Mag-live in niratrat ng tandem sa Laguna

Patay ang isang lalaki habang kritikal ang live-in partner nito matapos tambangan ng riding-in-tandem suspek habang sakay ng kanilang kotse sa national highway, Barangay, Lamot 2, Calauan, Laguna Lunes ng tanghali. The post Mag-live in niratrat ng tandem sa Laguna first appeared on Abante......»»

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Survey drop, disinformation, or portent?

The political whirlwind that swept the Marcos-Duterte tandem to a smashing victory in the May elections of 2016 and the air of euphoria following it appears to have gradually dissipated one year and three months following their assumption to office as President and Vice President, respectively. There has been almost a whispery voice of discontent among those in the populating bearing the brunt of the escalating prices of basic commodities and a crescendo of pessimism felt by those who have been used to responsive and aggressive governance. What could have produced the huge fall in the approval and trust ratings of the redeeming and resurrected Marcos scion and the redoubtable charming yet feisty daughter of the controversial but beloved former President? Could it be the systematic and relentless barrage of negative propaganda against the current administration unleashed by the vociferous left inside and outside Congress helped, unsurprisingly, by the ominous silence of the political allies of the two, who obviously are following the baton of the one who wields and disburses the funds and largesse they need for their districts and their own evolution? The conductor’s body language speaks volumes of the obsession to be the heir apparent of the leader of the present dispensation. The fall in the trust and approval ratings of PBBM is not his own doing. The spiraling of prices of almost all commodities, including oil and gasoline, is global. The Russia-Ukraine war, the China-Taiwan friction, the US-Russia cold war, the China-US increasing bilateral tension, and other conflicts involving other countries have affected the trade and commerce of the world, putting a monkey wrench on the best-laid plans and programs of those who run the business of the world. They contribute to the present dislocation in the world’s economy. While PBBM has envisioned a program of government that — as he puts it in his first State of the Nation Address — would bring to fruition the dream of the Filipino people to live comfortable lives under a regime of peace and orderly society, he cannot, however, do this alone. He needs competent, dynamic, creative, selfless, and honest co-government workers who will implement the plans he has laid down. Unfortunately, while there are members of his Cabinet and allies in Congress who are doing well in their respective domains quietly and efficiently, there are, however, not a few of them who either have lackluster performance or are dead woods whose incompetence and grandstanding derail his visions and frustrate the expectations of the people. PBBM has been dragged down by these dead weights, triggering this fall in the surveys. Vice President and Secretary of Education Inday Sara Duterte’s fall on the surveys presents a different dimension. Her competent handling of her department has brought dramatic changes in the public educational system. Not only has she quelled the irregular, inefficient, and corrupt practices in the education sector, but she has even initiated and launched activities protecting the safety and health of the students and public school teachers, even as she improves the quality of education. Her enormous popularity, however, has become a magnet for orchestrated and systematic false disinformation and untruthful narratives about her and her office. This early — those eyeing the presidency five years from now have sent demolition forces to tarnish her popular image and taint her unblemished reputation. Those who are gullible among those respondents in the surveys apparently have been misled or hoodwinked into believing the falsities thrown at her. On the other side of the coin, could this abrupt and sizable decrease in the approval and trust survey be a portent? Could it be a foreshadow of an oncoming political upheaval? Could it be a handwriting on the wall? Could it be a wake-up call? The post Survey drop, disinformation, or portent? appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Puerto Galera’s luxury retreat beckons with new farm-to-table initiative

