Supreme Court orders Badoy to explain red-tagging

The order came days after the high court issued a stern warning against a certain Lorraine Badoy.  The post Supreme Court orders Badoy to explain red-tagging appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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Supreme Court ensures due process in anti-VAWC orders for men

The High Court said that even though protection orders are swiftly issued, the accused party is not denied of due process, as they are informed of the accusations and given the opportunity to explain their side......»»

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SC orders PAO chief to show cause

The Supreme Court has ordered the Public Attorney’s Office to show cause in connection with its order directing all officials to follow the order of the SC. The SC, in a statement, asked PAO chief Persida Acosta to explain why she should not be disciplined as a Member of the Bar for Issuing PAO Office Order No. 096, Series of 2023. Acosta had earlier issued PAO Office Order No. 096, Series of 2023 (Office Order), in response to a Resolution, dated 11 July 2023, of the Court, directing the PAO to strictly comply with Canon III, Section 22 of the Code of Professional Responsibility and Accountability. The said Office Order gave the PAO the “discretion and disposition” to comply with Canon III, Section 22 of the CPRA and advised the Public Attorneys Office to reconcile the said provision with Article 209 of the Revised Penal Code, which penalizes betrayal of trust and revelation of secrets by lawyers, to avoid any criminal responsibility and imprisonment, an insinuation that compliance with the CPRA will amount to the commission of such offenses. The Office Order, the SC said, urged the PAO to adopt precautionary measures in handling conflict-of-interest cases “to protect their life and limb” and avoid criminal and administrative liability. The Court deemed the instructions in Atty. Acosta’s Office Order as belligerent and disrespectful as she effectively accused the Court of directly exposing the Public Attorneys not only to criminal and administrative liability, but also physical danger. “Thus, although it presented itself as a directive to comply with Canon III, Section 22 of the CPRA, the Office Order further instigated disobedience to the said rule,” the SC said. The post SC orders PAO chief to show cause appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Manning agents seek dialogue with Tulfo

The Association of Licensed Manning Agencies Maritime Group is seeking a dialogue with Senator Raffy Tulfo to explain to him that the escrow provision in the Senate version of the Magna Carta for Filipino Seafarers not only benefits agents and shipowners but also seamen. “It is not true that the escrow provision is anti-seafarers,” Cristina Garcia, president of ALMA, said in an interview with the Daily Tribune’s digital show “Usapang OFW.” Garcia said that “once we protect our shipowners, at the end of the day, our seafarers will benefit from it because they are the ones that are providing jobs to our seafarers.” The proposed escrow account provision, present in the passed House version of the MCFS bill, holds a seafarer’s compensation for work-related injury or death until all litigation processes and appeals by employers have been completed. Its intention is to prevent so-called ambulance chasers from abusing manning agencies by demanding unreasonable amount of compensation, as well as from charging seafarers very high legal fees and abandoning them when a court orders claimants to return overpayments.   The exploitation of the seafarer compensation system has been identified as a major obstacle to the employment of Filipino seafarers.   In his “Wanted sa Radyo” program, Tulfo, chair of the Senate Committee on Migrant Workers and author of Senate Bill No. 2221 or MCFS, threatened to hit in a privilege speech agencies and personalities that have been lobbying to include the escrow provision in the said bill. Atty. Carmela Magpantay, legal counsel of ALMA member CF Sharp Crew Management Inc., said lawmakers should protect the whole industry and not just the seafarers. Most of the seamen that filed disability claims cases against their foreign principals in connivance with ambulance chasers were abandoned by their lawyers when the restitution of the fee was ordered by the Court of Appeals, according to Magpantay. “Most cases were reversed by the Supreme Court and seafarers face the problem of returning the money already awarded to them by the NCMB (National Conciliation and Mediation Board) or NLRC (National Labor Relations Commission),” Magpantay said. She added that only 25 percent of disability claims were enjoyed by seafarers, while 75 percent went to their lawyers, as told by their crew victimized by ambulance chasers. Magpantay said the whole manning industry supports the MCFS and the Seafarers Protection Act being pushed by Tulfo because they want full protection for their crew. “We have no problem if there are no lawyers overcharging seafarers. Even shipowners won’t oppose claims if the money awarded goes to seafarers. However, that doesn’t happen and instead more than half of it goes to the lawyers or ambulance chasers. And when it’s restitution time, the seafarers are pitiable,” she added. Last week, the Joint Maritime Committee of the Dutch, German, Nordic and Norwegian Chambers of Commerce said the removal of the escrow provision in SB 2221 would only make ambulance chasing victimizing foreign shipowners unresolved. “The exploitation of the seafarer compensation system has been identified as a major obstacle to the employment of Filipino seafarers. This is primarily attributed to the flawed system requiring shipowners to pay in full before cases are finally settled in the judicial system,” Tore Henriksen, chairperson of the European Joint Maritime Committee, said. An estimated P2.5-billion judgment awards by the NLRC and NCMB have been reversed or modified on appeal but were not returned to shipowners, the chamber said. The post Manning agents seek dialogue with Tulfo appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Genesis of graft, corruption

