INUTECH: Conversation with a watch repairman

ILIGAN CITY (MindaNews / 11 February)  – I haven’t worn a watch since I lost a Calvin Klein maybe 15 years ago (a gift, of course, because I won’t ever spend that much money for a watch.) The clock on my phone is enough, except when I’m out for a run then I strap on […].....»»

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Toast to the return of Grand Wine Experience

In wine pairing, the generally accepted rule is that reds are to be paired with “dark” food like red meat, while whites are ideal with light fares like fish and salads. “It’s still a good rule – white with white, red with red,” said Ronald Lim Joseph, director of Finance and Operations of Ralph’s Wines and Spirits and a veritable encyclopedia of wine varieties. “But the rule now is to pair bodies with bodies – so, white wine with delicate flavors, medium-bodied with medium flavors and so on.” The Joseph brothers and some of their children, with supportive spouses, of course, once again hosted a lively lunch to launch the 20th Grand Wine Experience at the newest and biggest brand of Ralph’s, located at Mitsukoshi Mall in BGC. This outlet serves Italian and Japanese fare that one may pair with any of the wines from Ralph’s. “Has it been 20 years?,” I asked a similarly awestruck Melissa de Leon-Joseph, Ron’s wife. “We started out with just maybe a few hundred varieties of wines,” she mused. Today, one of the grandest of Food and Beverage events in the country has evolved into “more than just a wine and spirits event. It is a celebration of life, a toast to the future and a tribute to the past. It is a symbol of resilience, of how we can overcome adversity and emerge stronger and better,” the event originators declare in a statement. On its 20th year, the event will, indeed, be “more special,” Ron says. “Every year, we try to introduce new wines from new regions, from the regions that we bring in. This year, expect new wines from Portugal, Israel and new regions from Italy. We want our friends to discover new places and new flavors.” The last Grand Wine Experience was held in 2019, but the pandemic prevented them from holding it in the succeeding three years. The theme then was “Generations,” a nod to winemaking as among the oldest trades in the world. “It’s passed on from generation to generation. This year, we want the new generations to join.” This year’s theme is “Bud Break, which captures the essence of renewal and optimism,” adds information from Philippine Wine Merchants. Bud break, PWM adds, “is the first stage of the grapevine’s annual cycle, when the dormant buds burst into life and produce new shoots. It is a critical time for the vineyard, as it determines the potential yield and quality of the grapes. It is also a beautiful sight, as the green leaves contrast with the brown branches and create a stunning landscape.” Just like this blossoming season, Grand Wine Experience returns to bring back a sense of appreciation for all the good things in life that people missed over the course of the pandemic. [caption id="attachment_186637" align="aligncenter" width="2008"] PHOTOGRAPH BY DINAH VENTURA FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNEthe Philippine Wine Merchants leaders (from left): Robert Ian Joseph, director for Sales and Marketing; Raymond Joseph, president and CEO;Ralph Joseph, Rea Joseph- Gonzales, Rafael Joseph, director of Finance and Operations Ronnie Joseph and Sales executive Redmond Joseph.[/caption] Drink to be merry The Grand Wine Experience promises more of what regulars have come to expect of the event. On its much-awaited return, “the largest and most prestigious event of its kind in Southeast Asia, featuring over 1,000 wines, spirits, sakes and beers from around the world, curated by experts and presented by renowned winemakers and distillers” will no doubt welcome more of the new generation of Filipino wine and spirits market. More to watch out for are the “exquisite dishes prepared by top chefs to complement the libations,” surely a sensory delight from the chefs of Marriott Manila. The 20th Grand Wine Experience will take place on 17 November at the Marriott Grand Ballroom. The doors will open at 5 p.m. and the event will last until midnight. Tickets are limited and have always sold out fast, so don’t miss this chance to experience some of the finer things in life. “We drink to be merry, not to get drunk,” quips the Josephs, once again reiterating that the best part of celebration is enjoying the food and drink, but more so the company and conversation. The post Toast to the return of Grand Wine Experience appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Graft buster clears Cusi

