Make it airtight

There has been no formal indictment, but let’s not kid ourselves – the person being mainly eyed in the gangland-style assassination of Negros Oriental governor Roel Degamo is Arnolfo Teves Jr., representative of the province’s third district......»»

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Preserving heritage: Ethiopian quest to recreate ancient manuscripts

Armed with a bamboo ink pen and a steady hand, Ethiopian Orthodox priest Zelalem Mola carefully copies text in the ancient Ge'ez language from a religious book onto a goatskin parchment. This painstaking task is preserving an ancient tradition, all the while bringing him closer to God, says the 42-year-old. At the Hamere Berhan Institute in Addis Ababa, priests and lay worshippers work by hand to replicate sometimes centuries-old religious manuscripts and sacred artwork. The parchments, pens, and inks are all prepared at the institute, which lies in the Piasa district in the historic heart of the Ethiopian capital. Yeshiemebet Sisay, 29, who is in charge of communications at Hamere Berhan, says the work began four years ago. "Ancient parchment manuscripts are disappearing from our culture, which motivated us to start this project," she says. The precious works are kept mainly in monasteries, where prayers or religious chants are conducted using only parchment rather than paper manuscripts. "However, this custom is rapidly fading... We thought if we could learn skills from our priests, we could work on it ourselves, so that is how we began," adds Yeshiemebet. 'It's hard work' In the institute's courtyard, workers stretch the goatskins tightly over metal frames to dry under a weak sun that barely pierces the milky sky. "After the goatskin is immersed in the water for three to four days, we make holes on the edge of the skin and tie it to the metal so that it can stretch," says Tinsaye Chere Ayele. "After that, we remove the extra layer of fat on the skin's inside to make it clean." Alongside two other colleagues, the 20-year-old carries out his task using a makeshift scraper, seemingly oblivious to the stench emanating from the animal hide. Once clean and dry, the skins are stripped of the goat hair and then cut to the desired size for use as pages of a book or for painting. Yeshiemebet says most of the manuscripts are commissioned by individuals who then donate them to churches or monasteries. Some customers order for themselves small collections of prayers or paintings to have "reproductions of ancient Ethiopian works", she adds. "Small books can take one or two months. If it is a collective work, large books can take one to two years. "If it's an individual task, it can take even longer," she says, leafing through books clad in red leather, their texts adorned with brightly colored illuminations and religious images. Sitting in one of the institute's rooms, with parchment pages placed on his knees, Zelalem patiently copies a book entitled "Zena Selassie" ("History of the Trinity"). "It is going to take a lot of time. It's hard work, starting with the preparation of the parchment and the inks. This one could take up to six months to complete," the priest says. "We make a stylus from bamboo, sharpening the tip with a razor blade." The scribes use different pens for each color used in the text -- black or red -- and either a fine or broad tip, with the inks made from various local plants. 'Talking to saints and God' Like most other religious works, "Zena Selassie" is written in Ge'ez. This dead language remains the liturgical language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and its alpha syllabic system -- where the characters represent syllables -- is still used to write Ethiopia's national language Amharic as well as Tigrinya, which is spoken in Tigray and neighboring Eritrea. "We copy from paper to parchment to preserve (the writings) as the paper book can be easily damaged, while this one will last a long time if we protect it from water and fire," says Zelalem. Replicating the manuscripts "needs patience and focus. It begins with a prayer in the morning, at lunchtime, and ends with prayer." "It is difficult for an individual to write and finish a book, just to sit the whole day, but thanks to our devotion, a light shines brightly within us," Zelalem adds. "It takes so much effort that it makes us worthy in the eyes of God." This spiritual dimension also guides Lidetu Tasew, who is in charge of education and training at the institute, where he teaches painting and illuminations. "Spending time here painting saints is like talking to saints and to God," says the 26-year-old, who was brought up in a church. "We have been taught that wherever we paint saints, there is the spirit of God." The post Preserving heritage: Ethiopian quest to recreate ancient manuscripts appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Jerusalem, Collazo make weight, ready for world title bout on Sunday

CEBU CITY, Philippines— The first title defense of reigning World Boxing Organization (WBO) world minimumweight champion, Melvin “Gringo” Jerusalem is officially set after he and his opponent, Oscar Collazo of Puerto Rico, made weight on Saturday, May 27, (Friday, Pacific time) at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California. The Cebu-based Jerusalem, the banner boxer […] The post Jerusalem, Collazo make weight, ready for world title bout on Sunday appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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2023 FIBA World Cup full support urged