Graft and corruption grow luxuriantly in infertile soil. Sounds like an odd contradiction but Senior Undersecretary Domingo Panganiban, who is facing a complaint before the Ombudsman for his buy-now, authority-to-follow -later scheme, would surely understand this. Sounds cryptic? Let me explain. Just a few months after he was appointed by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. as senior undersecretary at the Department of Agriculture, he announced that 50,000 metric tons of fertilizer which the government would purchase on a government-to-government deal would be arriving sometime in October 2022. The shipment must have gone to Timbuktu because not a pound of it has arrived to this day. That volume of fertilizer should have substantially addressed the low productivity of rice and sugarcane. The same held true for rice farmers in the Cotabato provinces and elsewhere in Mindanao. This, plus the unjust and manipulative buying price of palay, is the basic reason we have run short of these consumer commodities. This is indeed a national shame considering that for a long period, we were exporting huge volumes of sugar and occasionally we, too exported rice. Panganiban served under the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. when both rice and sugar production was at an all-time high. I surmised this could have been the reason PBBM got him to serve as his alter ego at the DA. After all, the success of the Masagana 99 program was partly attributed to him. However, he has outlived his usefulness or maybe was hopelessly overruled by some shady characters in the Palace who wanted to make a fast buck. Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin owned up to Panganiban’s unusual rush to fast-track the huge shipments of sugar ahead of orders from the proper authorities. As a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Bersamin saw no legal impediment to Panganiban’s order to proceed with the importation. The complainants, however, saw it differently so let’s wait and see whether the Ombudsman will indict him or not. Whether the importation of sugar is legit or not is another story. Failure to respond to the more compelling need to address the low productivity in sugar and rice is a mortal sin. Importing these commodities as a solution is the height of idiocy and is actionable in hell. And this contributes significantly to the uptick in inflation that the country faces today. The late President Marcos Sr. left a template for agricultural productivity. It would take another column to explain that in detail, but PBBM should have looked into that first when he took up the job of Secretary of Agriculture on top of being President. Nearly a year in office and yet there is no indication whatsoever that PFEM’s legacy in the field of agricultural productivity has invited the curiosity of the new appointees in the Department of Agriculture. There is no hint this government is going to revive the National Food Authority, and nobody talks about the resuscitation of Food Terminal Incorporated. This is indicative of the ignorance, incompetence, and nonchalance of Marcos’ subalterns in the DA. If agriculture is indeed the backbone of the Philippine economy, then we are in for some trouble ahead of us unless PBBM overhauls the department and installs someone competent to handle the job. I cannot fault PBBM though since, as a kid growing up in those days of the agricultural bonanza, boys his age were fancying girls in miniskirts and Elvis Presley. But again, Panganiban is aware of it all except that these days his interests and priorities had taken a different turn and were misplaced. Importation and abetting of smuggling have been the order of the day and our law enforcers look on in what seems like a happy acquiescence. Such is the genesis of graft and corruption. The post Genesis of graft, corruption appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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SC orders Badoy to comment on lawyers indirect contempt plea vs her

The Supreme Court has ordered former Palace official Lorraine Badoy-Partosa to answer the petition filed by lawyers asking the tribunal to cite her in indirect contempt for her posts against Manila Judge Marlo Magdoza-Malagar......»»

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SC issues show-cause order vs Badoy over posts on Manila judge

The Supreme Court has ordered former Palace official Lorraine Badoy-Partosa to explain why she should not be cited in contempt of the court over her posts concerning Manila Judge Marlo Magdoza-Malagar......»»

