NTC’s shutdown of Sky Direct, TV Plus to affect 55 M Filipinos

“It is clear that the goal of this administration is not only to shut down ABS-CBN but to send a message throughout the media industry.” The post NTC’s shutdown of Sky Direct, TV Plus to affect 55 M Filipinos appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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How abs-cbn shutdown deprives Filipinos of news and entertainment

ABS-CBN News cameraman Angelo Valderrama showed his IATF ID upon reaching the checkpoint in Rizal and Laguna. Yet, the police officer stopped and signaled them to roll down the windows......»»

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Offline protests condemn shutdown of ABS-CBN

"Shrinking democratic space through the militarizing of the pandemic response as well as not closing the largest media network’s airwaves is a direct affront to civil liberties.” The post Offline protests condemn shutdown of ABS-CBN appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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ABS-CBN shutdown a disservice to Filipinos, says UST

The University of Sto. Tomas has spoken out against the shutdown of ABS-CBN. “The Pontifical and Royal University of Sto. Tomas laments the order to stop ABS-CBN from continuing its broadcast operations,” the Philippines’ first and oldest university said about the country’s biggest network. It then continued, “It is a clear disservice to the Filipino people in this time of pandemic when information, delivered fast and wide, is key to saving lives.” ?????????? — University of Santo Tomas (@UST1611official) May 6, 2020 This, after the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) ordered ABS-CBN to cease and desist from broadcasting on television and radio. Last Monday, the media organization's franchise expired as the House of Representatives was yet to tackle the bill for its renewal. A day later, the NTC then backtracked on its earlier commitment to grant provisional authority and as such, ABS-CBN went dark right after TV Patrol. In this light, UST was adamant that ABS-CBN is much-needed especially in the continuing COVID-19 crisis. “We pray that ABS-CBN will be able to resume its broadcast operations very soon to be able to continue its invaluable service to the Filipino people,” its statement read. Earlier, the school's media professors have already showed support for the nation's top broadcaster. —— Follow this writer on Twitter, @riegogogo......»»

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ABS-CBN shutdown robs ordinary Filipinos source of information, entertainment — urban poor group

Rights groups and media organizations earlier emphasized that access to credible information is crucial in addressing the spread of the virus that has already infected 10,343 people in the country......»»

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NNC 7 Reiterates Government’s NO MILK DONATION POLICY, Emphasizes Proper Nutrition Amidst COVID-19

The present health crisis brought about by the Corona Virus Disease (COVID 19) has brought uncertainty and panic among the Filipinos. With the first, confirmed local case in Cebu Province on 18 March 2020, several local governments in Central Visayas declared community quarantine and have started stocking up goods and supplies through direct purchase and […].....»»

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Hidilyn Diaz vows to remain focused and determined on Olympic qualification