In three months, the Philippines will be hosting the 2023 FIBA World Cup, the biggest and most prestigious basketball tournament in the world. The joint bid of the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan bested other European countries and won hosting rights, with a promise to deliver a “world-class” tournament. This marks the second time for the country to host the World Cup — the first was in 1978. According to FIBA Archive, the PH line-up included Ramon Cruz, Bernardo Carpio, Alexander Clarino, Steve Watson, Edward Merced, Federico Israel, Federico Lauchengco, Nathaniel Castillo, Gregorio Gozum, Leopoldo Herrera, Cesar Yabut and Cesar Teodoro. The team was coached by Nicanor Jorge. During the assembly meeting, FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis highlighted the crucial role that the Philippines will play in hosting the World Cup. “We play this year our biggest event, the FIBA Basketball World Cup in 3 Asian countries — and this will be the first time in three countries combining together almost 500 million people. It will be an unprecedented event in terms of quality for the players and the fans,” he said. For this year, our very own Gilas Pilipinas is set to compete with 31 other teams. As the lead host, the Philippines will organize all the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final games featuring the top 8 teams, while Japan and Indonesia will co-host the competition of eight teams each. Preparations are in full swing, according to Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas president Alfredo Panlilio, who also was recently elected as the Second Vice President in the FIBA Asia board for 2023-2027. Commenting on his election, Panlilio was quoted as saying: “It is an honor to be elected in the board of members of FIBA Asia to help the federation continue promoting the game of basketball and camaraderie in the region and the world,” acknowledging the huge responsibility to push for the development of new projects in Asia that would elevate the level of basketball competitions in the region. In recent years, FIBA has embraced a comprehensive approach to basketball development, encompassing various formats such as 5x5, 3x3, women’s tournaments, and youth competitions. This progressive strategy aims to nurture talent at all levels, providing opportunities for players of diverse backgrounds and promoting inclusivity within the sport. By embracing these multifaceted endeavors, FIBA is actively shaping the future of basketball, ensuring its continuous growth and global appeal. As a passionate basketball enthusiast, I am filled with immense excitement for this opportunity to host the prestigious FIBA World Cup. This historic event not only signifies our nation’s love for the sport but also holds the promise of remarkable growth and advancement in basketball programs under the visionary leadership of Panlilio and other esteemed members of the FIBA board. The future of basketball in our country looks brighter than ever before. Moreover, the Philippines stands poised not just to relish the rewards of the World Cup in the realm of sports, but to make an indelible mark on the country’s revenue generation through travel and tourism. The tournament’s influx of visitors from around the globe will serve as a significant catalyst, bolstering the local economy and showcasing the Philippines as a premier destination for international travelers. Case in point – a FIBA study showed that when the World Cup was hosted by Spain in 2019 before the emergence of Covid-19, it raked in $396 million or P22.6 billion in revenues while only setting an operational budget of $38.6 million or P2.2 billion. The upcoming international sports competition holds tremendous promise for uplifting the Philippines on multiple fronts – as a host, in the realm of basketball, and within the tourism industry, which has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. Regardless of our personal fanhood, I urge everyone to stand united in wholeheartedly supporting our team – Gilas Pilipinas. Our unwavering backing will serve as a powerful catalyst in boosting their confidence, enabling them to represent our country with pride and strive for victory. Together, we can make a resounding impact and proudly wave our flag on the global stage while bringing forward the kind of relationship we Filipinos have with the sport, profoundly anchored on one word – PUSO. The post 2023 FIBA World Cup full support urged appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Left holding the bag

“A leap of faith into the great unknown.” That’s how a worried Senator Francis Escudero described the venture that two state-owned banks would be legislated into making with the passage of the Maharlika Investment Fund law. That’s the same leap that the Government Service Insurance System and Social Security System were asked to make when the MIF idea was first floated last year, only for the state insurers to be dropped from the kitty pool amid the uproar and backlash. By their very nature, banks loan money and invest, but they have always had the option of where to put in their moolah. However, in the case of the Land Bank of the Philippines and the Development Bank of the Philippines, as captive investors, they’re in for the MIF ride, whether the road is bumpy or not. And that’s what troubles Escudero as he said that “as presently worded” in the Senate’s MIF bill, he could not see provisions detailing the bare minimum that the two banks’ investments — initially P50 billion for LandBank and P25 billion for DBP — would make. Senate hearings have established that the two government banks earn between six to eight percent of loaned or invested money, thus Escudero reasoned out that it may be financially sound to put at seven percent the threshold (or minimum) return on equity of LandBank and DBP. The senator warned that the banks cannot be allowed to go “bankrupt” because of the unsettled RoE and, if I may add, because of a failed venture which, in business, is almost always a possibility as turning in profits. Reading between the lines, the concern may be of the MIF making money but with the two banks being left holding the bag, left out of the profit-sharing due to a rushed MIF law that did not put in black and white a matter as simple as pegging the RoE. Naysayers have warned that the MIF may just end up as one huge corruption enterprise as the corporation tasked to manage the fund invests in a mixed bag of instruments like local and foreign bonds, equities, and foreign currencies. Here is where Congress should ensure that the MIF law would have enough safeguards not only for the two banks but also for the other players, including the government that will be infusing taxpayers’ money and state earnings. If the MIF is to succeed in promoting economic growth and development in the Philippines, the operations of the Maharlika Investment Corporation must be fully transparent. At the same time, whatever financial exposure that LandBank and DBP would have in the MIF should be of such amounts that losing them in a soured investment vehicle would not endanger the fulfillment of their core mandate. LandBank and DBP are primarily tasked to ensure loans are available for farmers and small and medium enterprises which, as admitted by an analyst of a commercial bank, are underserved by private banks and lenders because they are not as profitable. With this concern, there should be a ceiling as to what portion of their financial muscles can LandBank and DBP be allowed to put into the MIF.  Again, this is left to the sound judgment of legislators who, with the law they would pass, would tie the hands of both LandBank and DBP. Let’s just hope that the lunacy and vested interests that marked the passage of laws now breaking the backs of Filipinos, like the Oil Deregulation Law, would be absent in the crafting of the MIF. Here, this Contrarian may be too overly optimistic. The post Left holding the bag appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Meet the scientist (sort of) spending a year on Mars

