armed groups to ensure their political dominance. And, going by how it describes its intention, the ATC is clearly going after private armed groups. “The tragic incident on 4 March 2023, which claimed several lives and left many others injured, is a stark reminder of the threat posed by private armed groups within our country,” the ATC said in its resolution. ATC’s move also comes after Mr. Marcos Jr., in the wake of Degamo’s killing, ordered the dismantling of “private armies.” Mr. Marcos Jr.’s order shouldn’t be surprising. He actually has no choice but to interdict. Otherwise, he violates the Constitution. The 1987 Constitution provides in Article XVIII, Section 24 that “private armies and other armed groups not recognized by duly constituted authority shall be dismantled.” Private armed groups, of course, had long been an ugly blight on our electoral politics, not only on violence-prone Negros Island. In fact, because of private armies, politicians from North to South, both historically and at present, have been paying a deadly price, with probably 100 politicians killed every year. And in most cases, says a 2022 study, “the principals ordering the killings are not investigated, remain in the shadows and enjoy almost complete impunity. As a result, in the vast majority of cases, it cannot be proven who actually ordered the killings.” Such impunities have, of course, morphed into a violent “culture of fear” all over the country. A point ATC emphasizes in its Teves resolution: “The numerous killings and harassments in Negros Oriental which culminated in the assassination of Gov. Degamo must not be taken as isolated and random incidents of violence. A closer evaluation of these killings and harassments have an unmistakable pattern of a rather organized and orchestrated action. These killings and harassments are meticulously and deliberately planned and executed for the purpose of intimidating the residents of Negros Oriental as well as to create an atmosphere or spread a message of fear.” Despite these substantial political issues, no law — oddly enough despite repeated attempts — has been enacted to penalize private armies and other armed groups, which the Philippine National Police says numbered some 155 in 2021. Of that number, police say they consider almost half as “highly active.” Clearly, something sweeping needs to be done against private armed groups to dramatically change the political landscape. Inadvertently, the Teves camp decries the “weaponization” of the Anti-Terror Act, claiming that the government is using it “for the purpose for which it was not designed.” Yet, a private army is unquestionably designed for terror. This fact leaves us with one provocative question: If this government had accidentally found a powerful weapon, does this mean now this government is bold enough to totally wipe out all entrenched private armies? The post Wiping out private armies? appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Tacloban airport construction halt sought

TACLOBAN CITY — Members of the Regional Development Council in Eastern Visayas on Wednesday urged the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines to terminate the contract with the joint venture handling the construction of the new passenger terminal at Daniel Z. Romualdez airport. The RDC said that the project — which is seen to upgrade the status of the airport as an international facility in 2025 — is way past the contract deadline but the accomplishment remains just over halfway, causing economic losses to the region. In an approved resolution, RDC8’s Regional Project Monitoring Committee appealed to CAAP central office to terminate its joint venture contract with MAC Builders and ML Builders Inc. for the construction of the P670-million new passenger terminal. The committee is also asking CAAP CO to deny any request for another extension to the already revised deadline of 1 September 2023. RDC private sector representative Buenaventura Go-Soco, who is a former regional director of National Economic and Development Authority in Eastern Visayas, said the passenger terminal project is the second biggest infrastructure project in terms of economic impact that was implemented in the region. “Other than the San Juanico Bridge, this is the biggest multi-billion-peso project this region has ever had in terms of financial cost and potential economic impact. There is a huge cost to the economy each day this Tacloban Airport Development Project is delayed. And yet CAAP is hesitating to terminate the contract of the culprit,” Go-Soco said. Go-Soco is the proponent of the resolution unanimously approved at the committee level and is expected to be approved during the full council meeting later this month. During the problem-solving session of the committee last 11 July, representatives from the CAAP CO admitted that the physical accomplishment of the project was only 55.86 percent as of 7 July with a negative slippage of 29.45 percent based on the revised completion of 1 September 2023. The post Tacloban airport construction halt sought appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Teves could join legislative proceedings, but only if he asks