The current COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt left its mark on the globe, and one of the most affected by it is the sporting world.  The NBA, collegiate sporting tournaments, football tournaments, and major events across all sports have either been cancelled or postponed. The same fate could befall the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, even though the quadrilennial multi-sport event won't begin until July. Obviously, the delays in preparation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the Summer Games greatly.  So far, only four Filipinos have already qualified for the Summer Olympics: gymnast Carlos Yulo, pole-vaulter EJ Obiena, and boxers Eumir Marcial and Irish Magno.  One Filipina Olympic hopeful is none other than 2016 Rio silver medalist weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz, who is on track to qualify, but the current suspensions and postponements have delayed her quest for a ticket to Tokyo 2020.  Diaz took to Instagram to address the situation.          View this post on Instagram                   There are things we can’t control and we can’t do anything, the effects of N-Covid19 is something unimaginable. Most of my Olympic Qualification events are postponed or cancelled, travel ban, city lockdown and country lockdown. Panic, fears and frustration is controlling us right now. I was supposed to have my flight today going to Colombia to compete at the Ibero-America Open Championships 2020 for my final Olympic Qualifying competition but we didn’t push through because of travel ban in Colombia. As an athlete we don’t stop when we fail once, even twice, the most important thing is we do our best and at the end of the day we won’t regret anything. I will remain focus and determine to improve every single day together with #TeamHD who prepared me and sacrificed a lot to represent God and Philippines well in Olympics. So far the best snatch technique I have in competitions is captured by @one_kilo_ this was in Roma World Cup 2020 in Roma, Italy. Speaking of Italy, mio amico and mia amica take care always, be strong you are in my prayers, in my thoughts and worries. To my friends, family, supporters, fans, church mate, kabaro at buddy sa Airforce at co-athletes, please take care, wash your hands and social distancing. To frontliners Salamat po sa Serbisyong binigay niyo po. Kuidaw ustedes pirmi! #LabanPilipinas #LabanHidilyn #TeamHD #tokyo2020 #olympicweightlifting @phil.sportscommission @mvpsportsfoundation @phoenixfuels A post shared by Hidilyn Diaz OLY (@hidilyndiaz) on Mar 16, 2020 at 7:00pm PDT Diaz revealed that she was supposed to be flying out to Colombia for her final Olympic Qualifying competition, but a travel ban has forced her to not push through. She also shared a message to the people of Italy, one of countries hardest hit by the COVID-19 virus.  "Speaking of Italy, mio amico and mia amica take care always, be strong you are in my prayers, in my thoughts and worries," Diaz wrote.  She concluded by giving a message to her family, friends, and fans, and gave thanks to the workers in the frontlines.  "To my friends, family, supporters, fans, church mate, kabaro at buddy sa Airforce at co-athletes, please take care, wash your hands and social distancing. To frontliners Salamat po sa Serbisyong binigay niyo po. Kuidaw ustedes pirmi!".....»»

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RCBC recommends diversified portfolio

A local fund manager has urged Filipinos to diversify their investment portfolio amid the changing global economic landscape, as headwinds such as the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is seen to affect certain sectors......»»

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Government review of water deals to affect FDI inflows — MAP

The government’s review of the water concession deals is seen to worsen the decline in foreign direct investments as regulatory risk affects the country’s attractiveness to investors, the Management Association of the Philippines said......»»

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Filipinos warned vs suspicious New Year greetings on messaging apps

Experts said opening suspicious New Year greetings will direct users to malicious websites and prompt them to input their data......»»

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Duterte confident China won’t spy on Philippine thru NGCP

Filipinos need not worry about the possibility of China manipulating the country’s power grid through the direct involvement of its nationals in the technical operations of the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines, President Duterte said on Thursday......»»

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Contingency plans in place for typhoon-threatened SEA Games – Cayetano

MANILA, Philippines — Contingency plans are in place should Typhoon Kammuri adversely affect some venues of the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, lead organizer and Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano assured Thursday. The state weather bureau earlier said Kammuri might have a direct effect on some venues of the biennial sports meet on December 3 and […] The post Contingency plans in place for typhoon-threatened SEA Games – Cayetano appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Sugod Malaya working to promote diversity in Football