Citing the presumption of regularity, the Office of the Ombudsman threw out the graft complaint of a New York-based billionaire against former Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi, other Department of Energy officials, Davao City-based executive Dennis Uy, and several others over the sale of 90 percent of the shares of the Malampaya natural gas consortium. On 18 October 2021, US-based geologist Balgamel Domingo and Filipino-American anti-Duterte leaders Rodel Rodis and Loida Nicolas-Lewis filed charges against Cusi, Uy, and the others involved in the sale of the Malampaya stake to the Udenna group of Uy. In a copy of the ruling obtained by the Daily Tribune, the Ombudsman said it could not delve into the complaint on the legality of the transaction since “the authority to make such a determination belongs to the court.” “Seemingly, this complaint is in actuality a collateral attack on the validity of the Share Sale and Purchase Agreement,” it said. The decision declared that “matters of such tenor are not determinable in a preliminary investigation before the Ombudsman’s Office.” “Without any judicial determination decreeing the illegality of the Share Sale and Purchase Agreement, this Office is left with nothing but to acknowledge its validity,” the ruling said. The Ombudsman cited a precedent in the case of Teresita Buenaventura vs Metrobank, in a ruling that stated: “The burden of showing that a contract is simulated rests on the party impugning the contract.” “This is because of the presumed validity of the contract that has been duly executed,” the Ombudsman ruling read. “Wherefore, the criminal charges for violation of Section 3(e) and of Republic Act 3019 against the respondents are dismissed for lack of probable cause.” The ruling was signed by members of a Special Panel of Investigators composed of Ronald Allan Ramos, Josephine Mae Rosapapan, Francisco Alan Molina and Bonifacio Mandrilla.   Prime takes control The operation of the Malampaya project was recently assumed by the Razon group’s Prime Energy which bought a 45-percent stake from Malampaya Energy XP, or MEXP, of the Udenna group. MEXP had bought the shares of Shell Philippines Exploration B.V., or SPEX, in the consortium. The Department of Energy had branded the complaint a political move since the two Fil-Am lawyers in the suit were prominent in the “Oust Duterte” movement in the United States. The complaint alleged that Cusi and other energy officials had granted “unwarranted benefits and advantage” to Uy’s UC Malampaya in the buyout of Chevron’s share in the consortium. Udenna, through spokesperson Raymond Zorilla, said there is “no law requiring approval of the transfer of shares of companies that have an interest in Malampaya.” Zorilla said the transfer of Chevron and Shell shares underwent strict bidding processes and due diligence by both multinational oil and gas players. “The share sales were above board and legal and had to pass scrutiny by Philippine regulators, international lenders, and the said private multinationals involved,” Zorilla added. Cusi, in an interview with Daily Tribune, had said the DoE was not involved in choosing the buyer of the shares of Shell and Chevron in the Malampaya project. “The DoE did not get involved in the sale (of shares). We don’t know that they are selling. Our question was what their standards are for choosing Udenna. Why didn’t you choose the big companies, and why Udenna?” he said. Industry experts said the sale of shares was a private transaction that the accusers, who are US lawyers, should have been very familiar with. Cusi said the DoE, during his watch, went beyond its mandate by reviewing the technical, legal, and financial aspects of the transactions, the results of which were provided to the public.   Political agenda The complaint, he said, had an underlying political agenda connected to his being the head of President Rodrigo Duterte’s Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan or PDP Laban. “It is not only political propaganda against me, but it also has a destabilization background… because I’m the president of the PDP.” The complaints, in turn, stemmed from the unending Senate inquiries on the Malampaya deals. The DoE said the Senate probes and the controversies that resulted from them had caused costly delays in the review process that would ultimately affect the country’s energy security. To refute a recent remark by Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, the DoE, in a statement said: “The inquiries of Senator Gatchalian are causing undue delay to the timeline of the consortium corporations, and this may eventually take its toll and put our energy security at risk.” The DoE’s approval of the sale of shares of stock of Chevron Malampaya LLC, one of the three corporations in the Malampaya Gas Field Project Consortium, had been dubbed by Gatchalian, chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy, as “lutong Macau.” It also backed the Udenna assessment that the deals were above-board. “When the sales were made, both Chevron Philippines, which owned Chevron Malampaya, and Shell Petroleum NV, owner of SPEX, followed rigorous global standards,” the DoE said. Nicolas-Lewis was part of a 25-person delegation from the US-Philippines Society, a private group comprising business executives and diplomats, who met with Duterte a week before his inauguration as president in 2016. Nicolas-Lewis was then accompanied by former Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Cuisia, PLDT chair Manuel V. Pangilinan, retired American diplomats, and executives of Coca-Cola, SGV, JP Morgan, and other top corporations. Nicolas-Lewis is the sister of former National Anti-Poverty Commission chairperson Imelda Nicolas, who was one of the “Hyatt 10” Cabinet members who turned against then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2005. Imelda and most of the Hyatt 10 members ended up getting key posts in the administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. Imelda was made head of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas.   Nicolas-Lewis plot bared In February 2018, former President Duterte bared intercepted conversations that indicated Nicolas-Lewis was behind efforts to push the International Criminal Court, or ICC, to probe his war on drugs. Duterte revealed a recorded conversation between Lewis and another political opponent whom he did not name. “I was listening to the tapes of their conversation. It was provided to me by another country, but the conversation was somewhere in the Philippines and New York,” Duterte said. He said that among the recordings was one in which Lewis allegedly told another person: “See you in the headquarters when the case is filed.” Duterte then said in a public address that he was aware of developments on the ICC case and that lawyer Jude Sabio, the main complainant in the case, was a paid hack of Magdalo Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Rep. Gary Alejano, both failed putschists. Sabio withdrew his complaint before the ICC and revealed that the case was the handiwork of the dirty tricks factory of Trillanes. In 2016, Duterte pointed to Lewis as the financier of an alleged destabilization plot against his administration. Nicolas-Lewis invested heavily in the failed presidential campaigns of Liberal Party bets Mar Roxas in 2016 and Vice President Leni Robredo in 2022. The post Graft buster clears Cusi appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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7 ways tech and AI can help parents raise digitally responsible kids