During a hearing on Tuesday, hours before Arnie Teves was designated as a terrorist by the Anti-Terrorism Council through Resolution 43, Manila Rep. Benny Abante, a panel member, said Teves could join proceedings in the House of Representatives via personal request. The House ethics and privileges panel, which jurisdiction includes administrative complaints and issues filed against House members, will let suspended lawmaker Teves participate in legislative proceedings via videoconferencing only if he would make a "personal request." "Because we have a rule here that must appear [in person]. The ruling here is this if any congressman would like to make use of the videoconferencing, he has to make a personal request on that and the reason why," Abante said. He underscored that Teves is not excluded from this privilege, which is afforded to all members of the House. "If he wants to participate with us through video conferencing, then he must make a personal request, not through his lawyers. He himself personally," Abante stressed. The lawmaker made the remark, notwithstanding that Teves has since pleaded that he be allowed to attend legislative proceedings via teleconference but has been denied. To recall, Teves lambasted the House leadership, questioning why colleagues were allowed to join meetings, sessions, and hearings through video teleconferencing while he was not. He had earlier cried over being considered absent--that later resulted in a twice suspension-- despite attending the legislative proceedings via teleconference, which he lamented was permitted by Congress. The lawmaker, who was being tagged as the "mastermind" behind the murder of his political foe, Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo, and nine others on 4 March, has been headstrong in his decision not to return home and physically attend the House ethics panel motu proporio, citing serious threats to his life. Ako Bicol Rep. Raul Angelo Bongalon, the panel's vice chairperson, in the same hearing, echoed Abante's comment, citing Speaker Martin Romualdez's recent order that "all the congressmen are required to attend physically or face to face all activities here in Congress" following the lifting of State of Public Health Emergency. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., through Proclamation No. 297 issued on 21 July, ordered the lifting of the state of public health emergency that had previously been declared throughout the country owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, which had claimed thousands of lives. "That's why he (Teves) has to make a request personal to the Office of Speaker or to the Secretary-General to avail the videoconferencing," Bongalon said. The panel chairperson, Rep. Felimon Espares, meanwhile, stressed that "he needs to report [for work] here in the House," citing the lawmaker's expired travel clearance. "He left with an approved travel authority which already lapsed, so he needs to show up here,” Espares noted. The panel chairman thus explained that Teves has no reason to hide since there is no arrest warrant yet against him. The post Teves could join legislative proceedings, but only if he asks appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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‘Egay’ onslaught leaves Baguio teen dead

BAGUIO CITY — The onslaught of super typhoon “Egay” — which brought heavy downpour and strong winds destroying structures here — has claimed the life of a 16-year-old student who was trapped inside their home following a landslide. According to the Baguio City Police Office, the lone fatality was with his parents when a landslide devoured their house in Barangay Bakakeng Central around 10:30 a.m. on 26 July 2023. The parents, a 59-year-old construction worker and 48-year-old housewife were retrieved alive by responders. Meantime, reports from the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, the City Social Welfare and Development Office disclosed that 145 families with 639 individuals were affected in barangays Irisan, Lourdes Subdivision Extension., Camp Allen and San Roque Villages due to the following incidents: 69 flooding, 15 landslides, 11 blown roof and nine fallen trees. Three houses or properties of said affected families were totally destroyed while 65 were damaged partially. The City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office and the City Mayor’s Office led by acting Mayor Faustino Olowan activated the operations center at the onset of the rains and coordinated response to reported incidents with teams from other city government offices, line agencies, volunteer groups and private companies. Reported incidents were 97 leaning/fallen trees/branches; 20 electrical concerns; 12 flooding; 8 soil erosion; 2 stranded people/vehicle; 11 landslide; and 2 clogged drainage. The Benguet Electric Cooperative, on the other hand, announced that it has restored power in 60 percent of Baguio City and Benguet province as of 8 a.m. Thursday, and disclosed the sheer volume of damages to its distribution system with initial cost of damages placed at more than P2.6 million due to broken, damaged and eroded poles felled by trees that fell on the wires. Marcos Highway and Naguilian Road remain open even as the Department of Public Works and Highways said road clearing operations are continuing in stretches affected by the typhoon warning people to “observe extra caution while on the road and avoid unnecessary travel if possible.” In other developments, the Office of the Civil Defense Cordillera reported that a total of 2,421 families or 7,795 individuals sought refuge to the houses of their relatives and evacuation centers in the Cordillera Region during the typhoon. The figures were from the provinces of Benguet, Abra, Apayao, Kalinga and Mountain Province. In Abra, there are 2, 202 families or 7,324 individuals from the 39 municipalities were forced to leave their homes. Some of them went to the designated evacuation centers and some to the houses of their relatives. The province listed the most evacuees. At least 60 families or 194 individuals in Apayao went to the evacuation centers or their relatives. The evacuees are from 9 barangays in the province. Over at Ilocos Sur, the super typhoon had swept away the old Banaoang bridge, a road and another bridge in this town and caused the evacuation of thousands of families whose houses were submerged due to continued heavy rains inundated by flashfloods for two days. In a video footage taken by the Ilocos Sur police, the Old Banaoang bridge’s two spans were swept away Wednesday night by the strong current of flash floods coming from nearby Abra. With Mar Supnad and Anthony Ching The post ‘Egay’ onslaught leaves Baguio teen dead appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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House to prioritize LEDAC-approved bills

