Premonition of Danger: Suspicious Objects Turn Out to be Malicious in Almost Three-quarters of Cases

Kaspersky experts have analyzed the anonymized and aggregated statistics from requests to the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal, an always-on web service with access to several petabytes of global security intelligence data that is updated almost in real-time. The analysis showed that when security researchers requested additional details of a suspicious object, 72% of cases turned […].....»»

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Overconfidence, complacency led to spike in COVID-19 cases in Cebu – Duterte

MANILA, Philippines — Too much confidence and complacency led to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Cebu, President Rodrigo Duterte said Monday in his televised speech. “But really, the danger is there. It’s up to you to decide. If you get infected, then I’m sorry,” Duterte said, speaking partly in Filipino. “Those […] The post Overconfidence, complacency led to spike in COVID-19 cases in Cebu – Duterte appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Quezon City expands protection programs as cases of local violence among women breaches 300

“Abuse doesn't choose a time. It can happen any time. So we want to extend services that will attend to women anytime they need, especially if they are in immediate danger,” she added......»»

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From Hopkinton to Boston, marathon absence is seen and felt

By JIMMY GOLEN AP Sports Writer HOPKINTON, Mass. (AP) — “It All Starts Here.” The motto is bannered on the Hopkinton website, laid into the floor of the Marathon Elementary School, painted on a sign that sends Boston Marathon participants off on their way to Copley Square. Since 1924, this 300-year-old town serendipitously located 26.2 miles west of Boston has been the starting line for the world’s most prestigious road race and, like Marathon and Athens themselves, the two are enduringly linked. “It gets stronger and stronger every year, this relationship,” said Tim Kilduff, a longtime Hopkinton resident and former Boston Marathon race director. “We see it as: The spirit of the marathon resides in Hopkinton, and we lend it out one day a year.” From the starting line in this leafy Colonial town to the finish on Boylston Street, residents and runners are preparing for a spring without the Boston Marathon — the first in 124 years. Organizers and authorities have postponed the race originally scheduled for Monday until Sept. 14 because of the coronavirus pandemic, stripping the streets of brightly colored singlets and opening a gap in the sporting schedule for runners from all over the world. “Tradition’s an overused word. But this really is a rite of spring,” Kilduff said. “So this year it will lead into a beautiful fall season in New England.” ___ On a regular marathon weekend, Hopkinton triples in size from its 16,000 residents to absorb a field of more than 30,000 runners, wheelchair racers and hand cyclists. The Town Common teems with people, along with food carts and other vendors serving both tourists and race participants previewing the course. But while others may think of Hopkinton only on the third Monday in April, the marathon and its essence permeates the town all year. Residents drive over the starting line painted on Main Street on their way to work or to concerts at the gazebo. An International Marathon Center is planned for the town, a sister city of Marathon, Greece, where the long-running tradition was birthed. There are three marathon-related statues in Hopkinton, including “The Starter,” which stands at the starting line, pistol raised, ready to send the field off for another race to Boston’s Back Bay. These days, his face is covered with a cloth mask. “This is not the NBA or baseball or the NFL. This is ours,” said Kilduff, who was the race director in 1983-84, ran the marathon in 1985 and for the last 33 years has been a spotter on the truck that leads the men’s field to the finish line. “Anybody who has run the race, volunteered for the race, supported the race, feels that they own a part of the race. They own just a little bit. So it’s ours,” he said. “The Boston Marathon is almost bigger than itself in the emotion it elicits, and the respect that people have for it.” ___ Training for a marathon can be a solitary endeavor, but the event itself is a social distancing calamity. Participants crowd into corrals to wait for the start, then run in packs to minimize air resistance. Volunteers hand out water on the course and medals at the finish. Fans and family are waiting with high fives or hugs. At Wellesley College, where the cheering is so loud it is known as the Scream Tunnel, students traditionally wave signs encouraging the runners to stop for a kiss. It’s hard to imagine this custom — already a relic of another era — surviving post-pandemic. “A lot of the signs are jokes about kissing. That’s part of the tradition, too,” said Erin Kelly, a senior who returned home to San Diego when the campus closed. “The marathon is just a big part of Wellesley’s culture. I was looking forward to seeing it as a student one last time.” ___ Oncologist Amy Comander decided to run the Boston Marathon in 2013, when colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital treated many of those injured when two pressure-cooker bombs exploded at the finish line. “I just told myself: You’re running next year. And I did,” she said. And every year since. After starting work at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, right around the Mile 16 marker, Comander has used it as a base for her training runs. During the race itself, the sight of coworkers, friends and even patients out front cheering her on gives her a boost of energy right when she needs it: just before making the turn toward Heartbreak Hill. “I see it as a true privilege that I can go to work and I’m on the marathon course," Comander said. “You’re talking to someone who truly loves everything about the Boston Marathon." Comander is registered to run for her seventh year in a row, this time to raise money for cancer survivors and their families; she is still determined to do so in September. But on Monday, she will be caring for cancer patients, a task more stressful because of the danger the coronavirus poses to their weakened immune systems. “I will be a little sad,” said Comander, who plans to take a break from the clinic to get in an 8-mile run — but not on the course, per the request of authorities concerned about crowds. “I feel like I need to do that for myself.” ___ The daffodils are in bloom now from Hopkinton Green to Copley Square and all along the 26.2-mile route in between. Thousands of the bright yellow flowers were planted after the 2013 bombing as a symbol of rebirth and resilience, and they have the benefit of blossoming in mid-April — right around Patriots' Day — to cheer the runners along. Thousands more potted daffodils have decorated the course each year since the explosions at the finish line that killed three people and wounded more than 180 others. With the state holiday and the race postponed until the fall, the blooms will have long since withered. Instead, many of the flowers grown to decorate the course were placed outside of hospitals to thank health care staffers for working through the pandemic. Outside Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, just down the road from the 1 Mile To Go marker in Kenmore Square, the flowers were arranged in a heart. A sign encouraged workers to take a plant home. ___ Just a few steps from the finish line, the Marathon Sports shoe store on Boylston Street gets especially busy over the weekend leading up to the race, when tens of thousands of runners descend on the Back Bay. Things typically cool off on Monday, giving the staff a chance to pop out and cheer the finishers. "We don’t have any official party," said Dan Darcy, the chain’s marketing director. “It’s really just a celebration of the runners that day." Marathon participants are easily recognizable after the race: There is the medal around their neck, of course, and a mylar warming blanket draped around their shoulders if the weather is cold. Often their bib number is still pinned to their chest. “If we have any runners coming through our doors on Marathon Monday, I can tell you they’ll be recognized and they’ll hear the support from our staff,” Darcy said in a telephone interview from Fairbanks, Alaska, where he is working remotely. Marathon Sports has been a reluctant landmark since the first of the two bombs exploded outside its window at 2:49 p.m. on April 15, 2013. Darcy was watching the race from a different spot that day and tried unsuccessfully for hours to get in touch with his coworkers. A few were injured; others turned the store into a field hospital, treating the wounded until trained first responders could arrive. A memorial stands on the sidewalk outside to the three killed in the explosions and the two police officers who died in the ensuing manhunt, which shut down the city and surrounding area for much of the week. The store reopened about two weeks later. Now it’s closed again. “We are going to be encouraging runners to go out and get a run in on their own, keeping the social distancing, but not to run the race route itself,” Darcy said. “We’re not able to do any sort of celebration.” ___ Last month, as Americans began to isolate indoors and one sporting event after another was canceled, the Boston Athletic Association sacrificed its spring start in the hopes of keeping its 124-year tradition alive. Since the first edition in 1897, the race had always coincided with the state holiday of Patriots' Day that commemorates the first shots in the Revolutionary War. As the snow melts in New England, the course becomes increasingly populated with joggers emerging from a winter indoors to get in their training runs. To Kilduff, this year's fall race will be an opportunity to come out of a different kind of isolation. “You know what happened in the year after the bombing: There’s going to be this huge buildup of pent-up energy. And it’s going to be exhibited on the course,” he said. "It’s going to create a brand new chapter in the history of the Boston Marathon. "I’m excited as hell about this.” ___ Jimmy Golen has covered the Boston Marathon for The Associated Press since 1995......»»

