PNP: Negros Oriental security situation under control after Degamo killing

"We are expecting him to return and answer the allegations and charges against him," Azurin said of Rep. Teves......»»

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Suspect in Degamo slay tells CHR: NBI, DoJ holding his family hostage

A suspect in the killing of Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo on Thursday sought the help of the Commission on Human Rights, claiming that the National Bureau of Investigation has been holding his family hostage for two months now. Jhudiel Roxas Rivero a.k.a. Osmundo R. Rivero, through his counsel Danny Villanueva, asked CHR chairman Richard Palpal-Latoc to investigate the alleged abduction by the NBI of his family. At a press briefing yesterday afternoon in Quezon City,  Villanueva said "Rivero's rights must also be respected." "The rights of the accused must be respected, and any violations of this rights must be addressed in a prompt and effective manner," the lawyer stressed. Rivera, in a sworn statement, said that his family (wife Quennie, stepson Christian and two-year-old son Jophiel) was taken from their house in Zamboanga del Sur on 8 March 2023 and taken to Pagadian City, allegedly for security purposes. On 14 March, as relayed to Rivera by his sister, the family was taken by the NBI. Rivera has not been in communication with his family since then. Villanueva said they would also ask the help of Justice Secretary Crispin Remulla to confirm that Rivero's family is safe. The lawyer hinted that Rivero's family is being used as a bargaining chip against his client, to force Rivera not to recant his earlier alleged "readied statement" that was revised twice after he was arrested and implicated in the murder of  Degamo. The post Suspect in Degamo slay tells CHR: NBI, DoJ holding his family hostage appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Fugitive Teves claims ‘persecution’

Suspended Negros Oriental Representative Arnie Teves claimed that the military and police raided one of his properties in Bayawan City without a search warrant. “This is real persecution already. This is too much. It’s not right anymore. It’s wrong. The trampling on human rights is too much. Shouldn’t you have freedom and peace in your home and community? Now it’s gone,” he said in Filipino in a press briefing conducted remotely yesterday. Teves is a suspect in the 4 March 2023 assassination of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo. One of Teves’ lawyers, Ferdinand Topacio, said his client is being subjected to “harassment” as government forces also raided a poultry farm that Teves owns in Bayawan even during the celebration of Eid’l Fitr or the Feast of Ramadan on Friday. Approximately 15 short and high-powered firearms, explosives, and ammunition were found during the initial raid on Teves’ property and two other homes allegedly owned by his relatives on 10 March. Teves’ camp decried as illegal the raid on his properties by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group on 25 March. The authorities have linked his younger brother, former governor Pryde Henry Teves, to the killing of Degamo. The embattled lawmaker talked with the media through his Facebook page, where he said he hoped the raiders did not plant evidence. Teves also sought the help of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to stop government agents from raiding his properties without a search warrant. The President, however, had refused to be drawn into Teves’ problems, saying the legislator should just return home to face the charges.   Suspension from House His plea to Marcos came days after he revealed in an interview that he had also sought the help of a colleague in returning home after he had insisted on remaining abroad because he did not feel safe. Last 22 March, the President urged the embattled lawmaker to return to the country, assuring him of tight security upon arrival. Teves is also facing charges over loose firearms and a series of killings in the province in 2019. He has been out of the country since 28 February and his failure to return home to perform his congressional duties and face the allegations leveled against him prompted his two-month suspension by the House ethics panel.     PDP, Beijing party solidify ties   The meeting was aimed at strengthening economic and cultural cooperation between China and the Philippines.   Members of the major political party Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan or PDP Laban yesterday met with their counterparts in the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China or IDCPC at the Sheraton Hotel in Pasay City. Former president and PDP Laban chairman Rodrigo Duterte joined the meeting via Zoom, along with vice chairman Alfonso Cusi, Senator Robinhood Padilla, Former Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, Secretary General Melvin Matibag, and the party’s Council of Elders and national executive committee. The meeting was aimed at strengthening economic and cultural cooperation between China and the Philippines. The party leaders and the IDCPC delegation, led by the Director-General of the Asian Bureau Peng Xiubin, discussed methods for strengthening their relationship. Given his high approval rating of over 80 percent even upon his retirement, the conference was significant because former President Duterte’s influence within the party could affect its future direction. In addition, the meeting highlighted the growing relationship between the Philippines and China, as both countries have made efforts in recent years to strengthen trade and investment ties. China has made significant contributions to infrastructure and exchange programs in the cultural and educational realms. The Philippines’ strategic location and swiftly expanding economy in Southeast Asia make it a key player in the region. Therefore, establishing strong alliances with other nations, particularly China, is crucial for its future growth and development. The meeting signified a turning point in Philippine politics. It emphasizes the importance of international relations and political parties working together to influence the country’s future, as well as in the strengthening of “people-to-people” ties. The post Fugitive Teves claims ‘persecution’ appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Teves lawyers say he intends to come home but security is a concern

