Ogie Diaz’s mother, 87, passes away

Talent manager, vlogger and entertainment writer Ogie Diaz disclosed in a Facebook post on Sunday, 23 April, that her mother, Carmen Diaz Pandaan, has died at the age of 87. "Salamat sa lahat ng pakikiramay sa pagpanaw ng aking mahal na ina, si Aling Mameng" (Thank you for all your condolences on the passing of my beloved mother, Aling Mameng), wrote Diaz. "87yo, hindi na kami choosy. At least, naipikit niya ang kanyang mga mata na kumpleto ang kanyang mga anak" (She was 87 years old, and we're not complaining. At least, she closed her eyes with all of us her children present). "Higit sa lahat, I’m proud to say na naibigay ko naman sa nanay ko ang lahat ng pangarap niya sa buhay. Salamat sa lahat ng sakripisyo at pagiging selfless, Nay! Mahal kita. Magkasama na kayo ngayon ni tatay" (Above all, I'm to proud I was able to give my mother everything she dreamed of life. Thank you for all the sacrifices and for being selfless, Nay! Now you're with tatay). In a follow-up post, Diaz said the interment will be on Friday, 28 April. "Sa Friday at 2pm ay simula na ng pagbiyahe ng aking mahal na ina (Carmen Diaz Pandaan) sa kanyang huling hantungan kapiling na ng tatay ko, tulad ng kanyang request" (Sa Friday at 2pm, my beloved mother will begin her journey toward her final resting place with our late father, per her request). "Malungkot, oo. Pero mas masaya ako kasi masaya na ang nanay, dahil pahinga na siya. Na-enjoy naman niya ang 87 years of existence" (It's sad, yes. But we're happy that our mother is now at rest, and she was able to enjoy her 87 years of existence). The post Ogie Diaz’s mother, 87, passes away appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Markus Paterson only has nice words for Janella, reflects on their separation

Markus Paterson minced no words in a tell-all, sit-down interview with Ogie Diaz on the latter’s YouTube channel.     Paterson discussed all the issues that have swirled around him, particularly his separation from fellow actor Janella Salvador, who he only had good and kind words for, describing how good of a mother she was to their now 2-year-old son.     He described in detail how things fell apart after they got back to the Philippines from the UK, where Janella gave birth, and reality set in, having to deal with a growing family amid the pressure of work, the pandemic, and child-rearing.    He also admitted to his shortcomings as a partner, and his lack of ability to hash things out during arguments, preferring to avoid rather than confront. He vehemently denied that he ever resorted to domestic violence, but that he understood why Janella would be very traumatized by his drinking. Even if Janella knew that he would never lay a hand on her, it brought back trauma from a previous relationship, explained Paterson.       The post Markus Paterson only has nice words for Janella, reflects on their separation appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Rico Yan’s mom appeals to spare her late son’s name

Actor-director Bobby Yan, the brother of the late Rico Yan, shared with showbiz talk show host Ogie Diaz his mother's statement on the issues surrounding the name of the deceased actor. In her statement, Rico’s mom, Sita Yan, gave her appeal to all concerned parties to "stop using Rico's name". She added that it is "unfair and disrespectful" as Rico is no longer around to either admit or deny the claims. “It has been 21 years since Rico passed on March 29, 2002. The pain of the family losing a son and a brother has been permanently etched into our being,” Sita said. To recall, sexy actress Sabrina M claimed that she had a secret relationship with Rico after the late actor's split with then-girlfriend Claudine Barretto. The post Rico Yan’s mom appeals to spare her late son’s name appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Loisa, Ronnie may plano raw lumipat sa GMA; Kid Yambao payag sa indecent proposal

MUKHANG hindi pa rin tapos ang ober da bakod stories ng mga taga-Mother Ignacia papuntang Kamuning. Muli kasing nabuhay ang usap-usapan ng paglipat ni Loisa Andalio at Ronnie Alonte sa Kapuso network matapos itong banggitin ng vlogger at talent manager na si Ogie Diaz sa kanyang YouTube channel. Naging usap-usapan na kasi noon na tila […] The post Loisa, Ronnie may plano raw lumipat sa GMA; Kid Yambao payag sa indecent proposal appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Kahit Google di siya mahanap : Amy Perez unable to locate ex Brix Ferraris for reunion with son

The "It's Showtime" host sat down with showbiz columnist Ogie Diaz on his YouTube channel where she talked about raising Adi on her own, getting a second shot at love and locating her ex-husband. .....»»

