PNP: Virus claims 2 more cops

The Philippine National Police (PNP) said on Sunday that two more police officers died due to Covid-19, raising the PNP’s death toll to 51. In a statement over the weekend, PNP deputy chief for administration Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar said the 50th fatality is a 49-year-old non-commissioned officer assigned at the Police Regional Office (PRO) […] The post PNP: Virus claims 2 more cops appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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2 more cops die of virus

Two more police officers, including a one-star general who was set to retire next month, died of COVID-19, the Philippine National Police reported yesterday......»»

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Two more cops succumb to COVID-19

"On behalf of the PNP, we would like to give our condolences to the bereaved family and assures every assistance they needed," Sinas expressed. "The PNP leadership is doing everything to mitigate this virus especially on our personnel, as frontliners, one death is one too many.".....»»

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3 more cops die of virus

Three Philippine National Police personnel have died of COVID-19 after nearly 800 of its members were infected since Wednesday, an official said yesterday......»»

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Bulacan also imposes curfew, taps cops and troops for necessary assistance

"We have been able to reduce the case of COVID in our province and I believe we can do it again. As long as we work together, follow health protocols and unite with our government so that this time we can completely eradicate the virus," the governor said......»»

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22 more cops catch virus

Twenty-two more police officers were infected with COVID-19 on Saturday, the Philippine National Police reported yesterday......»»

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72 more cops catch COVID-19

The Philippine National Police COVID cases rose to 503 on Saturday after 72 more officers contracted the virus......»»

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Cops with coronavirus breach 10,500

At the agency's 30th founding anniversary on Monday, February 2, Police Gen. Debold Sinas, PNP chief, dedicated the commemoration to the cops who died of the virus. .....»»

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CHR to look into San Roque residents reports of harassment by cops, military

"We'll call the attention of the [police] and the [military] and verify these claims since what we want is for them to keep away,” Terresa Diola, a lawyer with the CHR, was quoted as telling the group in the statement......»»

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Cops reminded to maintain close contact diary as PNP adds 30 more COVID-19 cases

“This diary enables us to immediately identify and isolate every person that made close contact with our personnel in case any of them would become positive from the virus. We in the PNP already have a contact-tracing method based on the diary,” said Eleazar......»»

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28 cops added to PNP virus count

This comes after 50 new recoveries were recorded, bringing the total recoveries in the agency to 6,511—good for a 92% recovery rate in the PNP......»»

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Trump restarts public speeches, falsely claims Covid has a cure

US President Donald Trump will give a public speech at the White House on Saturday for the first time since testing positive for Covid-19, and will also hold a Florida rally next week in an attempt to relaunch his stumbling reelection campaign with only 25 days to go. Knocked off the campaign trail by his hospitalization for three nights last week, the president is in the midst of a frenetic bid to catch up with surging Democratic challenger Joe Biden. On Friday, during an extended media blitz, he falsely claimed that Covid-19 now has a cure. He also revealed that he’d been told he was near death at the worst of his bout with the virus, which has killed more than 210,000 Americans and severely dented his chances of winning a second term on November 3. Saturday’s speech, which a senior administration official said would be on Trump’s favored theme of “law and order,” will give him a chance to dispel lingering doubts about his health. The crowd will be on the South Lawn of the White House, while the president will stand up on the balcony, the official said, confirming US media reports. And on Monday, Trump will take another big step by holding a rally in Sanford, in the crucial electoral state of Florida, his campaign said. The events come despite continued questions over how sick Trump was last week and how complete his recovery is now, with White House officials refusing to answer basic queries including the date on which the president first contracted the virus and whether he has tested negative since. – ‘Better than a vaccine’ – On Friday, Trump gave a marathon interview to right-wing talk radio host Rush Limbaugh in which he said the experimental Regeneron antibody cocktail that he took as part of therapeutic treatment was “a cure.” It’s “a total game changer” and “better than a vaccine,” he said. In fact, there is no cure and still no approved vaccine for the coronavirus. Trump repeatedly asserted that he feels fine and he has been backed up by statements from the presidential physician, Sean Conley. But in his Limbaugh interview, Trump suggested for the first time that he had been close to death, had it not been for the therapeutic drugs. “I’m talking to you today because of it. I could have been a bad victim,” he said, referring to friends of his who had died from Covid-19. Trump said that doctors told him afterward, “you were going into a very bad phase.”  “You know what that means,” said the president. According to Conley, Trump is now fit for a “safe return to public engagement” from Saturday. – Battle for attention – Trump has tried to fill the gap left by his enforced absence from the campaign trail by making back-to-back appearances on friendly media outlets. He twice spoke at length on Fox on Thursday and was due back on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight show late Friday, appearing from the White House where he was to undergo what the network described as an on-air “medical evaluation,” conducted remotely by Fox contributor Doctor Marc Siegel. Biden, however, is already picking up the pace of travel, with a stop in Nevada on Friday after going to Arizona on Thursday. Polls show Biden leads heavily in key demographics including women and the elderly, prompting analysts to talk increasingly of a possible landslide victory. Trump’s biggest liability — overwhelming public dissatisfaction over his handling of the coronavirus crisis — has returned as the headline issue of the campaign thanks to the president’s own infection. Adding to the pressure, congressional Democrats who control the House of Representatives unveiled plans for a commission to investigate a president’s physical and mental fitness for the job — a move clearly meant to jab at Trump. The speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said it was time to examine Trump’s “disassociation from reality.”.....»»