The House of Representatives reconvened for the second regular session of the 19th Congress on Monday after a nearly two-month break. Speaker Martin Romualdez, leading the plenary, assured the Executive department that the legislature would prioritize the bills approved by the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council or LEDAC during its second meeting. LEDAC-endorsed bills are in line with the Marcos government’s Agenda for Prosperity or socio-economic policy. “We face the remaining bills in the LEDAC priority list with enthusiasm and optimism, steadfast in our determination to transform these initiatives into concrete laws for the benefit of our fellow Filipinos,” Romualdez told his peers during his speech hours before the President delivered his second State of the Nation Address. Three hundred eleven congressmen responded in the roll call during the opening of the session. Negros Oriental Rep. Arnie Teves was not around due to his suspension. “Our unwavering aim is to realize them before the year ends. We stay committed to spurring economic growth, alleviating poverty, augmenting healthcare services, and fostering job opportunities for our fellow countrymen,” he continued. The House leader, cousin of the President, is referring to 20 LEDAC bills, namely, amendments to the BOT Law or Public-Private Partnership bill; National Disease Prevention Management Authority; Internet Transactions Act or E-Commerce Law; Health Emergency Auxiliary Reinforcement Team Act, formerly Medical Reserve Corps; Virology Institute of the Philippines; Mandatory ROTC and National Service Training Program; Revitalizing the Salt Industry; Valuation Reform; and E-Government and E-Governance. Completing the LEDAC list are the Ease of Paying Taxes Equally; National Government Rightsizing Program; Unified System of Separation/Retirement and Pension of Military and Other Uniformed Personnel; LGU Income: Classification; Waste-to-Energy Bill; New Philippine Passport Act;  Magna Carta of Filipino Seafarers; National Employment Action Plan; Amendments to the Anti-Agricultural Smuggling Act; Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas-endorsed Bank Deposit Secrecy; and Anti-Financial Account Scamming Act. Aside from the LEDAC, the House said it would keep its eyes on how the newly enacted New Agrarian Emancipation Act (RA 11953), inked by the President last 7 July, is being implemented. “It is equally imperative to address the issues confronting our agricultural sector in the soonest possible time. We will redouble our efforts to stop the smuggling of rice, sugar, and onions, which harms our farmers’ competitiveness and disrupts the agricultural value chain,” said Romualdez, among the principal authors of RA 11953. “We shall safeguard our farmers’ interests, ensure equitable market conditions, and foster sustainable farming methods to ensure our nation’s food security.” The law wrote off "all principal loans, unpaid amortization, and interest" of 610,054 agrarian reform beneficiaries totaling P57 billion from the time of the President's late father, Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. The post House to prioritize LEDAC-approved bills appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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UNITED AND PRODUCTIVE House of Representatives

