No plan of permanent presence? Move ships out of West Philippine Sea, Locsin tells China

"Then tell them to move out. All of them. If they're really fishing the fish are all gone; they're just fouling the water with waste. Nobody fishes by lashing ships together," Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. tweeted Wednesday night......»»

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Philippines files diplomatic protest vs China over ships near Ayungin shoal

MANILA, Philippines – Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr on Wednesday, October 2, ordered the filing of a diplomatic protest against China over the presence of its vessels near Ayungin Shoal (Second Thomas Shoal) in the West Philippine Sea. "DFA Philippines fire off another diplomatic protest. Now," Locsin tweeted past midnight on ........»»

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Philippines files another diplomatic protest vs China

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – The Philippines has filed another diplomatic protest against China, this time over the presence of Chinese  survey ships  and  warships  in the Philippines' exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr announced the Philippine government's move in a tweet on Friday, August 9. "Okay, got it, General. DFA ........»»

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Chinese Embassy tells US to stay out of issue of Chinese ships in West Philippine Sea

"The United States is not a party to the South China Sea issue," the Chinese Embassy said......»»

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‘West Philippine Sea oil exploration OK, but not with China’

President Duterte’s move to lift the moratorium on oil exploration in the West Philippine Sea would be beneficial for the country, but the government must bar China from any joint venture to exploit mineral resources in the area until Beijing abides by the 2016 ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, senators said yesterday......»»

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Progressives say ‘Atin ang Pinas’ amid increasing China presence in PH waters

Filipino progressives marked today’s commemoration of the Day of Valor with a firm stand against the increasing Chinese militia presence in the country’s territory in the disputed waters of the West Philippine Sea. The post Progressives say ‘Atin ang Pinas’ amid increasing China presence in PH waters appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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PH options open; US warns China

The Defense department said Thursday it was keeping “all our options open” as Washington warned Beijing against increasing aggressive moves in the region amid the presence of Chinese vessels at the Julian Felipe Reef – part of the country’s exclusive economic zone – and other parts of the West Philippine Sea......»»

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Chinese Embassy: No presence of maritime militias off Palawan

The Chinese embassy in the Philippines has denied the claim of Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana that there are Chinese maritime militias at Julian Felipe Reef in the West Philippine Sea. “The Chinese Embassy has taken note of the perplexing statement by Philippine Defense Secretary on Chinese fishing vessels around Niu’e Jiao in the South China […] The post Chinese Embassy: No presence of maritime militias off Palawan appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Damage caused by China in West Philippine Sea could affect food security — scientists

The warning comes as hundreds of ships suspected to be part of China's maritime militia continue to swarm reefs and artificial islands in the West Philippine Sea, the part of the South China Sea within the Philippines' exclusive economic zone......»»

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Envoy to China expects ‘improvement’ in Julian Felipe Reef issue next month

Romana gave this assurance without clarifying if, or when, he expects the Chinese ships moored within the vicinity of the West Philippine Sea reef to actually leave the area......»»

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LIST: World powers that criticized China s maritime militia ships at West Philippine Sea reef

All throughout this week, envoys have taken to Twitter to air their concerns over heightened tension in the South China Sea, earning China's ire by showing their support for the Philippines and rule of law in the critical waterway. .....»»

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‘Those ships are not fishing’: Lorenzana doubts China yarn on vessels in PH EEZ

MANILA, Philippines—Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana cast doubt on China’s claim that Chinese vessels anchored near Julian Felipe (Whitsun) Reef in the West Philippine Sea were fishing boats. “That is their standard line but those ships are not fishing,” Lorenzana told on Thursday (March 25). “And there are 183 to 220 of them? If it’s […] The post ‘Those ships are not fishing’: Lorenzana doubts China yarn on vessels in PH EEZ appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Duterte will talk to Beijing envoy about West Philippine Sea incursion – Palace

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte plans to talk to the Chinese ambassador about China’s latest incursion in the West Philippine Sea, Malacañang said on Tuesday, after Manila filed a diplomatic protest over the presence of more than 200 Chinese vessels at Julian Felipe Reef in the disputed waters. “I will repeat what the President […] The post Duterte will talk to Beijing envoy about West Philippine Sea incursion – Palace appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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DFA orders China to pull out at once of PH sea

China should immediately withdraw all its fishing vessels and maritime assets out of the West Philippine Sea, the Department of Foreign Affairs said, after the Philippines lodged diplomatic protest over the presence of 220 Chinese militia vessels at Julian Felipe Reef......»»

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China denies militias, says fishing vessels in its territory

Despite being confirmed by the Philippine Coast Guard, the reported presence of 220 Chinese maritime militia vessels around Julian Felipe (Whitsun) Reef in the West Philippine Sea is just “speculation,” according to the Chinese embassy......»»

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Over 200 Chinese militia ships spotted in West Philippine Sea

The National Task Force for the West Philippine Sea said it has received a report from the Philippine Coast Guard about the presence of Chinese vessels seen in line formation at the Whitsun or Julian Felipe Reef on March 7......»»

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Official urges joining treaty against nukes

Senator Francis Tolentino says becoming a State Party to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will help boost the country’s territorial claims in the West Philippine Sea as recognized and affirmed by the 2016 South China Sea Arbitral Ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration. .....»»

