Marina grounds vessels of oil tanker owner

The Maritime Industry Authority announced yesterday that it has issued two cease and desist orders against RDC Reield Marine Services, the company that owns the MT Princess Empress which sank off Naujan, Oriental Mindoro......»»

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Groups want ban on toxic cargo in VIP

Civil society groups and representatives of fisherfolk have demanded a total ban on tankers carrying toxic cargo along the Verde Island Passage. The ban should spare the island’s marine environment and communities from the risk of oil spill, according to the think-tank Center for Energy, Ecology, and Development, the environmental advocacy group Protect VIP and the Koalisyon ng Mangingisdang Apektado ng Oil Spill. The call was made as the House of Representatives Committee on Ecology and Committee on Natural Resources are jointly investigating the oil spill caused by the 28 February sinking of the fuel tanker MT Princess Empress off Oriental Mindoro. “Tankers carrying toxic cargo like industrial oil and other fossil fuels should be banned from coursing through the VIP,” Gerry Arances, Executive Director of CEED and co-convenor of Protect VIP said Arances said the complexity of responses necessary in the aftermath of a disaster like the Oriental Mindoro oil spill showed that the government should not allow such incidents to happen in the first place. “We’re disappointed that even as it took two long months before Congress called for another investigation, there appears to be no significant progress in exacting justice for affected communities and biodiversity. Coordination among various government and responsible actors still proves to be severely lacking,”  he complained. The groups raised alarm over the high volume of fossil fuel and toxic cargo-carrying vessels’ allowed to ply critically biodiverse seas, especially the VIP, without a complete and thorough assessment of these vessel seaworthiness right from its point of departure as seems to be the case for the Princess Empress. Meanwhile, fisherfolks complain of unclear and unjust processes for the delivery of compensation, inedible products in food packs and lack of plans for long-term support for alternative livelihoods. “It is disheartening to see the finger-pointing at the hearing earlier: the discussion of allowing MT Princess Empress to sail despite its no permit to sail between the Philippine Coast Guard and Marina (Maritime Industry Authority), the unclear water testing and results from Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, and Department of Social Welfare and Development’s recall of canned tuna after it has been distributed,”  Dindo Melaya, convenor of KMAOS, said. Melaya called for a clear and long-term plan such as providing alternative livelihoods to fisherfolks who are yet to resume fishing, retrieval of the sunken tanker and full accountability from the polluters, instead of sending them canned tuna that are unsafe even for their dogs.   The groups raised alarm over the high volume of fossil fuel and toxic cargo-carrying vessels allowed to ply critically biodiverse seas.   The groups also pointed out that the absence of RDC Reield Marine Services and the oil tanker owner and charterer, subsidiaries of San Miguel Corporation, makes the oil spill hearing unable to genuinely facilitate the exacting of accountability from polluters. “Government agencies and members of our congress can go on with the blame game as much as they want, but there will be no justice if the polluters that caused this ecological disaster are allowed to play truant,” according to Arances. “We sincerely hope that our government will deliver the punitive actions these companies deserve, including the compensation they owe to communities whose livelihoods they robbed and whose welfare they harmed. These polluters should stop sending stand-ins, and instead, stand up and face the consequences of their actions,”  he said. The post Groups want ban on toxic cargo in VIP appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Solons want probe on boat ramming incident off Pangasinan