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Coronavirus-free town in Batangas protests preparations for an isolation facility

BATANGAS, Philippines – Ibaan town Mayor Joy Salvame protested ongoing preparations to turn an evacuation center within the town into an isolation facility for confirmed coronavirus cases in Batangas province.  It's a project of the provincial government that angered residents. Ibaan is one of 16 municipalities in Batangas that so far ........»»

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BEST-OF-5 SERIES: The Pingoy Rules Part 4

In case you missed it: BEST-OF-5 SERIES: The Pingoy Rules Part 1 BEST-OF-5 SERIES: The Pingoy Rules Part 2 BEST-OF-5 SERIES: The Pingoy Rules Part 3 --- Pingoy Rule: Never back down. --- Jerie Pingoy enjoyed his time in Ateneo de Manila University. Actually, perhaps, he enjoyed too much. After a so-so rookie year as a Blue Eagle, the 5-foot-11 point guard then struggled with his grades. That put him - along with John Apacible, Hubert Cani, Kemark Carino, Clint Doliguez, CJ Perez, and Arvin Tolentino - in danger of being sidelined for UAAP 79 as the Katipunan-based school is, famously, strict with its academic requirements for student-athletes. Years later, Pingoy made it clear, though, that he just barely missed out on the cut. "'Di ako bagsak. Probi (probationary) lang ako kasi nagkulang lang ako ng 0.1 na QPI (Quality Point Index)," he recalled, through chuckles, in a phone interview. Indeed, Spin's Reuben Terrado reported then that "Perez and Pingoy could take summer classes in order to meet Ateneo's QPI and become eligible to play." Whatever it was, the now-25-year-old had another problem on his hands - not that long after finally putting behind him the complications his college commitment brought about. Talking about the two-year residency put on the shoulders of Pingoy, then-Ateneo head coach Bo Perasol said, "The time he needed to mature and adjust also affected his studies." The situation he found himself in may have been remedied, but the fact of the matter is that he didn't do enough to go over the academic bar the Blue Eagles have set. "Simply put, he didn't meet the required QPI, or grade requirements, for that year," Epok Quimpo, team manager from then to now, said. NEW NAME And it's not as if what was happening on-court was that much better. After a standout stint in high school, Pingoy averaged 3.5 points and 2.8 assists in his first - and ultimately, last - year in Ateneo. Not only that, he found himself, more often than not, the one chasing the tail of fellow point guard Matt Nieto. Pingoy was actually the starter in his first game, officially, as a Blue Eagle in UAAP 78. As the season rolled along, however, the blue and white grew to have more trust in Nieto, who would come to be known as "Matty Ice," or, when push came to shove, just put Kiefer Ravena at point. Make no mistake, though, Pingoy was never a bad teammate. "'Di ko iniisip na kakompetensya ko sina Cani o Matt. Iniisip namin talaga na one as a team kami," he said. He then continued, "Kung sino nandun sa court, we support. Lagi nga naming sinasabi ni Cani, kung si Matt nasa loob, cheer lang kami." In the end, the Cebuano failed to fulfill for Ateneo the promise he once had as a one-time champion and back-to-back MVP in the UAAP Jrs. "Sayang lang na we weren't given an opportunity to prove ourselves na kaya naming makipagsabayan. Kulang kami sa playing time, sa totoo lang, but still, it was a good run for me, yung sa Ateneo," he said. And so, sooner than later, the on-court struggles came to a head with the off-court struggles. In 2016, Pingoy decided to leave the school he decided to leave Far Eastern University-Diliman for. "Nagsisialisan na mga kasama ko so naisip ko, wala na akong kasama," he said, referring to the transfers of Cani and Tolentino to FEU, Carino and Doliguez to San Beda University, and Perez to Lyceum of the Philippines University. He then