Living on Mars wasn't exactly a childhood dream for Canadian biologist Kelly Haston, though she'll soon spend a year preparing for just that. "We are just going to pretend that we're there," the 52-year-old told AFP, summing up her participation in an exercise simulating a long stay on the Red Planet. At the end of June, she will be one of the four volunteers stepping into a Martian habitat in Houston, Texas that will be their home for the next 12 months. "It still sometimes seems a bit unreal to me," she laughs. For NASA, which has carefully selected the participants, these long-term experiments make it possible to evaluate the behavior of a crew in an isolated and confined environment, ahead of a real mission in the future. Participants will face equipment failures and water limitations, the space agency has warned -- as well as some "surprises," according to Haston. Their communications with the outside world will suffer from the delays that exist between Earth and Mars -- up to 20 minutes one-way, depending on the planets' positions -- and 40 minutes two ways. "I'm very excited about this, but I'm also realistic about what the challenge is," says the research scientist, whose status as a permanent resident of the United States made her eligible for the program. The habitat, dubbed Mars Dune Alpha, is a 3D printed 1,700 square-foot (160 square-meter) facility, complete with bedrooms, a gym, common areas, and a vertical farm to grow food. "It's actually surprisingly spacious feeling when you go inside it," said Haston, who visited last year before her participation was confirmed. "And we do have an outdoor area as well where we will mimic spacewalks or Mars walks." This area, which is separated by an airlock, is filled with red sand, though it is still covered rather than being open air. The crew will have to don their suits to do "spacewalks" -- "probably one of the things that I'm looking forward to the most," says Haston, a registered member of the Mohawk Nation. Haston wasted no time in filling out her application when her partner told her about the opportunity. "It's aligned with many of my goals in life to explore different avenues of research and science, and then also to be a test subject, and to give to a study that will hopefully further space exploration." The four members of the mission -- herself, an engineer, an emergency doctor, and a nurse -- did not know each other before the selection process but have since met. "We really are close-knit already," says Haston, who has been named commander of the group, adding she looks forward to seeing these relationships grow even stronger. They might be simulating an important exploratory mission for humanity, but how the housemates get along as they share mundane chores including cleaning and meal preparation will be crucial. A month of training is planned in Houston before entering the habitat. A teammate could leave in case of injury or medical emergency. But a whole series of procedures have been drawn up for situations that can be handled by the crew themselves -- including how to tell them about a family problem that has arisen outside. What worries the Canadian most is how she will manage to be away from family. She'll only be able to keep in regular touch through email, and only rarely via videos, but never live. She'll miss being outside and getting to see mountains and the sea, she says. To cope, she plans to draw on her past experiences, such as a research expedition in Africa where she studied the genetic characteristics of frogs around Lake Victoria. She spent several months sleeping in cars and tents, with four people, without reliable cell phone coverage. Feelings of isolation "are things that I think feel very familiar to me." A specialist in the field of developing stem cell treatments for certain diseases, she has worked in recent years for start-ups in California, where she also studied. This mission is the first of a series of three planned by NASA, grouped under the title CHAPEA (Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog). A year-long mission simulating life on Mars took place in 2015-2016 in a habitat in Hawaii, but although NASA participated in it, it was not at the helm. Under its Artemis program, America plans to send humans back to the Moon in order to learn how to live there long-term to help prepare for a trip to Mars, sometime towards the end of the 2030s. The post Meet the scientist (sort of) spending a year on Mars appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Amazon scientists simulate how warming may impact jungle

Deep in the Amazon, an experiment unfolds that may allow a peek into the future to see what will happen to the world's largest rainforest when carbon dioxide levels rise. It is a simulation to see how the lungs of the world will endure global warming. The AmazonFACE project, co-financed by Brazil and the United Kingdom, is "an open-air laboratory that will allow us to understand how the rainforest will behave in future climate change scenarios," says Carlos Quesada, one of the project coordinators. Quesada stands at the foot of a soaring metal tower that protrudes through the rainforest canopy at a site 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Manaus in northwest Brazil. Sixteen other towers arranged in a circle around it will "pump" CO2 into the ring, replicating levels that may happen with global warming. "How will the rainforest react to the rising temperature, the reduction in water availability, in a world with more carbon in the atmosphere?" asks Quesada, a researcher at an Amazon research institute that is part of the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology. The technology known as FACE (Free Air CO2 Enrichment) has already been used to study the impact on forests in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, but never in a tropical rainforest. By 2024, there will be six "carbon rings" pumping CO2 -- one of the causes of global warming -- at a concentration 40 percent to 50 percent higher than today. Over a decade, researchers will analyze the processes occurring in leaves, roots, soil, water and nutrient cycles. "We will have more accurate projections on how the Amazon rainforest can help combat climate change with its ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Also, it will help us understand how the rainforest will be impacted by these changes," says David Lapola, a researcher at the University of Campinas, who coordinates the project with Quesada. The carbon increase in the atmosphere may lead to the creation of grassy plains, or savanna, where the Amazon rainforest once flourished, with vegetation better adapted to higher temperatures and longer droughts. But CO2 could also "fertilize" the forest and make it temporarily more resistant to these changes. "This is a positive scenario, at least for a short time, a period for us to get to zero emission policies, to keep temperature increases to only 1.5 degrees Centigrade," Quesada says. The project "is a window to the future. You open the window and look at what might be happening 30 years ahead," he says. The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) urged ambitious action to counter global warming again this year. According to its latest March report, global warming will surpass 1.5 degrees Celsius in the decades after 2030, leading to irreversible loss of ecosystems. Coinciding with global warming is the impact of human-caused deforestation in the Amazon. A landmark 2018 study by scientists Thomas Lovejoy and Carlos Nobre found that the Amazon is hurtling toward a tipping point where savannas begin to replace rainforest. They said that would happen with deforestation of 20 to 25 percent of Amazon territory. Currently, deforestation stands at 15 percent. AmazonFACE, coordinated by University of Campinas and the Brazilian Ministry of Science, has the support of the Foreign Office and the British Meteorological Service (MET office). British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly visited the facilities this week and announced a new contribution of 2 million pounds (US$2.4 million) to the project, which since 2021 has already received 7.3 million pounds from the United Kingdom. Brazil, for its part, has invested 32 million reais (US$6.4 million). The post Amazon scientists simulate how warming may impact jungle appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Escudero: MIF bill a ‘leap of faith into great unknown’