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Carlo Aquino midangop sa korte aron mangayo og visitation rights sa anak nila ni Trina Candaza

“AKO tatay ako, hindi dapat ginugulo ang relasyon ng anak sa tatay niya o ng mag-ama o relasyon ng anak sa ina kasi relasyon ‘yun ng anak sa ama o anak sa ina.” Mao kini ang sulti ni Ogie Diaz sa iyang vlog nga “Showbiz Update” kauban sila si Mama Loi ug Tita Jegs mahitungod.....»»

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Francine Diaz umamin na sa tunay na relasyon nila ni Seth Fedelin, 3 buwan na nga bang magdyowa?

DIRETSONG tanong ni Ogie Diaz kina Francine Diaz at Seth Fedelin kung nanligaw ang aktor sa aktres na agad namang sinagot ng, “opo” ng dalaga. Nakausap ng talent manager at content creator ang tambalang FranSeth sa kanyang YouTube channel na in-upload kagabi. Natatawa naman ang binata sa mga sagot ng ka-loveteam kaya ang sabi ni.....»»

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Amy Perez sinubukang hanapin ang ama ng panganay na anak: Kahit google hindi siya mahanap

IKINUWENTO ng TV host-actress na si Amy Perez na sinubukan nilang hanapin ang dating asawa at ama ng kanyang panganay na si Brix Ferraris. Sa kanyang panayam kay Ogie Diaz na mapapanood sa YouTube channel ng huli ay buong tapang niyang inilahad ang pinagdaanan nila noon ng panganay na si Adi. Ayon kay Amy, nasa.....»»

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Liza Soberano may bagong gimik sa YouTube, sey ni Ogie Diaz: ‘Kung happy siya ibigay na natin sa kanya’

TILA buhay na buhay ngayon ang karera ng aktres na si Liza Soberano matapos ilunsad ang bago niyang passion project. Ito ang kanyang YouTube series na pinamagatang “Liza In Korea” kung saan ibabandera niya ang mayayamang kultura ng South Korea, pati na rin ang ilang sikat na celebrities nito. “I had the most amazing time.....»»

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Carlo Aquino dumulog na sa korte para mabigyan ng visitation rights sa anak nila ni Trina Candaza

“AKO tatay ako, hindi dapat ginugulo ang relasyon ng anak sa tatay niya o ng mag-ama o relasyon ng anak sa ina kasi relasyon ‘yun ng anak sa ama o anak sa ina.” Ito ang bungad ni Ogie Diaz sa vlog nilang “Showbiz Update” kasama si Mama Loi at si Tita Jegs tungkol sa pagsasampa.....»»

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BBM: Our calm, kind, gentle President