Kids today have access to information in a way that previous generations never had growing up. The challenge for parents is to help them learn how to be responsible digital citizens. Thankfully, parents also have access to AI-powered apps and devices that can help them safeguard their kids’ online and real-life safety. Tech and AI can provide valuable, accessible and round-the-clock assistance in safeguarding children’s well-being. Here are seven ways tech and AI can help parents raise digitally responsible kids and make parenting a little easier. Making learning about Internet safety more interesting. Besides capturing their attention, it’s also equally important to make sure that kids are interested in what parents are trying to engage them in. If you’re looking for fun, creative ways to teach your kids about Internet safety, try asking Bard, Google’s conversational generative AI chatbot. Simple questions like “What’s a fun way to teach Internet safety to kids?” or prompts like “Interactive websites that teach Internet safety” can provide an entire list of ideas and activities that you can try out with your kids, from book and story recommendations to interactive online games and conversation starters. Monitoring and limiting kids’ online interactions. Tech can help protect kids from potential risks through content filtering based on their age. Tools by Google, for instance, make it possible for parents to monitor their children’s screen time, set limits, and shut off their devices at bedtime. If your kid is under 13, you can download Google’s Family Link to track and control online activity, including text messaging and social media, using your own phone. TikTok’s Digital Wellbeing features also allow you to remotely manage your kid’s TikTok from your phone.  Circle Home Plus is a device and subscription service that pairs with your existing router and lets you pause access to the Internet, create time limits and add content filters to all devices on your home network (including WiFi devices), plus manage phones and tablets outside the home. Teaching kids empathy through real-life situations. PLDT Home and Google’s Be Internet Awesome video series features Sam and his AI friend Robo-Berto in fun and enlightening adventures that illustrate how kids can be smart, alert, strong, kind, and brave online. The songs and situations that Sam finds himself in impart valuable lessons on digital responsibility such as thinking before you click and bullying. In one episode, Sam discovers that forwarding the posts of his friends can hurt them. Using AI tools to raise critical thinkers. AI can analyze web content and online interactions to detect and block inappropriate or harmful websites and social media platforms. It can also identify signs of cyberbullying and harassment and analyze patterns and potential risks by monitoring various data sources. At a young age, children can be trained to think critically about the accuracy of the information they read or watch. Is the story or post backed by credible evidence? AI can help filter information and trace the source of a story and its authenticity. Because they are so used to technology in a way their parents aren’t, kids can learn for themselves how to evaluate deep fake technology when it’s being used to sway or harm their young minds. Keeping yourself informed about your kids’ location. AI-powered GPS and geolocation technologies can help parents keep abreast of their children’s whereabouts. Are they in school, with friends, in the mall? Or are they in a place where they would normally not go? Wearable devices like watches or smartphone apps use AI algorithms to provide real-time location updates and geofencing capabilities. They can also alert parents if their child goes beyond predetermined safe zones. Making homes more secure. Surveillance and security systems are now so advanced that you can monitor your home 24/7 from your phone. AI-powered cameras and systems use algorithms to analyze video feeds to detect unusual behavior, identify potential dangers — like if someone left the door open — and send an alert. Monitoring the family’s health. Tech has made it possible for wearable devices and smartphones to track vital signs and provide health monitoring. They can detect irregularities in users’ sleep patterns, heart rate and activity levels, among many others. When these irregularities are detected in your children, the device will alert you to potential health issues. Assessing children’s development. Apps and online tools use AI algorithms to analyze videos or recordings of a child’s behavior and provide insights on their cognitive, motor and social development. Parents can also use AI-powered scheduling apps to manage their kids’ school routines and homework to simplify the family’s daily schedule. PLDT Home is committed to keeping children safe online and at the same time giving them access to information that helps in their education, well-being, and growth. This contributes to the PLDT Group’s broader commitment to help the country attain UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 16, which promotes just, peaceful, and inclusive societies including the end to abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence against and torture of children. The post 7 ways tech and AI can help parents raise digitally responsible kids appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Why haven’t we gotten our ‘pangarap na Oscar’?

