Palace: Government not remiss in addressing hunger

The government has not been remiss in helping sectors affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Malacañang said yesterday following the release of a poll indicating that more Filipinos experienced involuntary hunger in the past three months......»»

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Palace on rising hunger: Government not remiss in helping

The hunger trend has been rising since May 2020, according to SWS, which conducted the poll using mobile phone and computer-assisted telephone interviews of 1,249 adult Filipinos nationwide......»»

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EDITORIAL - Hunger in the pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic quarantines, those who lost their jobs and livelihoods have lamented that if they didn’t die of coronavirus disease 2019, they would die of hunger. Malacañang has stressed that the government is addressing this problem, through a combination of direct cash assistance and measures to gradually reopen the economy......»»

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Instead of addressing mass poverty and hunger on Labor Day, Duterte unleashes mass arrests and fascism

Karapatan assailed the “brutality and sheer lack of compassion” of the Duterte administration as it enforced a “policy of mass arrests and fascism instead of addressing mass hunger and the grossly inadequate government response on International Workers’ Day......»»

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Instead of addressing mass poverty and hunger on Labor Day, Duterte unleashes mass arrests and fascism

Karapatan assailed the “brutality and sheer lack of compassion” of the Duterte administration as it enforced a “policy of mass arrests and fascism instead of addressing mass hunger and the grossly inadequate government response on International Workers’ Day......»»

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Government, farmers’ groups sign agreement addressing hunger

Government agencies and farmers’ groups have signed an agreement that seeks to address hunger by increasing the income of farmers......»»

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Rody creates anti-hunger task force

President Rodrigo Duterte has formed a task force to ensure a coordinated and responsive approach of government agencies in addressing hunger problems in the country......»»

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More gov’t agencies drafted into anti-hunger effort

CABINET Secretary Karlo Alexei B. Nograles said Monday that the government will further expand its anti-hunger program by involving more government agencies addressing the problem......»»

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Palace says it is addressing US’ concerns about reported extrajudicial killings of drug suspects

Malacañang assured Tuesday that the government is addressing the concerns of the United States regarding reports of extrajudicial killings of drug suspects in the Philippines......»»

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Palace Orders Gov’t Offices to Drop ‘His Excellency’ in Addressing President Duterte

Malacañang has issued a memorandum directing heads of departments, bureaus, and other government offices to refrain from addressing President Rodrigo Duterte as “His Excellency” and the Cabinet members as “Honorable” in all offici.....»»

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Palace shuns new OCTA report: We re not completely reliant on Red Cross

Government on Tuesday rejected anew a report by an independent group of experts studying the coronavirus crisis in the country, this time detailing how isolation and contact tracing efforts have been crippled due to a halt in tests run by the Philippine Red Cross......»»

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Chief justice says SC tried its best in case of jailed activist Reina Mae Nasino

The Supreme Court was not remiss in the case of jailed activist Reina Mae Nasino, who gave birth in government custody and whose infant daughter died months after they were separated, Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta said......»»

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Roque to Congress: Consult Palace on increasing budget for vaccines

Any congressional move to raise the proposed 2021 budget for the coronavirus vaccine should at least be done in consultation with the Executive branch, according to a Palace official.  Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque (RESIDENTIAL PHOTO / MANILA BULLETIN) Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said while they respect Congress’ wisdom to hike the vaccine budget for the next year, the issue on its funding source must also be addressed. “The power of purse is vested in Congress. We will bow to the wisdom of Congress should they deem it fit to increase the budget for the vaccine, and of course, may pagkukuhanan po iyan (there will be a funding source for that),” he said during a Palace press briefing Thursday. “So we hope that Congress will at least confer with the Executive kung saan nila kukunin iyong pondo para itaas ang budget for the vaccine (on where the funds will be obtained to raise the budget for the vaccine),” he added. Nonetheless, Roque affirmed the administration’s resolve to ensure the country has adequate funds for the vaccine procurement once the life-saving drug becomes available.“We join Congress in our desire that we should have sufficient funds to pay for the vaccine, which according po to (Philippine) Ambassador (to China) Chito (Sta. Romana) is really forthcoming in the near future,” he said.The House of Representatives has reportedly introduced several amendments to its approved 2021 national budget, including a higher budget for the purchase of COVID vaccines to P8 billion.  In the original Palace-backed P4.5 trillion national budget proposal, at least P2.5 billion has been allocated for the COVID-19 vaccination program under the Department of Health’s budget. House Majority Leader Martin Romualdez, who leads a small group in charge of amendments to the budget bill, said the additional P5.5 billion to augment the vaccine budget aims to ensure safe and effective vaccine will be available to Filipinos. “This is to support President Rodrigo Duterte’s program to strengthen the country’s health care system. We believe that vaccines play a very crucial role in keeping the population safe and healthy from the pandemic,” the Leyte lawmaker said.  On the part of the Senate, Senator Panfilo Lacson disclosed plans to increase funding for the coronavirus vaccine under the proposed 2021 national budget. Last week, the President said the government has the funds to buy the coronavirus vaccine once it is available but would need more money to vaccinate all Filipinos. Duterte earlier vowed to give priority to the poor, the police and military personnel in the distribution of free vaccines.  He said the country will buy the most affordable vaccine to be sold in the market given the government’s limited resources. .....»»