Senators are eyeing to investigate the fatal ramming incident off the waters of Agno, Pangasinan, which resulted in the deaths of three Filipino fishermen last 2 October. In a radio interview, Senator Francis Tolentino pressed the need to conduct a Senate special investigation on the ramming incident to help establish the country's “archipelagic sea lane” and further prevent a repeat of the incident in the future. “Ang pakay dito ay ang pagbubuo ng archipelagic sea lanes. Ang ibig sabihin po nito ay iyong talagang daanan—dito dadaan yong mga barkong domestic, foreign at international vessels na malalaki, nang sa ganun alam ng ating mangingisda kung saan dadaan at makakaiwas sa isa’t isa (The intention here is to establish archipelagic sea lanes. That means, thiw Ould really determine where the domestic ships or huge foreign and international vessels should pass through so that Filipino fishermen would know and they could avoid the vessels),” Tolentino, who chairs the Senate committee on justice and human rights, told reporters on Saturday. Tolentino said he is weighing the idea of whether to start the investigation while still waiting for reports from concerned entities required by international rules. He then stressed that the “incident could have been avoided if the archipelagic sea lane in the Philippines had already been determined.” Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa earlier said he is planning to file a resolution to investigate the recent ramming incident between a Filipino boat and a foreign vessel off Pangasinan. “We will file a resolution to investigate who is really responsible for this. It’s a very unfortunate incident because you know fishermen went there for a living right and they ended up dying. It has to be investigated thoroughly by our authorities,” he said. Philippine Coast Guard spokesperson Rear Adm. Armando Balilo told reporters on Friday that they have sent personnel to Singapore and reached out to the local Port State Control authority there “to inspect: the Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker, MV Pacific Anna. “The inspection should be targeted in the vessel compliance with the regulations of SOLAS Chapter V (safety of navigation); the result of their inspection could be used in our investigation,” Balilo said. He added that the PCG has also sent a formal request for the Marshall Islands Flag State to launch its own investigation into the incident. “We expect with this formal request the Flag State of Marshall Island will conduct a safety investigation in compliance with the IMO’s Casualty Investigation Code Chapter 6 that the state of the ship involved in a very serious maritime casualty is responsible for ensuring that a marine safety investigation be conducted and completed,” said Balilo. He said that the result of these investigations will be used to pursue claims and damages for the victims, survivors, and owner of FFB Dearyn, the Filipino boat that capsized in the incident. The PCG earlier said that the fatal sea collision was likely an accident. Dela Rosa, however, said all possibilities should be looked into “to determine everything.” “We have to leave no stone unturned sa pag-conduct ng investigation. So, kailangan talagang ma-determine ‘yan baka mamaya nga di natin alam (so we really need to determine the facts surrounding the incident),” he said. “I hope it was a plain accident. So that walang ibang (there’s no other) political or geopolitical implications. I hope, really,” he added. The post Solons want probe on boat ramming incident off Pangasinan appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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The boat is… (error 404)