In Jules Katanyag’s raunchy horror-comedy Ang Pangarap Kong Oskars, from Mavx productions (now showing in cinemas), the eccentric director DMZ (Joross Gamboa) screams, “I want actors, not celebrities!” He and producer friend Bobby B (Paolo Contis) are gunning for the elusive Oscar trophy, or “Oskar,” via their dream movie project. Unable to fund their film, they get someone to produce it — but they have to compromise. The daughter of the producer, who is terrible at acting, has to be in it. They also want a big-budget movie that involves aswangs (special effects would cost gazillions), but they get “lucky” because Bobby B manages to hire actual local aswangs — mananganggal et al. The advanced screening held last 23 June was followed by a mediacon where Contis was in a fight-or-flight mode all throughout, with some press members squeezing into the conversation the controversies surrounding the prolific actor. But it was boring the lights out of me. Not much discussion on the film itself: the creative process, the craft. It’s all personality-based. An ingrown nail is more fascinating to me than Contis’ love life and his Eat Bulaga stint. But this is showbiz, the Internet is a vulture preying on rumors and controversies and a celebrity’s life is converted into views, comments, likes and shares. [caption id="attachment_152144" align="aligncenter" width="1600"] PAOLO Contis’ ‘Eat Bulaga!’ co-hosts Kokoy De Santos, Buboy Villar, Cassy Legaspi, Alexa Miro, Kimpoy de Leon and Mavy Legaspi attended the movie’s premiere last week.[/caption] Big event But at least the Oscars was discussed a bit. Since we started submitting to the Oscars in 1953, why haven’t we even been shortlisted? Katanyag’s directorial debut triggered thoughts in me about the Oscar dream. Sure, a subset of Filipino film professionals and critics spit at the Oscars as if it is the worst thing in the world. Still, no one can deny it’s a big event and it has some pretty great movies on its nominations list. The Oscars is an international media magnet. Imagine a Pinoy filmmaker going up the stage — for the first time in history — to take home the Best International Film award (or Best Director award), catapulting them to global fame and putting our country on the map of quality cinema. At the mediacon, someone asked the two actors about the possibility of an Oscar for the country. “Yes, possible… Naniniwala ako na kailangan ng buong suporta ng buong bansa. Una sa lahat, funding para sa mismong pelikula, magandang-magandang proyekto, at, again, kailangan ng campaign. So kailangan ng budget,” Contis said. “Actually, maganda maisabatas ‘yung support sa industry… Parang katulad sa ibang bansa, suportado talaga ng government. Kaya talaga napo-promote eh. Kasama napo-promote ang country,” said Gamboa. [caption id="attachment_152145" align="aligncenter" width="590"] PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF mavx productions(FROM left) Joross Gamboa, Paolo Contis and Kate Alejandrino in a scene from ‘Ang Pangarap Kong Oskars.’[/caption] Dark side Personally, I believe it is the dark side of the Filipino mentality that hinders us from getting the elusive Oscar. Great stories need no huge budget. Asghar Farhadi’s A Separation cost roughly $800,000. Nomadland, Moonlight and Call Me By Your Name are also some of the small-budget films that took home the Oscars. The “palakasan” system, the politics, corruption and chika play a major contribution. The Filipino crab mentality, deeply embedded in our culture, is also to blame. If it happens in your office or organization, of course it also happens in the film industry. There are plenty of untapped talents — promising filmmakers and creatives who never get an iota of a chance in a dog-eat-dog industry. The big people would rather pick their “tropa” or “bata” even if said people are untalented. Then, there are award-giving bodies driven by political agenda, granting awards to butt-ugly films to fight for their personal cause. Plus, Pinoys are celebrity-obsessed. Filipino moviegoers will watch Pinoy movies only if their idols are in them. Movies with unknown actors? These are snubbed. Most resort to Koreanovelas because they love the content and the storytelling — bonus is the fact that most Pinoys find Koreans attractive. We also lack originality and a real cinematic identity. Mainstream fare is heavily influenced by Hollywood, or we adapt Korean plots. Others even downright copy plots and dialogue from American films. Where are the unique stories? They are mostly found in indie fests, in Cinemalaya, where the best of the best can be found. Politics has also split the Filipino film industry. A movie will be bashed even before its release because it features actors or directors who campaigned for a politician the critics oppose. Then there are budget constraints, forcing productions to shoot in a matter of days, so everything is rushed. The result? Crude high school projects. What also irks me is how the industry almost demands or begs “support” (i.e. buy tickets to local movies). A ticket price, which is P500 average, is equivalent to a minimum-wage earner’s daily salary. We do not part with our money just because you said so. Show me an impressive trailer first.   Jaded audience The Filipino audience is now jaded given the same old crappy local content — especially after being exposed to content worldwide through affordable streaming subscriptions. Where do you think Pinoys would spend their hard-earned cash if they desperately need entertainment? On a locally produced theatrical release that has a plot that they have seen a thousand times? Or a subscription to a streamer with more content to choose from? They can also get the cheapest: internet data for unlimited short-form entertainment in TikTok and social media. Also, this industry hates honest criticism. They feel that negative reviews are personal attacks on filmmakers. This mindset is not progressive at all. I believe in the talent of the Filipino creative. It’s just that if this toxic culture continues and the obsession with personalities versus the art of cinema continues, we will be left behind in the film arena. This is no longer just about winning the Oscars, or at least getting nominated. This is about acknowledging our dirt and learning to triumph over self-interest, politics and envy for the sake of Philippine cinema. But I guess, that’s a dream that is never going to happen soon. It’s already in our DNA. The post Why haven’t we gotten our ‘pangarap na Oscar’? appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Jake Ejercito’s savings in ‘Swift’ danger