continued, "Eh that time, tinatawagan na rin ako ng Adamson. Sabi ko, what if dito ko makuha yung chance na ma-prove ulit na ito na ako?" NEW NEST Pingoy got to try and answer that question as he transferred to Adamson University. "I needed a change. Gusto kong mag-iba ako. Nag-decide akong ibang Jerie Pingoy naman," he said. "Siyempre, Franz Pumaren din yun. Alam kong nakakapagod yung practice, pero sabi ko kakayanin ko 'to." Of course, with his transfer, Pingoy had to undergo another year of residency - this, adding to the two he had to serve out of high school. Once he was finally eligible for the Soaring Falcons, though, Pingoy wasted no time giving glimpses of the player many believed he was or was going to be. In UAAP 80, he posted per game counts of 7.1 points, 5.1 assists, 2.6 steals, and 2.5 rebounds and was a key cog as Adamson yet again made it to the Final Four. Finally, he was having fun and playing fun. "Adamson, it's a nice school. Yung Falcons, we had a good team. Naging masaya ako sa Adamson," he said. As it turned out, however, another storm was on the horizon. NEW NIGHTMARE In the final frame of the last game of the UAAP 80 elimination round, Pingoy landed on the foot of FEU's Jasper Parker and had to be helped off the floor. Initial diagnosis had him with a sprained left foot. It was much more than that, apparently, as the sprain only opened the floodgates on the bone spurs that had long been building up inside his left foot. And so, right after Adamson bowed out of contention, he decided to have surgery to take care of all the bone spurs. "Inoperahan ako nung December 2017 sa Pampanga and pagkatapos, I was thinking na all good na siya. Kaya lang, the following months, nung January or February 2018, nafi-feel kong 'di pala siya okay," he shared and added that he went outside Manila because the operation would be cheaper there. He then continued, "Ang sakit pa rin ng paa ko. 'Di ako maka-practice o makalaro nang todo kasi tumatakbo akong parang naka-tiptoe yung kaliwa ko." Pingoy went on to practice and play through the pain all the way to UAAP 81 where it became clear that he wasn't the player he was just a year ago and only normed 3.3 points, 2.1 assists, and 1.9 rebounds. "Sobrang frustrating kasi yung last year ko sa Adamson, 'di talaga ako fit nun. Yung laro ko, medyo bitin," he said. He then continued, "'Di naman ganun laro ko. Ang laking factor na naoperahan akong hindi successful." Yes, ultimately, it was concluded that the surgery he had was a failure. After that season, Pingoy had his left foot checked on by famed sports doctor Raul Canlas and what the latter told the former was nothing but a punch to the gut. "Sabi niya, bakit daw hindi inoperahan yung mismong may bone spurs," he said. Canlas was only willing to make it right, but of course, there was the matter of payment and, unfortunately, Pingoy was forced to pay out of his pocket as, by then, he had already decided to forgo his fifth and final playing year with Adamson. "Pagtapos ng season, sabi ko na sa kanilang 'di na ako tutuloy kasi nahihirapan ako sa paa ko. Baka ano pang mangyari sa akin kung pinilit ko," he said. Once a highly recruited player, Pingoy, right then and there, had no one to turn to but himself. NEXT ON BEST-OF-5 SERIES: THE PINGOY RULES: "Sila yung nagbibigay ng inspirasyon sa akin. Iniisip ko, para sa mga anak ko 'to, para sa kinabukasan nila." --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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Kaspersky Urges Companies to Beef up Cybersecurity as More Employees Work Remotely

Along with the consistent increase of 2019 coronavirus cases comes the incessant techniques cybercriminals are using to prey on public panic amidst the global epidemic. Kaspersky has continuously been detecting new attack tools being used by malicious threat actors related to COVID-19. During the first week of February, the global cybersecurity company has since warned […].....»»