The boat is sinking… the boat is sinking… group yourselves into… two?.. three?.. or maybe four? Who is responsible for saving everybody? Oh no my dear readers, not me talking about the literal sinking of boats all happening recently, I’m talking about the game — “Boat is sinking.” You know, the simple icebreaker game where in the end we determine who is the least affected because they were saved after clinging to each other in a certain number declared by the game master. However, since this topic crossed our minds, let us refresh our memories about the horrible sea mishaps in the country and yes we are talking about boats, huge boats in case you are interested to know. Well, I know you do because it is Thirstday! We are always thirsty for facts and information, you silly. The most recent of course is the tragedy in Binangonan Rizal last week where 27 people lost their lives. One cannot help but ask, “Where are their life vests?” “Why are they overloaded?” “Who gave them the clearance to sail despite the bad weather?” “Whose responsibility is it? The captain or the Philippine Coast Guard?” I have the same questions myself. Let us not forget that three years ago, there was the Ilo-Ilo-Guimaras Strait Tragedy wherein 28 people died. Former President Rodrigo Duterte personally visited their wakes. Four Philippine Coast Guard personnel and two Marina officers were removed from their posts after the incident. I was personally there to cover the painful event with their relatives crying non-stop, as I witness it firsthand when I was still a news reporter. After that tragic event, a couple of recommendations floated in the water, including those from then-Transportation Secretary Art Tugade who said local boats should be modernized. Suggestions from relatives of the late victims stated that the designs of the local boats should be improved using aluminum materials and not wood. If we zoom out a bit, another terrifying sea tragedy in the Philippines is the tragic demise of 437 people aboard MV Princess of the Stars in 2008 after sailing despite Typhoon Frank. Out of the 800 plus passengers recorded, only 32 survived while the rest remain missing until now. Again, “Who is responsible?” is the same old question everyone is asking. In December 1987, the passenger vessel MV Doña Paz collided with an oil tanker MT Vector causing a deadly water inferno and one of Asia’s bloodiest sea accidents ever. Out of more than 4,000 passengers, only 24 survived. A simpleton may ask, out of the vastness of the sea, collision is still possible? The board of inquiry back then figured out several violations which are preventable in nature. Doña Paz had been refurbished to add two more decks to allow more passengers when its certificate of stability was only based on two and not four decks when it went down. It was not sea-worthy during the collision, but then again why was it allowed to sail in the first place? And MT Vector? Well, its crew are underqualified and some equipment and instruments are malfunctioning. Just like you, I have so many questions as well. Many maritime companies are still operating old inter-island ships and vessels whose seaworthiness may be questionable and oftentimes these boats are overloaded while passengers have no choice but to ride and pray for their safety. According to government records particularly Marina, the country has an average of 200 sea accidents every year. Mainly because of overloading, dysfunctional ships, bad weather and ship crew error. This is despite the countless directives of every administration and official to implement measures to avoid such accidents. Unfortunately, every year there is always a painful tragedy followed by finger-pointing on who should be blamed — government maritime agencies? Or the shipping industry? With more than 7,000 beautiful islands, ferry and boat travel are the most economical mode for many locals. We cannot stop people from riding even the most dangerous vessel for them. If we cannot yet build bridges to connect our islands due to lack of funds or due to the technological limits of the time, then let us start improving and modernizing the shipping and maritime industry. Why not infuse capital into our own shipbuilding production? Why not invest in our maritime schools to train more skilled crew members? Why not improve our system of checking whether it is good to sail or not? Why don’t we do the basic things we can to save lives? These measures will not only save lives but will contribute to the economy. When shall we wake up from this nightmare of neglect of the safety of life at sea? Do we need another horrific sea accident before we get our acts together? Are we not yet alarmed by the biggest sea mishaps that happened over time? Or do we not value lives as much as we value businesses? Well, your guess is as good as mine. We need to rally our efforts and stand together. All hands on deck! …because we are on the same boat, not the sinking one. The post The boat is… (error 404) appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Mindoro oil vessel owner insists Princess Empress was ‘newly built’

RDC Reield Marine Services, the owner of the sunken MT Princess Empress, stands firm that the oil tanker was newly built and that it went through proper procedures under Marina’s requirements. The statement of the marine company comes two days after the filing of new lawsuits by the NBI-Environmental Crimes Division against the officials of Philippine Coast Guard, Maritime Industry Authority and the owners and higher-ups of RDC Reield Marine Services. The company "firmly maintains its position that the MT Princess Empress was a newly built vessel," the statement said. "We were diligent in adhering to the standard requirements set forth by the Marina during the registration process,” it added. The owner of the ill-fated tanker added that the ship was constructed  well, and all the documents and requirements needed by Marina were submitted. The company also extended its thanks to LGUs and other government agencies that helped contain the oil spill that affected Oriental Mindoro and nearby provinces. The NBI said on Monday that the owner of the ship had been receiving "benefits" from Marina despite its submission of falsified documents. As of writing, the PCG and Marina have not issued statements on the complaints filed by the NBI against their personnel. The post Mindoro oil vessel owner insists Princess Empress was ‘newly built’ appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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NBI files new raps over Empress sinking

