Mga kongresista, pinabubusisi ang Grab-Move It deal

NANGANGAMBA ang mga kongresista sa tila kaduda-duda na backdoor deal sa pagitan ng Grab Philippines at Move It sa naging hearing kahapon sa Kongreso ng House Committee on Metro Manila Development. Lala nag panting ang mga kongregista ng aminin ni Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) division chief for notification and acquisition Atty. Juan Antonio Arcilla na […] The post Mga kongresista, pinabubusisi ang Grab-Move It deal appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Motorcycle taxi TWG urged to meet on potential effects of Grab-Move It deal

"In the absence of a technical working group, several issues, including the acquisition of Move It by Grab, have already arisen and should be addressed immediately.".....»»

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No PCC approval needed for Grab acquisition of Move It

The Philippine Competition Commission said Grab Philippines’ acquisition of Move It does not require its approval as the transaction did not breach the threshold for compulsory notification......»»

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Stop renting office spaces: Move in to Savya Financial Center with down payment as low as 10%

Arthaland recently launched its Early Mover Deal for Savya Financial Center in Arca South, Taguig, where they can immediately move in for as low as 10% down payment......»»

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No plan to review Grab acquisition of Move It

The Department of Transportation has no plans to review Grab’s buyout of Move It, as it pushes for more players in the motorcycle taxi segment dominated by one player......»»

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MOVE IT remains as 3rd player in motorcycle ride-hailing service

Motorcycle taxi service provider MOVE IT is maintaining its franchise to operate in the segment in spite of the merger it has undertaken with ride-hailing giant Grab Philippines......»»

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‘Backdoor entry’ ng Grab sa motorcycle taxi pilot pinaiimbestigahan

ISANG grupo ng mga abogado at  mga kumakatawan sa mga transport consumers ang humiling na imbestigahan ang mistulang “backdoor” entry ng Grab Philippines sa pilot run ng gobyerno sa mga motorcycle taxi sa pamamagitan ng pagbili nito sa Move It. Isa ang Move It, kasama ang Joy Ride at Angkas na nabigyan ng pansamantalang akreditasyon […] The post ‘Backdoor entry’ ng Grab sa motorcycle taxi pilot pinaiimbestigahan appeared first on Bandera......»»

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Senators decry LTFRB& rsquo;s slow move on service deal

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan on Thursday called for an investigation into what the Commission on Audit described as “slow implementation” of the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board’s  service contracting program for displaced transport workers......»»

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PGMC, Pacific Online move closer to bagging 5-year PCSO lotto deal

The joint venture between two of the country’s top lotto service providers is moving closer to bagging the five-year Philippine Lottery System contract of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office after the only other bidder – a Chinese-backed firm – was disqualified for a third time......»»

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China warns of ‘serious harm’ to relations as Australia scraps BRI deal

China on Thursday said Australia’s sudden scrapping of a Belt and Road Initiative deal risked “serious harm” to relations and warned of retaliatory actions, but Canberra insisted it would not be bullied. The federal government pulled the deal with Victoria state late Wednesday in a move justified by the defense minister as necessary to prevent […] The post China warns of ‘serious harm’ to relations as Australia scraps BRI deal appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Grab sets $20 million vaccination plan in Southeast Asia

Grab Holdings Inc. has earmarked $20 million to provide free COVID-19 vaccination for its delivery and driver partners in Southeast Asia, a move that is part of a bigger support program initiative it aims to undertake......»»

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The Group of Seven supports the greater financial strength of the International Monetary Fund

The Group of Seven (G7) nations approved the first increase in International Monetary Fund (IMF) reserves since 2009, a move to help developing countries deal.....»»

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Hotshots net Abueva in surprise deal

It’s the turn of Phoenix and Magnolia to make their big move on the trading floor......»»

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Megawide submits additional requirements for NAIA deal

Megawide Construction Corp. said it has complied with the additional requirements necessary to move forward its P109-billion unsolicited proposal to rehabilitate and transform the Ninoy Aquino International Airport......»»