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Peace hopes up in flight disputes  

The South China Sea has long been a major field of contention between the United States and China, with the US actively challenging China’s claim to sovereignty over most of the sea within a nine-dash line, and constantly sending ships and planes into the area asserting freedom of navigation in what it considers international waters. China, however, sees these flights as provocations. The South China Sea is bounded by the Philippines in the east, Vietnam in the west, and Malaysia and Brunei in the south. To the northeast is the East China Sea between China and Japan. Farther north of that is the Yellow Sea between China and North and South Korea. Last month, an international incident in that far-off area came to involve the Philippines — a US surveillance aircraft flying over the Yellow Sea allegedly used codes belonging to Philippine aircraft. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr. said this is a serious security issue as it could entangle the Philippines in the rising tension between China and US. A report from the South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSSPI) said a US RC-1355 reconnaisance aircraft using a code assigned to the Philippines flew over the Yellow Sea between China and Korea. The detected Philippine code could have made China suspicious as the Philippines does not conduct patrol operations over that area. The US pilots may have been trying to test China’s reaction, Esperon said as he expressed his concern. “What could happen is it could implicate or incriminate the Philippine side. We simply have to remind our US counterparts of the implications. The Philippines has sent a communication to the US embassy in Manila. This is something that must be discussed. Nonetheless, we hope this could be settled satisfactorily between the parties,” he said. In a press conference, China’s foreign ministry said, “Since the beginning of this year, US reconaissance aircraft have electronically impersonated civil aircraft of other countries in the South China Sea for more than a hundred times. This threatens the security of China and countries in the region.” The flights over the Yellow Sea near Korea, like the ones over the East China near Japan, and the South China Sea near the Philippines have long been part of US operations around the world as it asserts freedom of navigation and flight over international waters. We hope these two nations will be able to carry on without any incident that may lead to a violent confrontation and we hope they do not unduly involve and endanger any other nation like the Philippines which is friend to both sides......»»

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Addressing mental health amid a pandemic

BETTER DAYS Senator Sonny Angara Mental health has historically been a difficult subject to talk about in Philippine society. Many of us, no doubt, have our own stories, personal or otherwise, of how difficult it is to seek help. In fact, in the journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, an August, 2020, analysis of many studies on the matter confirmed that the low utilization of mental health services among Filipinos could be attributed in part to the stigma associated with mental health issues, with resilience and self-reliance becoming possible alternate coping strategies. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made mental health an even bigger issue. The quarantine, the economic effects of the pandemic, and the anxieties brought about by the virus’ unpredictability have had a negative effect on the mental health of many Filipinos. Although we as a country are consistently rated to be in the Top 5 of a global optimism index, according to the DOH, the calls for help have been increasing. According to the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH), their helpline received about 400 calls monthly from May, 2019, to February, 2020. That’s an average of 13 to 15 calls daily. By March, 672 calls were serviced, and this grew steadily in the following months, until there were 1,034 calls in July – and 440 for the half of August. These double the monthly average from March to August to 876 calls, or 32 to 37 calls daily. Many government and private mental health services are available for people who are seeking help or just someone to talk to. Aside from the NCMH crisis hotline, the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation has confidential crisis lines and a referral system to partnered psychologists. The foundation is also a hub for prevention, recognition, and treatment of depression. The Philippine Mental Health Association also offers similar services, and universities like UST, UP Diliman, and Ateneo de Manila have their own mental health service organizations. Some, like Ateneo’s Center for Family Ministries have affordable or negotiable fees. Online resources like the Silakbo.Ph website have listings for many other mental health service providers outside of the NCR. In fact, many organizations have already partnered with the Department of Health (DOH); perhaps more of them should be invited to the table to plan new policies, projects, and initiatives that will address the growing number of mental health cases. The DOH is also encouraging people to learn more about general mental health through free e-learning courses translated into Filipino.  The source material is from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) QualityRights initiative, which is a global project that aims to help participants improve their own mental health, learn how to support their loved ones and communities, and gain knowledge and skills to tackle mental health issues. Clearly, we need to reassess and adapt to the fact that more Filipinos are now looking for mental health services and treatments. This is why I am seeking to amend Republic Act 11036, the Mental Health Act, particularly its existing chapter on “Rights of Service Users and Other Stakeholders.” Our proposed amendment seek to give health service users the right to immediately receive compensation benefits and special financial assistance they are entitled to under law, should they sustain temporary or permanent mental disability in the line of duty or by reason of a person’s office or position. This is an important amendment, as the Mental Health Act requires that PhilHealth provide insurance packages to patients with mental health conditions, and that access to medicines is ensured. With the observation of World Mental Health Day last October 10, it is important to remember the DOH’s theme for this year, “Mental Health for All: Unifying Voices for Greater Investment and Access.”  This theme encourages that we open conversations on the various challenges that our mental health care system faces every day, such as social stigma and limited funding. In fact, the simple act of marking the day itself is important. It shows those who are suffering that we see them, and care for them. It tells others who are hiding their issues that it is perfectly normal to seek help. And most of all, it encourages the whole world to stand in solidarity in recognition of the need for all of society to help those with mental health issues. E-mail:| Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @sonnyangara Senator Sonny Angara has been in public service for 16 years—9 years as Representative of the Lone District of Aurora, and 7 as Senator. He has authored and sponsored more than 200 laws.  He is currently serving his second term in the Senate. .....»»

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Philippines won’t stop patrolling Spratlys – Locsin

Rejecting China’s call to stop “illegal provocations” in the West Philippine Sea, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. said the Philippines will not cease patrolling the Spratly Islands......»»

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South China Sea- Philippine navy chief warns of Chinese provocation

The Philippine navy chief has called for a diplomatic protest to be filed against the presence of two Chinese research ships in a disputed area of the South China Sea.Vice-Admiral Giovanni Bacordo tol.....»»

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