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Spreading positivity through music

Our quarantined existence in this time of COVID-19 pandemic naturally led various quarters to turn to music for its healing effect. Becoming viral, pun unintended, are people singing or playing certain songs to cheer themselves and the community around them up. Scores - popular or unknown, talented or mediocre - are resorting to social media to express sentiments or spread positivity through music......»»

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Laguna, Cavite governors exchange ‘hate’ messages

Netizens were amused by the exchange of  “hate” and “threatening” Facebook messages between Laguna Governor Ramil Hernandez and his Cavite counterpart Jonvic Remulla on Sunday morning. As COVID-19 cases continue to shoot up in Luzon, netizens turn to official Facebook posts of their leaders and local governments for updates. As residents of Cavite were waiting […] The post Laguna, Cavite governors exchange ‘hate’ messages appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Mexico& rsquo;s Vive Latino pushes through despite covid-19 fear

The long-running festival in Mexico City returned over the weekend, bringing together bands from around the world to six stages with attendance for each of the two days typically approaching 100,000. Headlining the festival this year was Guns N’ Roses, but not every band showed up, as some canceled their turn at the iconic festival and making those announcements on social media. Mexico has 43 reported cases of covid-19, 15 of which are new cases. .....»»

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NPA picking up speed in dealing with 64 municipal cases from SIU

While the wheels of justice are known to turn slowly, they seem to be picking up some speed as far as municipal corruption goes under the watch of National Director of Public Prosecutions Shamila B.....»»

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NPA picking up speed in dealing with 64 municipal cases from SIU

While the wheels of justice are known to turn slowly, they seem to be picking up some speed as far as municipal corruption goes under the watch of National Director of Public Prosecutions Shamila B.....»»

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Mayor Vico tear down the barricade

Even before Mayor Vico Sotto was elected Mayor, a number of representations had been made by or on behalf of the RMC or Rizal Medical Center with the Pasig City officials to provide an “Emergency Opening” on Pasig Boulevard that will allow ambulances and vehicles with emergency cases particularly coming from Shaw Boulevard to turn left into the RMC driveway......»»

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Bringing the light of Christ to the night of Wuhan

Thus says the Lord: Share your bread with the hungry, shelter the oppressed and the homeless; clothe the naked when you see them, and do not turn your back on your own. … If you remove from your midst oppression, false accusation and malicious speech; if you bestow your bread on the hungry and satisfy […].....»»

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Harden has 35 as Rockets down Nuggets 130-104