Football has yet to shed its image of being a rich kid’s sport in the country, but Allianz Philippines and Sugod Malaya are showing that “the most beautiful sport in the world” is best played in an equal playing field. It doesn’t matter what your background or social standing is, as long as you are committed and dedicated to playing the game. “Globally, Allianz is known to be a staunch supporter of football, and we want to promote that same passion here in the Philippines. When Sugod Malaya came to us for help, we immediately saw that they are an organization that represents our goals and ideals for the sport—that it’s not just a game to be played by a few, but by all,” said Gae Martinez, Chief Marketing Officer of Allianz Philippines. Established six years ago, Sugod Malaya is a nonprofit football club that has close to 300 active members today—from the well-to-do to the poorest of the poor. “When we started, our dream was to establish a club that is really free, regardless of whatever the player’s background is,” said Mark Duane Angos, Secretary General and one of the founders of Sugod Malaya. He acknowledged that football in the Philippines suffered the reputation of being a game that is only played in gated communities and Sugod Malaya seeks to change that. “We were forming a team back then and realized that it lacked diversity. At that time, I was doing a community outreach program for San Beda and got in touch with folks in Tondo,” Angos said. The club eventually got four kids from the area to play with their team in Bacolod which, along with Iloilo, are considered the “Meccas” of football. “When they played in Bacolod, they really played well together,” Angos shared. From the 11 kids they had back then, the club has grown significantly. More than half of its members come from impoverished backgrounds, with 30-40 percent coming from the poorest of the poor. “At first, we were only relying on the generous donations of our club’s parents until we wanted to expand and solidify the program. In the end, it became more than just a football club; it also became a tool for community development. It is now a club that provides an opportunity for kids from all backgrounds to play and, at the same time, have their talent seen and discovered by the global community,” Angos said. While they consider their games in Iloilo and Bacolod to be memorable ones, nothing could beat their excitement in playing for international leagues. Sugod Malaya has played in the Borneo Cup in Malaysia and the Singa Cup in Singapore, and has likewise done well in their stints in other Asian countries. Most recently, Sugod Malaya experienced how it is to play European football when they played in Barcelona, Spain. They played in the Mediterranean Cup and competed against Barcelona FC’s famed La Masia squad, the youth team that produced global football megastars Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta. Angos said they almost gave up the idea of joining while they were in their planning stage. “We knew, from the perspective of cost, that Barcelona would be too much even though its organizers were nice enough to give us partial subsidy. At some point, we thought of backing out because we felt that participating in one tournament might affect our entire program—we have a team playing in Europe and getting that experience, but then the other scholars would be suffering because we’d run out of funds and resources. So when Allianz and like-minded individuals came in, we saw the light at the end of the tunnel,” he revealed, adding that they knew of Allianz’ dedication to football. “When we heard that they were willing to help us, we were excited. We are very thankful and, at the same time, excited to see that we have represented Allianz well,” he pointed out. Even though the much stronger Barcelona team defeated Sugod Malaya, the kids remain determined. “You can see that it (playing against Barcelona) reinforced their determination,” Angos said. In playing in Barcelona, the kids realized how different football is being played in Europe. “In the Philippines, they would cheer for you when you make a goal. In Spain and the rest of Europe, the crowd will clap and appreciate your good pass, even if you don’t score, and when you make a good save. They can appreciate the strengths of the whole team,” Angos shared. He added that because of Allianz’ support in getting the kids to play in Spain, many other opportunities for the club came up. They were invited to play in Colombia (a team that they won over during the friendly competition), Ireland, and Portugal, among others. “The Colombian coach said that our play is unpolished, which is not a bad thing because it makes it unpredictable and exciting,” Angos said, adding that the other clubs have compared their style to that of Manny Pacquiao’s. In the end, what Mark and the rest of Sugod Malaya wants to achieve for the sport in the country, is to make Filipinos realize that “Football is a sport for the Filipinos.”.....»»

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Cell site shutdown to affect WiFi-powered ATMs

Cell site shutdown to affect WiFi-powered ATMs.....»»

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NTC-7 Exec Says Temporary Shutdown of Cell Sites During Sinulog to Affect Metro Cebu and Bohol

NTC-7 Exec Says Temporary Shutdown of Cell Sites During Sinulog to Affect Metro Cebu and Bohol.....»»

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Pinoys urged to emulate Bonifacio’s patriotic spirit

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – President Duterte yesterday called on Filipinos to get more involved in issues that affect their lives and to live up to the patrio.....»»

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5 ways a Trump presidency could affect Filipinos

5 ways a Trump presidency could affect Filipinos.....»»

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5 ways a Trump presidency could affect Filipinos - Rappler

5 ways a Trump presidency could affect Filipinos - Rappler.....»»

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LPA off Surigao may not affect Philippines

MANILA, Philippines - The low-pressure area spotted off Surigao yesterday is not expected to have a direct effect on any part of the country, according to th.....»»

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English Articles

Proposed VAT expansion, raising excise tax on fuel to affect rich Filipinos more: finance department.....»»

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6 ways Brexit will affect Filipinos in UK

6 ways Brexit will affect Filipinos in UK.....»»

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