Senator Francis Escudero is still contemplating the uncertainties in the return of equity threshold compulsory to the two state-owned banks as envisioned through the ‘Maharlika’ Investment Fund or MIF. Escudero has called on for more “earning guarantees” in the MIF bill, which the Senate intends to approve before the legislative break comes next week, saying that the seed money put by the Land Bank of the Philippines and the Development Bank of Philippines Maharlika Investment Corporation or MIC, must earn more than its current average investment yield of 6 percent. The senator warned that “without benchmark in yields”, the LBP and DBP will be earning less than 6 percent of their income threshold. “The idea is that the Land Bank and DBP should grow the money and not go bankrupt. Remember, the bill makes their equity compulsory. So in exchange, will there be guarantees as to their returns as well?,” said Escudero, who used to chair the Senate committee on banks, financial institutions, and currencies committee. Escudero said the bill, as presently worded, "is a leap of faith to the great unknown.” He added he has yet to hear a full explanation of how much the two banking giants will earn from their Maharlika investments. "Landbank and DBP, during the hearings, said they were earning on average 6 to 8 percent. So, let us average it up at 7 percent. You have to give Landbank and DBP a return of at least 7 percent per annum on what they invested in MIC. On top of that is the 2 percent administrative fee cap the MIC may use,” he pointed out. Senate Bill 2020 or MIF states that the total authorized P500 billion in capital stocks of the MIC, the initial P125 billion worth of MIC common stocks to be subscribed by the national government amounting to P75 billion shall be fully paid respectively—LBP for P50 billion and DBP for P25 billion. "Then we have to factor in inflation. So easily, the yield will be in the two-digit zone. In any investment pitch, the income output is the most important bottom line. An investment is made because one is convinced that it will make money. Not behest. Not something coerced through legislation,” Escudero pointed out. While the proposed measure allows the two banks to seek regulatory relief from the Central Bank if their position falls below standards, Escudero stressed: "This should not happen." “And to dangle this as the standard reply to issues validly raised is not the comforting answer we want to hear. Once a regulatory relief is sought "that means the banks already lost a lot of money," he said. The post Escudero: MIF bill a ‘leap of faith into great unknown’ appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Jerusalem confident to retain title

WBO minimumweight champion Melvin Jerusalem intends to make an auspicious US debut when he faces challenger Oscar Collazo in the first defense of his crown at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California, tonight (tomorrow morning, Manila time) and he’s confident of proving himself as more than a one-hit wonder. But it won’t be easy repulsing Collazo, a power-punching Puerto Rican southpaw whose resume is highlighted by a win on points over Filipino veteran Vic Saludar......»»

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Make a difference in a child’s life

Mariel, aged 10, plays under the hot sun beside a dilapidated hut, which has served as her respite throughout the pandemic. She shares this home with her mother and seven siblings. While she should be at school, she’s happily playing with other children, distracted from the fact that for many of them, their last meal was yesterday afternoon. You can make a difference in a child’s life. World Vision, the child-focused humanitarian organization, goes beyond inspiring generous hearts and mobilizes them to make an impactful change through its global child sponsorship campaign called Reasons. “My reason is that I want to create a space where children can learn to respect the dignity of every single person,” shares World Vision ambassador and social media influencer Janina Vela. “It seems simple, but it’s very rare to find that compassion in this day and age. I think working with World Vision — who extends this kindness to children — will help us raise compassionate kids and adults. And hopefully, when they raise their own families, they will teach this same value and set off a domino effect of building compassionate generations.” Register online and donate for as low as P25 a day or P750 a month. World Vision in the Philippines — through the support of generous individuals and like-minded groups, churches, schools and companies — has been protecting children for over six decades. Through its diverse programs, which include food, education, health and nutrition, livelihood and development, over 39.2 million children, 5.8 million of whom are living in vulnerable conditions are supported. “What does it take to affect change in our communities? World Vision offers opportunities to help protect children from violence, provide them access to education, food and clean water, and ensure that they are given the right guidance for a safe, healthy and secure future. Many of us have prayed for a way to make a difference, and now, here’s how you can make a direct impact,” says Rommel V. Fuerte, executive director of World Vision in the Philippines. “You can be the hope that many have prayed for. Get involved today.” For every child you help, four more children benefit, too. Become a proud sponsor at Read more about World Vision’s initiatives at The post Make a difference in a child’s life appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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‘Live Bountifully’ with These Five Supplements

