Quick Take: Fence-sitting on POGOs and 3 more market updates

It’s not shocking to hear a government starved for funding is willing to sit on the fence while collecting some tax revenue......»»

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Quick Take: Upson s IPO and 2 more market updates

The biggest difference: the market is showing signs of life........»»

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Quick Take: Sleeping shares come to 'life' and 2 more market updates

Feels like there are some traders that remember the wild days of early 2021, who want more than anything to see the basura stocks rip back to life......»»

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Quick Take: Cebu Pacific clarifies and 2 more market updates

While CEB is making a big deal about returning to its pre-pandemic capacity, it’s volume that is actually the critical metric for CEB’s profitability......»»

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Quick Take: Is the BSP clairvoyant? and 3 more market updates

Remember this if the onion/egg/sugar/whatever problem persists much longer, or if we hear of another macro-level inflation-causing event......»»

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Quick Take: Who says we can t speculate on handshakes? and 2 more market updates

The handshake in the pic doesn’t appear to represent any kind of finality, as the text of the post suggests that work on getting to a deal is on-going......»»

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Quick Take: RCBC s bad day and 2 more market updates

This is a civil trial (not a criminal one), so the worst that could happen is for RCB to be on the hook for a hefty financial payout......»»

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Quick Take: PSEi s ascent to lofty heights? and 5 more market updates

I don’t personally spend very much time thinking about inclusions and removals, but trading the potential candidates can be a profitable (if somewhat risky) enterprise......»»

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Quick Take: Villar-owned PREIT walks the renewables talk? and 2 more market updates

I’d like to see PREIT walk the RE walk before I buy any of its RE talk......»»

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Quick Take: AboitizPower gets loan for renewables project and 2 more market updates

A big loan to support an ambitious spending goal......»»

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Quick Take: Ayala Corp to pay ACEN dividends and 2 more market updates

This distribution is probably timed to keep ACEN’s public float high enough to remain in the PSEi Total Return index......»»

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Quick Take: PSE s 'optimistic targets' and 2 more market updates

The “optimistic targets” represent a 55% increase in IPOs........»»

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Quick Take: SMC completes Eagle Cement takeover and 2 more market updates

That’s game! This was basically the final “real” step in the process of SMC’s takeover of EAGLE......»»

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Quick Take: Chaos at SPNEC and 2 more market updates

This stock almost sank below its IPO price, and we still don’t know what’s going on......»»

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Quick Take: China s 'reopened' economy and 2 more market updates

For anyone that has followed China’s response to COVID, this is a wild departure from the party line........»»

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Quick Take: DITO CME s new director and 3 more market updates

With DITO’s overwhelming exposure to exchange rate fluctuations, having someone like Mr. Ravelas “in the room” could prove incredibly useful for DITO as it navigates the coming quarters of inflation and interest rate hikes......»»

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