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As COVID-19 ravages the Philippines, a bible thumper insults our intelligence

RJ Nieto We have been made too aware of the speakership catfight in the House of Representatives. On one side is Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano who, last year, agreed to a term sharing deal that entails his voluntary resignation this month. On the other side, the PDP-Laban Lord Allan Velasco, head of the House’s biggest political party. If Cayetano just complied with the term-sharing agreement that he himself insisted on having, then the nation could have moved on and returned its focus on the COVID-19 pandemic that has been ravaging the erstwhile flourishing Philippine economy. But that was not the case: after getting a taste of his lucrative position for 15 months, Cayetano didn’t want to let go. In mid-September, Cayetano said he should remain as the speaker as he claims to enjoy majority support. Days later, his camp even went a step further when Camarines Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte accused Velasco of planning to delay the passage of the crucial 2021 National Budget. President Rodrigo Duterte, acting as head of the Kilusang Pagbabago Coalition, mediated the rift when he called for a meeting with Cayetano and Velasco. There are various versions of what happened during the meeting, but what’s clear is that both sides agreed to a vote on the speakership on October 14th. At this point, minus the speakership drama, pretty much everything else in the House, especially the 2021 budget deliberations, was going quite smoothly . At this point, the Cayetano-Velasco catfight was still a purely political skirmish. But things took a turn for the worse during the October 7 House session. While the budget debates were still ongoing, Cayetano abruptly declared the end of debates. He then moved to suspend House sessions until mid-November, effectively cancelling the October 14th vote for speaker. Cayetano’s move squarely violated Section 16(5), Article VI, of the Constitution, which forbids the House from adjourning for more than three days without the Senate’s nod. The term he used — “suspension” — is just semantic acrobatics for adjournment. Cayetano’s move effectively delayed the transmission to the Senate of the budget’s House version from October 14 to mid-November at the earliest. For the sake of holding onto power, he escalated the purely political skirmish into a full-blown national crisis. If Cayetano and his allies did not want a speakership change because his replacement will just delay the budget, then why did he delay the budget himself? The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a New Normal, and we need a national budget that takes this New Normal into account. However, the speaker’s latest political stunt risks the reenactment of the previous national budget, a budget that was written before COVID-19 ravaged us. How can the nation address the rampaging pandemic without a national budget that recognizes COVID-19 as a national disaster? We need more IT infrastructure funding as more Filipinos engage in e-commerce and as schools shift to online learning. We need more healthcare funding as Filipinos continue to get infected with this virus. We need more fiscal support for ailing businesses as thousands have gone bankrupt after the economy ground to a halt. But all of these may not happen because of what Cayetano did. He can bicker with anyone as much as he wants, but he should not sacrifice the welfare of this nation for the sake of his ambitions. Cayetano loves to quote the Bible every chance he gets, but it appears that the Bible he reads excludes all the verses that mention greed. I know for a fact that politicians want power. Running for office, after all, is inherently a quest to gain power. But power is sought not for power’s sake. Power is just a means to towards an end, and that end should be public welfare. Too bad for us earthlings, Cayetano may not share the same view of power. And even if he does, his notion of power is a warped, twisted version that serves his aspirations more than those of the Filipino people. And despite what he’s done, he has the gall to insult our intelligence by claiming that he has the nation’s best interests in mind. If there’s anything we can learn from Cayetano, that would be new and more creative ways to cringe. Alan Peter Cayetano’s latest stunt suggests that while Alan Peter Cayetano may still love this country, Alan Peter Cayetano happens to love Alan Peter Cayetano more. For comments and reactions, please email or visit»»

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Arab artists boycott UAE after Israel deal

The United Arab Emirates' move to pursue normalisation with Israel has prompted a backlash from Arab artists and intellectuals, who are boycotting Emirati-backed cultural awards and events to support the Palestinian cause......»»

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Column: Woods gets to see and hear how the other half lives