  Given its record harvest of legislation, the House of Representatives under the leadership of Speaker Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez concluded the First Regular Session of the 19th Congress on a high note.   Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez Speaker - 19th Congress, House of Representatives   First Regular Session Legislative Accomplishments   BILLS PASSED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES   LEDAC Priority Bills: SIM Registration Act (RA 11934) Postponement of Barangay and SK Elections to October 2023 (RA 11935) Amending the Fixed Term of the AFP Chief of Staff and other High-Ranking Officials (RA 11939) Agrarian Reform Debts Condonation (RA 11953) Maharlika Investment Fund (RA 11954) Magna Carta of Seafarers E-Governance Act / E-Government Act Negros Island Region Virology Institute of the Philippines Passive Income and Financial Intermediary Taxation Act National Disease Prevention Management Authority or Center for Disease Control and Prevention Medical Reserve Corps Philippine Passport Act Internet Transaction Act / E-Commerce Law Waste-to-Energy Bill Free Legal Assistance for Police and Soldiers Apprenticeship Act Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Law Magna Carta of Barangay Health Workers Valuation Reform Eastern Visayas Development Authority Leyte Ecological Industrial Zone Government Financial Institutions Unified Initiatives to Distressed Enterprises for Economic Recovery National Citizens Service Training Program Rightsizing the National Government National Land Use Act 30-Year National Infrastructure Program Department of Health Specialty Centers Act/Regional Specialty Hospitals Ease of Paying Taxes Local Government Unit Income Classification Amendment to Universal Health Care Act Bureau of Immigration Modernization Act Philippine Salt Industry Development Act   Social Impact Bills: HB 5001 - No exam fees in private HEIs for underprivileged students who rank in the top 10 in high school HB 00005 - On-site, in-city, near city, and off-city resettlement program based on people's plan HB 0227 - Protection and welfare of caregivers HB 00988 - Increasing service incentive leave HB 00454 - Enhanced protection, security, and benefits for media workers HB 4477 - Greater responsibility and accountability from private employment agencies, amending Batas Kasambahay HB 04479 - Expanding prohibited acts of discrimination against women on account of sex, amending Labor Code HB 06416 - Strengthening mental health services of state universities and colleges HB 06483 - Abolition of "no permit, no exam" practice in college HB 06509 - Free legal assistance to uniformed personnel for the performance of duty HB 06492 - Freedom of Religion Act HB 00206 - Lowering the optional retirement age of government workers from 60 to 56 HB 06574 - Promotion and delivery of mental health services in basic education HB 06572 - Establishment of public schools of the future in technology HB 06680 - Free full insurance coverage to all qualified agrarian reform beneficiaries HB 01270 - Protection and promotion of the welfare of workers in the film, television, and radio entertainment industry HB 06716 - Mandating the establishment of fisherfolk resettlement areas HB 06718 - Protection and incentives for freelance workers HB 07354 - Evacuation centers in every city and municipality HB 04605 - Right of married women to retain their maiden surnames HB 06772 - Presidential power to suspend or adjust PhilHealth premium increases HB 07387 - Expanding the services for crop insurance HB 07535 - P1 million for centenarians HB 07561 - Mandatory insurance coverage and benefits for all line workers HB 07584 - Abolition of "no permit, no exam" in elementary and secondary classes HB 07909 - Extension of estate tax amnesty HB 07718 - Strengthening the law against illegal recruitment     Quote (SFMGR):   “As the House of Representatives amply demonstrated, we remain committed to implementing policies that will further stimulate economic activity, attract investments, and generate employment opportunities for our fellow Filipinos. We will not allow any distraction to derail our efforts at finding appropriate and timely solutions to the problems affecting the lives of our people.”   House Leaders:   Senior Deputy Speaker Aurelio "Dong" D. Puno Deputy Speakers: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Isidro T. Ungab Roberto V. Puno Camille A. Villar Kristine Singson-Meehan Raymond Democrito C. Mendoza Ralph G. Recto Vincent Franco "Duke" D. Frasco Majority Leader Manuel Jose "Mannix" M. Dalipe Minority Leader Marcelino C. Libanan Senior Deputy Majority Leader Ferdinand Alexander "Sandro" A. Marcos The post UNITED AND PRODUCTIVE House of Representatives appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Papaya hysteria