Compared to the period before the Covid-19 pandemic happened, people are now more attuned to their health. As a way to achieve a healthier, better version of themselves, many have adopted new changes in their lifestyle, from eating better to exercising more to improving their sleeping habits. Factors such as schedule and stress can make one’s journey to wellness challenging. Getting and adding the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be at its best every day with Nature’s Bounty will embrace a healthy lifestyle. For 50 years, it has been a trusted partner by people around the world in making better choices for their health. The #1 brand in USA Mass Pharmacies uses the latest science and finest ingredients to create high-quality and affordable products that do more to enhance your wellness routine. “At Nature’s Bounty, we’re serious about supporting your health through our products that are backed by science. We want more for our consumers, which is why we never settle when it comes to making wellness solutions that work harder and are formulated to be stronger and protect you longer,” Dr. Jimmy Bautista, Medical & Scientific Affairs manager of Nestle Health Science, shared. In the Philippines, the brand recently launched five supplements that are non-GMO and contain no artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners to enable more Filipinos to live bountifully. Influencers and members of the media were invited to reconnect with nature and their bodies through a yoga session led by Yoga Manila and learn more about Nature’s Bounty products and their health benefits from Dr. Jimmy Bautista, Medical & Scientific affairs manager of Nestle Health Science; and Moe Javier, marketing lead of Nestle Health Science. One of the 20 amino acids that help the body build protein, which is vital in repairing cells and making new ones, is L-Arginine. Available in a 1000mg, 30-count bottle, L-Arginine supports healthy blood flow, vascular function, wound healing and heart health. Often referred to as the “sleep hormone,” Melatonin helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer to improve the quality of sleep. The quick-dissolve melatonin comes in a natural cherry flavor with no artificial ingredients and helps promote a tranquil sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed, revitalized and ready for the day. If you want to look good and feel good, L-Carnitine can assist in boosting the body’s fat metabolism and supports heart health. The supplement is laboratory tested and guaranteed quality also plays an essential role in making fatty acids available for muscle tissue, which improves exercise performance and recovery. Ginkgo Biloba comes in easy-to-swallow capsules that are convenient to take daily and can help you achieve a sharper mind and memory by supporting effective brain function and mental alertness and addressing mild memory impairments associated with aging. Fish Oil that contains omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA is considered “good” fat that aids in maintaining triglyceride levels within a normal range and reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. Purified to eliminate mercury to get only the purest ingredients, fish oil is odorless and enteric coated to minimize fishy burps. The post ‘Live Bountifully’ with These Five Supplements appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Live where you patrol, Okubo tells NCR cops

P/Maj. Gen. Edgar Allan Okubo, the chief of the National Capital Region Police Office, said Friday he wants to keep Metro Manila barangays drug-free by letting policemen live in the areas they are patrolling. Okubo said the government must not turn its back on barangays that have been reportedly cleared of illegal drugs. “The problem with illegal drugs is they keep coming back,” he said. “We have barangay drug-clearing programs, declare a barangay cleared, and put users through a recovery wellness program.” “Then we leave them behind. But under our Revitalized Police sa Barangay, our policemen live in the barangays and maintain the drug-free status of the area to ensure that it won’t be affected again,” he added. The police official said he would seek the help of other stakeholders to make sure the barangays’ needs for government services are met. He pointed out that the RPB program looks at what the people need in terms of government services and livelihood, then they are connected to other stakeholders like non-government organizations so those needs can be met. The Philippine Statistics Authority said Metro Manila has a population of almost 13.5 million people as of May 2020. The Department of the Interior and Local Government launched last year its “Buhay Ingatan, Droga’y Ayawan,” or BIDA, program that aims to clamp down on the demand for drugs through communities. The strategy is a complete turnabout from the strategy of the previous administration. The post Live where you patrol, Okubo tells NCR cops appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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SM, DSWD ink pact for sustainable livelihood

SM Supermalls sealed a partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development to launch their new Sustainable Livelihood Program titled “Sibol” on Friday at the SM Mall of Asia. The Sibol Program will enhance ways to improve the well-being of the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized households by providing access to livelihood assets and resources as the launch showcased exhibit products and commodities by all SLP beneficiaries. For almost three decades, SM Supermalls has been a staunch supporter of DSWD’s sustainable livelihood program for the benefit of the Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services and Self-Employment Assistance-Kaunlaran beneficiaries. SM Supermalls president Steven Tan said that through the SM Sunday Market Project in over 30 malls, the 28,500 KSK farmers who were trained by SM Foundation and DSWD can sell their produce and become self-sufficient agri-preneurs. The agreement — signed by Tan and DSWD Secretary Rex Gatchalian — served as a seal of commitment to expand SM’s Government Services Express nationwide to provide a venue to make DSWD programs and services more accessible to Filipinos through satellite offices in the malls, starting with 21 locations. The joint partnership of SM and the DSWD extends into disaster relief, adoption awareness, and empowerment of vulnerable sectors such as women, children, senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The post SM, DSWD ink pact for sustainable livelihood appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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A man from Dasmariñas, Cavite had an unusual way of relieving his back pain. The “medication” he ordered online from Spain for P10,000 arrived at the Central Mail Exchange Center in Pasay City last 15 April. He went to pick up the package declared as cornflakes. Upon scanning the parcel through an X-ray machine, customs inspectors suspected that something else was inside the package of cereals, which are not for relieving back pains. True enough, after a sniffer dog smelled the package, the K-9 sat, indicating illegal drugs inside it. When the package was opened, its contents turned out to be five kilos of dried opium poppy buds. The consignee was charged with importing illegal drugs. At the Jose Maria Cordova international airport in Rionegro, Colombia, a carton containing donated blood was destined for Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Fresh blood in special bags is usually transported from country to country by air so it can be quickly delivered for emergency application or doesn’t spoil during transit. With red liquid inside three bags labeled biological blood samples and accompanied by tubes and drips inside the box, the items looked legit to airport inspectors. Dulce knew better though. The K-9 sniffed the box and then sat beside it. Inspectors took the cue and opened the blood bags. The content turned out to be 1.6 kilograms of liquid cocaine mixed with a red pigment to make it look like blood and fool authorities. The sophisticated modus of drug traffickers impressed Colombian authorities who, fortunately, have drug-sniffing dogs they could rely on to foil such narco-smuggling tactics. The post Redflag appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Milestone GMA-ABS-CBN collaboration ‘Unbreak My Heart’ debuts 29 May