The most challenging thing is to write an essay about the country’s President who is celebrating his birthday. I should probably go back to the years when he was the “crush ng bayan.” From London, he would come home for vacation and would be met at the airport by his doting parents, with his mother kissing him on the forehead. He was very fashionable, from his haircut to his clothes and, well, he was the epitome of “cuteness” as cute could be. He did not sport long hippie hair but had bangs and his lips were well-pronounced. His mom took pride in his looks. “Kamukha ko (he looks like me),” she would say. Bongbong grew into the Oxford student who would come home and occasionally appear on television. I recall in 1973, he and his friends danced the latest craze on live television. He was, by then, oozing with appeal, his shy and boyish smile adding to the enigma that comes with being the president’s son. Many years later, I saw him when he and his sister Irene graced the opening of a project in Isabela. I am trying to remember if it was for natural gas or the largest dam in Asia. But he was there on the stage set up at the Cauayan airport, looking fresh and friendly, although he was smiling at everyone and no one in particular. I stood alone, away from the other welcomers, and somehow got him to look at me. I looked at him like I was telling him I know you or we know each other, and he stared back, smiling too, looking like he was wondering if he might have seen me before somewhere. It was one of my tricks. [caption id="attachment_183135" align="aligncenter" width="525"] The President has a long way to go, but that’s no reason for him to relax and wait for things to happen. | Photograph courtesy of BBM FB[/caption] Much would be said of the young gentleman, of his not being who he was supposed to be because he had died somewhere. Also, that he had killed someone who had called his father a dictator. Bongbong Marcos, for better or worse, was the fodder for both favorable and malicious talk. He became governor of Ilocos Norte in the mid-1980s when he took over from his aunt, Elizabeth Keon. At the same time, he wore the military uniform of the officer rank bestowed on him by his father, the President. Moving fast forward, Bongbong Marcos became a congressman and a senator, ran for vice president, and lost. Sometime after he caught Covid-19. After he had lost the vice-presidential contest and was protesting its result, he appeared on Daily Tribune’s online show, Spotlight. I remember only a little, not because he or his remarks were forgettable, but I blame my old age for not remembering. But I recall a pleasant interview, for he was relaxed and calm, and while he seemed occupied by his electoral protest, he was at the same time accepting of it. It was the Marcoses’ turn to be cheated, people said. The next presidential election had him and Leni Robredo, along with others, slugging it out. And while everyone had taken to microphones to condemn and attack him and his father, martial law and the dictatorship, he remained silent. He chose not to participate in the debates, leaving it to his supporters and fans to fight back for him. One UP professor who may have been unbiased took a liking to him, like an older woman in love for the first time, gushing over the assets of a fine, young, sexy gentleman. But that was not unexpected. Bongbong Marcos, after all, was the “crush ng bayan” from the time he was a teenager. Today, he is the President of the Philippines. I was talking with one youthful matron who possesses both beauty and wisdom and whose family was best known to be in the opposition against the Marcoses. She said that when President Rodrigo Duterte began his term, she gave him a chance to prove himself because he had been elected. As her gauge for the success of a presidency had much to do with how the stock market fared, she was disappointed because stocks dived very low to the depths. She gave RRD a failing mark. When BBM became President, she also gave him a “chance.” She told me, “I have yet to see what will happen next because he has just finished his first year, and it is too early to know how well or evil he has done. The people elected him, he is now the President, so let’s give him a chance.” The woman’s statement, I believe, more or less sums up the general feeling of the Filipino people. Here is one President perceived to be good and kind, and one who is not to be feared compared to his father or even his daring and feisty elder sister. One would hear, “Matatakot kayo pag si Imee ang presidente (You would be afraid if Imee were president),” which is people’s way of saying what they feel and think about the Marcos siblings. So, we have a kind President who has had to deal with all kinds of issues and problems: Typhoons, the pandemic, and now the rice shortage. I have always been a BBM fan (after all, he was “crush ng bayan” in our youth), and even if he had not become a statesman in the tradition of many of our top legislators, one thinks of him as a pleasant guy who plays it cool and is lovable. Now comes a wife who is perceived to be running the show. All because, like it or not, she has the educational credentials; she proved herself in the Big Apple; and as her husband himself would tell one and all, she has excellent organizational abilities. She ran the campaign, many would assume, although she much preferred to keep to the sidelines. Like it or not, Liza Marcos, the First Lady, is a potent mover in this administration. Her many worthy projects in the creative industry, health care, education, and environment, along with her brand of diplomatic maneuvering using Filipiniana fashion as a vehicle for international friendship, bode well for this administration. We got two leaders for one vote, and we are better off as a nation. To the President’s credit, he recognizes the role his wife plays in his administration, and that speaks of a man secure in his position as the head of his family. Regarding cronyism, BBM has his friends in the business sector, top men and women, titans and tycoons, czars and magnates, who accompany him on his travels abroad. One of them described their roles as similar to those of club guest relations officers — entertaining guests and clients. We are told that they talk with their counterparts on the international scene, wherever the presidential itinerary takes them. Hence, the public does not see the usual kind of cronies who are there for what they could take. These friends want to help because if this administration succeeds and the economy improves, the Filipino people, including the business sector, will live better lives. The greatest challenge to BBM, everyone perceives, is the conflict with China over the West Philippine Sea. In this regard, BBM has proved to be wise, circumspect and decisive. He has the backing of the international community and his people. We hope he will pass the test, because if he passes it we are all together the victors. BBM deserves our prayers and hopes for the best of his administration. If he succeeds, and we hope he does, we will rise as a people. The President has a long way to go, but that’s no reason for him to relax and wait for things to happen. There are some things that people feel he should handle with steel gloves, akin to his father’s style, and that is up for him to decide. A kind and gentle President may be all we need to make this nation great again, and there’s Bongbong Marcos to take on the role and fulfill the promise of a happy, progressive, and peaceful country and people. BBM is not only the best-looking President, but the kindest and, of late, the most eloquent, as he is proving himself to be. He is also the coolest. The post BBM: Our calm, kind, gentle President appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Carlo Aquino absent sa third bday celebration ng anak na si Mithi, anyare?