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SC orders Palace to explain VFA withdrawal

THE Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday ordered Malacanang to explain why it withdrew from the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) without the concurrence of the Senate. Well placed sources of the Manila Times said the high court ruled that the Palace, through Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea and Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr., should comment on […].....»»

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Families of Badoy, Celiz contest House detention in Supreme Court

Spouses of Lorraine Badoy and Jeffry Celiz filed a petition for certiorari and habeas corpus before the Supreme Court (SC) on Monday to question the constitutionality of the contempt cited by the House of Representatives......»»

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SC orders VP Sara to respond to petition on constitutionality of OVP’s P125M CF

MANILA, Philippines — The Supreme Court (SC) has directed Vice President Sara Duterte to respond to the petition that questions the constitutionality of the P125-million confidential fund (CF) allocated for the Office of the Vice President in 2022. In a two-page notice made public Monday, the High Tribunal also directed Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin and.....»»

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2023 yearend tax updates and compliance

Update yourself and your organization with the latest Supreme Court decisions, all recent BIR revenue regulations, memorandum orders, circulars and policies relevant to business owners and taxpayers covering the period from January to November......»»

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Preventive suspension

Dear Atty. Joji, Our Manager was charged with policy violations and fraud. Pending administrative investigation, he was placed under preventive suspension without pay for a period of 30 days. Later, it was discovered that he approved payments for work not done and involved unaccredited third parties, as such it is recommended by the management that his preventive extension be extended. May an extension of the period of preventive suspension be imposed for a separate or distinct offense upon an employee? Anthony *** Dear Anthony, Yes, a subsequent preventive suspension may be imposed for a separate or distinct offense upon an employee. Whilethe provisions regarding preventive suspensions found in Sections 9 of Rule XXIII, Book V of the Omnibus Rules, asamended by Department Order No. 9, Series of 1997, limits the period of preventive suspension to 30 days, such timeframe pertains only to one offense by the employee. In the case of Smart Communications Inc. v. Solidum,G.R. No. 19776; 7 December 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that: “The respondent was validly placed under second preventive suspension for the reason that pending investigation of separate and distinct set of offenses committed by therespondent, as contained in the second Notice to Explain, his continued presence in the company premises duringthe investigation poses serious and imminent threat to the life or property of the employer and co-workers. The Courtfurther ruled that these newly discovered transgressions would, thus, require an additional period to investigate.”By a preventive suspension, an employer protects itself from further harm or losses because of the erring employee.This concept was explained by the Court in Gatbonton v. National Labor Relations Commission: An employee may be placed under preventive suspension, when: The evidence of guilt is strong, and the employer or head of establishment is convinced that the continued stay of the employee during the period of investigation constitutes a distraction to the normal operations of the company; and His continued employment poses a serious and imminent threat to life or property of the employer or his co-workers As such, for an offense, the preventive suspension cannot go beyond 30 days. However, if the employee is charged with another offense, then the employer is entitled to impose a preventive suspension not to exceed 30 days specifically for the new infraction. Indeed, a fresh preventive suspension can be imposed for a separate or distinct offense. Thus, an employer is well within its rights to preventively suspend an employee for other wrongdoings that may be later discovered while the first investigation is ongoing. Hope this helps. Atty. Joji Alonso The post Preventive suspension appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Boost cybersecurity measures, Supreme Court orders judiciary personnel

The Supreme Court has ordered officials and personnel of the judiciary to strengthen cybersecurity measures to “minimize the risk of cyber threats” as it issued guidelines to be followed by courts on “proper cyber hygiene.”.....»»

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Fancy word ‘revisionism’