Rep. Arnolfo “Arnie” Teves (Negros Oriental, 3rd District) intends to return to the Philippines to answer allegations of his supposed link to the brazen killing of Governor Roel Degamo, his lawyers said......»»

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5th suspect in Degamo killing recants

Another suspect in the assassination of Negros Oriental governor Roel Degamo that resulted in the killing of nine other people last March in Pamplona town has retracted his admission of the crime and accused soldiers and police of forcing him to sign his previous affidavit......»»

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Another Degamo slay suspect recants statement

The case of the killing of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo has took another controversial turn as another suspect in the killing has recanted his statements, particularly the alleged involvement of suspended Negros Oriental Third District Representative Arnolfo Teves Jr. Just like four other fellow dismissed soldiers who have taken back their testimonies, the suspect identified as Joven Javier denied knowledge of the 4 March, saying that he was merely forced to admit participation. “We have also informed the court that his life is in danger as there is a plot to have him killed,” defense counsel Danny Villanueva said in an interview. He said they will be filing a habeas corpus suit to question Javier’s continued detention. “Mr. Javier was qualified to be a state witness against others who are being pointed to as responsible for the Pamplona massacre. That is the reason why up to this time no case has been filed against Mr. Javier,” Villanueva said in a television interview. Javier was a sergeant with the Philippine Army’s counterterrorism unit Light Reaction Regiment and was regarded absent without leave in 2018. He was among the first suspects brought from Negros Oriental to Manila for their safety. Fellow suspects Jhudiel Rivero, Romel Pattaguan, Dahniel Lora and Rogelio Antipolo Jr. have all recanted and gave similar narratives of coercion on the part of the government. In his recantation confirmed on Monday by counsel Harold Montalbo, Rivero (a.k.a. Osmundo Rivero) claimed the police coerced him to admit his involvement and that he does not know Teves , the alleged mastermind. Three counts of murder and frustrated murder cases have been filed before the Tanjay, Negros Oriental Regional Trial Court against Javier, Rivero, Joric Labrador, Benjie Rodriguez and 12 other John Does. Meantime, the Department of Justice remains confident that they still have a strong case at hand even if suspects retracted one after the other as it added that the plan to transfer the suspects to the PNP Headquarters at Camp Crame will still push through. The post Another Degamo slay suspect recants statement appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Teves could be behind Degamo slay suspects’ recantations – DOJ

The Department of Justice believes that suspended Negros Oriental Rep. Arnolfo Teves Jr. could be behind the sudden recantation of statements by the gunmen accused of killing governor Roel Degamo and nine others last March......»»

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Teves hand in retraction ‘possible,’ says Clavano