The National Bureau of Investigation has recommended new charges against the owners and crews of the sunken supertanker MT Princess Empress, as well as officials of the Philippine Coast Guard and the Maritime Industry Authority. The NBI filed the charges with the Office of the Ombudsman, recommending that the owners and crew be charged with violations of Republic Act 3019, or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. The NBI’s investigation found that the owners of the tanker, RDC Reield Marine Services, had submitted falsified documents to the Marina in order to register the ship. It also found that the ship had been renovated in Navotas City, not newly built in Bataan, as had been declared to the Marina. The NBI also recommended that 19 PCG personnel be charged with Grave Misconduct and Neglect in the Performance of Duty under the Revised Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service. The PCG personnel are accused of failing to inspect the tanker before its voyage. It was the second batch of charges filed against the individuals allegedly involved in the sinking of the MT Princess Empress. The NBI had previously filed perjury and falsification charges against the ship’s officials and owner. The MT Princess Empress was carrying 900,000 liters of industrial oil when it sank in Naujan, Oriental Mindoro, in December 2021. The oil spill caused an estimated P58 million in damages and affected at least 42,000 families in the provinces of Bataan, Antique, Palawan, and Oriental Mindoro. The post NBI files new raps over Empress sinking appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Tulfo to PCG, MARINA: Be accountable for sinking of Princess Aya

Senator Raffy Tulfo on Saturday said the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) must be held accountable for the deaths of 27 passengers after motor banca M/B Princess Aya capsized off Binangonan, Rizal on 27 July. Tulfo chided the PCG and MARINA for allowing an “overloaded boat” to sail and its failure to check whether there were enough life vests for all the passengers. He said authorities must assured that precautionary measures are in place, aside from considering the weather condition. “Relevant government authorities, including the Philippine Coast Guard and the Maritime Industry Authority, that allowed this tragedy to happen should not get off the hook,” Tulfo lamented. The senator pressed that PCG and MARINA should be held liable instead of focusing the complaints against the owner of the sunken boat and its crew. “The sunken ship or boat’s crew members are often the ones punished and sent to jail, and in most cases, the boat owners get away with their lapses,” he said. “Ang masaklap pa, puro imbestigasyon na lamang hinggil sa kapabayaan ng PCG at MARINA at wala pa talagang nasasampolan sa kanila.” Tulfo criticized the authorities for just spending time on probing the negligence of both the PCG and MARINA “but no one really from them has been held accountable and imprisoned for their neglect that caused harm to passengers.” Tulfo recalled the previous negligence of the PCG personnel for allowing the MT Princess Empress to sail without a permit to operate. “The sinking of said tanker caused a massive oil spill in Oriental Mindoro and other areas, and affected 172,928 individuals with some of whom acquired injuries or illnesses,” the senator further pressed. Hence, Tulfo has drafted a Senate Resolution seeking assurance that the PCG and MARINA, along with its officers will be “held accountable in the name of command responsibility whenever a ship or a boat sinks due to negligence.” The post Tulfo to PCG, MARINA: Be accountable for sinking of Princess Aya appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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MARINA revokes license of oil-spill vessel owner

The RDC Reield Marine Services, Inc. or RDC — owner and operator of the MT Princess Empress tanker that sank and caused a massive oil spill in Oriental Mindoro and nearby areas — is no longer allowed to engage in domestic shipping. This was after the Maritime Industry Authority-National Capital Region revoked the company’s Certificate of Public Convenience, or CPC last 11 May. In a press statement on Thursday, MARINA disclosed that RDC was found to have operated Princess Empress without authority. MARINA said it is also continuing its investigation into Orient Registry Shipping Incorporated, Navis Engineering and Marine Services, and Reyeld Townsite Shipyard Corp. An initial probe into these companies showed that they were non-compliant with approved standards and pertinent MARINA circulars. A CPC is an authorization issued by the MARINA for the operation of a domestic water transportation service for public use for which no franchise, either municipal or legislative, is required by law. Separately, the Department of Transportation said it will also investigate the possible culpability of personnel from the relevant maritime authorities in the sinking of the Princess Empress. “We have had sinkings before but no one has been held to account. This time all parties, whether private or public, will be held accountable. There will be no exception,” Transportation Secretary Jaime J. Bautista said. “Our policy is zero tolerance to shortcuts, official negligence and disregard of rules. The rule of law, good governance and best practices must prevail throughout the department and its agencies,” he added. Despite not being authorized to operate, the Princess Empress vessel managed to sail at least 17 times before it sank on 28 February. It carried about 800,000 liters of industrial fuel that polluted the ocean. The mishap did not only affect the fishing community but also the tourism industry in Oriental Mindoro as many beaches and resorts were forced to close. According to a recent report of the national task force on the incident, the country’s tourism sector is likely to lose P886 million in revenues within the next six months as 55 tourism enterprises in three regions were adversely affected. Last week, the Presidential Communications Office reported that 62 kilometers of the 74 kilometers, or 84 percent of the oil spill-affected coastline had been cleaned. The PCO also said the Marcos administration already provided more than P516 million worth of early recovery assistance to close to a hundred thousand affected residents. The post MARINA revokes license of oil-spill vessel owner appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Singapore ship ‘hijacked’ off Ivory Coast

