New cases breach 8k mark: Rody calls for balancing act vs. virus

Closing the economy through coronavirus lockdowns would be disastrous for the country, President Rodrigo Duterte said Monday night, as he called for a balancing act amid the raging COVID-19 pandemic......»»

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Workplace Health Protocols Reinforcement Called for Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

As the country breached the 3,000 mark in new coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases again, government agencies calls for the reinforcement of health protocols in the workplace to minimize further cases of the virus. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) together with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) issued a joint advisory Tuesday […].....»»

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Virus cases in Manila breach 5,000 mark

THE number of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases in the city of Manila has reached 5,092 after reporting 83 new cases, the city government announced on Friday. The latest case bulletin from the Manila Health Department (MHD) reported that the total number of active cases of the city has reached 1,309 in a span of […].....»»

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Phl virus cases breach 24,000-mark

The Department of Health (DoH) logged 443 additional cases on Thursday, raising the nationwide total to 24,175. In its latest bulletin, the DoH reported 253 “fresh” and 190 “late” cases, majority of which are in the National Capital Region (NCR) which remains the epicenter of the outbreak in the Philippines. The fresh cases or test […] The post Phl virus cases breach 24,000-mark appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Phl virus cases breach 18,000-mark

The Department of Health (DoH) on Sunday announced 862 new confirmed cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), raising the nationwide tally to 18,086. This came as quarantine measures are set to be eased in Metro Manila and other areas starting Monday, 1 June. Of the new cases, 16 were considered “fresh” or coming from the results […] The post Phl virus cases breach 18,000-mark appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Index soars over 5% to breach past 6,600

The local stock market soared by over five percent yesterday one of its best performance in years to lead Asian markets for a second day, with investors snapping up bargains anew on prospects of further reopening of the economy as new virus cases dwindle......»»

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PH cases near 1 million as DOH reports 8,162 new infections

MANILA, Philippines — With more laboratories confirming coronavirus infections, the Philippines’ total COVID-19 cases would likely breach the one-million mark on Monday as the country joins the observance of World Immunization Week. The Department of Health (DOH) reported 8,162 new infections on Sunday based on laboratory test results, pushing the total to 997,523. Less than […] The post PH cases near 1 million as DOH reports 8,162 new infections appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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PH’s active COVID-19 cases breach 200,000-mark

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines now has a total of 203,710 active COVID-19 cases following the reporting on Saturday of 11,101 more coronavirus infections. The Department of Health (DOH) said the country now has a total of 926,052 COVID-19 cases, of which 22 percent are active cases. Of this number, 706,532 are recoveries, including 799 […] The post PH’s active COVID-19 cases breach 200,000-mark appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Phl COVID-19 cases breach 800k mark

The Philippines’ coronavirus disease tally surpassed the 800,000-mark on Monday as statisticians have projected that it might jump to one million before the end of the April. The latest report of the Department of Health (DoH) showed a total of 803,398 individuals have been infected, with 8,355 additional infections. The figure excluded data from three […] The post Phl COVID-19 cases breach 800k mark appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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New cases breach 8k mark: Hospital group seeks reinforcement

A group of hospitals on Monday sought "reinforcement" from the government as medical facilities in Metro Manila are filling up due to the surge in COVID-19 cases......»»

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New COVID-19 cases in PH breach 3,000-mark for 3rd straight day

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Health (DOH) reported an additional 3,276 cases of COVID-19, pushing the number of total active coronavirus cases in the Philippines to 36,043. This is the third straight day that the DOH reported new cases that breached the 3,000-mark. Meanwhile, the health department also recorded 10,516 recoveries, bringing the number […] The post New COVID-19 cases in PH breach 3,000-mark for 3rd straight day appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Virus cases break half-million mark; health workers needed

COVID-19 infections in the Philippines breached the half-million mark Sunday as the Department of Health (DOH) reported 1,895 new cases, bringing the total to 500,577 infections since the pandemic began......»»

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Coffin stored in break room as Los Angeles funeral home overwhelmed

