Labor group supports call to ban videoke session on weekdays

Labor group Associated Labor Unions- Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP) on Wednesday urged all local government units to temporarily ban videoke and karaoke sessions on weekdays to help students and employees who are currently studying and working at home amid the COVID pandemic. ALU-TUCP Spokesperson Alan Tanjusay explained that the ban will boost […] The post Labor group supports call to ban videoke session on weekdays appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Aboitiz backs DTI call to use local products

The Aboitiz Group fully supports the appeal of the Department of Trade and Industry to prioritize the use of local materials in the administration’s Build, Build, Build (BBB) program to help jumpstart the economy and sustain jobs for Filipinos amid the health crisis......»»

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I don t know them : Duterte distances self from group who renewed call for revolutionary gov t

The Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte-National Executive Coordinating Committee, a volunteer movement that supports the chief executive, earlier called to declare a revolutionary government to amend the constitution.....»»

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Militant labor group demands P10K cash aid for displaced workers

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Militant labor group Alyansa sa mga Mamumuo sa Sugbo-Kilusang Mayo Uno (AMA Sugbo-KMU) has launched a signature campaign on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, calling on the government to provide P10,000 unemployment assistance to distressed workers as part of its COVID-19 response. The group directed their call to the Department of Labor and […] The post Militant labor group demands P10K cash aid for displaced workers appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Coronavirus outbreak not an excuse to fire workers – TUCP

MANILA, Philippines – Labor group Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) on Monday, March 9, urged employers to refrain from using the novel coronavirus outbreak as an "excuse" to fire workers. TUCP made the call over growing fears of "massive unemployment" spurred by the rising number of coronavirus cases ........»»

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TUCP slams & rsquo;ineffective& rsquo; gov& rsquo;t hotlines for OFWs

The labor group Trade Union Congress of the Philippines on Wednesday slammed the Department of Labor and Employment, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippine Overseas and Employment Administration, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration and the recruitment agencies for having ineffective and different hotlines for distress OFWs, thus confusing Filipino workers on whom to call for help......»»

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Lopez Group spearheads learning session on climate change for businesses

Amid the increasing global call for sustainability in business, Philippine enterprises may still be faced with challenges on how to transform their companies and concretely attain positive environmental and social impacts in their own respective operations......»»

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Addressing growing fan behavior problem top priority for NBA