Suspected pirates have boarded a Singaporean-owned chemical tanker in the Gulf of Guinea, off Ivory Coast, according to reports. The status of the Success 9’s crew members, including one Singaporean, is unknown since the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore reported its hijacking on Monday. The MPA said late Tuesday it was working closely with the ship’s owner, as well as the Monrovia Regional Maritime Rescue Coordination Center and the Changi Command and Control Center’s Information Fusion Center “to monitor the situation and render the necessary assistance.” Hai Soon Group, a Singapore-registered company that owns the tanker, declined immediate comment, saying it awaited further updates, Channel News Asia reported. A senior Hai Soon executive confirmed that contact with the Singapore-flag chemical/product tanker has been lost and it is presumed to have been hijacked, shipping portal TradeWinds reported. “We are closely monitoring the situation and trying to reestablish contact with the vessel,” the executive said, according to TradeWinds. An Ivorian security source involved in the matter said a patrol boat had been sent out to rescue the tanker but was unable to locate it because its beacon had been turned off, according to CNA. Security company Ambrey said the vessel believed carrying diesel when it was boarded routinely engages in ship-to-ship operations with commercial fishing vessels and other bunker tanker operators in West Africa. “It appears serious attacks are increasing in the Gulf of Guinea. We hope more international warships with helicopter facilities will be able to patrol the area,” Noel Choong of the International Maritime Bureau’s piracy reporting centre told Agence France-Presse Wednesday. In March, pirates seized a Danish oil tanker off Congo and kidnapped six crew members before abandoning the ship. The post Singapore ship ‘hijacked’ off Ivory Coast appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Floating barrier spotted in Bajo de Masinloc

Floating barriers have reappeared around Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal, apparently placed by the Chinese to keep Filipino fishing boats and support vessels out of the rich fishing grounds, the Philippine Coast Guard said yesterday......»»

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West Philippine Sea: Guard PH shoal, fishers with frequent patrols

The Philippines will take “decisive action” in securing one of its traditional fishing grounds amid growing Chinese aggression in the West Philippine Sea by establishing a constant presence at Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal through rotational patrols of that area by government ships starting this month. National Security Adviser Eduardo Año on Friday said vessels from the Philippine Coast.....»»

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PH intensifies patrols to guard WPS fishing grounds

The Philippines will actively protect its traditional fishing grounds in the West Philippine Sea from increasing Chinese aggression by having government ships regularly patrol Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal starting this month. National Security Adviser Eduardo Año announced that vessels from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) will take.....»»

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Owner: Iran Releases Crew Member of Seized Greek Tanker

Athens, Greece - One crew member of an oil tanker seized by Iran last week in the Gulf of Oman has been released and is on his way to Athens, the vessel's Greek owner said Thursday.Eighteen Filipinos and one Greek were on the St. Nikolas, which is now anchored near the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.'The Greek cadet, escorted by Greece's ambassador in Iran, is on a flight to return home,' the ship's owner E.....»»