Were there widespread abuses during the martial law years spanning 21 September 1972 to 17 January 1981, or nine years under President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.? Certain groups consider the narrative of the period being the dark ages of civil rights as sacrosanct and should never be challenged. Anything different from their storyline would be revisionism. These are the hypocrites who consider themselves as having the divine appointment to decide what is best for the country after the 1986 EDSA revolt. “I am ready to debate with anyone, and it is my duty to explain to the people,” Presidential Chief Legal Counsel Juan Ponce Enrile, who was the martial law administrator, said on the necessity of the controversial 1972 imposition. The situation then called for the declaration of powers to address an extraordinary threat to the nation. Everything was done according to the provisions of the 1935 Constitution, stressed Enrile on his weekly morning show “Bayan ni Juan.” “I was ordered by then — President Marcos Sr., who was acting under the commander-in-chief provision of the law, to study what was contained in the Constitution on the powers of the President,” he said. He pointed out that martial law covering the entire country was necessary at that particular period. Our country, not only today but in the future, is guaranteed always to be stable. “The time will come when there will again be a need to impose martial, and it will be the people who would clamor for it, I’m telling you,” he predicted. Enrile said that all forms of government leave something to be desired; even China, which is fast developing, faces several criticisms. The government, however, is responsible for preventing chaos, anarchy, and disorder. “We should be thankful that martial law was declared, or Mr. Jose Maria Sison would have taken over the government,” Enrile recalled. “Our economy then was hit by a global crisis. America was on a downturn, and it brought down the Philippines with it,” he said. “History will give us a fair picture of the past, such as what happened in Roman times, the Persian period and the Assyrian period.” Similarly, history will bear out that martial law was what was called for. According to the seasoned public servant, he could vouch for the Marcos military rule being fair and far from what was painted by the opportunists. “If they call the declaration of martial law a dictatorship, then what was the description of the government when President Cory Aquino took over? She was the legislator and the executive. Cory, the supposed saint of democracy, changed the 1973 Constitution that the Filipinos voted for,” Enrile said. With a single signature, she changed the Constitution and assembled 60 individuals who were supposedly knowledgeable on the laws to craft the 1987 Constitution, Enrile said, recounting the forming of the Constitutional Commission that drafted the 1987 Charter. Even though he held the executive and legislative functions, Enrile said Marcos made sure “we were all working under a system of democratic procedure.” Marcos, he said, did not monopolize the government. “All the laws created under martial law were deliberated, debated, and discussed.” As proof of the just creation of the presidential decrees by Marcos, Enrile said that most are still being used by the government “because they were well thought out.” “Compare that with the laws being passed now. After a few years, these are required to be revised because of mistakes,” he said. The Supreme Court was always there to balance the executive and the legislative. “Can anyone say how many decrees passed during martial law were turned down by the SC as unconstitutional?” Of course, all were correctly upheld and in accord with the Basic Law. The post Fancy word ‘revisionism’ appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Badoy, Parlade reprimanded by Ombudsman for red-tagging

The Ombudsman found ex-spokespersons Lorraine Badoy and Antonio Parlade Jr. of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict, or NTF-ELCAC, guilty of conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service for red-tagging a lawyers' group as communist rebels. In a ruling signed by Ombudsman Samuel Martires on 9 August but released only to the media on Thursday, the court reprimanded Badoy and Parlade for "unduly" tarnishing the image of the NTF-ELCAC over their statements against the National Union of People's Lawyers. "It perpetuates the notion that it is being used as a governmental tool to silence dissent or opposition instead of legitimately pursuing its ultimate: goal of lasting peace and ending the armed conflict with the communist rebels," the Ombudsman said. The Ombudsman’s decision was in response to a complaint filed by NUPL three years ago against Badoy, Parlade and former National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr. for linking the organization to a communist armed movement. "These matters (NUPL) are not communist propaganda as dissent and upholding of individual rights are vital in a vibrant democracy. As such, the importance of raising awareness or highlighting these issues to the public cannot gainsaid,” the decision read. The Ombudsman warned Badoy and Parlade that “a repetition of a similar offense would be dealt with more severely.” The Ombudsman, however, found Esperon not guilty of the administrative complaint. “Nevertheless, his defense appears to be tempered especially since he had stated that while he agreed that the CPP-NPA (Communist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples' Army) had underground operation with legal fronts, he was not concluding that the NUPL is part of the CPP but that some of its members are allegedly part of these organizations working for the CPP,” the Ombudsman said. Esperon served as the NTF-ELCAC’s vice chair, while Badoy and Parlade were among its spokespersons. The NTF-ELCAC was created in December 2018 by virtue of then-president Rodrigo Duterte’s Executive Order 70. Last week, during the deliberations of the Ombudsman’s proposed P5.05 billion budget for 2024, Martires told lawmakers that there is no law against red-tagging, paving the way for the dismissal of another complaint filed against Badoy and Parlade. Badoy and Parlade face several other complaints before the Ombudsman in relation to red-tagging. The post Badoy, Parlade reprimanded by Ombudsman for red-tagging appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Management prerogative