A Department of Justice official did not discount the possibility the camp of Negros Oriental Rep. Arnolfo Teves Jr. had something to do with suspects in the assassination of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo recanting their statements. “It’s very possible. We’re looking at many angles here, that’s why we need to be very careful with our witnesses,” DoJ Assistant Secretary Mico Clavano said. Clavano cited the alleged attempt of a former DoJ undersecretary to talk to the witnesses at the National Bureau of Investigation. Levito Baligod, the counsel of the Degamo family, disclosed that the former official tried to bribe detained suspects to clam up. Clavano said they are eyeing the transfer of the suspects to the Philippine National Police headquarters in Camp Crame, Quezon City. He said there is no current official of the DoJ involved in the alleged manipulation of suspects in the slaying of Degamo and nine others on 4 March. The DoJ official also denied the allegation of Pamplona Mayor Janice Degamo that “someone at the agency” may be manipulating the suspects into recanting their extra-judicial confessions in connection with the killing of her husband. In an interview with reporters via Zoom, Clavano assured that the police officers and agents of the NBI  assigned in the case build-up are among “the best of the best.” “I think the statement of Mayor Degamo was out of emotion and we hope that the credibility of the DoJ is preserved in this case and for the country,” Clavano said. On Monday, Osmundo Rivero, one of the suspects in the Degamo slay case, recanted his affidavits tagging Teves Jr. and his former bodyguard Marvin Miranda as the masterminds. Rivero claimed that police investigators tortured and coerced him into admitting his participation in the crime. Through his counsel, Danny Villanueva, Rivero also filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus before the Regional Trial Court of Manila seeking to compel Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla, and NBI director Medardo de Lemos to present his wife Queenie Rivero, his two-year-old son Jophiel and 15-year-old stepson Christian. Rivero said he received information that his wife and two sons were taken from their house by a team of soldiers from the Philippine Army together with members of the Municipal Police Station of Bayog, Zamboanga del Sur. He claimed his family was taken to the Office of the Provincial Police in Camp Aberlon, Pagadian City before they were turned over to the NBI. But the DoJ said Rivero’s family has been placed under the Witness Protection Program after he initially agreed to cooperate with authorities. Villanueva, on the other hand, said three more suspects identified as Rommel Pattaguan, Rogelio Antipolo Jr., and Dahniel Lora have recanted their previous statements linking Teves to the gruesome crime. Clavano denied the torture claims made by the suspects. “As far as our intelligence goes, no such thing happened. We are very careful in handling these suspects because we believe they are also victims in this case,” he said. The post Teves hand in retraction ‘possible,’ says Clavano appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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‘Degamo suspect should present proof of torture’

Following the recantations of four alleged gunmen in last March’s killing of Negros Oriental governor Roel Degamo, the Department of Justice warned that all allegations of torture by state authorities to make them sign their statements must be proven......»»

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3 more Degamo suspects retracting

Three more alleged gunmen in the killing of Negros Oriental governor Roel Degamo and nine others are ready to withdraw their first sworn statements that implicated suspended lawmaker Arnolfo Teves Jr......»»

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Ex-Justice Usec ‘visit’ confirmed

Department of Justice Assistant Secretary Jose Dominic Clavano IV on Friday confirmed that a former DoJ secretary has visited the suspects on the killing of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo. In a television interview, Clavano disclosed that the former DoJ undersecretary allegedly managed to talk to some suspects detained at the National Bureau of Investigation for their alleged involvement in the 4 March 2023 killings in Pamplona town. However, he did not name the former DoJ undersecretary. “I would not like to divulge his name without further clearance from the higher ups. I think that information should be kept quite confidential first,” Clavano said. To recall, the visit of the said former DoJ official was divulged by Atty. Levito D. Baligod, counsel of the Degamo family, saying he allegedly tried to bribe detained suspects “to stop their cooperation” in the investigation on the broad daylight killings. Baligod was quoted as saying that a “certain high-ranking official of the Department of Justice before with the rank of undersecretary is working with some jail guards at the NBI detention facility to offer money to the detainees so that they won’t cooperate with the government.” The lawyer, though, did not name the former DoJ official who allegedly approached the suspects where 11 of them are detained at the NBI. Clavano said he first learned about the former DoJ official “when he (the former undersecretary) was actually there at the NBI.” “Initially, when we had asked the suspects or the witnesses whether they knew him, they initially said no. That’s why the NBI had no choice but to turn him away,” said Clavano, adding that the former undersecretary allegedly eventually found his way  back to the NBI and “was able to talk already to the families outside, saying that someone had sent him.” Because of this, the NBI had no choice but to let him speak to the suspects because he had already gotten the consent of the families. “It’s very telling also that the suspects did not know him upon his first arrival at the NBI,” Clavano said. The Degamo counsel said he had asked Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin C. Remulla and Local Government Secretary Benjamin Abalos Jr. for the transfer of the NBI detainees to the Custodial Center of the Philippine National Police in Quezon City in which Clavano said the request for the transfer is being processed. “We understand when you leave suspects or witnesses in a detention center for too long there breeds a lot of familiarity with the facility, with the people there. That is why, when it was mentioned that there is a request to transfer them from NBI to Camp Crame, the secretary was very open to the idea because to move them is a good idea because there is no longer any familiarity that can come out of it,” Clavano said. “We have already given a heads up to the NBI director that these suspects, these gunmen may be moved upon the request of certain parties. So, we can expect that the next few days, if the secretary signs the request or the approval to the request, that they may be moved to Camp Crame,” he added. Meantime, Clavano expressed doubts that some of the detained suspects would easily be compelled to recant their earlier sworn statements concerning their participation in the Pamplona killings. He said it is quite hard to recant unless by some magical hand they suddenly said it’s not them, as he recounted that the detained suspects freely pointed who they were in the closed circuit television footage of the crime. The detained suspects will have to prove that they were coerced into admitting of their participation in the crime. “But there’s really nothing to point at that type of treatment. Right after they were caught, we presented them to media. Even the media had access to them. There were several interviews made at the detention center of NBI where they themselves spoke freely,” said Clavano. The post Ex-Justice Usec ‘visit’ confirmed appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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NBI adds five more respondents to complaint over Degamo killing