A corpse in the break room. Embalmed bodies in the garage.  During AFP’s visit, a casket topped with a small wreath of flowers occupied the funeral home employee break room beyond the front desk Boyd Funeral Home, a small family business in Los Angeles, is so overflowing with Covid-19 victims it has begun turning away customers for the first time in its history. “The weekend before I turned down 16 families that I couldn’t do services for,” said owner Candy Boyd.  “It’s sad. But that’s pretty much how it is now.” In the past two weeks, as coronavirus has slammed Los Angeles, some 80 percent of the deceased passing through her doors died from Covid. One-in-10 residents of the nation’s second largest city has been infected since the pandemic began, with nearly 300 people dying daily last week as the virus surges. At Boyd’s reception desk, the phones keep ringing, mostly going unanswered as her overwhelmed staff have abandoned setting appointments and now tell customers to just show up and get in line. She is even receiving calls from desperate families in other counties more than an hour’s drive away.  Many hospital morgues are also full, with local coroners using refrigerated trucks to accommodate the victim load and some cemeteries warning of two week waiting lists. “Things are getting more and more out of control,” said Boyd. During AFP’s visit this week, a casket topped with a small wreath of flowers occupied the employee break room beyond the front desk. It had been there for a week. “This room is our lunch area, however, we are having to use this room for space for caskets,” said the owner. “We’ve done the services but the cemetery is so backed up… we have to hold them here until they have time to do the burial.” – Bodies in the garage – Like much of surrounding South Los Angeles, the Westmont neighborhood is mainly inhabited by Black and Latino working class communities living in densely populated homes. These demographics have been hit particularly hard by Covid, with mortality rates two or three times higher than nearby affluent communities. Boyd’s funeral home cold storage room has been consistently full. Two weeks ago, Boyd brought in craftsmen to erect two large wooden structures in the company’s garage to store embalmed bodies. “He hasn’t even gotten a chance to really finish because we needed (to store) these,” she said, pointing to corpses wrapped in body bags lying on the rough shelves. “I would never imagined having to build that in my wildest dreams.” Some funeral homes have reported a shortage of coffins due to lack of wood, though Boyd’s supplier has kept up with orders so long as they are placed early enough. – ‘Nightmares’ – Worried about her five staff catching the virus at the start of the pandemic, Boyd initially refused to accept Covid victims. “I was having nightmares. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep,” she recalled.  Boyd has since created safety protocols and now feels comfortable dealing with the influx, although she insists it is “not about the money.” “It’s about helping families and helping them get through this crisis,” she said. “It takes a toll on me every day, I’m dealing with this,” Boyd added. “And I have to keep a stolid face because I have to be there for the family.”  Sometimes, customers are people she has long known personally. Other times, Boyd encounters families who still refuse to wear masks or respect physical distance, even as they make arrangements to bury their loved ones.  “The numbers don’t lie. It’s true. It’s real,” said Boyd of the disease. Cases in California have more than doubled since early December to 2.8 million. “If you don’t take it serious,” she warned an AFP journalist, “you could be one of the people that are in my back row back there, you know!”.....»»

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COVID cases in Eastern Visayas breach 10,000-mark

PALO, Leyte – The number of COVID-19 patients in Eastern Visayas has now breached the 10,000-mark Saturday. This developed as 103 new cases were recorded, the third time it went over 100 in a single day within the week. But despite the high number of new cases, 180 patients have recorded and was one of […] The post COVID cases in Eastern Visayas breach 10,000-mark appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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DOH adds 11,430 recoveries as total cases breach 396,000-mark

Over eight months since the community quarantines have been imposed, the national government is still struggling with curbing the spread of the pandemic, recording thousands of cases per day. .....»»

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France virus death toll tops 40,000: official

The number of people in France who have died from coronavirus topped the 40,000 mark on Saturday after 306 new fatalities were reported in the past 24 hours, the health authorities said. According to Public Health France (SpF), the overall death toll in France since the start of the pandemic now stands at 40,169. The daily number of new infections was not immediately available, after it surpassed 60,000 but the day before, marking a sharp acceleration in cases.  SpF said revised figures were scheduled to be published on Monday.  The dramatic rise in infections is putting increased pressure on hospitals, where 4,410 patients were in intensive care, compared with 3,721 at the beginning of the week. The total number of beds for coronavirus patients has been increased to 6,400 from 5,000......»»

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COVID-19 deaths breach 7k mark; 1,607 new cases

The COVID-19 fatalities in the Philippines breached the 7,000-mark on Monday, while the country's cumulative total of confirmed infections climbed to 371,630, the Department of Health data showed......»»

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Addressing mental health amid a pandemic