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Such nutritional advice stresses the healthiness of eating fruits that contain vitamins and other nutrients that are good for the body. On rare occasions though, fruits can be a health risk and even life-threatening. A 13-year-old student from Balayan, Batangas recently found this out too late when he tried to pluck santol or cotton fruit from a tree in their village. The teenager did not notice a live wire hidden by the thick leaves of the tree and was electrocuted, GMA Regional TV “Balitang Southern Tagalog” reported. The victim was brought to a hospital but was dead on arrival. Papayas have the same vitamins and minerals as the santol, but they may also pose a danger to persons as recently happened to six schoolchildren of Abra High School-Sinalang Extension in Bangued, Abra. One female student suddenly went berserk and started screaming, GMA Regional TV “One North Central Luzon” reported. Five other students also acted the same way and people had to calm them down. According to the report, a spell was cast on the students by an angry bad spirit to punish them for cutting down a papaya tree near the classrooms. The bad spirit reportedly demanded that the students replace the papaya tree that they cut down. After their outbursts, the students complied and planted a new tree in place of the one they had cut down to appease the bad spirit. The management of the school called for a priest to say a prayer and bless the school. A retired psychologist, Dr. Gregorio Taag, advised the school to have the kids undergo medical examinations to determine the real cause of their unexplained hysterics. The post Papaya hysteria appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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DoJ: Teves raps ‘non-transferable’

Department of Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla on Thursday said that there is no way that the multiple murder complaints against suspended Negros Oriental Third District Representative Arnolfo Teves Jr. can be transferred to the Office of the Ombudsman. The DoJ chief’s statement comes after the camp of Teves sought the recusal of the Department of Justice from handling the case involving the assassination of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo and the subsequent deaths of 10 civilians. Remulla stressed that only judges can be removed from a case through a motion for inhibition. “We are not judges,” Remulla said. To recall, the lawmaker — represented by Atty. Ferdinand Topacio — has requested an immediate transfer of the case to the Office of the Ombudsman, a non-political entity headed by former Supreme Court associate justice Samuel Martires. Topacio expressed concern about their camp receiving a fair treatment from the DoJ, regardless of which prosecutors handle the cases and stressed that appealing the resolution of prosecutors to the Secretary of Justice would be futile due to Remulla’s alleged bias. “If you win and appeal to the SoJ (Secretary of Justice), what will happen to your appeal? It’s an exercise in futility. So that is our plea here. Perhaps, there may be some shred of decency and fair play in the secretary, that he refers it to the Ombudsman since we have grounds to conduct a preliminary investigation under the law,” Topacio said. To recall, Teves and several other respondents have been charged with 10 murder, 14 frustrated murder, and four attempted murder in the deaths of 10 persons and injuries sustained by 18 others. The DoJ’s panel of prosecutors has started its preliminary investigation. Teves has been out of the country even after his travel abroad expired on 9 March 2023. He has been tagged as “one of the masterminds” in the Degamo killing although he consistently denied the allegations. The solon failed to attend the preliminary investigation conducted last 13 June. The panel of prosecutors set another investigation on 27 June. The post DoJ: Teves raps ‘non-transferable’ appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Zubiri signs enrolled Maharlika Investment Fund bill

  Senate President Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri on Wednesday signed the controversial Maharlika Investment Fund bill in Washington, D.C., a crucial requirement before the Senate transmits it to Malacañang for President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s approval. Zubiri, who is currently in the United States for an official trip, signed the enrolled copy of the bill at the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. Senate Secretary Renato Bantug personally flew to the United States to get the Senate chief’s signature. Aside from the MIF bill, Bantug also brought with him two enrolled measures such as the Estate Tax Amnesty Extension Act and the Act recognizing Baler, Aurora, as the birthplace of Philippine Surfing. “The Maharlika bill is a priority measure, and the Estate Tax Amnesty Extension is very time-sensitive. Many people are waiting for these bills. Fortunately, the enrolled copies were already prepared by the time Secretary Bantug was set to join us in Washington,” Zubiri said in a statement. “So he was able to bring them along with him, instead of letting them sit in the Senate waiting for my return, and I was able to sign them on Philippine soil, here in the embassy,” he added. He clarified that Bantug was supposed to be part of the Senate delegation and “only brought the enrolled bills with him.” Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Manuel “Babe” Romualdez, and Senator Francis Tolentino, who are part of the working visit, witnessed the signing. According to Zubiri, the Estate Tax Amnesty Extension Act is set to be sent to Malacañang for the signature of the President, while the Maharlika Investment Fund Act is set to be sent to the House of Representatives for the signature of the Speaker. “We have a few more days of meetings here in Washington, but with these enrolled bills already signed, we can send them out straightaway upon our return,” he said. The Senate chief refused to answer questions about how the chamber addressed the different terms and prescriptive periods found in Sections 50 and 51 of the MIF bill. He, however, noted that “the corrections were thoroughly discussed by the majority bloc in our Viber group, including the letter of correction sent by Senator Mark Villar.” In the approved version of the MIF bill, Section 50 prescribes a 10-year period for the prosecution of crimes and offenses, while Section 51 provides a 20-year period. The post Zubiri signs enrolled Maharlika Investment Fund bill appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Degamo Slay Case Answer raps, DoJ dares Teves