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro — In the middle of the Philippines lies a resort called Infinity, and its luxuriousness has just found the perfect tandem in sustainability. The Infinity Resort in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, has been known for a long time as an opulent haven amid the beauty of nature. With its beautiful natural surroundings and dedication to being good to the environment, Infinity Resort continues to charm both tourists and people who care about the environment. [caption id="attachment_185058" align="aligncenter" width="525"] An opulent haven amid the beauty of nature.[/caption]   A quiet haven Mindoro Island is a beautiful place, and Infinity Resort is a peaceful spot to get away from the busy city life. Its location is perfect for relaxing and recharging because it is surrounded by lush grass and water that is as clear as glass. What makes Infinity Resort stand out is that it is always working to protect the environment. This resort is not only a sign of wealth, but also a good example of how to take care of the environment. Here’s a better look at what makes Infinity Resort stand out:   Farm-to-table excellence: The “degrowth demand” program at Infinity Resort sets a new bar for farm-to-table food. Fresh veggies, herbs and fruits are grown in places on the resort’s property that weren’t being used before. This makes sure that guests get the freshest and most tasty food while reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that comes from transporting food.   Conservation of the local ecosystem: The Infinity Resort helps protect and preserve the local ecosystem by growing native plants and keeping the natural variety of its grounds. The lodge is more appealing because it works well with nature.   The resort gives guided tours of its gardens, which teach guests about how to farm in a sustainable way and how important it is to get food from responsible sources. These tours teach people how to be more eco-friendly in their own lives.   Sign of luxury and sense of duty Luxury and duty also go together at Infinity Resort. Its commitment to taking care of the environment improves the overall guest experience and shows that sustainability and luxury can live together in harmony. Even though the Infinity Resort in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, is always changing, it stays true to its core values of luxury and caring for the environment. Its “degrowth demand” program shows that it cares about both its guests and the environment, and it sets a good example for the hospitality business. Travelers are looking for immersive experiences that show off the beauty of our world. The Infinity Resort is a shining example of how luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. It is a beautiful place to get away from it all in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. The post Puerto Galera’s luxury retreat beckons with new farm-to-table initiative appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Laguna woman robbed at gunpoint while online selling, P100k worth of items stolen

A 52-year-old woman from Laguna was victimized by a robber while doing live online selling......»»

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Prices rise and fall

In the law of supply and demand, it’s generally held that prices rise and fall. Differently stated, if supply is greater than demand, the price is low; when demand is greater than supply, the price is high. Along with this market behavior, there’s either government failure or market failure as corrective tools to protect consumers or producers, even both. The average family household is most concerned about its monthly water and electricity bills as these are the two basic necessities of urban living. Roads constitute a public good but not so in the case of toll expressways. Water is likewise a public good but, again, not so when it is managed by water concessionaires (i.e. Manila Water and Maynilad). Electricity also ceases to be a public good when it is run by electric cooperatives in some rural areas or Meralco in the case of Metro Manila and the provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon. On the issue of electricity, Dr. Maria Fe Mendoza has written, “Politics and Dynamics of Electricity Regulation: The Case of ERB and Meralco.” Quickly, as a sort of “disclaimer” found in the End Notes of her 60-page article is thus: “Caution and restraint have been initially exercised in presenting this case study so as to uphold the principle of sub judice when discussing court decisions.” She calls it her two cents-worth of opinion in the spirit of academic freedom. The contemporary scene wherein the Court of Appeals nullified the decision of the Energy Regulatory Commission to deny the rate hike petition jointly filed by power distributor Manila Electric Co. and two units of conglomerate of San Miguel Corporation due to losses overshadows the “findings and inferences” embedded in Mendoza’s well-documented research on regulatory governance.  Specifically, in the instant case, the “surge of fuel costs” may have compelled SPPC and SMEC to suspend the power supply agreement with Meralco as the CA denied their rate hike proposal. Meanwhile, the largest electricity distribution utility suffers from daily losses, while consumers live in fear of imminent rate increases. Meralco’s hands appear to be tied after it was denied a rate hike and the termination of its contracts (i.e. Meralco to suspend PSA). If we contextualize developments affecting the regulator arising from these so-called “quasi-judicial” and “judicial proceedings” within ERB and the courts, it would be easy to validate the interesting findings of Dr. Mendoza. For scholars of public policy, there ought to be a shift in bureaucratic mindset — one perhaps that can accommodate the notion that typical problems arising from rate adjustments gravitate around a management issue.  Interestingly, as a lesson learned, Dr. Mendoza has this to say, viz., “With regard to who benefited, the study learned that rate regulation is a pendulum of forces and legal maneuvers that swayed in favor of the utility firm at some points and tilted in favor of the consumers and the regulator at other points.” Further, she adds: “Because of the quasi-judicial nature of the processes and procedures adopted by ERB for rate regulation, ERB would insist it was only following rules. Thus, the ERB (i.e. Case 93-118, as cited) transcended beyond the quasi-judicial policy arena towards the judicial arena and became regulation by lawsuits.” Truly, in iteration, “due to the legal mindset of most of our leaders and regulators, reforms in the regulators and our model of regulation would take a lot more time and, hence, debates, deliberations, hearings and other legal and policy proceedings would be required before consensus is arrived at and change effected.” As suggested, regulation can be redefined as not a question of facts or of law. Both regulator and regulated could be more pragmatic to achieve a win-win further down the policy path  — increased “managerialization” of government as against “judicialization.” The post Prices rise and fall appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Threats to beauty of God’s creation