By Tim Reynolds, Associated Press About a dozen NBA players gathered for a teleconference with officials in the league office this summer, making their case about what they believe is one of the biggest problems in the game. Fan behavior, they said, is getting worse. The numbers show they’re right, and if that isn’t troubling enough race only adds to the complexity of the issue: Most NBA players are black, and it seems like most of those in the closest seats are white. Not every incident is racially motivated, though some clearly are. After high-profile incidents involving Russell Westbrook, DeMarcus Cousins, Kyle Lowry and others last season — including ones involving racist taunts — zero tolerance for abusive or hateful behavior is now to become the NBA’s policy going forward. The league is changing and toughening its code of conduct for fans, especially putting those in closest proximity to the players and the court on alert that anything over the line will lead to ejections and possibly more. “We’ve added any sexist language or LGBTQ language, any denigrating language in that way, anything that is non-basketball related,” said Jerome Pickett, the NBA’s executive vice president and chief security officer. “So ‘your mother’ comments, talking about your family, talking about test scores, anything non-basketball related, we’ve added that in as well as being something that we will go and pull a fan out of the seat and investigate what happened.” Westbrook and Cousins were subjected to racist taunts in Salt Lake City and Boston and the fans involved in those incidents were banned by the Jazz and Celtics. Lowry was shoved by a minority partner of the Golden State Warriors’ ownership group, seated courtside during the NBA Finals, and that person was banned from team business for a year by the league. There were more. Those were just the highest-profile ones. The NBA would not release exact numbers — and the totals are believed to be very low — but Pickett said the ejections of fans in the courtside area still more than doubled last season. Westbrook declined comment for this story, saying through a Rockets official that he was not comfortable discussing the matter. But the players’ union insists that the problem is getting bigger and bigger. “Last season, I began to sense even at the games I was attending that there was a certain, I’ll call it absence of civility, that permeated the games,” said Michele Roberts, the executive director of the National Basketball Players Association. “I was seeing more bad-mouthing opposing teams that were not simply ‘you suck,’ which every one of us will tolerate, but really nasty, nasty comments being directed at players.” The Celtics banned a fan for two years for directing racist chants at Cousins. Westbrook was involved in a pair of incidents in Utah that came to light last season; was offended by a fan during the 2018 playoffs by a fan calling him “boy” before a playoff game, and then last season was involved in a back-and-forth shouting match with another fan. The Jazz banned both fans for life, and Westbrook was fined $25,000 by the NBA for threatening the fan involved in last season’s incident. “I try very hard not to have my default answer be, ‘It’s racism.’ I really do because I don’t think that necessarily advances the argument,” Roberts said. “If it’s undoubtedly that, then I’m happy to say it.” It’s not always racism, either — Roberts also said she’s received complaints from many white players about being the subject of nastiness from fans. Amira Davis is an assistant professor at Penn State specializing in 20th Century American History with an emphasis on race, gender, sports and politics. She believes fans feel more emboldened now to say whatever they like, without fear of repercussions. “There have been plenty of sober fans yelling slurs and attacking players in the worst way,” Davis said. “I think it’s a mix of all of those things and when looking at predominantly white spaces like Utah and a largely black labor force, it ratchets it up a little bit more and makes it a lot more intense. Particularly in this political climate in which it’s very easy to project onto high-profile black athletes and pathologies and misconceptions about the black community.” Fan behavior is not just a concern in the NBA. It is being noted everywhere. Racist chants and taunts are a major issue in European soccer, including at a Euro 2020 qualifier between Bulgaria and England last week. Green Bay and Philadelphia fans fought in the stands at Lambeau Field last month. The Atlanta Braves had fans stop doing their “tomahawk chop” during the playoffs earlier this month. During the AL Championship Series between Houston and New York, Astros manager A.J. Hinch told umpires that he felt the behavior of fans at Yankee Stadium had crossed the line and that it “was becoming a dangerous situation.” “There’s no place for that,” Hinch said, referencing matters like debris being thrown from the stands toward players and taunts directed toward some of the Astros. “Both teams will agree. And it’s really hard to stop fans from doing that. But it’s also very dangerous.” And the athletes are not always just victims, either. Golfer Bio Kim was suspended by the Korean PGA for three years for making an obscene gesture at the crowd during the final round of a tournament that he won, angry because of noise from a cellphone camera. In the NBA, the league is expanding the area in arenas most closely monitored when it comes to player-fan interaction. The top-priority area used to be just those seated with feet on the court itself or maybe the first couple rows of courtside seats; now, that area goes several rows deep in every building, plus the areas where teams and referees enter and exit the court. The fan code of conduct, a standard announcement at every NBA arena for years, is now being shown and promoted more times in each game. Season-ticket holders have been put on notice by teams that they may lose their seats even if they give their tickets to someone who goes over the line and harasses players or officials too vociferously. Fans believed to have been involved in incidents will be removed from seats while officials investigate; many times, when a security guard asks those in a certain area what just happened, no one would volunteer information with the suspected heckler present. “I think players are definitely vulnerable,” Golden State’s Draymond Green said after the Lowry incident. “Any time you’re in a situation where you can do no right, like in defending yourself, you’re vulnerable.” ___ AP Sports Writer Kyle Hightower in Boston contributed to this report......»»

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MLB attendance drops in boom-bust era of big winners, losers