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As COVID-19 ravages the Philippines, a bible thumper insults our intelligence

RJ Nieto We have been made too aware of the speakership catfight in the House of Representatives. On one side is Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano who, last year, agreed to a term sharing deal that entails his voluntary resignation this month. On the other side, the PDP-Laban Lord Allan Velasco, head of the House’s biggest political party. If Cayetano just complied with the term-sharing agreement that he himself insisted on having, then the nation could have moved on and returned its focus on the COVID-19 pandemic that has been ravaging the erstwhile flourishing Philippine economy. But that was not the case: after getting a taste of his lucrative position for 15 months, Cayetano didn’t want to let go. In mid-September, Cayetano said he should remain as the speaker as he claims to enjoy majority support. Days later, his camp even went a step further when Camarines Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte accused Velasco of planning to delay the passage of the crucial 2021 National Budget. President Rodrigo Duterte, acting as head of the Kilusang Pagbabago Coalition, mediated the rift when he called for a meeting with Cayetano and Velasco. There are various versions of what happened during the meeting, but what’s clear is that both sides agreed to a vote on the speakership on October 14th. At this point, minus the speakership drama, pretty much everything else in the House, especially the 2021 budget deliberations, was going quite smoothly . At this point, the Cayetano-Velasco catfight was still a purely political skirmish. But things took a turn for the worse during the October 7 House session. While the budget debates were still ongoing, Cayetano abruptly declared the end of debates. He then moved to suspend House sessions until mid-November, effectively cancelling the October 14th vote for speaker. Cayetano’s move squarely violated Section 16(5), Article VI, of the Constitution, which forbids the House from adjourning for more than three days without the Senate’s nod. The term he used — “suspension” — is just semantic acrobatics for adjournment. Cayetano’s move effectively delayed the transmission to the Senate of the budget’s House version from October 14 to mid-November at the earliest. For the sake of holding onto power, he escalated the purely political skirmish into a full-blown national crisis. If Cayetano and his allies did not want a speakership change because his replacement will just delay the budget, then why did he delay the budget himself? The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a New Normal, and we need a national budget that takes this New Normal into account. However, the speaker’s latest political stunt risks the reenactment of the previous national budget, a budget that was written before COVID-19 ravaged us. How can the nation address the rampaging pandemic without a national budget that recognizes COVID-19 as a national disaster? We need more IT infrastructure funding as more Filipinos engage in e-commerce and as schools shift to online learning. We need more healthcare funding as Filipinos continue to get infected with this virus. We need more fiscal support for ailing businesses as thousands have gone bankrupt after the economy ground to a halt. But all of these may not happen because of what Cayetano did. He can bicker with anyone as much as he wants, but he should not sacrifice the welfare of this nation for the sake of his ambitions. Cayetano loves to quote the Bible every chance he gets, but it appears that the Bible he reads excludes all the verses that mention greed. I know for a fact that politicians want power. Running for office, after all, is inherently a quest to gain power. But power is sought not for power’s sake. Power is just a means to towards an end, and that end should be public welfare. Too bad for us earthlings, Cayetano may not share the same view of power. And even if he does, his notion of power is a warped, twisted version that serves his aspirations more than those of the Filipino people. And despite what he’s done, he has the gall to insult our intelligence by claiming that he has the nation’s best interests in mind. If there’s anything we can learn from Cayetano, that would be new and more creative ways to cringe. Alan Peter Cayetano’s latest stunt suggests that while Alan Peter Cayetano may still love this country, Alan Peter Cayetano happens to love Alan Peter Cayetano more. For comments and reactions, please email or visit»»

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PRO-7 director commends cops’ sacrifice as blood and plasma donors

  CEBU CITY, Philippines–Police Brigadier General Albert Ignatius Ferro, director of the Police Regional Office in Central Visayas (PRO-7), thanked cops who not only donated their blood and plasma to help other coronavirus disease patients but also went straight back to work after recovering from the deadly virus. “I am grateful for your presence […] The post PRO-7 director commends cops’ sacrifice as blood and plasma donors appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Whistleblower claims China produced virus

The Chinese government intentionally manufactured and released the COVID-19 virus that led to mass shutdowns and deaths across the world, a top virologist and whistleblower told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday......»»

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MCPO back to normal operations after sick cops recover

CEBU CITY, Philippines — The Mandaue City Police Office (MCPO) is now back in full force after the two remaining ailing policemen have recovered from the virus. This means all the police stations and offices at the police headquarters are back on their normal operations. Police Colonel Jonathan Abella, told CDN Digital that with all […] The post MCPO back to normal operations after sick cops recover appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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More cops sent to business districts as more establishments reopen

“The easing of restrictions is for the sake of our economy. It does not mean that we should also lower our guard. The threat of coronavirus infection is still there so we should always be alert and continue doing our mandate of protecting the public from virus transmission,” said Eleazar......»»

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Gov t urged: Check safety claims, product registration of face masks

A chemical safety watchdog reported that many products advertise unverified health and safety claims including being "anti-droplets,” “anti-virus,” “anti-bacterial,” “high bacterial protection,” and “high filtration capacity”......»»

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Ardern hits back at Trump’s ‘patently wrong’ virus claims

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday slapped down Donald Trump’s talk of an out-of-control coronavirus “surge” in New Zealand as “patently wrong”. She expressed dismay after the US president exaggerated the new virus outbreak in New Zealand as a “huge surge” that Americans would do well to avoid. “Anyone who is following,” Ardern said, “will […] The post Ardern hits back at Trump’s ‘patently wrong’ virus claims appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Virus-infected cops now at 2,459

The Philippine National Police reported 25 new cases of coronavirus disease 2019 on Saturday, bringing to 2,459 the total number of PNP personnel infected with COVID-19......»»

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Facebook removes Trump post over false virus claims

San Francisco, United States | Facebook said Wednesday it had removed a video post by US President Donald Trump in which he contended that children are "almost immune" to the coronavirus, a claim the social network called "harmful COVID misinformation.".....»»

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