What is happening to God’s beautiful creation? Why is it that it seems that we have drifted away from the beautiful plan of God when He created us? For example, those people who are dead set on disposing of chemicals, waste materials, and nuclear wastewater (as much as 1.3 million cubic meters of radioactive waste) into the ocean? Have you heard of the Fukushima radioactive wastewater that the Japanese government is allowing to be discharged into the Pacific Ocean? Concerned groups and individuals, including fisherfolk and environmental advocates, are against it. But what is our government doing to stop it? Japan has not been fully transparent about the negative effects of the plan of the Japanese corporation TEPCO to dispose of the radioactive wastewater from the destroyed Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean. Many international experts have warned that the dangers have not been fully studied and advised Japan to avail of safer options for disposal. What would happen to our Filipino fishermen’s livelihood, the safety of our seafood, and the sustainability of the Pacific Ocean should the plan of Japan push through? The Philippine government should do something about it. We hope President Marcos Jr. is studying the present state of our seas and our fishermen. The wanton degradation of Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay, where various types of pollution, including from plastic, originate has forced our fishermen to go further out to sea. Environmental advocates are afraid the disposal of the Fukushima radioactive wastewater into the ocean will have far-reaching consequences that have not been fully studied. Japan plans to release the Fukushima nuclear wastewater for the next 30 years and the contamination may have a lasting negative impact and adversely affect the livelihood of our local fishermen. Pope Francis said when the human being considers himself the master of the universe and not its responsible steward, he or she justifies any kind of waste and treats other people and nature as mere objects, denying “the fundamental right of every person to live with dignity and to develop integrally.” The Holy Father, in his second encyclical “Laudato Si”, warned against modern consumerism, which has caused so much damage, and reiterated his call for a change of course. “Everything is connected, and as a family of nations, we must have a common concern — to see that the environment is cleaner, purer, and preserved. And we must take care of nature so that it takes care of us,” he said. The Pope called for collective responsibility as he insisted that civil governments must ensure everyone’s right to a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment, especially for future generations. Pope Francis is also praying that world leaders and parliaments will identify, promote and implement, with determination, all the initiatives necessary to build a healthier, fairer, and more sustainable world. The post Threats to beauty of God’s creation appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Road to luxe suburban living