The Department of Justice has challenged suspended Negros Oriental 3rd District Rep. Arnolfo “Arnie” Teves to answer the complaint for multiple murder, multiple frustrated murder, and multiple attempted murder filed against him in the 4 March 2023 killing of Governor Roel Degamo and 10 persons. Senior Deputy State Prosecutor Richard Anthony D. Fadullon said a subpoena has been issued by a DoJ panel of prosecutors against Teves to answer the charges. Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Mary Jane E. Sytat is the head of the panel of prosecutors that will handle the case. Fadullon, however, did not mention any deadline for Teves to file his counter-affidavit and the date of the start of the preliminary investigation. Earlier, Teves was slapped with a second 60-day suspension as a legislator, as he continued to return home despite the lapse of his travel authority on 9 March 2023 citing “security reasons.” The embattled solon has been tagged as “one of the masterminds” in the killing of Degamo, the deaths of nine other persons, and injuries sustained by 18 individuals. He has denied the allegations. He was reported to have applied for political asylum with the Timor-Leste government which denied his plea. He appealed the denial before Timor-Leste’s Supreme Court. It was not known, as of posting, the status of the appeal. The National Bureau of Investigation filed the criminal charges against Teves on 17 May 2023 in connection with the killings. Aside from Teves, also charged were Angelo V. Palagtiw, Neil Andrew Go, Capt. Lloyd Cruz Garcia, Nigel Electona, and a person identified only with the aliases “Gee-Ann” and “Jie-An,” allegedly a sister of Palagtiw. The suspects were charged with 10 counts of murder, 14 counts of frustrated murder, and four counts attempted under the Revised Penal Code. Under the RPC, murder is a non-bailable offense and a heinous crime. The post Degamo Slay Case Answer raps, DoJ dares Teves appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Teves mocks DoJ over ‘bribing’ allegations

Embattled Negros Oriental Third District Representative Arnolfo Teves Jr. mocked Justice Secretary Boying Remulla’s claim that the suspects were bribed with P8 million each to recant their statements against him. In a Facebook video uploaded on Saturday, Teves labeled the alleged P8-million bribe as a figment of the Department of Justice’s imagination, stressed that he had no idea where Remulla obtained the figure. The accused lawmaker’s remark came a day after Remulla’s claim that the offer to the suspects began when his alleged co-mastermind Marvin Miranda was allowed to speak with a lawyer he earlier refuted knowing. “When Marvin Miranda was caught on 31 March, about six days after that, the rustling started. When he finally spoke to the lawyer he didn’t want to let in at first, the money offer to the other accused began,” said the Justice chief. To recall, five more suspects in the sensational 4 March killing of Degamo and nine others recanted their confessions before the Manila Regional Trial Court on 31 May, bringing the total number of suspects who initially cooperated with authorities but have now recanted their statements to 10. All 11 accused, including Miranda, filed a move to quash as they alleged that their arrests were unlawful. The most recent suspects to recant are Winrich Esturis, Eugelio Gonyon Jr., John Louie Gonyon, Joric Labrador and Benjie Rodriguez. They were represented by lawyer Jord Valenton, who said his clients were subjected to torture to confess to taking part in the assassination. Remulla over the weekend named former Justice Undersecretary Reynante Orceo as the person who allegedly spoke with Miranda and other suspects. Teves contended, though, that the Justice chief was only fabricating it against him. Previously, Teves was given another 60-day suspension and forfeited his committee memberships by the House Committee on Ethics and Privileges on Wednesday as a punishment for his continued defiance of Speaker Martin Romualdez’s call to return home and face the allegations against him in the Degamo murder case and report to work. His first suspension lapsed on 22 May. Teves left for the US since February this year. His stay outside the country despite his expired travel clearance is one of the reasons the House is running after him. The post Teves mocks DoJ over ‘bribing’ allegations appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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SEC opens new office in Tacloban

