Starlink set to disrupt Phillipines telco market

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is set to disrupt the Philippine telco industry, now that it will enter the country in the first quarter of the year with its offer of high-speed internet......»»

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PLDT mulls offering satellite connectivity

Integrated telco PLDT Inc. is preparing for the looming entry of tech billionaire Elon Musk’s Starlink into the country’s internet market as it plans to offer a matching space-based connectivity package to users, although it maintains that fiber remains the most reliable technology for providing web access......»»

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Connecting Remote Communities via Satellite Broadband

On 21 April, the United States government and its Philippine partners demonstrated the effectiveness of satellite broadband technology in remote areas of the Philippines as part of a US-supported program to increase access to fast and reliable Internet connectivity in the country. The Introducing Non-Geostationary Satellite Constellations Test Deployments to Improve Internet Service program was launched by the Philippine Space Agency and the Department of Science and Technology’s Advanced Science and Technology Institute, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development, in October 2021. Under this program, PhilSA invites satellite operators to conduct pilot tests in Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas to demonstrate the viability of satellite broadband technology and assess its performance in the country. Through INCENTIVISE, USAID facilitated PhilSA’s procurement of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite Internet services for Barangay Dikapanikian in Dingalan, Aurora and Barangay Apad in Jomalig, Quezon. [caption id="attachment_132480" align="aligncenter" width="525"] Dikapanikian Barangay Chairman Richard Francia Belardo and Barangay Health Workers connect to the Internet using a smartphone.[/caption] Residents of the two pilot areas have cited the positive impact of INCENTIVISE in the provision of local services, particularly in the education and healthcare sectors. “With the help of the Internet, we can now conveniently conduct video calls to the local barangay health station to provide clear instructions on medication before our actual visit and check-up appointment,” said Bing Sabado, a midwife of the Rural Health Office of Dingalan, Aurora. “The Internet is a big help to the teachers and students especially in lesson planning because they now have access to online resources,” said Dr. Sharon Villaverde, public schools district supervisor in Jomalig, Quezon. “The lessons now have become more interactive and engaging because the teachers are incorporating the use of technology and the Internet.” “Satellite Internet provides a reliable Internet connection to those living in rural or remote areas where traditional terrestrial connections are not available. By leveraging these technologies, we can bring connectivity to all Filipinos, regardless of their location,” USAID Philippines Office of Economic Development and Governance director Jeff Goebel said during the presentation of the results of the pilot test in Aurora and Quezon. “The entry of satellite broadband technology in the Philippines is crucial to help bridge the digital divide and ensure that every Filipino has access to the opportunities that come with the digital age.” “We want to promote the value and benefit of space technologies so we as a country can continue investing in these capabilities and so that the benefits of these activities will reach our communities,” PhilSA director general Joel Joseph Marciano Jr. said. Following this public demonstration, USAID will continue working with PhilSA and DOST-ASI to identify other GIDA sites that will test the viability and effectiveness of satellite broadband technology. Through programs like INCENTIVISE, USAID is supporting the Philippines to modernize its digital infrastructure. USAID believes that fast and reliable Internet connectivity can help the country become a competitive player in the global digital landscape by improving its access to the global market, enabling e-commerce and online transactions, facilitating communication and information exchange and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The post Connecting Remote Communities via Satellite Broadband appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Pascual backs SIM registration extension

Micro, small, and medium enterprises using numerous subscriber identity module or SIM cards have yet to register them all, which may result to huge displacements when these are deactivated by the 26 April deadline., Trade Secretary Fred Pascual said. He said that small firms are largely dependent on their smartphones in transacting with customers In a press briefing in Malacañang, Pascual said the Department of Information and Communications Technology should consider extending the deadline for SIM card registration as it will help in the country’s shift to digital payments. “Digital payments are what we need to happen to further promote and develop our MSMEs because that’s how they can facilitate accessing the market and being able to sell online,” he said. The Trade chief stressed that strictly implementing the deadline will be a “major concern.” Telco giant Globe Telecom backed the call of Pascual so customers can obtain valid IDs — a key requirement for SIM registration that many SIM users lack, preventing them from completing registration. Globe, nonetheless, urged its subscribers to complete the registration process immediately, with 33.067 million of its 86.5 million customer base compliant with the law as of 20 April. “We encourage all our subscribers to register their SIMs as soon as possible to maintain uninterrupted access to mobile and broadband services. Pending response to our appeal for the government to extend the deadline, we call on all Globe SIM users to comply with the law,” said Globe Group President and CEO Ernest Cu. Extension must be considered “If we really need registration, we need to be able to accommodate (adjustment of the deadline). Personally, I will go for it, but I do not know the official position of the concerned department,” the Trade chief noted. Moreover, he said the SIM registration “must be done and make sure that registration happens. It’s like voter’s registration.” On Wednesday, the DICT said the deadline for the SIM card registration period remains, amid clamors from major telecommunications giants Globe, Smart and DITO Telecommunications to extend the registration period. “With the 26 April 2023 registration deadline drawing near, we encourage everyone to register to promote the responsible use of SIMs and provide law enforcement agencies the necessary tools to crack down on perpetrators who use SIMs for their crimes, consistent with the declared policy of the law,” the DICT statement read. The DICT, headed by Secretary Ivan Uy, has the sole prerogative to extend the deadline for another 120 days, stipulated on the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 11934 or SIM Registration Law. According to the National Telecommunications Commission, as of April 18, about 5,399,998 or 36.08 percent have registered for DITO; 32,224,277 or 37.15 percent for Globe; and 36,558,127 or 55.14 percent for Smart for a total of 74,182,402. Further, the NTC said registered users make up 44.15 percent of these active mobile subscribers. The post Pascual backs SIM registration extension appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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PLDT seen remaining at forefront of telco sector

Telco giant PLDT Inc. is expected to remain at the forefront of the country’s telecommunications industry in terms of revenue market share and profitability......»»