At the heart of the “Lion City of the South” Sta. Rosa, Laguna, is an upscale community that offers a serene sanctuary for those who want to live outside the overcrowded Metro Manila. Trava, a premier subdivision within the master-planned township Greenfield City, is known for its spacious and eco-friendly homes, verdant landscapes, tree-lined roads and wide open spaces. Trava homeowners enjoy both the luxury of urban life and the laid-back nature of the suburbs. Developed by real estate company Greenfield Development Corporation, Trava stands in an easily accessible prime location, making life’s essentials just within reach for its residents. Trava is just a few minutes away from Sta. Rosa, Laguna’s shopping centers, hospitals, schools and central business districts. As more consumers discover the conveniences offered by Greenfield Trava, it is not surprising that road traffic in the nearby areas has increased. Anticipating that roadways will eventually reach their capacity, the road widening project aims to prevent future road congestion and make travel more convenient for Trava homeowners. The project involved the widening of alternate access roads from Tagaytay-Sta.Rosa Road to the South Luzon Expressway via the Eton-Greenfield City Exit, particularly United Boulevard, Grasslands Drive and Greenfield Parkway. It also covered the widening of a four-kilometer Greenfield Parkway in Greenfield City and a one-kilometer Grassland Drive in front of Trava, from two lanes to four lanes. [caption id="attachment_151769" align="aligncenter" width="525"] Trava, a 33-hectare premier residential development of the Greenfield Development Corporation, is located at the heart of the Southern Tagalog region in Greenfield City, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.[/caption] Access and convenience The wider roads will ensure accessibility and improve traffic flow, making it easier and more convenient for Trava residents to get to other parts of the city and return to their homes. According to a 2022 study in Clemson University, the time people spend getting to and from work has a direct impact on their overall well-being. Trava residents will spend less time commuting and have more time to do activities that are beneficial to their health and well-being. Trava, situated at the heart of Greenfield City, is hinging on a concept of “everything within reach” with its proximity to residential establishments like landmark businesses, commercial and industrial centers. Moreover, a plethora of shopping and dining options are being offered by Paseo Outlets, Laguna Central and Arcadia. With all the benefits of better mobility around Trava and within Greenfield City, the dynamic lifestyle that home dwellers have long aspired for can be fully attained. Property value appreciation  With better accessibility comes a higher value of the property. Aside from providing convenience, wider roads offer long-term value to Trava homeowners. The improved roads that lead to the residential development are a big factor in increasing the real estate market value of homes in Trava. With easy access to various services, Trava properties will be more attractive to investors. Wider and more accessible roads will lead more Filipinos to experience luxury green living far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Better accessibility will make Trava stand the test of time and become a sustainable community for future generations. The post Road to luxe suburban living appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Beauty shop opens ‘Store of the Future’ in Shanghai

Sephora recently launched its first store in China. Situated along the East Nanjing Road in Shanghai, the branch will be its second Store of the Future globally after the opening of a similar concept in Singapore late last year. In tandem with this launch, Sephora is introducing close to 230 new products from over 35 global beauty brands to keep consumers apprised of the latest beauty trends. Among these are several crowd favorites, such as luxury cruelty-free skincare brand, Tatcha; Pat McGrath Labs, Hourglass, Anastasia, Dr. Dennis Gross and Avant-garde perfume brand rooted in fashion, Courrèges. In addition, Cha Ling, Maogeping Light, Wei and other premium C-beauty brands will feature new assortments that were developed as part of the Sephora C-beauty Program. Hyper-personalized services The new store features a wide selection of curated offerings, innovative digital touchpoints and elevated beauty services to unlock the consumer journey for a unique retail experience. Some differentiated touchpoints include: Care analysis — an advanced skin analysis device powered by big data analytics for a hyper-personalized consultation. Look analysis — AI-generated makeup trends for inspiration and tutorials on the latest beauty looks with product recommendations. Lift and learn — Panels and price tags equipped with RFID sensors to educate consumers on various product ingredients and provide access to millions of customer reviews. Mobile POS — Check out anywhere with our beauty advisors to skip lines. Personalized gift packaging — Express your gratitude and love with individualized voice messages, scents and gift boxes. In addition to incorporating advanced beauty tech and digital tools in the store, Sephora’s knowledgeable beauty advisors are available to provide 15-minute skincare consultations to discover the most efficacious products for every customer, 60-minute makeup services to help consumers achieve the inimitable look suited to their specific features, as well as a 15-minute beauty play service to bring virtual artist looks to life. For the first time in China, Sephora will also have a purpose-built Beauty Live Studio to gather Sephora’s beauty community for exclusive celebratory events or frequent and regular masterclasses on the trendiest looks, latest brands and products. The post Beauty shop opens ‘Store of the Future’ in Shanghai appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Alaska maintains milk affordability