Dear Atty. Maan,   Our hospital co-worker was caught with a pouch in her bag during an inspection. The pouch contained various medical supplies, including syringes, Micropore, cotton balls, gloves and more. She requested to return the pouch to the treatment room, but her request was denied. Instead, she was taken to the In-House Security Department, where she was instructed to write an Incident Report explaining why she had these items. Eventually, she was terminated by the company for just cause as she had committed theft in violation of the Code of Discipline. Is her dismissal in this case valid?   Nicole   ***   Dear Nicole,   The Supreme Court ruled in various cases the right of an employer to regulate all aspects of employment, aptly called “management prerogative.” This gives employers the freedom to regulate, according to their discretion and best judgment, all aspects of employment, including work assignment, working methods, processes to be followed, working regulations, transfer of employees, work supervision, lay-off of workers, and the discipline, dismissal and recall of workers. In this light, courts often decline to interfere in the legitimate business decisions of employers. In fact, labor laws discourage interference in employers’ judgment concerning the conduct of their business. The facts you presented are similar to the case of St. Luke’s Medical Center vs Sanchez where the Supreme Court ruled to wit: “Among the employers’ management prerogatives is the right to prescribe reasonable rules and regulations necessary or proper for the conduct of its business or concern, to provide certain disciplinary measures to implement said rules and to assure that the same would be complied with.” At the same time, the employee has the corollary duty to obey all reasonable rules, orders, and instructions of the employer; and willful or intentional disobedience thereto, as a general rule, justifies termination of the contract of service and the dismissal of the employee. Article 296 (formerly Article 282) of the Labor Code provides: Article 296. Termination by Employer. — An employer may terminate an employment for any of the following causes: (a) Serious misconduct or willful disobedience by the employee of the lawful orders of his employer or his representative in connection with his work; Note that for an employee to be validly dismissed on this ground, the employer’s orders, regulations, or instructions must be: (1) reasonable and lawful, (2) sufficiently known to the employee, and (3) in connection with the duties which the employee has been engaged to discharge. As it stands, the Court thus holds that the dismissal of Sanchez was for a just cause, supported by substantial evidence, and is therefore in order. “By declaring otherwise, bereft of any substantial bases, the NLRC issued a patently and grossly erroneous ruling tantamount to grave abuse of discretion, which, in turn, means that the CA erred when it affirmed the same. Inconsequence, the grant of the present petition is warranted.” Hope this helps.   Atty. Mary Antonnette Baudi The post Management prerogative appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Breach of trust

Dear Atty. Maan,   I have been working at a toy manufacturing company for the past decade. Last week, our team manager was caught with various valuable toy parts during a routine outgoing inspection for which she had no authorization to take from the warehouse. Although she was given a chance to explain, her employment was eventually terminated for stealing company property and loss of trust and confidence. She had been with the company for more than two decades. Do you think the termination was commensurate with the offense she committed, Atty?   Elaine ***   Dear Elaine,   Article 297. [282] of the Labor Code of the Philippines provides: Termination by Employer. — An employer may terminate an employment for any of the following causes: (c) Fraud or willful breach by the employee of the trust reposed in him by his employer or duly authorized representative[.] Further, the Supreme Court ruled in various cases that Two requisites must concur for a valid termination of employment due to loss of trust and confidence. First. Breach of trust and confidence must be premised on the fact that the employee concerned holds a position of trust and confidence, where greater trust is placed by management and from whom greater fidelity to duty is correspondingly expected. The essence of the offense for which an employee is penalized is the betrayal of such trust. In the case of Wesleyan University Phils. v Reyes, employees vested with trust and confidence were divided into two classes: (a) the managerial employees; and (b) the fiduciary rank-and-file employees. As explained by the Court: To the first class belong the managerial employees or those vested with the powers or prerogatives to lay down management policies and to hire, transfer, suspend, lay-off, recall, discharge, assign or discipline employees or effectively recommend such managerial actions. The second class includes those who in the normal and routine exercise of their functions regularly handle significant amounts of money or property. Cashiers, auditors, and property custodians are some of the employees in the second class. Second. There must be some basis for the loss of trust and confidence. The employer must present clear and convincing proof of an actual breach of duty committed by the employee by establishing the facts and incidents upon which the loss of confidence in the employee may fairly be made to rest. This means that “the employer must establish the existence of an act justifying the loss of trust and confidence.” Otherwise, employees will be left at the mercy of their employers. Presence of the above-mentioned conditions would warrant the validity of termination on the ground of breach of trust and confidence under the law. Hope this helps.   Atty. Mary Antonnette Baudi The post Breach of trust appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Senate to continue IACAT probe despite suspension of travel guidelines