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PLDT takes over Sky Cable’s internet business

PLDT Inc. has acquired the broadband business of Lopez-owned Sky Cable Corp. for almost P7 billion in a deal that cements the market dominance of the telco giant......»»

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PLDT leads data center race in Philippines

Telco giant PLDT Inc. has maintained its lead as the largest player in the data center market and is eyeing an 82 percent boost in power capacity to 62 megawatts by 2024 from the current 34 MW......»»

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Starlink expected to enter Philippines by Q1

Starlink is set to offer its space-based broadband to Filipinos within the first quarter of the year, as it eyes to persuade fellow telco players from the US to invest in the Philippines as well......»»

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Starlink told to speed up Philippine entry

Billionaire Elon Musk’s Starlink has been told to hasten its expansion in the Philippines to compel its fellow telco players in the US to explore opportunities in the country......»»

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Who’s afraid of Elon Musk? Not the local telco tycoons

Are telco tycoons Manuel V. Pangilinan, the Ayalas, Dennis Anthony Uy and Dennis Uy worried that the entry of Internet from space Starlink, owned by the richest man on earth Elon Musk, will cost them subscribers?.....»»

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Globe still top telco based on market value

Ayala-led Globe Telecom Inc. has retained its position as the largest telco firm in the Philippines, reaping the fruits of expanding its portfolio outside of its core business......»»

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Quick Take: Starlink s local partner and 2 more market updates

There is no information to say whether or not this deal is exclusive......»»

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Quick Take: Elon Musk s Starlink to delay PH launch and 2 more market updates

In a way, Elon Musk is performing a live market feasibility study, and the other ISPs will be happy to cluster around Starlink’s price point to offer competitive plans in areas that demonstrate an unusual density of high-paying remote customers......»»

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Power spot market prices drop in June

Globe Telecom Inc. is ramping up its roster of international 5G-ready telco operator partners in preparation for the reopening of borders for travel......»»

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Dito sees profitability in 5 years

New telco player Dito Telecommunity expects to be profitable in five years as it seeks to capture a significant share of the market by then......»»

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Heftier oil price cut expected next week

Consumers’ pockets will experience heftier cash relief next week as oil prices are anticipated to be on a substantial rollback of P0.75 to P0.90 per liter for gasoline; and P0.80 to P0.90 per liter for diesel. MB file photo. (Mark Balmores) For kerosene, the price of this commodity is also expected for a reduction of P0.65 to P0.75 per liter, based on the initial calculation of the oil firms. Industry players will be implementing these price cuts by Tuesday (November 3); although the dictates of competition may prompt other oil firms to enforce rollbacks ahead of their company rivals to corner patronage of consumers. The price change scene at the domestic pumps is in contrast to what’s happening with the price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a product commonly used in households for cooking, which is rising by P3.20 per kilogram this November. From the leaner price reductions implemented last week, the Department of Energy (DOE) logged that the total year-to-date adjustments in pump prices had been a net decrease of P4.67 per liter for gasoline; P10.26 per liter for diesel; and P13.59 per liter for kerosene. As culled from the energy department’s monitoring, prices have been softening in the Asian market because of sustained low demand; while most refineries are also seen increasing their runs next month following completion of maintenance works in their facilities this October. Globally, what is being watched closely is the ramp up in production of Libya; with experts noting that the more barrels it has been injecting into market could “disrupt the market rebalancing strategy” being pushed by the Organization of the Petroleum Countries (OPEC) and its ally-producers. To note, the OPEC+ alliance has been requiring stricter compliance on the agreed production cuts until December this year, so sagging oil prices could be lifted. “Libya’s additional crude could change the story back to oversupply concerns as crude demand outlook weakens, as the world continues on restrictive measures and lockdowns to contain Covid-19,” the DOE monitoring report has stated. As the Philippines is highly import-dependent market, supply-demand shift developments in the international market could impact on the swing of prices being reflected at the pumps on a weekly basis......»»

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Brexit waves threaten to wreck Belgian& rsquo;s fishing fleet

Ostend, Belgium—Britain’s departure from the European single market will disrupt many long-standing economic relationships and could yet devastate one of the oldest—the Belgian fishing fleet’s work in UK waters......»»

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NOW partners with Vietnam telco giant

NOW Corp. is teaming up with the information communication and technology arm of Vietnam’s largest telecom player to develop market opportunities in the country......»»

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Singapore-based proptech to venture into Philippines market

Ohmyhome, Singapore’s leading property technology startup, is set to disrupt the real estate industry in the Philippines by bringing innovation to the way people buy, sell and rent their properties......»»

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DITO seeks to ‘disrupt’ telco sector

Third telco player Dito Telecommunity Corp. is poised to offer more affordable internet and mobile services than its competitors once it launches its network early next year, its chief administrative officer Adel Tamano said......»»

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Brunei& rsquo;s largest telco company DST taps MultiSys as technology arm

Datastream Digital Sdn Bhd (DST), the largest telecommunication company in Brunei has partnered with leading Filipino software solutions provider Multisys Technologies Corporation (MultiSys) as both expand market reach to the ASEAN region......»»

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