Alaska Milk Corporation is not asking for a price increase in its milk products from the Department of Trade and Industry, true to its mission of providing affordable nutrition for every Filipino home. In an interview on Thursday, Tarang Gupta, the managing director of Alaska Milk Corporation, said the company is striking a sort of balance on the nutrition needed by Filipinos against the present inflationary headwinds happening in the country. “We are seeing the consumption going up again and that’s driven by affordability and that is driving the growth. At this stage, we are not submitting any petition to the DTI, although there will always be a need (in the coming years). At Alaska, if we want to live with our purpose of nourishing Filipinos, then we have to keep a balance,” Gupta said.   Relatively small scale According to the Alaska executive, “scale here is so small compared to other countries, for example, Thailand which is 35 percent. In Alaska, we are very clear that we will support the local farmers and help them increase the quality and quantity and I think we can do it within five years. Sans RCEP, tariffs on milk is at three percent, with concentrated milk at 0 to 1 percent, while with RCEP, milk will be zero tariffs until the 20th year of the implementation of the RCEP. On the other hand, dairy products such as buttermilk will maintain their base rate of 3 percent and will be zeroed in tariffs for the first year of RCEP. However, curdled milk and cream, yogurt, kaphir or other fermented or other acidified milk and cream, whether or not concentrated or containing added sugar or other sweetening matter or flavored or containing added fruit, nuts, or cocoa will maintain its 7 percent tariff on the first year of RCEP imposition. The RCEP is touted as the world’s largest trade deal, which covers 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, along with Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea. It is designed to eliminate tariff rates — or the taxes imposed on imported products — on 90 percent of goods between the signatories within 20 years.   World Milk Day Meanwhile, as Alaska celebrates World Milk Day at its head office in Makati City and manufacturing plant in San Pedro City, Laguna, Gupta underscored the importance of milk to combat malnutrition in the Philippines. “World Milk Day is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness about the importance of milk in a healthy diet and its contribution to the economy. We are proud to be a part of this celebration, and we are committed to promoting sustainability while fighting against malnutrition and low milk consumption in the Philippines,” Gupta said during the kick-off the celebration on Thursday. “AMC believes that promoting sustainability is not just a responsibility but also a business opportunity. The company can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance its reputation by embracing environmentally friendly practices,” added Gupta.   For her part, Devorah Aguila, Head of Planning of the Department of Science and Technology Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI), said not only 57.7 percent of young children aged 1 to 2 lack nutrients from milk like calcium but also 97.2 percent of adults in the Philippines with ages 19-59. “This inadequacy in vitamins and nutrients can be aided by consuming milk that may provide opportunities for nutrition and health intervention,” she added. Alaska Milk’s efforts toward sustainability are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to promote sustainable development worldwide.   Sustainable practices Alaska Milk believes that adopting sustainable practices can contribute to the country’s economic growth and protect the environment for future generations. By working together, we can create a sustainable and circular future for the Philippines and the world. “Today’s celebration is a testament to Alaska Milk’s commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, supporting local farmers, and promoting environmental sustainability. The company believes that by working together, we can fight against malnutrition and low milk consumption in the Philippines while protecting our planet’s resources,” Alaska Corporate Affairs Director, Atty. Maria Angela Esquivel, said. The post Alaska maintains milk affordability appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Enchanted Kingdom brings back golden era of OPM 