By Kristie Rieken, Associated Press HOUSTON (AP) — Now that the Houston Rockets are healthy, James Harden is excited for his team’s possibilities. But he knows there will be ups and downs as his teammates figure out how to play together. Harden scored 35 points after missing the last game with an injury to lead the Rockets to a 130-104 victory over the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night. The Rockets were back to full strength after Harden missed his first game of the season because of a sprained right toe in a loss to New Orleans on Sunday. Clint Capela (bruised heel) and Russell Westbrook (load management) also returned after sitting out on Sunday in the 127-112 defeat. They got Eric Gordon back on Sunday after the guard sat out for about six weeks after arthroscopic knee surgery. “We’ve just got to find a way,” Harden said. “It will get there. We’re not where we want to be obviously. It’s still early in the season. But we’ve got to find a way to sustain it for four quarters and once we get that it’s going to be pretty tough to beat us.” Houston pushed a small lead to a big advantage with a 19-3 run to start the fourth quarter. The Rockets were up by 17 when Harden scored five quick points, with a 3-pointer, to make it 118-96 with about 3 1/2 minutes left and end his night and that of most of Houston’s starters. Nikola Jokic scored 21 points for the Nuggets, who had a two-game winning streak snapped. “Our defense wasn’t there all night long,” Denver coach Michael Malone said. “The turnovers were too much. Give them credit, they’re a good team, but a really disappointing fourth quarter.” Westbrook had 28 points for his 11th straight game with 20 or more, the longest streak by a Rockets player besides Harden since Yao Ming did it in 14 games in a row in 2006. The Nuggets used a 37-point third quarter to cut the lead to three, but the Rockets scored the first 12 points of the fourth to make it 104-89 with about 9 minutes left. Ben McLemore had two 3-pointers to power that spurt. Denver got its first points of the quarter on a 3 by Torrey Craig after that. Houston then scored the next seven points, capped by a 3 from Harden to stretch the lead to 111-92 midway through the period. Coach Mike D’Antoni was happy with the way the Rockets opened the fourth quarter, but was disappointed that they let up in the third to allow the Nuggets to cut the deficit. “If you stop them and it went the other way the game could have been over (earlier),” he said. “But we have that tendency of letting people back in and we’ve got to develop better habits. Because if you want to go deep in the playoffs you can’t just turn it on.” The Rockets were up by 12 after a 3-pointer by Harden with about 7 minutes left in the third quarter. Jokic then scored four quick points to cut the lead to 78-70 midway through the quarter. Houston remained up by eight later in the third when Harden, who had six 3-pointers, made three free throws to push it to 86-75. The Rockets had pushed the lead to 10 with about 3 minutes left in the third before the Nuggets used an 11-4 run to cut the lead to 92-89 entering the fourth. Malik Beasley led the Nuggets in that stretch, scoring five points capped by a 3-pointer with 2.7 seconds left. TIP-INS Nuggets: Paul Millsap had 13 points and nine rebounds in his return after missing two games with a bruised left knee. ... Denver made 8 of 25 3-pointers. ... Monte Morris added 18 points off the bench. Rockets: Gordon scored 12 points. ... Capela had 16 points and 10 rebounds after missing the last two games with his injury. HARTENSTEIN HEATING UP Houston center Isaiah Hartenstein had 16 points and 12 rebounds for the first double-double of his career. The performance comes after he scored a career-high 19 points on Sunday filling in for Capela. Hartenstein is averaging 14.7 points and 11.3 rebounds in the last three games. UP NEXT Nuggets: Visit Indiana on Friday night in the second game of a five-game trip. Rockets: Host 76ers on Friday night......»»

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Filipinos warned vs suspicious New Year greetings on messaging apps

Experts said opening suspicious New Year greetings will direct users to malicious websites and prompt them to input their data......»»

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‘St. Christopher’s’ Joy Ride

I can only imagine Senator Christopher “Bong” Go’s annoyance when his name got dragged into the highly suspicious turn of events after the LTFRB decided to limit the number of riders for Angkas, the motorcycle taxi business model......»»

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PBA: McDaniels has his locals to thank in big Game 3 win for TNT

KJ McDaniels wasn’t exactly having the best of outings Thursday as TNT battled Meralco for a crucial Game 3 in the 2019 PBA Governors’ Cup semifinals. After scoring 51 points but losing by 20 in Game 2, McDaniels couldn’t buy a bucket against the Bolts. Worse, TNT was losing too, trailing by as many as 13 in the first half. McDaniels only had two points at the break and only eight through three quarters. However, his teammates picked things up, with the KaTropa locals taking over for a 35-point third quarter allowing TNT to take the lead. Come the fourth, it was McDaniels’ turn to take over, scoring 10 points, including a clutch putback with 37 seconds to go as the KaTropa took a close 101-97 win for a 2-1 series lead. “They did a great job. That’s what a team is for. The team has your back, when you’re struggling or having bad nights, which was the case for me tonight,” McDaniels said. “I just had to step up on defense, make sure my teammates are involved so they have confidence as well,” he added. One win away from the Finals, KJ is stressing the fact that TNT should keep its focus. The Bolts will simply not hand a Finals appearance to the KaTropa after all. “We have to stay locked in, can’t celebrate because they’re not a team we can just sit back and just play with. They’re a great team and they’ve shown that,” McDaniels said. “They’ve challenged us every game. We have to come out here with the right mentality again, stay focused, and play defense,” he added.   — Followt his writer on Twitter, @paullintag8.....»»

