NG debt rises to P10.4 trillion in February

The national government’s total outstanding debt rose to a new record high of P10.405 trillion as of February, as borrowings were ramped up to finance its pandemic response......»»

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NG debt rises to new record high of P10.77 trillion

The national government’s total outstanding debt rose to a new record high of P10.774 trillion in end-March, still mostly domestic borrowings, to fund its pandemic response, the Bureau of the Treasury said yesterday......»»

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Govt debt rises to P10.3T at end-Jan

The government’s outstanding debt soared to a new all-time high of P10.32 trillion at end-January on bigger domestic obligations, according to the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr). Treasury data showed on Tuesday that the amount was a 5.4-percent or P532.45-billion increase from P9.79 trillion at end-December. Of the figure, 29 percent was generated from foreign […].....»»

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Senators to scrutinize ballooning foreign debt

Senators are determined to hold executive sessions when the chamber tackles the P5.024-trillion budget proposal for 2022 to force government officials to provide details as to why the country incurred debts much more than actually needed......»»

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Swelling debt to slow economic momentum

The Freedom from Debt Coalition said the country’s record-high P11-trillion debt would make it difficult to revert the economy’s momentum to its pre-pandemic levels......»»

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Debt servicing rises 53% to P37.8 billion in May

The government spent more than half for debt payments in May at nearly P38 billion as interest payments and amortization rose by double digits, the Bureau of the Treasury said......»»

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Gov& rsquo;t debt breached P11-t level in May, says Treasury

Government debt reached P11.07 trillion as of end-May this year, mostly from domestic borrowings, data from the Treasury show......»»

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Philippines debt hits record P11 trillion

The country’s total debt stock hit a new record high in May, passing the P11-trillion mark as the government borrowed more from the domestic market to finance its pandemic response......»»

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Pandemic costs push up government debt beyond P11 trillion in May

The government’s outstanding debt sustained an uptrend in May to breach the P11-trillion mark amid the Duterte administration’s continued borrowing binge to fund ballooning pandemic expenses......»»

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Government debt swells to record high P11 trillion

The national government’s outstanding debt rose to a fresh record high of P10.991 trillion in April, boosted by both local and external borrowings, the Bureau of the Treasury said......»»

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Government debt share to GDP rises to 42%

The share of the consolidated general government debt to gross domestic product rose to 42.1 percent in the first half of 2020 from only 35.9 percent in the same period in 2019, according to the Department of Finance......»»

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Dollar deficit widest in 29 months on foreign debt payments

Philippines sustained a balance of payments deficit in February, not because of hefty imports, but due to debt payment......»»

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China’s foreign trade sustains growth momentum

The country’s total imports and exports of goods expanded 32.2 percent year on year to 5.44 trillion yuan (about 838.16 billion US dollars) in the January-February period. The post China’s foreign trade sustains growth momentum appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Gov& rsquo;t debt climbed to P10.32t in January

Outstanding debt of the national government climbed 5.4 percent or P532.46 billion in January to P10.327 trillion from December, driven by the re-availment of a P540-billion short-term loan facility from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas......»»

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“The way to pay off debt is to have more exportable products.”

Updated: Sunday, February 21, 2021 19:20 Published: 21.02.2021 19:17 Science Minister Pedro Duque, To confirm “Not only is it possible, it is mandatoryIncreasing investment in.....»»

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Pandemic bill stokes gov t debt to P9.8 trillion in 2020

As widely expected, the Duterte administration capped 2020 with a much heavier debt burden after the coronavirus pandemic stoked a borrowing spree amid falling tax receipts......»»

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Government outstanding debt jumps 31%, tops P10.1 trillion

The government’s outstanding debt climbed by more than 31 percent in November to exceed P10.1 trillion for the first time from a year ago, driven by short-term borrowings from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to fund the anti-COVID-19 response......»»

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NG debt hits P10.13 trillion

The country’s outstanding debt rose further to P10.13 trillion as of end-November 2020 as the government borrowed more funds from the domestic market, the Bureau of the Treasury reported yesterday......»»

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Gross borrowings hit P3 trillion in 11 months

The country’s debt exceeded P3 trillion from January to November as the government continued to ramp up its borrowings to fund coronavirus response efforts, according to the Bureau of the Treasury......»»

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Government borrowings breach P3-trillion mark in November

The government's debt burden continued its uptrend from January to November, with gross borrowings soaring beyond the P3-trillion mark as the country's pandemic needs grow......»»

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Government debt increased by P658.8 billion in October

The government’s total outstanding debt as of end-October 2020 rose by P658.81 billion, or 7 percent, to P10.027 trillion from the end-September level, driven mainly by the availment of external and domestic loans used to fund the budget deficit amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bureau of the Treasury said Friday......»»

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