The Securities and Exchange Commission the corporate regulator, has opened a new extension office in Tacloban in Leyte, responding to the request of House Speaker Ferdinand Romualdez and the Regional Development Council of Region VIII......»»

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President’s 6-year term ‘too long’

Senator Robin Padilla on Thursday said he is planning to push for amendments in the political provisions of the 1987 Constitution like limiting the term of the president and elected officials to four years. Padilla revealed his “alternative plan” after failing to gain support from his colleagues to amend the economic provisions of the Constitution via a constituent assembly or con-ass. “We have another bill about the extension of terms, the reelection of (former) presidents, four-year term for local officials,” he said. “If they don’t want (amendments) on the economic provision, we will try political (amendments),” he added. “Six years are not enough for a wise president, but for a foolish president, it is too much.” The 1935 Constitution of the Philippines, which was in effect from 1935 to 1942 and again from 1945 to 1973, allowed the President to be re-elected for a second term. However, the 1973 Constitution, in effect from 1973 to 1986, did not allow for re-election. The present 1987 Constitution also does not allow for re-election. Manuel L. Quezon was the only President of the Philippines who was reelected under the 1935 Constitution. Quezon was elected President in 1935 and re-elected in 1940. However, he died in office in 1944. Padilla, who chairs the Senate panel on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes, insisted that his aspiration for Charter change is “not yet dead.” He admitted, however, that cha-cha may be as good as buried with the rift in the House of Representatives. Padilla was referring to former president and Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo being demoted from senior deputy speaker to one of several deputy speakers. Arroyo promptly denied reports she was penalized for allegedly mounting a leadership coup against Speaker Martin Romualdez. The post President’s 6-year term ‘too long’ appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Teves blasts House over Arroyo demotion

Negros Oriental Rep. Arnies Teves lashed out at the leadership of the House of Representatives anew, this time saying the chamber was rude in its decision to demote Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Teves, who has been tagged by authorities for alleged involvement in the Degamo murder case and remains abroad, protested that Arroyo was "very qualified" for the role. "For me, what they did was rude. [She's a ] former president, her work is great, then you will demote her? It's not good. For me, there is no respect for fellow congressmen, especially for people of very high morale, very esteemed persons. I really felt bad about that," he said. Last week, Arroyo was demoted from senior deputy speaker to deputy speaker and was replaced in her previous post by Rep. Aurelio Gonzales Jr., amid talks that Arroyo was plotting to oust Romualdez from the Speakership. Arroyo, in a subsequent statement, said she had no intention of succeeding Romualdez and that she respects President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s choice to support his cousin as leader of the House. Teves said he is not returning home to physically attend the House ethics panel motu proporio on Monday, citing serious threats to his life. "Why won't they allow me to attend via Zoom?," he demanded. "Why are other congressmen allowed to attend via Zoom? In fact, I have screenshots of recent meetings, sessions and hearings showing that other congressmen were joining via video teleconferencing. How come they were allowed and I'm not?" Teves had earlier complained that he was considered absent by the House despite attending legislative proceedings via teleconference, which he said was permitted by Congress. However, the ethics panel's chairperson, Felimon Espares, pointed out that Teves "was deemed absent because his travel clearance was unauthorized. When you are absent, you cannot participate in all the affairs here in the House." Teves is being implicated in the murder of his political foe, Negros Oriental governor Roel Degamo, and eight others, who were gunned down on 4 March in the governor's residence in Negros Oriental. The post Teves blasts House over Arroyo demotion appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Padilla wants four-year term limit for president