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PBA: Bolts equalize in blowout win

Meralco never lifted its foot from the gas pedal as the Bolts tied the 2019 PBA Governors’ Cup best-of-five semifinals to 1-1  after an emphatic, 114-94, win over TNT in Game 2 on Tuesday at the Big Dome. Allen Durham dropped a triple-double of 44 points, 19 rebounds and 11 assists to lead the Bolts. He shot 15-of-26 from the field and missed only one of his 11 foul shots for an explosive outing as Meralco spoiled KJ McDaniels' 51-point outing.    A big 16-0 run was all that Meralco needed to turn 2-3 deficit into a huge cushion to cruise to an easy victory. “We displayed much better effort tonight, right from the start of the game. We had more focus, more energy. We played a lot more physical than we did in Game One, and we executed well on offense, particularly in the first half,” said Meralco coach Norman Black. “Those are the things that we have to do to beat TNT because they're a tough team and they're very difficult to beat,” he added. “It's not over, it's only the second game, but we needed to win this game to tie the series up because we knew if we went down 2-0, it would be very tough to come back from that.” The Bolts, who bowed down, 94-103, in the series opener Sunday, built a 60-25 separation with 1:27 left in in the second period off a pair of charities by Raymond Almazan.   The pivotal Game 3 is on Thursday. McDaniels was the lone bright spot for KaTropa, who had a quiet night from veteran Jason Castro and Troy Rosario. Castro had seven points while Rosario got nine points before fouling out midway in the payoff period. Ray Parks got 12 points and eight rebounds.   Box scores: Meralco (114) -- Durham 44, Amer 20, Quinto 12, Newsome 11, Almazan 9, Maliksi 8, Caram 4, Faundo 3, Hugnatan 3, Jackson 0, Hodge 0, Salva 0, Pinto 0. TNT (94) -- McDaniels 51, Parks 12, Rosario 9, Castro 7, Digregorio 6, Vosotros 5, Semerad 2, Williams 2, Pogoy 0, De Leon 0, Reyes 0, Taha 0. Quarters: 35-16, 63-29, 89-66, 114-94.   --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @fromtheriles.....»»

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Bill filed to protect teachers from malicious accusations of child abuse

The bill also seeks to compel the Department of Education to provide support to teachers when such cases arise......»»

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UAAP 82 By the Numbers: Closing in on history

The Ateneo juggernaut is still going strong. Thanks to another masterful performance, the Blue Eagles are closing in on a UAAP Season 82 sweep and a three-peat. The Growling Tigers ran out of magic in Game 1 and before the UAAP Finals go to Game 2, a By the Numbers breakdown on how the Big Bad Blue imposed its will on UST.   32 Total points for Thirdy Ravena in Game 1 of the Finals. Thirdy picked up right where he left off from last year’s Finals, torching the Growling Tigers for most points by a Blue Eagle this season. Ravena has a combined 70 points in his last two Finals games.   26 Total points for Rookie of the Year Mark Nonoy. The young speedster went off in his first UAAP Finals game, keeping UST in the game after the Blue Eagles started the series with a haymaker. However, Nonoy’s effort was not enough as Thirdy took over in the second half, leading Ateneo’s final breakaway for a Game 1 win.   76 Total points for the Blue Eagles after three quarters in Game 1, they finished with 91 in a 14-point win. Ateneo averaged 76.9 points per game in the elimination round.   58 Total points in the paint for the Blue Eagles. Ateneo doubled UST’s production from the shaded area, outscoring the Growling Tigers, 58-29. That’s game right there.   7 UAAP Finals games losses for UST in this decade, three to Ateneo. The Growling Tigers have made the UAAP Finals four times since 2012. Unless they can turn things around and somehow take down the Blue Eagles, UST is losing a fourth Finals in this decade.   11 Total championships for the Blue Eagles if they can complete this season sweep. 11 titles adds to Ateneo’s lead over La Salle in the all-time race. The Blue Eagles need a lot more titles to move up the all-time ranks though FEU leads the league with 20 titles while UST and UE are tied for second with 18 each. The Green Archers are fourth with nine championships.   — Follow this writer on Twitter, @paullintag8.....»»

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