Actor-model Jake Ejercito shared a screenshot of a nice conversation she had with her daughter Ellie on Instagram Stories. Their online convo was about the upcoming concert of American pop star Taylor Swift in Japan and Singapore. It seems that Ellie wanted to watch Swift's concert and expressed her intention indirectly to her daddy actor. "My savings about to have a nervous breakdown," Jake commented at the end of their conversation. Here's the screenshot of the conversation:   The post Jake Ejercito’s savings in ‘Swift’ danger appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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PBBM agrees to host Forbes Asia Forum and Forbes Global CEO conference

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has approved the Philippines' hosting of the Forbes Asia Forum and the Forbes Global CEO Conference in the fourth quarter of 2024, Malacañang said on Friday. The Presidential Communications Office stated that the event aims to enhance the country's global visibility, potentially leading to increased foreign investments. The conferences will unite, tycoons, entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders from various regions to discuss significant global matters and forge new alliances. It will prominently feature an intimate conversation between a senior Forbes editor and the leader of the hosting nation. "I hope that we can feature that in this conference, and we can show the Philippines as it is now, as opposed to perhaps some of the ideas that people have had almost for a while," the Chief Executive said in his meeting with senior executives of Forbes Media LCC in Malacañan Palace last Thursday. The President emphasized that his government has promoted accelerating economic growth and attracting increased investments in several sectors, including digitalization, energy, connectivity, bureaucratic reforms, and infrastructure projects like road construction and school building initiatives. Additionally, he proudly highlighted the Filipino workforce as the nation's most valuable resource. "I have the Filipino workforce that, for me, is still going to be, it has been a blessing. You know we have the youngest workforce in the region. They're very well-trained English-speaking (workers)," Marcos said. The international conference this year, scheduled for September in Singapore, has invited Marcos to participate in a fireside chat with visiting executives. Meanwhile, the Forbes Asia Forum in Singapore will also showcase Forbes Asia's Best Under a Billion and Forbes Asia's 100 to Watch. The post PBBM agrees to host Forbes Asia Forum and Forbes Global CEO conference appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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How Pinoy athletes kept winning during the lockdown

Sporting events may be suspended or canceled, but that won't stop your favorite Filipino athletes from inspiring or entertaining people as they spend their extra time off doing worthwhile activities during the lockdown period. From reaching out to affected communities to learning a new skill, here are what your idols are up to during the community quarantine. 1)  Proudly serving the nation as frontliners Some athletes have taken their in-game dedication off the court, as they proudly serve the country as frontliners during the COVID-19 pandemic. MPBL players such as Bacoor City's Eric Acuña and Bacolod-Master Sardines' Jopher Custodio are currently heeding the call as frontliners for the Philippine Army, as well as their fellow soldiers UST women’s volleyball coach Kung Fu Reyes and volleyball star Jovelyn Gonzaga. Pasay Voyager's Dhon Reverente also suited up for the Philippine Navy while his teammate Jesse Bustos is serving in the frontlines in another way, using his camera as a photojournalist for a daily newspaper.  