Enchanted Kingdom, in partnership with DSL Events and Production House, successfully transported audiences back to the golden era of Original Pilipino Music with "The Four Kings and Queen" concert held on 7 May 2023,at the Enchanting Events Place. The event was co-presented by Mayor Arlene B. Arcillas and the City of Santa Rosa, Laguna, in a bid to showcase the beauty and richness of Filipino music. The night was filled with soulful renditions of OPM classics, performed by the original hitmakers Marco Sison, Hajji Alejandro, Nonoy Zuñiga, Rey Valera and Pops Fernandez, under the musical direction of Gerry Matias. Rebecca Rufino, marketing department head of Enchanted Kingdom, thanked everyone for joining and expressed hope that the event would bring a renewed appreciation for Filipino music and culture. Enchanted Kingdom has always been committedto providing world-class entertainment to its guests, and "The Four Kings and Queen" concert was no exception. Enchanted Kingdom continues to be a premier destination for families and friends looking for fun and exciting experiences. With a wide array of thrilling rides and attractions as well as exciting live events, Enchanted Kingdom remains to be the go-to destination for a truly enchanting experience. Visit and follow Enchanted Kingdom on Facebook at The post Enchanted Kingdom brings back golden era of OPM  appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Belga woes piling up

Things are getting rougher for Beau Belga. Rain or Shine extended Belga’s suspension to 15 days after finding out that he also played in other unsanctioned tournaments in Cebu, Davao and Laguna despite having a live contract in the Philippine Basketball Association. In a statement, the Elasto Painters stressed that they found out that Belga breached his PBA Uniform Players’ Contract, prompting them to extend his suspension from six to 15 days. Belga, the bruising 33-year-old slotman, was in hot water after being involved in a brawl in an exhibition game in Carmen, Cebu. The tournament, branded as “Northball Basketball League, pitted some PBA players like Belga, JR Quiñahan, Robert Bolick, and Jio Jalalon against a group of American streetball players. But the game turned into a brawl after Quiñahan got entangled with an American baller during a rebound play. Belga rushed to his teammate’s defense by throwing the ball at his attacker. The incident was caught on tape and drew the attention of the Elasto Painters and the PBA. “Rain or Shine Team Management has concluded its internal investigation and found that Beau Belga breached his PBA Uniform Players' Contract by participating in exhibition games in Cebu, Davao, and Laguna. A fine of 15 days’ worth of salary has been imposed on Beau,” the team said. Meanwhile, the Road Warriors are currently conducting an internal investigation into Quiñahan while the Batang Pier and Hotshots have yet to release a statement on the involvement of Bolick and Jalalon, respectively. According to a league memorandum, a player caught playing in other leagues without permission will be charged P50,000 or suspension. “They didn’t get permission from their teams to play outside the league so there will definitely be fines,” PBA commissioner Willie Marcial said in a previous interview. “Let’s see what happens but I need to talk to them first.” The post Belga woes piling up appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Ginang pumalag niratrat ng riding-in hold up tandem, todas

Bulacan – Arestado ang riding-in tandem na umanoy nangholdap, tatlong beses na bumaril  at  nakapatay sa ginang na mamalengke sana sa kalapit bayan sa follow up operation ng pulisya sa bayan ng Guiguinto. Kinilala ni PLt. Col. Jowilouie Bilaro, OIC Guiguinto police ang mga suspek na sina Juan Mejica alyas Bakal, residente ng Northville 7, […] The post Ginang pumalag niratrat ng riding-in hold up tandem, todas appeared first on REMATE ONLINE......»»

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2 patay sa magkahiwalay na pamamaril sa Tondo

Dalawa ang patay sa magkahiwalay na insidente ng pamamaril sa Tondo, Maynila, ayon sa pulisya. Sinabi ng pulisya na nasawi ang isang 46-anyos na lalaki matapos na pagbabarilin ng riding-in-tandem habang kasama niya ang kanyang ka-live-in sa Pacheco, Tondo, Maynila. Kinilala ng Manila Police District (MPD)-Homicide Section ang biktima na si Rolando Delos Reyes. Base […] The post 2 patay sa magkahiwalay na pamamaril sa Tondo appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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ABS-CBN launches new TV barkada to love in ‘Bagong Umaga’

