Meralco bills rise in April as power demand spikes on warm weather

For a typical household consuming 200 kWh, the increase would mean P17 in additional charges in monthly bills......»»

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Meralco says power rates may rise in January despite reduced demand

Power rates in the franchise area of Manila Electric Co. may increase in January despite the lower demand, a company executive said Tuesday......»»

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Big-time Meralco cut in Sept. bills

Due to reduced power demand in areas under a quarantine period, Meralco continues to invoke the force majeure provision in some of its power supply agreements. The post Big-time Meralco cut in Sept. bills appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Meralco rates lower by P0.0623/kwh in Sept. billing

Consumers of Manila Electric Company (Meralco) will benefit from a slight reduction of P0.0623 per kilowatt hour (kwh) in this September billing — summing up five straight months of tariff downtrends for this year. (MANILA BULLETIN) For end-users in the consumption threshold of 200 kilowatt hours (kwh), the average cost savings they will gain in this billing period will be P12, according to the utility firm. The overall rate billed this month is at P8.4288 per kwh versus the previous month’s P8.4911 per kwh. The generation charge, which accounts for the chunk of the cost components being passed on, had been pared by P0.0381 per kwh this month to P4.0860 per kwh from the previous billing cycle’s P4.1241 per kwh. Additionally, the transmission charge was on marginal decline of P0.0112 per kwh and that was mainly attributed to the lower ancillary services (AS) charges of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines; while taxes and other charges incurred a net decrease of P0.0130 per kwh. Meralco emphasized one key factor that triggered rate reduction this September is its continuing move to invoke force majeure (FM) claims with its power suppliers. “This September, the force majeure claim totaled about P463 million, equivalent to customer savings of P0.1710 per kwh in the generation charge,” the utility firm noted. The company explained that if the FM claims had not been there, “the generation charge and the total rate would have increased by P0.13 and P0.14 per kwh, respectively.” Since March this year when Meralco has been persistently invoking FM claims under its power supply deals, the company was already able to generate P2.4 billion worth of savings that it has been passing on as rate reduction to customers via their electric bills. On supply procurement, Meralco indicated that it secured the lion’s share of 54.8-percent from its power supply agreements (PSAs) and that resulted in a decrease of P0.3032 per kwh on its charges. The fraction of supply sourced from its contracted independent power producers (IPPs) had been at 33.6-percent; and this went up by P0.0601 per kwh; while volume procured from the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) stood at 11.6-percent and charges had been down by P0.0147 per kwh.The lower settlement prices in the spot market, it was noted, had been due to decrease in Luzon demand — given the re-enforcement of modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) in some areas last month, primarily in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces......»»

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Meralco power bills down for fourth straight month in August

Lower power rates were charged in January, February and May to August, while slight increases were recorded in March and April......»»

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Meralco rate seen flat in August billing

The customers of Manila Electric Company (Meralco) can rest easy in this month’s billing cycle as the utility firm is anticipating that its all-inclusive pass-on rate will be flattish or there could even be a slight reduction depending on the final billing of its power suppliers. “The overall rate movement looks to be flattish due to improved power situation for the July supply month,” Meralco Spokesman Joe Zaldarriaga has noted. The other factors that could potentially pull down electricity tariffs this month would be the strengthening value of the Philippine peso versus the US dollar; as well as the quarterly repricing of Malampaya natural gas prices. Meralco procures significant portfolio of its supply from power plants fueled by gas from the Malampaya field – hence, the quarterly reckoning of the gas price could have a softening impact on its pass-on cost to the consumers. Zaldarriaga qualified “there is a possibility for a minimal decrease in overall power rates and generation charge because of these factors.” On the supply situation, the Meralco executive noted “there were no yellow alerts in July; and power supply was more stable compared to June – with lower demand in the grid as well.” He indicated that the steady state of power supply in Luzon last month “may contribute to lower WESM (Wholesale Electricity Spot Market) prices and a decrease in generation charge.” And if the impact of the quarterly repricing of the Malampaya gas will be factored in, plus the reinforced value of the local currency, such elements could contribute to the overall lowering of the generation charge for the August billing. The generation charge accounts for roughly 55 to 60-percent of the overall pass-on cost in the electric bills, hence, a downtrend in that cost component could be substantially felt by consumers. Meralco’s electricity rates had been on declining drift in the past months –and this was precipitated by lower generation charge due to slowdown in demand; in addition to the company’s efforts on invoking force majeure claims with its supplier-companies; that in turn had resulted in lower rates for its customers.This year’s plague of the coronavirus pandemic had shifted consumption upswing on to residential end-users; hence, the rate reductions in the past months had been a valuable help in managing power budgets......»»

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Meralco, other distributors extend power bill collection by a month

The Energy Regulatory Commission ordered distribution utilities in Luzon to extend by a month the collection of customer bills falling due on March 15 to April 14 following the government’s pronouncement of an enhanced community quarantine for Luzon......»»

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Meralco customers beating the heat to see March bills fall

Power bills of residences consuming the typical 200 kilowatt per hour will go down “around P72” in March, Meralco said......»»