MISSING in action ang aktor na si Carlo Aquino sa nagdaang third birthday party mg kanyang anak kay Trina Candaza na si Enola Mithi. Sa latest upload ni Ogie Diaz na “Showbiz Update” ay ibinahagi niya ang kanyang pagdalo sa unicorn-themed birthday party ni Mithi. Agad namang natanong ni Mama Loi, “‘Nay, I’m sure lahat.....»»

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Marco Gumabao confirms Nguya Squad ‘falling-out’ issue

Marco Gumabao opened up about the challenges and problems inside his circle of friends known as the Nguya Squad in a recent interview with Ogie Diaz. The candid conversation on Diaz’s vlog shed light on the actor’s reflections about his friends. Along with Gumabao, the Nguya Squad includes Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Ria Atayde, Khalil Ramos, Gabbi Garcia, Patrick Sugui, Aerielle Garcia, Dominic Roque, Joe Vargas and Bianca Yanga. Gumabao said that there had been problems inside the group, which resulted in some members going their separate ways. “Ako kasi hindi ako nakikisama sa mga problema-problema ng mga kaibigan. Of course, nagkaroon ng falling out sa kanila. I mean, normal naman ata sa magkakaibigan ‘yun,” Gumabao shared. Gumabao stressed that he doesn’t take sides and he doesn’t think it’s his place to publicly disclose the details, despite some miscommunications among his peers. “Pero ako sa totoo lang, hindi ako nakikialam sa kanila.” He added: “It’s not also my position to talk about it. Pero hindi naman siya big deal na sobra pero nagka-falling out. For me, wala ako sa gulo na ’yun.” He knew that his friends have their own feelings and emotions, so it’s hard for him to suggest how his buddies should react or respond to situations. “May kanya-kanyang feelings ’yan. May kanya-kanyang feelings na may mga mahu-hurt, may masasaktan and you can’t tell people ‘huwag mong maramdaman ’yung feeling na ’yan kasi sila ’yun e,” Marco explained. Gumabao is hoping to mend their relationships and find peace in the future despite the challenges. “Sana magkaayos kasi hindi naman siya sikreto, ’di ba? Kumbaga, it’s an open secret na ganun. But yeah, for me, sana magkaayos lahat,” he concluded. The post Marco Gumabao confirms Nguya Squad ‘falling-out’ issue appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Morocco mourns quake victims as death toll passes 2,000

Moroccans on Sunday mourned the victims of a devastating earthquake that killed more than 2,000 people, as rescue teams raced to find survivors trapped in the rubble of flattened villages. The strongest-ever quake to hit the country has killed at least 2,012 people and injured over 2,059, many of them critically, according to the latest official figures. Friday's 6.8-magnitude quake struck 72 kilometers (45 miles) southwest of the tourist hub of Marrakesh, wiping out entire villages in rural areas. "I've lost everything", said Lahcen, a resident of the mountain village of Moulay Brahim, whose wife and four children were killed. Rescue workers recovered the bodies of Lahcen's three daughters from the rubble of what was once their home, but have not yet found the bodies of his wife and son. "I can't do anything about it now, I just want to get away from the world and mourn." Troops and emergency services have scrambled to reach remote mountain villages where victims are still feared trapped. Al-Haouz province, where the epicenter of the earthquake was located, suffered the most deaths with 1,293, followed by the province of Taroudant with 452. - First funerals - Bouchra, another resident of remote Moulay Brahim village, dried her tears with her scarf as she watched men digging graves to bury the victims. "My cousin's grandchildren are dead", she said in a knotted voice. "I saw the devastation of the earthquake live, and I'm still shaking. It's like a ball of fire that has swallowed up everything in its path," she said. "Everyone here has lost family, whether in our village or elsewhere in the region", she added. Authorities declared three days of national mourning, while several countries, including Israel, France, Spain, Italy and the United States, have offered aid. Neighboring Algeria, which has had rocky relations with Morocco, opened its airspace, which had been closed for two years, to flights carrying humanitarian aid and the injured. - 'Years of aid' - The Red Cross warned that it could take years to repair the damage. "It won't be a matter of a week or two... We are counting on a response that will take months, if not years", Hossam Elsharkawi, the organization's Middle East and North Africa director, said in a statement. The village of Tafeghaghte, 60 kilometers southwest of Marrakesh, was almost entirely destroyed by the quake, the epicenter of which was only about 50 kilometers away, an AFP team reported, with very few buildings still standing. "Three of my grandchildren and their mother are dead," said 72-year-old Omar Benhanna. "They're still under the debris. It wasn't so long ago that we were playing together." Residents buried around 70 victims in the nearby cemetery on Saturday, as the funeral rites were punctuated by cries and screams. In the evening, television channels broadcast aerial images showing entire villages of clay houses in the Al-Haouz region completely destroyed. "The public authorities are still mobilized to speed up rescue operations and evacuate the injured", the interior ministry said Saturday evening. The tremor was also felt in the coastal cities of Rabat, Casablanca, Agadir and Essaouira, where many panicked residents took to the streets in the middle of the night, fearing that their homes would collapse. This earthquake is the deadliest in Morocco since the 1960 quake that destroyed Agadir, in which nearly 15,000 people, a third of the city's population, died. kao-ezz/roc/dhw/mtp © Agence France-Presse The post Morocco mourns quake victims as death toll passes 2,000 appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Ogie Diaz dinipensahan ang viral video ni Albie Casiño, payo sa mga artista: ‘kapag raraket kayo, dapat paghandaan ninyo!’