Senator Robin Padilla on Thursday said he is planning to push for political amendments in the 1987 Constitution such as limiting the term of the president and elected officials to four years. In a press conference at the Senate, Padilla said this is his “alternative plan” after failing to gain enough support to amend the economic provisions of the Constitution via constitutional assembly. “We have another bill about the extension of terms, the reelection of [former] presidents, four-year term for local officials,” he said in Filipino. “If they don’t want [amendments] on the economic provision, we will try political [amendments],” he added. Asked about the basis of his plan to allow former presidents to run for office again, the neophyte senator answered: “Six years are not enough for a wise president, but for a foolish president, it is too much.” ‘Cha-cha not dead’ Padilla, who chairs the Senate panel on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes, insisted that his aspiration for charter change (cha-cha) is “not yet dead.” “Maybe the [amendments on] economic provision but not cha-cha,” he said. The lawmaker is advocating for the amendment of the economic provisions through a constitutional assembly or con-ass while the House of Representatives is pushing for a constitutional convention. He explained that one of the reasons cha-cha in Congress “died” is due to the issue of Speakership in the House of Representatives. “It ultimately died after the row in the lower chamber,” he said. Last week, reports about the speakership row emerged after former president and now Pampanga 2nd District Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was stripped of her title as senior deputy Speaker. Arroyo was replaced by Pampanga 3rd District Representative Aurelio Gonzales. The move fueled speculations that it was related to a failed attempt by the former president to oust Speaker Martin Romualdez, who is a cousin of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. The veteran politician had admitted that she was gunning for the speakership last year but that is “no longer part” of her “political objectives” at this point. The post Padilla wants four-year term limit for president appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Marcos, Timor Leste PM may discuss Teves rejected asylum request — Romualdez

It is “very possible” that President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and Timor Leste Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak will talk about the denied asylum request of Rep. Arnolfo Teves Jr. (Negros Oriental) in the latter’s country, House Speaker Martin Romualdez said......»»

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PBBM may bring up Teves issue with E. Timor counterpart, says Romualdez

INDONESIA – House Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez said the denial of Rep. Arnolfo Teves’ asylum application may be tackled in the upcoming bilateral meeting between President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Timor Leste Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak in the 42nd ASEAN Summit and related meetings here. Romualdez made the statement after the Department of Justice said Teves was in Timor-Leste and had applied "for a protection visa with the intent of asylum."  The Southeast Asian nation, however, has rejected his application and ordered him to leave the country in five days since Teves has been tagged as the alleged mastermind in the murder of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo. In an interview with the reporters, the House Speaker believed Marcos was equally concerned about Teves' situation.  "We are also interested in the developments and his current situation in Timor Leste. From what we know, he applied for political asylum, which was denied yesterday. We have confirmed this information tonight (Wednesday)," he said. However, Romualdez clarified that he was still determining if the President had conversations about this matter on the sidelines. When asked if the President will ask the head of Timor Leste to "produce" Teves or ask him to come back to the Philippines, Romualdez said: "Well, I don't know if he will ask to produce him because he's already in Timor Leste and we are aware of that." Romualdez also clarified that the President would not ask Timor Leste to bring Teves back to the Philippines because there is no extradition treaty between the two countries. Instead, Teves has less than a week to leave Timor Leste.  The House Speaker also said there are three options for the congressman: To return to the Philippines and face the charges against him; continue defying orders and face further sanctions; or move to another country.  He urged Teves to return home and face justice, adding that the rights and privileges of a congressman are not meant to be used to evade justice. “So Cong. Arnie Teves, umuwi ka na (go home) and face the music and let the justice take its course,” Romualdez said. In a separate statement, Romualdez warned Teves that "another possible disciplinary action" may be imposed against him if he refuses to return to the Philippines after his 60-day suspension. The House Speaker also called on Teves anew to "return home immediately and face the accusation against him" instead of evading investigation in the Philippines." "Should Cong. Arnie continues to defy the return to work order after the lapse of the 60-day period of his suspension, the House Committee on Ethics and Privileges may be constrained to reconvene and consider another possible disciplinary action against him," Romualdez said. "This is our recourse in order to preserve the dignity, integrity, and reputation of the House of Representatives," he added. The post PBBM may bring up Teves issue with E. Timor counterpart, says Romualdez appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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