By Ronald Blum, Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — Major League Baseball has entered the Boom/Bust Era. An unprecedented four teams are set to win 100 games in the same season, perhaps even five. Four clubs lost in triple figures for only the second time. Amid widespread claims the baseballs have changed, hitters shattered the home run record for the second time in three seasons. And sparked by batters going for the fences to beat suffocating shifts, strikeouts set a record for the 12th year in a row and outnumbered hits for the second straight season. With some teams out of contention even before their first pitch, average attendance has dropped four years in a row for the first time since the commissioner's office started tracking it in 1980. "We're going to draw 68-plus million people at the big league level," baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said this week, "another 41 million in minor league baseball — they're actually going to be up. I'll take 110 million people going to see the sport live. That's a really, really awesome number in an environment where people have more and more and more alternatives to consume." More and more teams have adopted an all-in or all-out philosophy. If they don't think they can win it, why bother to be in it? Better to shed expensive veterans and rebuild with cheaper rookies — and incur the box-office hit. Management calls that prudent rebuilding. The players' association labels it tanking. "We have some of the most remarkably talented players our game has seen as a whole in a long time," union head Tony Clark said. "But the willful failure of too many franchises to field competitive teams and put their best players on the field is unquestionably hurting our industry." San Francisco has dropped from 3.2 million fans at home to about 2.7 million, Seattle and Toronto both from 2.3 million to about 1.8 million. Baltimore drew 1.3 million, its lowest total at home in a non-strike shortened season since 1978. Kansas City's 1.5 million is its lowest since 2006. While Philadelphia rose by about 500,000 following the signing of Bryce Harper and Minnesota by 300,000 during the Twins' winningest regular season in a half-century and San Diego by over 200,000 after adding Manny Machado, about half the teams are headed to declines. This year's drop was just around 2% with three days left in the regular season, from 28,830 to 28,252, but the final average should rise slightly after weekend games. The average fell below 30,000 last year for the first time since 2003. Manfred points to increases in television viewers. Fox is up 9% this year and at a seven-year high, and local broadcasts are first in prime time in 24 of 25 markets. Use of MLB's At-Bat app is up 18%. Still, wins and attendance are correlated in many markets. "We've lost a lot of games this year, a few more than we wanted to, but ultimately it's about getting on the right side of things and sometimes you do have to take a step back," said Mariners manager Scott Servais, whose team entered the weekend 66-93. "The disparity in the game between the top and the bottom, it's real. There's no question about it. Is it good for the game? I don't know. I do know that there are a lot of really smart people that work in front offices and ownership groups and they do realize that sometimes you do need to pull back, and that's what we're doing, and I'm all in because I think it's going to work." Houston (104 wins), the Los Angeles Dodgers (103) and New York Yankees (102) all broke the century mark with time to spare, and Minnesota (99) and Atlanta had a chance to join them. It's the third consecutive year three teams have reached 100 — before this run it occurred only in 1942, 1977, 1998, 2002 and 2003. Detroit (112), Baltimore (107), Miami (103) and Kansas City (101) gave baseball four 100-loss teams for the first time since 2002. One-sided season series included Houston going 18-1 against Seattle and the Yankees 17-1 vs. Baltimore. "Whether a team loses 95 or loses 100, I just don't see that as a relevant issue," Manfred said. "I think the more important point is that we have different clubs from all sorts of market sizes that are successful." Players are upset that many teams failed to pursue free agents the last two offseasons, executives concentrating two-to-five years into the future rather than trying to win now. "Each free agent market is a little bit different, but what we have seen that seems to be consistent over these last two markets is this all-in and all-out mentality," Clark said. Still, spending and success are not completely linked. Tampa Bay, last in payroll at $66 million, has a chance to make the playoffs along with Oakland, 25th at $95 million. Three of the six highest payrolls failed to reach the postseason: No. 1 Boston ($228 million), the No. 3 Chicago Cubs ($217 million) and No. 6 San Francisco ($181 million). Throughout the game, the increase in home runs and strikeouts has been a constant. The 6,647 home runs through Thursday were up 19% from last year and well above the previous record of 6,105 in 2017. About half the clubs are on track to establish team records, led by Minnesota (301) and the Yankees (299), who set the previous big league mark of 267 last year. Already 128 players have hit 20 or more homers, 11 more than the old high set in 2017, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. Among that group, 55 have reached 30 to better the record of 47 that had stood since 2000. And 23 pitchers have 200 or more strikeouts, topping the post-1900 record of 18 in both 2015 and last year, Elias said. Baseball's efforts to quicken the pace of games have not resulted in swifter play: the average time of a nine-inning game is 3:05:35, up from 3:00:44 last year and 3:05:11 in 2017. MLB and players have agreed to cut the active roster size from Sept. 1 on from 40 to 28 and increase the maximum from 25 to 26 from opening day through Aug. 31, which should cut down on late-season pitching changes. Management has not decided whether to exercise its right to install pitch clocks and a three-batter minimum for next year. "We'll have a final answer once I have a chance to review the issue with ownership in November," Manfred said. On-field rules are part of collective bargaining. The sides agreed last winter to an early start to negotiations for a labor deal to replace the agreement that expires in December 2021. But there have been just three negotiating meetings, one of them a preliminary session, and the labor rules will remain unchanged this offseason. "We made a deal in 2016. We're good," Manfred said. "The union's got to decide what it is they want us to consider. When they're ready to do that, I'm sure they will make a proposal." Said Clark: "We have had conversations. We anticipate those conversations continuing and at the point in time that they lend themselves to proposals from both sides, then we'll do so." ___ AP Sports Writer Tim Booth contributed to this report......»»