The Senate wil continue its scheduled investigation into the departure formalities for international-bound Filipino passengers imposed by the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking despite the suspension of the guidelines' implementation. In a press conference at the Senate, Senate President Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri said while the suspension of the “stricter” guidelines is a welcome development, the upper chamber is still keen to know the basis behind such guidelines. “First of all, we thank them for the suspension because they’re supposed to implement it on 3 September, Sunday. So they will suspend it but at the same time, they have to explain to us how did they come up with the guidelines,” Zubiri said. He noted that the IACAT must explain the basis for requiring international-bound Filipino travelers to provide various documents such as original copies of birth certificates and affidavits of consular service for the traveler’s destination, among others. “There is no law that requires us to do so. So, in the absence of a law, we want to ask them their basis for these added requirements for Filipinos to travel abroad,” he added. He issued the remarks after the Department of Justice on Thursday suspended the implementation of the IACAT’s revised guidelines on departure formalities. On Wednesday, the upper chamber approved an unnumbered resolution seeking to stop the implementation of the revised guidelines on 3 September. It was followed by a separate unnumbered resolution that aimed to challenge the constitutionality of the travel guidelines before the Supreme Court. Zubiri lauded Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin “Boying” Remulla, for suspending the implementation of the “stricter” travel guidelines, which has earned criticism from Filipino travelers ahead of the order's scheduled implementation on the weekend. “This proves that government agencies and the DOJ secretary are listening and sensitive to the pulse of the public,” he said. Senate Majority Leader Joel Villanueva expressed his gratitude to the IACAT for “heeding our call to suspend the implementation of the revised IACAT travel guidelines.” “This is indeed a testament that our government listens. But our work does not stop here. We look forward to a dialogue with Department of Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla and the IACAT council to resolve the issues and find better solutions to combat human trafficking,” Villanueva said in a separate statement. “Our position remains. The revised IACAT travel guidelines are unreasonable, prone to abuse, and misplaced. The government should not put the burden on our kababayans but instead strengthen their programs against trafficking,” he added. Senator Grace Poe, chair of the Senate panel on Public Services, likewise welcomed the suspension of the new travel guidelines. “It averted what could have been a chaotic situation at our airports with the possible flight misses and boarding delays due to the cumbersome requirements,” Poe said. “We are one in our goal to give ease and security to legitimate travelers while making it hard for wrongdoers to victimize the public,” she added. The post Senate to continue IACAT probe despite suspension of travel guidelines appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Iran court orders U.S. to pay 1980 coup victims $330M

A court in Tehran has ordered the United States government to pay $330 million in damages to families of several people killed in a 1980 failed coup d’etat allegedly planned and executed by Washington. Relatives of those killed in the coup filed last year a legal petition with Iran’s International Court demanding damages, the judiciary’s Mizan Online website said. The petitioners claimed that a year after the 1979 Islamic revolution that toppled the US-backed shah, a group of mostly army officers tried to overthrow the new government. State news agency IRNA said the “insurgents” were led by Saeed Mahdiyoun, a former Iranian air force commander, and had their headquarters in Nojeh, an air base in the western Hamedan province. “Their objective was to seize control of military bases across the country and target strategic centres and residences of the revolution's leaders. However, their efforts were thwarted,” IRNA said. Several people were killed in clashes between the coup plotters and government forces, and scores of others were arrested. Tehran and Washington have had no diplomatic relations since the aftermath of the 1979 revolution. In 2016, the US Supreme Court ordered that Iranian assets frozen in the country should be paid to victims of attacks Washington has blamed on Tehran, including the 1983 bombing of a US Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon and a 1996 blast in Saudi Arabia. Tehran, which denies all responsibility for the attacks blamed on it by the United States, says that a series of US court judgments have awarded victims a total of $56 billion in damages. WITH AFP The post Iran court orders U.S. to pay 1980 coup victims $330M appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Mayor Abby lauds DepEd intervention