BETTER DAYS Senator Sonny Angara Mental health has historically been a difficult subject to talk about in Philippine society. Many of us, no doubt, have our own stories, personal or otherwise, of how difficult it is to seek help. In fact, in the journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, an August, 2020, analysis of many studies on the matter confirmed that the low utilization of mental health services among Filipinos could be attributed in part to the stigma associated with mental health issues, with resilience and self-reliance becoming possible alternate coping strategies. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made mental health an even bigger issue. The quarantine, the economic effects of the pandemic, and the anxieties brought about by the virus’ unpredictability have had a negative effect on the mental health of many Filipinos. Although we as a country are consistently rated to be in the Top 5 of a global optimism index, according to the DOH, the calls for help have been increasing. According to the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH), their helpline received about 400 calls monthly from May, 2019, to February, 2020. That’s an average of 13 to 15 calls daily. By March, 672 calls were serviced, and this grew steadily in the following months, until there were 1,034 calls in July – and 440 for the half of August. These double the monthly average from March to August to 876 calls, or 32 to 37 calls daily. Many government and private mental health services are available for people who are seeking help or just someone to talk to. Aside from the NCMH crisis hotline, the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation has confidential crisis lines and a referral system to partnered psychologists. The foundation is also a hub for prevention, recognition, and treatment of depression. The Philippine Mental Health Association also offers similar services, and universities like UST, UP Diliman, and Ateneo de Manila have their own mental health service organizations. Some, like Ateneo’s Center for Family Ministries have affordable or negotiable fees. Online resources like the Silakbo.Ph website have listings for many other mental health service providers outside of the NCR. In fact, many organizations have already partnered with the Department of Health (DOH); perhaps more of them should be invited to the table to plan new policies, projects, and initiatives that will address the growing number of mental health cases. The DOH is also encouraging people to learn more about general mental health through free e-learning courses translated into Filipino.  The source material is from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) QualityRights initiative, which is a global project that aims to help participants improve their own mental health, learn how to support their loved ones and communities, and gain knowledge and skills to tackle mental health issues. Clearly, we need to reassess and adapt to the fact that more Filipinos are now looking for mental health services and treatments. This is why I am seeking to amend Republic Act 11036, the Mental Health Act, particularly its existing chapter on “Rights of Service Users and Other Stakeholders.” Our proposed amendment seek to give health service users the right to immediately receive compensation benefits and special financial assistance they are entitled to under law, should they sustain temporary or permanent mental disability in the line of duty or by reason of a person’s office or position. This is an important amendment, as the Mental Health Act requires that PhilHealth provide insurance packages to patients with mental health conditions, and that access to medicines is ensured. With the observation of World Mental Health Day last October 10, it is important to remember the DOH’s theme for this year, “Mental Health for All: Unifying Voices for Greater Investment and Access.”  This theme encourages that we open conversations on the various challenges that our mental health care system faces every day, such as social stigma and limited funding. In fact, the simple act of marking the day itself is important. It shows those who are suffering that we see them, and care for them. It tells others who are hiding their issues that it is perfectly normal to seek help. And most of all, it encourages the whole world to stand in solidarity in recognition of the need for all of society to help those with mental health issues. E-mail:| Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @sonnyangara Senator Sonny Angara has been in public service for 16 years—9 years as Representative of the Lone District of Aurora, and 7 as Senator. He has authored and sponsored more than 200 laws.  He is currently serving his second term in the Senate. .....»»

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Covid-19 reinfection casts doubt on virus immunity: study

Covid-19 patients may experience more severe symptoms the second time they are infected, according to research released Tuesday confirming it is possible to catch the potentially deadly disease more than once. A study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal charts the first confirmed case of Covid-19 reinfection in the United States — the country worst hit by the pandemic — and indicates that exposure to the virus may not guarantee future immunity. The patient, a 25-year-old Nevada man, was infected with two distinct variants of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, within a 48-day time frame. The second infection was more severe than the first, resulting in the patient being hospitalised with oxygen support. The paper noted four other cases of reinfection confirmed globally, with one patient each in Belgium, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Ecuador. Experts said the prospect of reinfection could have a profound impact on how the world battles through the pandemic. In particular, it could influence the hunt for a vaccine — the currently Holy Grail of pharmaceutical research. “The possibility of reinfections could have significant implications for our understanding of Covid-19 immunity, especially in the absence of an effective vaccine,” said Mark Pandori, for the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory and lead study author. “We need more research to understand how long immunity may last for people exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and why some of these second infections, while rare, are presenting as more severe.” Waning immunity?Vaccines work by triggering the body’s natural immune response to a certain pathogen, arming it with antibodies it to fight off future waves of infection. But it is not at all clear how long Covid-19 antibodies last. For some diseases, such as measles, infection confers lifelong immunity. For other pathogens, immunity may be fleeting at best. The authors said the US patient could have been exposed to a very high dose of the virus the second time around, triggering a more acute reaction. Alternatively, it may have been a more virulent strain of the virus. Another hypothesis is a mechanism known as antibody dependent enhancement — that is, when antibodies actually make subsequent infections worse, such as with dengue fever. The researchers pointed out that reinfection of any kind remains rare, with only a handful of confirmed cases out of tens of millions of Covid-19 infections globally. However, since many cases are asymptomatic and therefore unlikely to have tested positive initially, it may be impossible to know if a given Covid-19 case is the first or second infection. In a linked comment to The Lancet paper, Akiko Iwasaka, a professor of Immunobiology and Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at Yale University, said the findings could impact public health measures. “As more cases of reinfection surface, the scientific community will have the opportunity to understand better the correlates of protection and how frequently natural infections with SARS-CoV-2 induce that level of immunity,” she said. “This information is key to understanding which vaccines are capable of crossing that threshold to confer individual and herd immunity,” added Iwasaka, who was not involved in the study......»»

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Fresh cases breach 3k mark again

The Philippines logged on Monday 3,564 new cases of coronavirus disease 2019 after a week of reporting less than 3,000 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 342,816, the Department of Health (DOH) reported......»»

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CDO’s COVID-19 cases breach 1,000-mark

CAGAYAN DE ORO (MindaNews / 11 October) —  Cagayan de Oro’s COVID-19 cases have breached the 1,000-mark after a 37-year old female patient and her husband tested positive, Dr. Joselito Retuya, chief of the City Health Office (CHO) said. Retuya said the couple exhibited symptoms of cough and high fever. The CHO on Saturday released […].....»»

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