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Meralco refund schedule set to lower power bills of consumers next month

Electricity rates of Manila Electric Co. may go down next month following the P0.1528 per kilowatt-hour refund approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission.Electricity rates of Manila Electric Co. may go down next month following the P0.1528 per kilowatt-hour refund approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission......»»

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Meralco power bills to fall slightly in February

The adjustment means typical residential customers will save “around P14” from their monthly bills......»»

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China consumer prices rise in December ahead of Lunar New Year

China's consumer prices rebounded in December, official data showed Monday, as food prices picked up due to weather difficulties and rising demand ahead of the Lunar New Year festival......»»

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Meralco bills to go up in January

After back-to-back months of reductions, higher power bills will welcome consumers and businesses in areas serviced by Manila Electric Co. in January......»»

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Meralco extends payment deadline

Power retailer Manila Electric Co. said over the weekend customers received a one-month disconnection reprieve as it extended the no-disconnection policy for non-payment of bills from Dec. 31, 2020 to Jan. 31, 2021......»»

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Meralco sees lower power generation charge

Manila Electric Co. expects lower generation charge this month amid a decrease in demand......»»

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Meralco rates likely lower in December on sluggish demand

Power rates in the franchise area of Manila Electric Co. may decrease in December because of lower demand caused by the typhoons last month, an executive said over the weekend......»»

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Meralco, Semirara cancel 700-MW coal plant venture

Semirara Mining and Power Corp., Meralco Powergen Corp. and St. Raphael Power Generation Corp. terminated their joint venture agreement to construct a 700-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Calaca, Batangas.SMPC said in a disclosure to the stock exchange on Tuesday the three parties agreed to terminate the joint venture agreement dated April 27, 2016 over construction, […].....»»

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Meralco power bills to fall in November

For a typical household consuming 200 kilowatt per hour, the adjustment will be equivalent to “a decrease of around P8” in their November bill......»»

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Meralco rates going up amid demand, outages

Power rates of Manila Electric Co. will likely go up this month amid increased demand, plant outages and the Malampaya gas supply restriction, a company executive said over the weekend......»»

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Electric cooperatives’ sales revenues up 9% to P54.074-B

Despite the continued wreck of the coronavirus pandemic, the higher electricity usage of consumers had jacked up the overall revenues of the country’s electric cooperatives within April-June this year to P54.074 billion, higher by 9.0-percent from P49.672 billion in the first quarter. The energy sales specifically had escalated by 12-percent in the second quarter of this year, according to the National Electrification Administration (NEA), and that was because of the residential end-users who were mostly confined in their homes at the height of the lockdown period which straddled the months of April and May. NEA stated that based on the statistical report of its Information Technology and Communication Services Department (ITCSD), the nationwide aggregate sales of the ECs climbed to 5,988 gigawatts hours (GWh) within April-June stretch versus the leaner 5,337 GWh in the first quarter. “This was due to the 9.0-percent increase in electricity consumption by the residential sector,” NEA Edgardo R. Masongsong has emphasized. In particular, household end-users posted 3,693 GWh power consumption in the second quarter due to the scorching weather during the summer months; while it was at lower 2,806 GWh in the relatively colder periods of January to March. However, the outcome was a reverse in the commercial sector because the health crisis forced many businesses to either close or reduce operations especially within the March-May duration of the enhanced community quarantines (ECQ) in various parts of the country. The electrification agency pointed out “the pandemic restrictions pushed the energy sales in the commercial sector to fall by 6.0-percent from 1,165 GWh to 982 GWh.” Within the industrial segment of end-users, this was likewise down by 3.0percent to 957 GWh from a heftier consumption of 1,000GWh in the initial quarter of the year. Further, the power usage of public buildings and other consumers had been slightly down by 1.0-percent to 356GWh from 366GWh. Masongsong particularly highlighted that “sales and revenues of power cooperatives operating in Aklan, Benguet, Palawan, Bohol and Siargao island, which are highly dependent on tourism, fell sharply in the second quarter as a result of the community quarantines imposed in these areas.” Of all the service areas of the ECs, NEA noted that Aklan Electric Cooperative (AKELCO) logged the biggest downturn in energy sales at 20-percent, which could be equivalent to P149 million in unrealized revenues. Another power utility which registered sizeable two-digit sales decline of 18-percent had been Benguet Electric Cooperative (BENECO), and that redounds to P145 million revenue loss. For Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO), its energy sales had been down by 9.0-percent or equivalent P53 million loss; Bohol Electric Cooperative (BOHECO) sales fell 6.0-percent or a resulting loss of P50 million; and Siargao Electric Cooperative Inc. (SIARELCO) had its sales trimmed by 8.0-percent and that was tantamount to revenue loss of P7.0 million......»»

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Meralco power rates up in October

A typical household consuming 200 kilowatt hour (kWh) will see a P24 increase in electricity bills for October......»»

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October power rates expected to rise as demand picked up

Power rates of Manila Electric Co. will likely go up this month amid increased demand, plant outages and the Malampaya gas supply restriction, a company executive said over the weekend......»»

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