Once formidable rivals GMA Network and ABS-CBN Corporation have teamed up for the first time ever in the teleserye “Unbreak My Heart”, a milestone collaboration that marks a new chapter in the local TV industry. The ensemble cast, led by esteemed stars Jodi Sta. Maria, Gabbi Garcia, Joshua Garcia and Richard Yap, recently gathered for a press conference at Seda Vertis North to discuss the project. (Yap couldn’t make it to the event.) The teleserye explores the complexities of forbidden love and its potential to shatter the hearts of those closest to them. But the bigger story at this point is the landmark partnership between ABS-CBN and GMA Network. “Many years ago, no one thought that this moment would be possible. Before, ABS-CBN and GMA were rivals and competitors, pero now nagbago ‘yun,” said Sta. Maria, who thanked the two networks as well as streaming platform Viu for making the project possible. Sta. Maria and Joshua Garcia have a much-talked-about kissing scene shown in the trailer of the series, and the two revealed that part of their preparation was to attend a sensuality workshop. The difficulty of intimate scenarios demanded “a certain level of vulnerability and trust” between actors, their co-stars and the director, said Sta. Maria, hence the workshop. Garcia echoed her sentiments, emphasizing the importance of clear communication and the director’s guidance in establishing limits for the scene. Unbreak My Heart is a romantic drama series that centers on Rose (Jodi), a woman on a quest to restore her broken heart and make up for her past mistakes by bringing her family back together. Along the way, Rose meets Renz (Joshua), another wounded soul, and the two begin a passionate May–September affair. However, complications arise when Alex (Gabbi) enters the picture. As Matt (Richard) meddles in their affairs to shield his own family, more misery results, leading to a darker turn in their lives. Shot in picturesque locations such as Switzerland, Italy and the Philippines, Unbreak My Heart is directed by Emmanuel Palo and Dolly Dulu and produced by Dreamscape Entertainment. The teleserye features a talented ensemble cast, including veterans Laurice Guillen, Eula Valdes, Sunshine Cruz, Nikki Valdez, Romnick Sarmenta and Victor Neri. It also introduces Dionne Monsanto, PJ Endrinal, Maey Bautista, Marvin Yap and Mark Rivera, alongside promising young actors Will Ashley, Jeremiah Lisbo and Bianca de Vera. The official soundtrack of Unbreak My Heart boasts captivating songs by Christian Bautista, Bey and Moira dela Torre. Starting 29 May, the series will air Mondays to Thursdays at 9:35 p.m. on GMA Telebabad, Pinoy Hits and I Heart Movies. Additionally, it is accessible on TFC and GMA Pinoy TV. An advanced screening is set for today, 27 May, 9 p.m. on iWantTFC, Viu and The post Milestone GMA-ABS-CBN collaboration ‘Unbreak My Heart’ debuts 29 May appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Boston makes Miami feel heat

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — Boston poured in 16 three-pointers in a dominant 110-97 victory over the Miami Heat on Thursday that kept the Celtics alive in the National Basketball Association championship chase. For the second straight game, the Celtics fended off elimination, cutting the deficit in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference finals to 3-2 with the wire-to-wire triumph. Miami will get another chance to close it out when they host game six on Saturday. The Celtics will be trying to take one more step toward becoming the first NBA team to rally from a 3-0 deficit to win a best-of-seven playoff series. “The only thing that can stop us is us,” Celtics forward Jaylen Brown said in an on-court interview. Before a rapturous, raucous crowd at TD Garden in Boston, the Celtics looked every inch the favorites they were before the series started — before the upstart eighth-seeded Heat grabbed the first two games in Boston, then embarrassed the second seeds in game three. Four Celtics starters scored more than 20 points, with Derrick White leading the way with 24 on a night when he made six of eight attempts from three-point range. “Got some good looks and was able to knock them down, and just kind of rolled with it,” said White, who said the Heat’s defensive focus on Brown and fellow star wing Jayson Tatum gave him more room to operate. Marcus Smart added 23 and had five steals while Brown and Tatum scored 21 apiece. More importantly, the energetic Celtics harried the Heat into 16 turnovers that led to 27 Boston points. They had 17 second-chance points compared to Miami’s seven. “Tonight we were the tougher playing team,” Brown said. “We set the tone from start to finish.” Boston was locked in on both ends of the floor from the opening tip-off, roaring to a 23-7 lead in a matter of minutes. After Tatum was whistled for a technical foul with 8:43 in the first quarter, the Celtics responded with three consecutive three-pointers. Tatum scored 12 points in the first quarter and Brown took over with 12 in the second. Meanwhile, Heat talisman Jimmy Butler struggled to get going, scoring eight points in the first half and finishing with 14 — his lowest-scoring game of the playoffs. He sat out most of the fourth quarter. Duncan Robinson led the Heat with 18 points off the bench. Bam Adebayo scored 16 points but coughed up six turnovers. Kyle Lowry starting at point guard after Gabe Vincent was ruled out with a sprained ankle, scored five points with four turnovers. “We’ve just got to play better,” Butler said. “Start the game off better, on the starters, make it more difficult for them. “They are in a rhythm since the beginning of the game,” Butler added. “But we are always going to stay positive, knowing that we can and we will win this series. We’ll just have to close it out at home.” Butler said the Heat allowed their shooting struggles to affect their defensive intensity. “But that’s easily correctable,” he said. “You just have to come out and play harder from the jump.” The Heat, who won the NBA title in 2006, 2012 and 2013, still only need one more win to reach a seventh NBA Finals. Boston, whose 17 NBA titles are tied with the Los Angeles Lakers for the most in history, last won it all in 2008 and came up short in last season’s championship series against the Golden State Warriors. The winners of the series will play the Western Conference champion Denver Nuggets, who swept the Lakers in four games to reach the NBA Finals for the first time. White said the Celtics expect a formidable challenge in Miami on Saturday. “The crowd is going to be in it. It’s not going to be easy,” he said. “It’s going to take 48 minutes of battling, scratching, clawing, and we’ve got to find a way to win.” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra was unconcerned that two big defeats had demoralized his team. “Who cares about mood?” Spoelstra said. “We have a gnarly group. It’s a competitive series. You always expect things to be challenging in the conference finals.” The post Boston makes Miami feel heat appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Rebel Wilson — actress, singer, comedian and now director

Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson will make her directorial debut with the Australian musical comedy The Deb. The project was announced on Wednesday at the Cannes Film Festival aboard the private yacht of billionaire investor Len Blavatnik, with cast members present. “Because I’ve been on set and have done so many musicals, you kind of pick up things like how to shoot a musical number and how to do the soundtrack, because you’re there and you’re part of it,” Wilson, who will also act in the film, told Variety. Wilson has also produced the films The Hustle and Senior Year for Netflix. The Deb theater production originally premiered at Sydney’s Australian Theater for Young People in 2022. It follows farm girl and high school outcast Taylah Simpkins who thinks the upcoming Debutante Ball, called “the Deb,” is a chance to redefine herself. The Deb will feature Charlotte MacInnes (ATYP’s The Deb), Natalie Abbott (Aftertaste, A Perfect Pairing, Global Creature’s Muriel’s Wedding the Musical) Stevie Jean (2022 winner of NT Music Award for Rock Song of the Year), Tara Morice (Strictly Ballroom, Moulin Rouge, Dance Academy), Jay Laga’aia (Nim’s Island, Star Wars, The Lion King, Wicked) and Shane Jacobson (Kenny, The Bourne Legacy, The Dressmaker, Hairspray). “We’re utilizing the best musical resources in the world and the most fantastic Australian talent to bring this project to the screen,” Wilson added. The Deb will be produced by Amanda Ghost, Len Blavatnik and Gregor Cameron of Unigram, the company behind Tetris and sister company AI Film (I, Tonya, Hacksaw Ridge) with Wilson’s Camp Sugar Productions. The post Rebel Wilson — actress, singer, comedian and now director appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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AI, blockchain players enter Phl cyberspace

Asian players in the blockchain and artificial intelligence industry are sharing their expertise from their particular fields in transforming the Philippines into a digital technology-integrated nation. Companies such as Xtreme Business Enterprise  and Marvion & Coinllectibles have joined forces with Philippine-based Smart Citi Teknologi in launching three integrated projects dubbed the “Philippine Stable Coin Project”, the “Blockchain-enabled Membership Program for Sustainable Tourism”, and “Investing in a Promising Future: Philippines Art and Heritage” — all set to roll out this July 2023. During a media launch at the Manila Hotel last Tuesday, Julian So, the chief executive officer of XBE Group, said the “Philippine Stable Coin Project” is considered to be a game-changing initiative aimed at revolutionizing the financial sector in the Philippines.   Measure to alleviate poverty “It was initiated as a measure to alleviate poverty and improve financial inclusion in the country. The project aims to provide a stable and reliable medium of exchange to the unbanked and the underbanked population, who often have limited access to financial services,” So said. According to So, the key feature and benefit of the Philippine Stable Coin is that it is decentralized, which means that transactions can be carried out directly without intermediaries, increasing transparency and ensuring security. “Also, the Philippine Stable Coin is fast and efficient, as the use of blockchain technology ensures fast and efficient transaction processing, facilitating instant settlement and enabling low-cost remittances. It is also stable and reliable as the coin is pegged 1:1 to the Philippine peso, making it stable and minimizing the risks of volatility that are commonly associated with traditional cryptocurrencies, and borderless, as the Philippine Stable Coin can be used across the world, eliminating the need for currency conversions, and enabling seamless cross-border transactions,” So explained.   Smart Island Meanwhile, the “Blockchain-enabled Membership Program for Sustainable Tourism” project aims to develop a Smart Island in Roxas, Palawan which is envisioned to be a world-class, high-tech and business and leisure destination. “Through the use of blockchain, we aim to create a sustainable and forward-thinking development that will bring economic and social benefits to the region,” said Joshua Chu, chief regulations officer of Marvion & Coinllectibles. He said the membership program focuses on promoting eco-friendly practices, including using biodegradable products and reducing energy consumption, as the island’s natural beauty and sustainability practices make it the perfect location for a luxury membership program.   Auction House For his part, Mario Marcos, the founder and chief executive officer of Smart City Teknologi, said the third project — ”Investing in a Promising Future: Philippines Art and Heritage” — seeks investment and interest in a prestigious European Auction House, a gateway in promoting and exporting the beauty of the Philippines arts, heritage and culture to the world. “The auction house will set out to create the world’s first blockchain, AI and Environmental, Social and Governance-powered auction house that meets the needs of modern buyers and sellers. In addition, the adoption of ESG principles in the auction process will promote environmentally friendly and sustainable transactions that positively contribute to preserving the future of the assets being auctioned,” Marcos said. The post AI, blockchain players enter Phl cyberspace appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Kim Chiu showcases new hairstyle

Kim Chiu teases netizens as she flaunts photos from a recent shoot sporting a short hairstyle with bangs. The "It's Showtime" host even asked, "Should I make it long term?" The actress' post garnered positive feedback from fans and other celebrities. Xian Lim, being a supportive boyfriend always, wrote "Ang ganda namannnnn!" The post Kim Chiu showcases new hairstyle appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Ageing maestros and strong women at epic Cannes film fest