2)  Raising funds and holding donation drives Your beloved players continue to exemplify teamwork in these challenging times as they help the dedicated frontliners and affected households in different parts of the country. UST student-athletes joined former Golden Tigresses star Sisi Rondina in auctioning their jerseys for a cause to donate supplies to the frontliners of Barangay Luz in Cebu City. Meanwhile, volleyball legends Alyssa Valdez and Charo Soriano led a fundraiser called "Volleyball Community Gives Back PH," which aims to supply frontliners in the country with PPEs and other essentials—with celebrities like Kathryn Bernardo and Pia Wurtzbach joining their cause. Former DLSU Lady Spikers standout and Creamline utility spiker Michele Gumabao also provided relief packs and gave them personally to the affected communities in Pampanga with the help of the group Your 200 Pesos. 3)  No days off for training and getting the gains Leagues and competitions may have been put on hold, but athletes won't be stopped from keeping themselves in tiptop shape. Observing quarantine, ONE Championship's heavyweight champion Brandon Vera took his workout to the forest, preparing for his upcoming bout against Arjan Bhullar, while Team Lakay fighters, such as Eduard Folayang, Kevin Belingon, and Joshua Pacio improvised household materials as gym equipment. National athletes, such as karateka Junna Tsukii, wushu artist Agatha Wong, and Olympic medalist Hidilyn Diaz, did rigorous training sessions at home to keep themselves in form for upcoming tournaments. High-flyer Ricci Rivero also taught his fans some basic dribbling drills to improve basketball handles—as seen in an episode of "Upfront" on LIGA cable sports channel. 4) Unlocking new skills and focusing on fave hobbies Your fave sports idols also overcame boredom by learning new skills and focusing on their favorite hobbies. For instance, DLSU Green Archers guard Aljun Melecio learned to cook scrumptious lechon while taking a time-out from the hardwood. UAAP volleyball champion and national team player Rex Intal also reminded us that he is a dedicated painter with his mixed portrait of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, channeling his passion for sports and art into one. And did you know that top local setter Jia Morado is a talented photographer? Check out her Instagram and be amazed by her works. 5)  Taking their talents to TikTok Athletes joined the trending TikTok craze as a source of entertainment during the lockdown. Former UAAP stars Kim Kianna Dy and Jema Galanza posted their dance covers of Young Thug's "Relationship," and Deanna Wong took on "The Weekend" dance challenge. UST Golden Tigresses' rookie Imee Fernandez also wowed the TikTok crowd with a pre-workout dance video, which garnered over 600,000 views online. For Ateneo Blue Eagles guard SJ Belangel, TikTok has also been his avenue to overcome his shyness, doing hilarious skits online.   6)  Becoming stars online No live sports to entertain the audiences? It's not a problem for these athletes who continue to provide fun content to every sports fan, with the help of ABS-CBN Sports. Catch Shaun Ildefonso as he does an entertaining commentary about everything sports on "SRSLY." Also watch Cherry Nunag’s wacky chikahan with famous athletes in "Kalye Confessions: Stay-at-Home Edition." Lastly, the lockdown won't stop the basketball conversation as Beau Belga chats with your favorite hoop idols online, while still chowing down on their fave treats on "Extra Rice with Beau Belga." Watch all of these on ABS-CBN Sports' Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and YouTube channel. Also stay tuned for more new offerings from the sports arm of ABS-CBN.  These athletes have proven they are truly winners in and out of the court. While waiting for live sports to return, you can rewatch the best games of these athletes on LIGA (SD channel 86 and HD channel 183 on SKYCable) and game highlights and special features on ABS-CBN Sports' social media pages and official YouTube account. ABS-CBN Sports will continue its commitment to providing a variety of world-class, exciting, and inspiring content to every Pinoy sports fan. Visit and follow @ABSCBNSports on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For updates, you may also visit or follow @ABSCBNPR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram......»»