Makati City Mayor Abby Binay expressed her gratitude to Vice President and Department of Education Secretary Sara Duterte yesterday for her timely intervention in the management and supervision of the 14 public schools caught in the territorial dispute between Makati City and the City of Taguig. Binay said that amid the tension, she is very thankful to Duterte for being the voice of reason on the issue and is very grateful that her office will directly manage and supervise the 14 schools in the 10 barangays affected by the decision of the Supreme Court. Binay said her apprehensions and worries were alleviated due to DepEd Order No. 023, Series of 2023 which ensures the welfare of all students, parents, and teachers are protected. On 16 August DepEd issued Order No. 23, Series of 2023, or the “Assumption of Authority of the Department of Education over the 14 public schools affected by Supreme Court decision in G.R. No. 235316” signed by Duterte. DepEd said the order was issued following the increased tension between the two local government units regarding the management and supervision of the affected schools which poses uncertainty to the peaceful and orderly reopening of classes on 29 August. All activities in relation to the 14 public schools must first go through DepEd and be approved by VP Sara. This includes any activities by the city governments of Makati and Taguig. Taguig City can no longer enter and hold any activity inside the said schools without first informing and asking for permission from the DepEd. The order of the VP and  DepEd Secretary also nullifies all previous orders and issuance from other branches of the national government in relation to the transfer of jurisdiction. She noted that Makati’s transition team is prepared to cooperate with DepEd to ensure the smooth transition of the schools. She also assured that the welfare of teachers, the youth, and their parents will always come first. The lady mayor said she is hoping no one will violate the said order. She added that it is not a good example for the youth if the leaders are not setting a good example by not following the directives and guidelines mandated by DepEd. Binay said Makati will follow the rule of law and all other regulations to be implemented during the transition. Binay said  there are around 30,000 to 48,000 students studying in the 14 affected schools. The post Mayor Abby lauds DepEd intervention appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Smooth transition between Makati, Taguig urged

A teachers’ group is calling for a smooth transition between the cities of Makati and Taguig to ensure that classes in the affected public schools will not be disrupted by the territorial tension with only a week to go before the opening of classes on 29 August. Teachers’ Dignity Coalition national chairperson Benjo Basas said the two cities should respect the Supreme Court decision, noting that the delivery of education for the learners should not be compromised amid the ongoing tension over a boundary dispute between these two neighboring cities. Noel Meneses, president of the Fort Bonifacio High School Faculty Club, has also called for an immediate resolution on the issue. “We hope the two cities would make an agreement to restore the normal school operations,” Meneses said. According to Meneses, majority of the teachers were affected by the sudden transfer of schools division particularly when the documents are immediately needed for transactions like certifications, assignment orders, permits, or loan applications that are very much needed in time for the beginning of classes. Meneses, who is also speaking on behalf of the local chapter of the TDC, said teachers need to be informed of the situation affecting the two cities because “they are at the frontlines in education, and directly involved with learners, their parents, and the community, and can help the DepEd to disseminate proper information.” Meanwhile, the school principals of the public schools located at the so-called enlisted men’s barrios said they have no problem if the schools are now under the jurisdiction of the local government of Taguig City. Makati Science High School Principal Dr. Felix Bunagan said that the conduct of this year’s “Brigada Eskwela” was a success, which was participated in by Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano. Earlier, students and teachers of the Tigaban High School in East Rembo warmly welcomed Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano who actively engaged in the annual Brigada Eskwela activity. Earlier, West Rembo Elementary School principal Alma Cayabyab Adona said that while the two cities have good intentions, they should focus first on the welfare of the learners to establish a smooth opening of classes. She also reminded her fellow teachers to remain non-partisan and always do the mandate from the Department of Education. “We have no bias as long as the order must come from DepEd. That’s what we’ll stand for. We are not held by anyone,” she said. A total of 14 public schools involving some 1,500 teachers and 30,000 learners are affected by the transition, the TDC said. Basas said that the Department of Education’s central office’s assumption of authority over the affected schools would ease tension and open the door for more friendly talks between the two local government units. “With just a week to the opening of classes, our schools will need to make preparations, and in order to do this, teachers and other school personnel should be allowed to work, business as usual. We hope that things will get better sooner,” Basas said. The post Smooth transition between Makati, Taguig urged appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

Category: newsSource:  tribuneRelated NewsAug 21st, 2023