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US: Chinese Navy ignored distress calls of hijacked Israeli ship

Tel Aviv [Israel], November 29 (ANI/TPS): Chinese naval vessels ignored repeated distress calls from an Israeli-owned commercial tanker that was under attack on Sunday, the Pentagon said on Monday. The USS Mason and allied ships--reportedly belonging to Japan-- recovered the Israel-linked Central Park tanker, which an "unknown entity" hijacked in the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Yemen, US Central Command (CENTCOM) confir.....»»

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US: Chinese Navy ignored distress calls of hijacked Israeli ship

Tel Aviv [Israel], November 29 (ANI/TPS): Chinese naval vessels ignored repeated distress calls from an Israeli-owned commercial tanker that was under attack on Sunday, the Pentagon said on Monday. The USS Mason and allied ships--reportedly belonging to Japan-- recovered the Israel-linked Central Park tanker, which an "unknown entity" hijacked in the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Yemen, US Central Command (CENTCOM) confir.....»»

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Expect long port queues — PPA’s Santiago

The Philippine Ports Authority on Thursday advised vacationers to expect long queues at the ports during the upcoming long holiday weekend, as the number of vessels servicing passengers remains low. PPA general manager Jay Daniel Santiago said the agency expects 1.4 million passengers to flock to various ports in the country starting today, 27 October, until 5 November to participate in the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections and to observe All Saints’ and All Souls’ days in their provinces. Santiago said the lack of vessels is the main reason for the expected passenger congestion. He called on the Marina Industry Authority, or Marina, to relax the scheduling of vessels at Matnog Port, Batangas Port and Calapan Port to help address the situation. Santiago also reminded passengers not to pay additional charges, such as travel insurance, to unscrupulous individuals outside the ports. He said the travel insurance for passengers is included in the standard carrier insurance that is paid for by shipping companies. In a separate statement, Marina said it has relaxed the authorized schedule of trips for shipping operators within its jurisdiction in anticipation of the surge in passengers and cargo during the long holiday weekend. The easing of schedules aims to ensure the safe, reliable, and convenient transportation of passengers and rolling cargo while accommodating the heightened demand.  This is guided by the conditions outlined in Marina Advisory No. 2015-10, which provides “Guidelines during Emergency, Holiday Season and Special Occasion.” The post Expect long port queues — PPA’s Santiago appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Scarce vessels face vacationers this long weekend — PPA

The Philippine Ports Authority on Thursday advised vacationers for this upcoming long holiday not only to travel light but to bring tons of patience, as they will likely endure long queues in ports because the number of vessels servicing passengers remains scarce. “That is the concern that we always raise, that the reason why we are having passenger congestion is because we lack vessels. In fact, in my understanding, MARINA (Marina Industry Authority Authority) has already relaxed the scheduling of vessels at Matnog Port. I hope they can also do it here in Batangas Port, which is the second largest port in the country, as well as on the other side, the Calapan Port,” said Santiago during an inspection of Batangas Port on Thursday. He said that by relaxing the scheduling of vessels, turnaround time will be faster and vessels will no longer have to go through berth waiting time. Earlier, PPA general manager Jay Daniel Santiago said they expect 1.4 million passengers to flock to various ports in the country in the lead-up to the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections this 30 October. Travellers are also heading to the provinces for the observance of All Saints and All Souls Day on 1 and 2 November. Santiago reminded passengers not to pay additional charges such as travel insurance, which scrupulous individuals are soliciting outside ports. “Travel insurances for passengers are covered by the common carrier insurance that is being paid by shipping companies. Do not be fooled by these individuals,” he said. Starting Friday, 27 October up to the weekend, some 17,000 to 20,000 passengers are expected to head to Batangas Port, he added. Meanwhile, MARINA on Thursday said it has already advised shipping companies to make sure their online ticketing systems are up and running to ensure the smooth processing of passengers. Eased shipping schedules In a separate statement, MARINA said that in anticipation of the forthcoming "Synchronized Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Election and Undas 2023," the MARINA Regional Office 4 has issued a directive to relax the authorized schedule of trips for shipping operators within its jurisdiction, in anticipation of the expected surge in passengers and cargo in the coming days. The directive aims to ensure the safe, reliable and convenient transportation of passengers and rolling cargo while accommodating the heightened demand. The relaxation of schedules is guided by the conditions outlined in MARINA Advisory No. 2015-10, which provides "Guidelines during Emergency, Holiday Season, and Special Occasion." Key provisions of the said directive include immediate departure when passenger and cargo capacities are met, prompt return to congested ports, increased sailing frequencies and a strict "First Come, First Served" policy for passengers and cargo. MARINA said that in cases where the measures taken to address congestion and meet demand prove insufficient, other shipping companies or operators may be authorized to deploy their vessels to ensure the swift recovery of affected areas from emergency situations, congestion or similar circumstances. “Changes or adjustments in ship schedules will be allowed with written confirmation from MARINA and are subject to modification, cancellation, or revocation for valid reasons. A copy of this order will be provided to concerned shipping lines and government agencies, with a particular focus on the PCG, its stations, PPA, and local government units,” the statement read. The directive is effective from 27 October 2023 to 6 November 2023, or until shipping operations on the affected routes return to normal, whichever occurs earlier. The post Scarce vessels face vacationers this long weekend — PPA appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Help fishermen of rammed vessel, tanker owner told