A new TV barkada will inspire viewers and offer life lessons with their intertwined stories in ABS-CBN’s new series, “Bagong Umaga,” which will air starting October 26 (Monday) on A2Z channel 11, Kapamilya Channel, and Kapamilya Online Live. Follow Tony Labrusca, Barbie Imperial, Kiko Estrada, Michelle Vito, Yves Flores, and Heaven Peralejo in their journeys through life and as they discover the stories from their past that reveal their true connection with each other. Her family’s tragic past will motivate Tisay (Heaven) to become a successful journalist. Amidst the hardship, she gets support from her parents Jose (Keempee de Leon) and Monica (Nikki Valdez), her adoptive brother, Dodong (Yves) and her best friend, Angge (Michelle Vito). Ely (Tony) falls in love with her because of her outlook in life. Like Tisay, Ely also has dreams of being successful, but as a doctor so that he can take his mother, Irene (Bernadette Allyson) and sibling, Gab (Ali Abinal) away from his abusive father, Matthew (Richard Quan). However, Cai (Barbie), Ely’s best friend, will resent the budding relationship between the two and will try to keep them away from each other, even if it means using Dodong. Things become even more complicated when Otep (Kiko) tries to befriend Tisay to use her to avenge her family’s painful past. Follow the barkada as they navigate life amid the lies, envy, and anger. Find out what mysteries from their pasts will test them and eventually reveal how they are connected. Joining the six teens are premier actors Sunshine Cruz, Criz Martinez, Peewee O Hara, Glydel Mercado, and Rio Locsin. Under the production of Rizza G. Ebriega, “Bagong Umaga” offers another value laden series following the success of its previous shows, “Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit ” and “Pamilya Ko.” Don’t miss the pilot week of “Bagong Umaga” from Monday to Friday, 2:30 PM on Kapamilya Channel on cable and satellite TV (SKYcable channel 8 SD and channel 167 HD, Cablelink channel 8, G Sat Direct TV channel 22, and in most channels operated by members of Philippine Cable and Telecommunications Association). It is also available on A2Z channel 11, which is available in Metro Manila and in some parts of Cavite, Laguna, Quezon, Rizal, Bataan, Batangas, Bulacan, and Pampanga. It can also be accessed via cable TV at satellite TV nationwide. The show is also on the Kapamilya Online Live YouTube channel and the ABS-CBN Entertainment Facebook page, as well as on the iwant app or For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit»»

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Laguna exec todas sa ika-2 ambush, doktor damay

Niratrat ang secretary ng Sangguniang Panglungsod ng Biñan City, Laguna at kasama nitong doktor habang sakay ng kotse sa Jubilation Road, Brgy. San Antonio, sa naturang lungsod, Linggo ng gabi. The post Laguna exec todas sa ika-2 ambush, doktor damay first appeared on Abante......»»

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LIVE updates: COP28 climate summit

The COP28 climate summit in Dubai is seen as a critical moment for global climate action......»»

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‘Mara Clara Concert’ wish ni Gladys para sa reunion project nila ni Juday

ANG bongga ng naiisip ng award-winning actress na si Gladys Reyes para sa reunion project nila ni Judy Ann Santos. Sa halip daw na teleserye o pelikula, parang mas type ng La Primera Contravida ng kanyang henerasyon na magsama sila ni Juday sa isang espesyal na concert o live show. Sa pakikipagchikahan namin kay Gladys.....»»

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LIVE updates: Mayon Volcano restiveness

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has downgraded Mayon Volcano's alert status from Level 3 to Level 2, citing reduced volcanic activity......»»

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LIVE updates: COP28 climate summit

The COP28 climate summit in Dubai is seen as a critical moment for global climate action......»»

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LIVE UPDATES: San Beda vs Mapua, NCAA Season 99 finals Game 2 – December 10

The Mapua Cardinals look to finish a 32-year NCAA men's basketball title hunt with a Season 99 finals sweep, while the San Beda Red Lions hope to bounce back and force a deciding Game 3.....»»

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LIVE updates: Mayon Volcano restiveness

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has downgraded Mayon Volcano's alert status from Level 3 to Level 2, citing reduced volcanic activity......»»

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