This year's Cannes Film Festival has been an epic mix of ground-breaking women's perspectives and nostalgic homages to icons of the 20th century. As it heads into awards night on Saturday, the 76th edition of the French Riviera festival has been a feast for film-lovers. Here are some of the highlights. Old masters At times, Cannes felt like a sort of dream retirement home populated by ageing male film icons. Harrison Ford, 80, showed he still had stamina in "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny", and got weepy when given an honorary Palme d'Or. Martin Scorsese, 80, and Robert De Niro, 79, brought their new film, "Killers of the Flower Moon". European auteurs Ken Loach, 86, Marco Bellocchio, 83, Wim Wenders, 77, and Victor Erice, 82, all premiered new films -- Erice with his first in 40 years. It was notable that many of the starriest attendees made their names in the 1980s and 1990s: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, Jude Law. "Over the last 10 years, we've done a really sh--ty job of creating a new generation of movie stars," one Hollywood agent moaned to Variety. Female gaze Michael Douglas, 78, who also got an honorary Palme d'Or, regaled the festival with memories of showing erotic thriller "Basic Instinct" here in 1992. "Watching those sex scenes on the biggest screen I'd ever seen... we had a very quiet dinner afterwards," he quipped. But it underlined how things have changed, with many films this year presenting more of a woman's perspective. "The entire range of human behavior should be accessible to women," said Portman, whose new film "May December" is a campy but complex look at a loving mother with a buried past as a sex offender. While Jude Law grabbed headlines as a tyrannical King Henry VIII in "Firebrand", the film's spotlight was really on Alicia Vikander as Catherine Parr, trying to escape the fate of the king's previous wives. Among many other examples were "Four Daughters" about a mother's role in the radicalisation of her children, and "How to Have Sex", a nuanced look at assault and consent among boozed-up Brits abroad. Hueller's double It was a strong competition this year and Germany's Sandra Hueller starred in two of the most stand-out films. In "The Zone of Interest" from British director Jonathan Glazer, she chillingly played the wife of a Nazi camp commandant, proud to be known as "the queen of Auschwitz". The unique film never shows the horrors of the camp, leaving them to be implied by background noises and small visual details. She also starred in "Anatomy of a Fall", another women-focused film, lauded by critics, about a wife accused of her husband's murder. Long films Audience patience was tested repeatedly, with Oscar-winner Steve McQueen presenting "Occupied City", a four-hour documentary about Amsterdam. Scorsese's Native American epic was widely praised though everyone felt the 210-minute runtime was a bit much. Ditto "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny", which stretched the action out for more than two-and-a-half hours. A documentary about Chinese workers, "Youth (Spring)" also clocked in at 210 minutes, and director Wang Bing warned he plans two more chapters that will make it over nine hours. Fashion Helen Mirren got the ball rolling in style with a blue updo on opening night -- but the red carpet was often more understated after that. The on trend "naked look" was adopted by models Julia Fox and Irina Shayk. Otherwise, vintage scored the biggest hits: Portman in a recreation of Christian Dior's famous 1949 Junon dress, and Lily-Rose Depp in a classic black sequin number from the Chanel archives. The post Ageing maestros and strong women at epic Cannes film fest appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Crusade for the elderly

Granny Sho-er, an 87-year-old Internet celebrity who owned a traditional laundry shop in central Taiwan, passed away this week. Sho-er and her husband, 86-year-old Chang Wan-ji, went viral by bringing joy to the people the world over as they modeled clothes forgotten by their customers in their laundromat—some marooned there for more than 10 years—a creative reminder to pick up their laundry. The old couple’s story was featured in the New York Times, CNN, People, British Vogue and various other media in Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Thailand. The schtick was the brainchild of their grandson, who dressed up Sho-er and Chang Wan-ji for Instagram to stave off the old couple’s boredom and loneliness sitting in the laundromat day in, day out, and to remind people that octogenarians can be trendy, as well. Since their Internet stardom, the couple has been invited to walk the runway of Taipei Fashion Week. They made a lot of young friends out of their laundromat customers, and their life became more fulfilled. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visited the old couple in 2020 to wish them healthy body and a merry celebration of the Double Ninth Festival (Day of Older Persons in Taiwan). Sho-er and Chang Wan-ji told the President that, while they were old in age, they were still young in mind, their liveliness and cheerfulness inspiring people of various demographics to live their lives to the full. The story of Grandma Sho-er reminds me of the famous Apo Whang-Od, known as the last and oldest practitioner of the art of Kalinga tattoo in the Philippines. Whang-Od recently made it as the oldest person on the cover of Vogue. Most Taiwanese did not know Whang-Od until Vogue, no matter her works are strikingly akin to traditional face tattoos by some indigenous groups in Taiwan. In the days of yore, members of Atayal, Truku, Seediq and Saisiyat tribes had to pass various tests, such as headhunting for men and weaving for women, to be qualified bearers of the face tattoos. Those who don’t have face tattoos were not allowed to marry. The body art was a symbol among indigenous people that they had come of age and were now able to survive as adults. During the Japanese colonial era, face tattoos were considered uncivilized and thus strictly banned, so many indigenous people had to hide in the mountains to carry on with the tradition. lpay Wilang, a Seediq woman who died in 2022 at the age of 100, was the last practitioner of Taiwan’s fading art of traditional face tattoo. It is valuable that Whang-Od is not only alive, but still able to practice her tribe’s heritage art at the age of 106. The Filipinos’ respect for the elderly through the enduring gesture of pagmamano impresses foreigners who visit the Philippines. President Marcos Jr. described the aging population in Southeast Asia as “an opportunity and a challenge.” According to the Asian Development Bank, one out of four people in the Asia Pacific will be over the age of 60 by 2050. Thus, the President couldn’t stress it enough: “Asean should start discussing the concerns of the ageing population, consistent with the Asean tradition of valuing our elders.” It takes creative public policies to help senior citizens lead more fulfilling lives and make contributions to the world. The post Crusade for the elderly appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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