The owner of the crude oil tanker Pacific Anna, which sailed under a Marshall Islands flag, should extend assistance to the families of the fishermen killed and injured in the ramming incident near Panatag Shoal, senators said yesterday......»»

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Removal of Chinese barrier in WPS necessary — PBBM

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Friday defended the removal of a Chinese floating barrier in the West Philippine Sea, saying that it was necessary to protect the country's fishermen and maritime territory. In an interview with reporters in Siargao, Marcos said that the barrier was inside Philippine territory, preventing fishermen from accessing their traditional fishing grounds. "I don't see what else we could do because those fishermen, when the rope was cut, the fishermen who entered on that day caught 164 tons of fish, just in one day. That's what our fishermen are losing. So, it's not right to put up a barrier like that, and it's clearly inside the Philippines," Marcos said. "We're not looking for trouble. We're just going to continue to defend the Philippines, the maritime territory of the Philippines, and the rights of our fishermen who have been fishing in those areas for hundreds of years," Marcos added. He added that he did not understand why China had installed the barrier, but that the Philippines was "avoiding conflict" and "heated words." "We are steadfast in defending the territory of the Philippines," Marcos said. In recent months, China's actions in the West Philippine Sea have been marked by an increasing level of aggression, asserting control over nearly the entire South China Sea. China has also disregarded the 2016 arbitral ruling that upheld the Philippines' exclusive economic zone and rejected China's historical claims. Last week, Chinese Coast Guard ships placed a barrier made of ropes and nets, supported by buoys, when a Philippine government fisheries vessel was approaching, and over 50 Philippine fishing boats gathered around the shoal, as reported by the Philippine Coast Guard. Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin said earlier this week that the Philippines might submit a new protest to a tribunal after the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) uncovered damaged coral reefs in a region of the West Philippine Sea frequently visited by Chinese militia vessels. In an interview with Anthony Taberna, Bersamin affirmed that China knew the Philippines' preference for a multilateral approach in its foreign relations. The executive secretary verified that the President issued the directive to eliminate the floating barriers. "When such orders are given, they come directly from the President after consulting with officials involved in the matter. We cannot disclose the details of how it was done. Still, a decision-making process was established, and they convened to decide to go there," Bersamin said. The post Removal of Chinese barrier in WPS necessary — PBBM appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Sulu bans commercial fishing boats