Five more persons have been named as respondents in the latest criminal complaint filed over the brazen assassination of Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo......»»

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Teves faces criminal raps over Degamo killing

The National Bureau of Investigation on Wednesday filed criminal complaints against suspended Rep. Arnolfo Teves Jr. (Negros Oriental) over the brazen assassination of Mayor Roel Degamo......»»

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Teves homecoming fake news?

News of Rep. Arnolfo Teves returning to the country Wednesday morning may not be true at all. Hours after Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla bared that he has sources confirming Teves’ arrival, government-owned Radyo Pilipinas claimed it was a hoax via an “exclusive interview.” Teves late Tuesday tweeted a cryptic message: “READY NABA ANG ALL?” with matching emojis, triggering speculation that he is coming back any time soon. The Negros Oriental congressman is being sought over the killing of province Gov. Roel Degamo and eight other people inside his own home two months ago. Teves has been reportedly hiding in East Timor where he applied for political asylum which was eventually turned down. Remulla had earlier said there is still no warrant of arrest issued against Teves. The post Teves homecoming fake news? appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Remulla: Authorities ready for Teves’ possible arrival

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla said Negros Oriental 3rd District Representative Arnolfo “Arnie” Teves may possibly arrive in the country today (Wednesday), based on information from "a very reliable source" who “may have access to flight data into the country.” “He’s usually a very reliable source for those who come in and out of the country,” Remulla said. Law enforcement agencies have already been placed on alert "so he can be secured properly." Teves, Remulla clarified, will not be arrested since there is no standing warrant of arrest against him yet. Remulla said the notice issued by the International Criminal Police Organization also known as Interpol could have prompted Teves to consider returning to the country. “He’s already on Interpol notice and things are becoming more difficult for Mr. Teves to go around. That’s what was told to me by my reliable sources." “He will likely return, most probably because it’s difficult to go around the world now when you’re already on Interpol notice and it’s already known in ASEAN (Association of South East Nations) that he’s a subject of designation as a terrorist. So, things have become more difficult, I suppose,” he added. Remulla said he would welcome Teves’ return in case it pushes through, considering that the National Bureau of Investigation is formally filing a complaint against him in connection with the killing of Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo and nine others last 4 March. He said Teves' return would give the latter an opportunity to formally answer the cases against him. “It means he can answer the process of law. If a case is filed against him tomorrow then it can be immediately served to him, that can run accordingly and the cases be resolved by the panel of prosecutors based on his counter-affidavit.” Teves, who has denied any involvement in the Degamo killing, has yet to return to the country after going to the United States last 28 February to undergo stem cell treatment. The post Remulla: Authorities ready for Teves’ possible arrival appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Raps vs Teves et al. delayed, may be filed 17 May