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Militant groups denounce trade union activist’s conviction

Labor group Kilusang Mayo Uno and transport group Pinagkaisang Samahan ng mga Tsuper at Operator Nationwide alongside Maga’s wife Eleanor de Guzman, call for justice following the arrest......»»

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EOC defends stay-at-home order for senior citizens: We’re keeping them safe

CEBU CITY, Philippines — The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Cebu City said the stay-at-home order for senior citizen was not a form of discrimination, but instead a form of protection to the most vulnerable age group against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). This is in response to the call of Vice Mayor Michael Rama […] The post EOC defends stay-at-home order for senior citizens: We’re keeping them safe appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Sofia Pablo out of ‘Prima Donnas’

BY NEIL RAMOS Rising actress Sofia Pablo will not be seen in the upcoming fresh episodes of the drama series “Prima Donnas.” In a statement, the GMA Entertainment Group explained this is in adherence to the guidelines set by the Department of Labor and Employment on the engagement or participation of a child below 15 […].....»»

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Aboitiz CEO joins call for global cooperation

The Aboitiz Group is one with the global business community in committing to ethical leadership and good governance in upholding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It urges further collaboration with the public and private sectors in the face of the coronavirus disease pandemic......»»

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Aboitiz, over 1,000 CEOs join UN call for ‘Renewed Global Cooperation’ in the face of Covid-19

THE Aboitiz Group is one with the global business community in committing to ethical leadership and good governance in upholding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It urges further collaboration with the public and private sectors in the face of the ongoing Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) pandemic. Aboitiz Group President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) […].....»»

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Labor group affirms Philippines among top 10 dangerous place for workers

The Philippines is among the top ten worst countries for workers in 2020 based on the 2020 Global Rights Index issued by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)......»»

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Labor group to Palace: Resolve issues with EU parliament

Following Malacañang’s provocation to the European Union’s Parliament to revoke tariff privileges given to Philippine products, a labor group on Saturday urged the government to properly resolve the mess without stirring the hornet’s nest to avoid further job losses to Filipinos. In a statement, workers group Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP) […] The post Labor group to Palace: Resolve issues with EU parliament appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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CHR supports passage of & lsquo;Media Welfare Act& rsquo; measure

The Commission on Human Rights said Friday that security of tenure for media practitioners should be guaranteed and their labor rights must be ensured in the midst of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic......»»

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Teachers group renews call on Congress to increase DepEd budget in 2021

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers said that the proposed P606.5 billion allocated to DepEd, as well as the entirety of the 2021 national budget, "is not responsive and [is not] resilient to present and future crises.".....»»

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Groups call for halt in ‘white sand’ dumping in Manila Bay, raise environment, public health concerns

BY AARON MACARAEG MANILA– Fishers group Pamalakaya lambasted the “white sand project” for Manila Bay and called on the national government to stop it, raising environment and health concerns. The “white sand” on Manila Bay turned out to be crushed dolomite boulders exported from Cebu. “Synthetic beautification is far from genuine rehabilitation. Not even… The post Groups call for halt in ‘white sand’ dumping in Manila Bay, raise environment, public health concerns appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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TUCP to government: Look into jobs quality, not just numbers

Labor partylist group Trade Union Congress of the Philippines is urging the government to look into the quality of jobs in the country even as the latest jobs data indicated an easing in unemployment numbers......»»

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Resolution, not RevGov

To dispel any doubts about the intention of the proponents of the RevGov initiative other than the "introduction of constitutional changes including, among others, the shift to federalism as promised by then candidate Rodrigo Duterte," I strongly suggest that the group abandon their call for the President to declare a revolutionary government......»»

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