JOLO, Sulu Province — The provincial government here announced on Monday that commercial fishing companies in the Zamboanga Peninsula and from other regions in the country were banned from entering and fishing inside their territorial waters. This comes as Sulu Governor Abdusakur Tan ordered to seize fishing boats found entering and fishing inside the Sulu Sea effective on 13 September. Tan said talks between officials from the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and officials from  major fishing companies  in ZamPen and other parts of the country are ongoing. Pending results from their ongoing talks, the provincial government will ban all fishing boats from entering and fishing inside the Sulu Sea and if they are inside, authorities will seize their fishing vessels. The governor stressed that the presence of big commercial boats or vessels fishing inside the Sulu Sea is depriving local fishermen earnings for their families. A formal advisory was also issued to fishing ports in Zamboanga City informing the management of fishing ports that “fishing boats caught entering and fishing  their territorial waters would be seized and confiscated.” While Tan is considering that about 20,000 workers of these fishing companies will temporarily lose their job or income, he insisted that the province have more than one million residents and most of them defend fishing as their primary source of livelihood. The  affected fishing company workers are under no work, no pay arrangements with most of them being poor farmers from the province across the Visayas  and Mindanao regions. “If we continue to allow these fishing boats to fish inside the Sulu Sea, our people will also suffer and lose their income,” Tan said. “Sulu is predominantly agricultural with farming and fishing as its main livelihood activities and fishing is the most important industry since the Sulu Seas is one of the richest fishing grounds in the country,” he added. The post Sulu bans commercial fishing boats appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Barrier removal BBM’s call — PCG

Dismantling the floating barrier that China installed at Scarborough Shoal or Bajo de Masinloc is a matter for President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to decide, a Philippine Coast Guard official said yesterday. Commodore Jay Tarriela, PCG spokesperson for the West Philippine Sea, said they had reported the discovery of the 300-meter barrier to the National Task Force for the West Philippine Sea, or NTF-WPS. “Should the NTF-WPS recommend to the President the actions to be taken, the PCG, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, and even the Armed Forces of the Philippines would comply,” Tarriela said. Tarriela was apparently reacting to the call made by Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri for the PCG to remove the barrier as it poses a danger to Filipino fishermen and keeps them from the shoal’s rich fishing grounds. Tarriela, however, said the PCG had yet to consult with Mr. Marcos and other officials of the national government on what to do about the barrier. The PCG said three China Coast Guard inflatable boats backed by a Chinese maritime militia vessel installed the floating barrier. Also on Monday, the Department of Foreign Affairs vowed to press the Philippines’ sovereignty over Scarborough Shoal. “We will take all appropriate measures to protect our country’s sovereignty and the livelihood of our fisherfolk,” the DFA said. “Bajo de Masinloc is an integral part of the Philippines over which we have sovereignty and territorial jurisdiction according to UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Sea),” the DFA said. In 2012, Chinese and Philippine vessels faced each other in a standoff at the shoal, which was defused when the Philippines withdrew its ships, which China did not do with its ships despite an agreement to do so. China has since maintained control of the shoal even after a 2016 ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration deemed the shoal to be part of the Philippines’ 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone in the West Philippine Sea. The landmark ruling, which also dismissed as illegal China’s claim to nearly the entire South China Sea, arose from a case filed by the Philippines before the arbitral court in 2013. China, however, has refused to abide by the ruling. “The 2016 Arbitral Award affirms it (Bajo de Masinloc) as a traditional fishing ground for Filipino fisherfolk,” the DFA pointed out. “China’s reported installation of barriers and its negative impact on the livelihood of Filipino fisherfolk or any other activity that infringes on the Philippines’ sovereignty and jurisdiction in Bajo de Masinloc are violations of international law, particularly UNCLOS and the Arbitral Award,” it added. The installation of the barrier was roundly criticized by European Union Ambassador to the Philippines Luc Veron, who described it as “deeply concerning.” In a tweet, Veron said the “floating barrier is dangerous, detrimental to the livelihood of Philippines fishermen, and disregards the peace-driven objectives of UNCLOS.” The post Barrier removal BBM’s call — PCG appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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