NILINAW ng talent manager at vlogger na si Ogie Diaz na hindi lasing ang hunk actor na si Albie Casiño noong nag-perform sa isang beauty pageant. Kamakailan lang kasi ay nag-trending at nag-viral ang video ni Albie habang hinaharanahan ang mga kandidata sa grand coronation ng Mutya ng Cotabato 2023. Kinanata niya ang “Pangarap Lang The post Ogie Diaz dinipensahan ang viral video ni Albie Casiño, payo sa mga artista: ‘kapag raraket kayo, dapat paghandaan ninyo!’ appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Tessie Tomas paboritong youngstar sina Francine at Seth, nagbigay ng advice: ‘Ang katanyagan ay hindi forever’

BINIGYANG-DIIN ng seasoned actress na si Tessie Tomas ang kahalagahan ng pagkukumbaba sa mundo ng showbiz. Tinalakay ‘yan ng batikang aktres matapos siyang tanungin ng talent manager at komedyante na si Ogie Diaz patungkol sa mga naging karanasan niya pagdating sa pakikipagtrabaho sa mga mas batang artista. Base sa mga nakita ni Tessie, maraming young The post Tessie Tomas paboritong youngstar sina Francine at Seth, nagbigay ng advice: ‘Ang katanyagan ay hindi forever’ appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Ogie Diaz kay Pura Luka Vega: ‘Even other drag queens don’t understand your point, teh’

HINDI na napigilang magbigay ng reaksyon ang talent manager at komedyante na si Ogie Diaz sa latest post ng kontrobersyal drag performer na si Pura Luka Vega. Kamakailan lang, ibinandera ni Pura Luka sa social media ang kanyang panawagan ng paghingi ng donasyon para sa pagharap niya sa korte. Walang nabanggit kung anong kaso ang The post Ogie Diaz kay Pura Luka Vega: ‘Even other drag queens don’t understand your point, teh’ appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Ogie Diaz hanga sa hindi pagbitaw ni Vice Ganda kay Awra sa kabila ng kinasasangkutang isyu

HINANGAAN ng talent manager na si Ogie Diaz ang hindi pagbitaw ni Vice Ganda sa alagang si Awra Briguela sa kabila ng mga pinagdaraanan nitong isyu. Hindi naman lingid sa kaalaman ng madla ang kasong kinakaharap ngayon ni Awra matapos itong masangkot sa gulo sa isang bar sa Poblacion, Makati. At sa kanyang latest “Ogie The post Ogie Diaz hanga sa hindi pagbitaw ni Vice Ganda kay Awra sa kabila ng kinasasangkutang isyu appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Kim Chiu ayaw nga bang magpa-interview kay Ogie Diaz, how true?

TRULILI nga ba ang chika na iniiwasan ng TV host-actress na si Kim Chiu na magpa-interview sa talent manager na si Ogie Diaz? Sa latest episode kasi ng “Showbiz Update” vlog ng talent manager ay napag-usapan nina Ogie kasama sina Mama Loi at Tita Jegs ang mga isyung kinakaharap ng Kapamilya noontime program na “It’s The post Kim Chiu ayaw nga bang magpa-interview kay Ogie Diaz, how true? appeared first on Bandera......»»