The filing of criminal charges against suspended Negros Oriental 3rd District Rep. Arnolfo “Arnie” A. Teves in the 4 March killings of Gov. Roel R. Degamo and nine other persons did not push through yesterday, 15 May, as earlier announced by Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin C. Remulla. Remulla said the charges against Teves will be filed “most probably on Wednesday,” 17 May, before the Department of Justice by the National Bureau of Investigation. The delay, Remulla said, was due to the suspects already in the custody of law enforcement agencies being represented by new lawyers. Before the appearance of the private lawyers, six persons surrendered to the military for their alleged involvement in the killings. They brought were provided counsel from the Public Attorney’s Office. Remulla expressed concern about the sudden representation by lawyers of those in government custody. “There’s a conspiracy and there are probably people with a lot of money operating within the conspiracy to be able to afford the lawyers they are now getting,” he said. “We suspect that they will change their statements later on and may make recantations of sorts,” Remulla added. Teves has been tagged as “one of the masterminds” in the killing of Degamo. The House suspended Teves as a legislator after he refused to return to the Philippines despite the expiration of his travel authority last 9 March. The solon then applied for asylum in Timor Leste, which denied his request.   The post Raps vs Teves et al. delayed, may be filed 17 May appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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‘Bato’ seeks death penalty vs political warlords

Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa is keen on the revival of the death penalty against politicians utilizing private armed groups as well as slapping heavy punishment on highly skilled uniformed personnel dismissed from the service working as private armies. This comes following the conduct of five hearings by the Senate public order and dangerous drugs committee on Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo and spate of killings in the province. “I think they should be because these politicians are the main masterminds of it. They should be included in death penalty. That’s correct, good suggestion,” said Dela Rosa when asked if the political warlords should get capital punishment. “Former members of security forces should also get heavier penalties especially when they use the training skills they acquired from the government, or particularly, from the Armed Forces, from the Philippine National Police — to victimize civilians. That must be a death penalty for them, we must not talk only about reclusion perpetua,” he added. The senator — who was a former Philippine National Police chief — stressed that he will immediately include these proposals in the soon-to-be-submitted committee report for possible adoption. “I will write the report and include these. I’m just waiting for the remaining affidavits from other resource persons,” said the lawmaker, adding that he will include in the committee report death that penalty recommendation will cover active and former AFP or PNP personnel engaged in private army activities. “You see, these people are very deadly. They will continue doing illegalities if they think they will not get the death punishment. They will accept money from politician x and carry out even criminalities. But if they know they will face the death penalty, then, they will slow down,” said Dela Rosa. The committee chair is also considering amending the Omnibus Election Code, specifically, the provision that will totally prohibit the entry of “nuisance candidates” in every electoral exercise -- which he cited as the root cause of the Degamo murder case. Dela Rosa is also eyeing the removal of authority by the local executives to choose or name the police provincial director and police regional director to be deployed within their jurisdiction as stated under the Local Government Code. He stressed that police provincial directors must be appointed by the PNP’s National Headquarters while choosing chiefs of police must be given to either the provincial or regional director of the PNP. The removal of authority from LCEs, he emphasized, will limit police officials being in debt of any politician so they can fulfill the PNP mandates “more independently.” “They can now snob bordering to illegal requests or illegal orders coming from these politicians. In that case, they can also enforce the law without fear to anyone,” Dela Rosa said. “PNP is a huge organization so they should be the ones to know the merit of the officers so they must call the deployment not politicians in the provinces.” Dela Rosa said it will also contribute to the professionalism among the PNP ranks as he disclosed the drafting of a PNP Reformation Bill giving additional powers to disciplining authorities such as the PNP chief or police regional and provincial directors to punish police personnel doing illegalities. “This is more likely a military law wherein commanders have the power to jail the violators among their ranks. I want to like that for the PNP,” said the senator.   Dela Rosa said that the five hearings have initially established that neither the camps of Degamo nor Teves group came innocent in perpetrating violence in Negros Oriental as many testimonies were supported by evidence. However, he assessed that some narratives of resource persons were just character assassination. “Nobody can claim from both camps that they are absolutely clean. They are telling the truth, but sometimes, some testimonies are resulting in character assassination, there are two camps here trying to destroy each other,” said Dela Rosa. The post ‘Bato’ seeks death penalty vs political warlords appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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PBBM advises Teves to return home