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No conditions in China’s move to prioritize PH as vaccine recipient — Sta. Romana

China has not imposed any condition when it included the Philippines as among the priority nations to gain access to its potential coronavirus vaccine, according to a Filipino diplomat. Amb. Jose Santiago Sta. Romana Philippine Ambassador to China Jose Santiago Sta. Romana said China instead reminded the country to prepare its cold storage facilities amid the highly anticipated breakthrough in vaccine development. China will hopefully announce its mass production of the coronavirus vaccine before the end of the year or early next year, Sta. Romana said during an online Palace press briefing. “Hopefully, mass production and distribution will happen in the near future, as early as November and December in terms of production. And it will depend on our capability to receive the vaccines in terms of our facilities, in terms of distribution,” he said.  “The prospects are bright in terms of a breakthrough in vaccine,” he added. Sta. Romana made clear that the cold storage facilities for the potential COVID-19 vaccines are not conditions set by China but simply a reminder to ensure effective distribution of the vaccine.  “It’s just a reminder that if you get the vaccine and you don’t have cold chain storage, then it’s useless so you have to prepare,” he said, citing information from Chinese drug companies.  He said even if the Philippines is in the “priority list,” the distribution of the vaccine will be a challenge. He said the vaccines must be stored in “freezing conditions” to keep its efficacy.  “If exposed to tropical weather or to normal weather conditions, the vaccine could lose its effectiveness,” he said.So far, Sta. Romana said the vaccines being developed by Chinese pharmaceutical firms have entered phase 3 of the clinical trials. One of the potential vaccines have been approved for emergency use for health workers and other government frontliners. “The Chinese will make an announcement in the near future and then they’ll start their mass production. And once there is the mass production, then I think there will be distribution. Hopefully, before the end of the year; but surely by the first quarter of next year,” he said.  Asked if China has imposed any condition on the Philippines in exchange for the vaccine supply, Sta. Romana said: “No, not at all. Actually, we’re the ones, our condition is that it should pass our local requirements.” When asked if Beijing has pledged the amount of vaccines and if these will be given to Manila for free, Sta. Romana said the matter would entail more discussion. “I cannot give you a definitive answer right now but definitely in terms of number, you know, how they will do it kasi it depends on the—they’re talking of hundreds of millions in terms of production dito sa China. So, the question is iyong distribution and deployment,” he said. “They’re preparing their manufacturing facilities for the mass production of vaccines the moment approval is announced,” he added. Budget Secretary Wendel Avisado has assured that the government has funds that will be needed for the establishment of the cold storage facilities for the coronavirus vaccines. “Surely, as the sun rises in the east, there will be funds for that because the President will never allow that we will run short of the requirements to make sure that we have the storage facilities for all of these vaccines,” he said in the same online press conference. Last week, President Duterte expressed confidence about the safety of the vaccines being developed by China, citing the Asian neighbor is a modern country. He said the government has funds for the vaccine purchase, adding he was just waiting for China or Russia to contact him. “I’d be glad to open up my sleeves because I am confident with their vaccine,” he added......»»

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Palace has P1 billion reasons for Red Cross to resume tests

The government is urging the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) to resume the state-funded coronavirus testing after President Rodrigo Duterte gave his assurance that he will settle the almost P1 billion debt of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth), Malacañang said on Wednesday......»»

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Beijing should be granted leeway in hiring Chinese workers for China-funded projects — Palace

"The general rule is foreigners should be hired only when there is not enough Filipinos able and with the capacity to perform the work," Roque acknowledged, but appealed that the Chinese government be given "leeway" all the same.  .....»»

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Palace vows to rebuild Marawi

The national government will spend more money until war-torn Marawi City is rebuilt to its former glory, President Rodrigo Duterte said Monday night......»»

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Gov t plans to settle half of PhilHealth s debt to Red Cross at the soonest — Palace

The government aims to settle half of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp.'s (PhilHealth) debt to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) "at the soonest time possible," Malacañang said Tuesday......»»

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Palace: Duterte satisfied with pace of Marawi rehab but faster would be better

It has been three years since the government declared the liberation of Marawi from Islamic-State-linked terrorists......»»

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Palace defends DepEd module

Malacañang on Monday defended DepEd from criticisms that it is promoting "blind obedience" to the government because of a learning module that discourages students from joining rallies. .....»»

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Government launches National Food Policy

The government has launched the National Food Policy which formalizes the country’s commitment to end hunger and malnutrition......»»

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