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‘Dirty Linen’ down to its last 2 scorching weeks

Was Dolly de Leon invited to the final media conference on Wednesday afternoon, 16 August, for the ABS-CBN series Dirty Linen, but her schedule of local commitments prevented her from accepting the invite? Or did the production decide not to have her around because she would steal the limelight from all the show’s stars even without trying? [caption id="attachment_172737" align="aligncenter" width="843"] Dolly de Leon. | Photograph Courtesy Of Ig/Dolly De Leon.[/caption]   The media huddle was held just two days after De Leon walked off with a Balanghai trophy as Best Supporting Actress at the Cinemalaya 2023 for her portrayal of a loving mother to a speech-deprived son in Iti Mapukpukaw, an Ilocano animated film which also won Best Picture in the festival. It was De Leon’s second Philippine award, but the first ever she received personally. The first one was from the Famas in a digital awards in 2021 for her work in Verdict. It was also for Best Supporting Actress, and the Best Actress winner then was Janine Gutierrez for Babae at Baril, which had also won for her Best Actress from the Urian of the critics group Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Gutierrez topbills Dirty Linen. The death of Olivia, the mistress-household help character portrayed by De Leon in the grandiosely and glamorously ruthless series, is what ignited the intensely engaging revenge drama that is slated to end in two weeks. It was a special guest role De Leon breezed through soon after her breakthrough appearance in Triangle of Sadness, which landed her at the Cannes International Film Festival, unarguably the most prestigious film festival in the world. Her character’s death in Dirty Linen became a big deal only because it led to the killing of some other members of the household staff who had the bad luck of seeing Olivia’s corpse in the living room before it was dragged into a nearby pit. They were all servants of the Fierros, an evil wealthy family in some provincial town. The family is headed by fierce matriarch Doña Cielo (Tessie Tomas), with her only son Carlos (John Arcilla) and Carlos’ son Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo). Angel Aquino portrays Feliz, the unwanted and unhappy daughter of the Fieros, while Janice de Belen is Leona, the cold-blooded wife of Carlos and mother of their two children, one of whom is the daughter portrayed by young star Francine Diaz. Epy Quizon portrays Ador, the husband of Feliz whose desire to give her and their two children (Xyriel Manabat and Raven Rigor) a well-off life that could somehow match that of the Fierros led him to keeping a secret pornography business that Mila discovers and exposes during a party meant to honor Doña Cielo. Christian Bables plays a digital expert who can hack any digital system as part of the revenge plot.   Changing the landscape De Leon was once quoted in an interview as saying that Dirty Linen is “changing the landscape of Philippine television.” Tomas, who was at the media huddle at Studio 10 of ABS-CBN, declared that Dirty Linen is the best show she has ever been. Though more famous in her younger years as a stand-up comedian who parodied weird well-off women, Tomas is indeed a veteran of TV shows in varying genres. Gutierrez did her best not to cry in gratefulness for the opportunity of topbilling what seems to be ABS-CBN’s most expensive drama series. The Fierro mansion is a triumph in opulent production design, since the location is not a residence but the refashioned clubhouse of Summit Point, a popular golf and country club in Lipa City, Batangas — a project of Sta. Lucia Land Inc. The show’s production designer is Nancy Arcega, who’s been at her work for over 30 years now. It’s hard to argue against claims that Dirty Linen is the best Filipino-produced drama series in the country so far. But for us, personally, it is so far the series that has the most sordid storyline and characters. Practically everyone is evil in varying degrees. And Pinoys love it, for better or for worse. ABS-CBN says the series has gone over a billion views since it was launched on several platforms in January this year. Almost all the major cast members of the series turned up at the media huddle. Only Jenica Garcia, Andrea del Rosario and Soliman Cruz were not there. The post ‘Dirty Linen’ down to its last 2 scorching weeks appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Ogie Diaz sa pagkakakulong ni Jay Sonza: ‘Naawa ako bigla sa mga anak at apo niya, wa echos…hindi ko sasabihing beh buti nga’

KASALUKUYANG nakakulong sa Quezon City Jail Ligtas Covid Center Quarantine Facility, sa Payatas, QC ang dating brodkaster na si Jose “Jay” Sonza dahil sa kasong estafa at large-scale illegal recruitment. Noong Hulyo 18 ay pinigilan si Jay ng mga tauhan ng Bureau of Immigration sa NAIA Terminal 3 patungong Hongkong at hindi siya pinayagang makalabas The post Ogie Diaz sa pagkakakulong ni Jay Sonza: ‘Naawa ako bigla sa mga anak at apo niya, wa echos…hindi ko sasabihing beh buti nga’ appeared first on Bandera......»»

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