INDONESIA — President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Thursday urged Negros Oriental Representative Arnolfo “Arnie” Teves to return to the Philippines. The Chief Executive made this statement during an interview with the Philippine media onboard Philippine Airlines Flight PR001 after Timor-Leste denied the suspended lawmaker's request for political asylum. “Come home. That’s the best advice I can give him. Come home,” Marcos said. In a recent meeting with the Prime Minister of Timor-Leste, President Marcos discussed the attempt of Teves to seek political asylum. According to the President, Teves' application was denied, but he can still go through the appeal process. "It turns out that Congressman Arnie Teves applied for political asylum but that's it,” he said. "So, I think they will continue to go through the process—there is an appeals process for those who are applying. But his was denied. But since it was denied, we just (wait for) the process to complete," he added. Teves was accused of being the mastermind behind the killing of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo and nine others in March. He has not yet returned to the Philippines, citing safety concerns. However, he has repeatedly denied any involvement in the murders. Marcos earlier said that there was no indication of any threat to Teves' safety and encouraged him to return to the country. The post PBBM advises Teves to return home appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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PBBM may bring up Teves issue with E. Timor counterpart, says Romualdez

INDONESIA – House Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez said the denial of Rep. Arnolfo Teves’ asylum application may be tackled in the upcoming bilateral meeting between President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Timor Leste Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak in the 42nd ASEAN Summit and related meetings here. Romualdez made the statement after the Department of Justice said Teves was in Timor-Leste and had applied "for a protection visa with the intent of asylum."  The Southeast Asian nation, however, has rejected his application and ordered him to leave the country in five days since Teves has been tagged as the alleged mastermind in the murder of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo. In an interview with the reporters, the House Speaker believed Marcos was equally concerned about Teves' situation.  "We are also interested in the developments and his current situation in Timor Leste. From what we know, he applied for political asylum, which was denied yesterday. We have confirmed this information tonight (Wednesday)," he said. However, Romualdez clarified that he was still determining if the President had conversations about this matter on the sidelines. When asked if the President will ask the head of Timor Leste to "produce" Teves or ask him to come back to the Philippines, Romualdez said: "Well, I don't know if he will ask to produce him because he's already in Timor Leste and we are aware of that." Romualdez also clarified that the President would not ask Timor Leste to bring Teves back to the Philippines because there is no extradition treaty between the two countries. Instead, Teves has less than a week to leave Timor Leste.  The House Speaker also said there are three options for the congressman: To return to the Philippines and face the charges against him; continue defying orders and face further sanctions; or move to another country.  He urged Teves to return home and face justice, adding that the rights and privileges of a congressman are not meant to be used to evade justice. “So Cong. Arnie Teves, umuwi ka na (go home) and face the music and let the justice take its course,” Romualdez said. In a separate statement, Romualdez warned Teves that "another possible disciplinary action" may be imposed against him if he refuses to return to the Philippines after his 60-day suspension. The House Speaker also called on Teves anew to "return home immediately and face the accusation against him" instead of evading investigation in the Philippines." "Should Cong. Arnie continues to defy the return to work order after the lapse of the 60-day period of his suspension, the House Committee on Ethics and Privileges may be constrained to reconvene and consider another possible disciplinary action against him," Romualdez said. "This is our recourse in order to preserve the dignity, integrity, and reputation of the House of Representatives," he added. The post PBBM may bring up Teves issue with E. Timor counterpart, says Romualdez appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Senators want Negros Oriental barangay polls postponed

Episodic violence in Negros Oriental continues despite increased police presence in the aftermath of the assassination of governor Roel Degamo, prompting senators to call on the Commission on Elections to place the province under its control and postpone the holding of the barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections there this October......»»

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Timor-Leste turns down Teves’ asylum application

The Department of Foreign Affairs late Tuesday said Timor- Leste has denied the application for political asylum of Negros Oriental Rep. Arnolfo Teves. Teves is accused of masterminding the murder of nine people including political rival and Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo. In a statement, the DFA said Timor-Leste gave Teves five days to leave the country or file an appeal regarding its decision. Teves, who has denied involvement in the killing, has vowed to return “once the threat to his life is dealt with accordingly.”   The post Timor-Leste turns down Teves’ asylum application appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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