By DOUG FERGUSON AP Golf Writer OLYMPIA FIELDS, Ill. (AP) — Tiger Woods arrived at Olympia Fields for the first time in 17 years, this time with no one around to chase after his every move from the moment he stepped out of the car until he walked off the course. That's not a bad thing. He'll be in a red shirt on Sunday with about the same number of people. That's not good, at least not for him. Woods is learning after three tournaments what others have begun to realize over the last three months. Some players thrive on energy from the crowd as a pick-me-up. Now the reaction, the volume, is the same for a birdie as a double bogey. Woods is one of those players who feeds off noise. “Always have,” he said. “I've played in front of thousands of people ever since I turned pro 24 years ago. It's always been odd when I haven't played in front of people. In one way, it's been nice between tees not getting tapped or getting a glove pulled out of my pocket. Those are things I've had to deal with for a very long time. “But you hit good shots and you get on nice little runs ... we don't have the same energy, the same fan energy.” This is not his issue alone, nor is it the reason he has yet to finish in the top 35 in the three tournaments he has played since golf returned from the coronavirus-caused shutdown. Hitting good shots and making putts goes a long way in any environment. Graeme McDowell was walking along the ninth fairway in the middle of his second round last week at the TPC Boston when he said he felt like a “golf zombie.” “It's like I have no soul,” he said. The courses are different and look the same. They're empty. McDowell spoke of needing the adrenaline he gets from the crowd around the first tee at a U.S. Open or Ryder Cup. Maybe some players do better with no one watching, especially if they're on edge and need something to calm them down. McDowell isn't one of them. Neither is Rory McIlroy. He played the final two rounds with Woods, as big a draw as there is in golf, with hardly anyone watching. Woods began the final round with four straight birdies and the only buzz came from Twitter. McIlroy knows about ebbs and flows in his game. He once missed four out of five cuts and won three out of four tournaments, all in a span of four months in 2012. But his play since returning to an empty stage in June is worth noting. He had had seven consecutive top 5s, including a victory at a World Golf Championship, and reached No. 1 in the world. Since the return, he has seven straight tournaments out of the top 10 and has yet to reach the back nine with a chance to win. Coincidence? Maybe. Three months off surely cost him some momentum. “This is going to sound really bad,” McIlroy said, “but I feel like the last few weeks, I've just been going through the motions. ... And look, that's partly to do with the atmosphere and partly to do with how I'm playing. I'm not inspiring myself, and I'm trying to get inspiration from outside sources to get something going. I can definitely see where Graeme is coming from." That might allow McIlroy to reconsider what he once said about Woods. He played with Woods and Justin Thomas in the opening two rounds at Riviera a few years ago and was amazed by all the commotion around Woods. “I swear, playing in front of all that, he gives up half a shot a day on the field. Like, it's two shots a tournament he has to give to the field because of all that goes on around,” McIlroy said that day. “Whoever is teeing off at 8:30 in the morning doesn't get that and can just go about his business. He has to deal with that every single time.” McIlroy missed the point. If all that commotion costs Woods two shots to the field, what does it cost the players with him? Right now, nothing. Without spectators, has Woods lost an advantage he once had? “Absolutely,” Woods replied. "Anyone who has played in front of thousands of people, it is very different. That's always been one of the things I've become accustomed to. The guys who played with me, who haven't become accustomed to it, they have only experienced one round here and there. That's been every round I've played for over two decades. “That advantage — for me, and some of the other top players — trying to deal with all that noise and the movement, that experience is no longer there.” Nick Faldo touched on this when he was discussing the 10-year anniversary of Woods winning the 1997 Masters, a watershed moment in golf. Faldo said that when he slipped the green jacket on Woods that Sunday, he thought the Masters would be the only major he could win. Sure, Augusta National suited his game. “But also because the Masters was the only major that the media was kept outside the ropes,” Faldo said. "And I thought that was going to be his biggest challenge. Now it’s his greatest asset. Everyone joining him now on the weekend at a major goes into his world. That’s Tiger’s arena. Other guys will step into that arena one week and go back out. He’s there all the time. And good luck coming into his world.” It's a new world for everyone now. It's especially different for Woods, not so much for some of the players paired with him. For the less accomplished players who always wondered what it was like to be in his shoes, the absence of spectators has allowed Woods to see what it's like to be in theirs......»»

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More foreign insurers eye presence in Philippines

More foreign companies are likely to enter the insurance business in the Philippines  as the final tranche of the increase in capital requirement – a move that would impact small local firms – nears implementation......»»

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Puregold to acquire PSMT Philippines

Retail tycoon Lucio Co is selling PSMT Philippines to his listed supermarket chain Puregold Price Club Inc. in a move seen to unlock the value of the private company......»»

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Lost focus in the fight vs blindness

We take our vision for granted. We make no big deal out of the fact that we can see things and people around us with 20-20 vision......»»

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Marcos Jr. to sign ease of doing business EO

The move that could prove redundant as a similar legislation has been passed already. .....»»

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