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[WATCH] Carpio on People’s Initiative: ‘Nothing to do with economic provisions’

'There is no law to implement the people’s initiative clause of the Constitution,' Carpio tells Rappler.....»»

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Three AI Enablers to Watch as Nvidia Unveils Surprise

Nvidia Corp. set to announce quarterly results, high expectations in AI market Nvidia Corp. is gearing up to unveil its latest quarterly results, with the.....»»

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Quietly delivering

When Transportation Secretary Jimmy Bautista was still president of Philippine Airlines, I had a long conversation with him about the need to expand and upgrade the facilities at NAIA......»»

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WATCH: Barbie Imperial, Jasmine Curtis-Smith in 3 Days 2 Nights in Poblacion trailer

Barbie Imperial and Jasmine Curtis-Smith lead the cast of the upcoming film "3 Days 2 Nights in Poblacion" by RC Delos Reyes......»»

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[WATCH] Rappler Live Jam: Apoc

This will be the rapper's first time performing solo on the Rappler Live Jam stage!.....»»

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WATCH: Ryan Bang opens fine dining restaurant Paldo in Quezon City

Host Ryan Bang opened his first fine dining Korean restaurant Paldo in Quezon City. .....»»

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WATCH: A packed mall chapel and a Valentine’s sermon on Ash Wednesday 2024

Rappler's Paterno Esmaquel II brings us to Landmark Chapel on Ash Wednesday to witness this unique dimension of Catholicism in the Philippines: religious worship in shopping malls.....»»

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LIST: Romance flicks, series to watch this Valentine s Day

No doubt several people have planned nights out with their significant others and friends, others have opted to stay indoors and pull up a nice movie to watch......»»

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A conversation with the two female co-directors of Combatants for Peace

Palestine-Israel: from one story to more than one story, from us vs them to togetherness, from cycle of violence to nonviolence, towards a Collective Liberation There is no way to peacePeace is the way .....»»

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Banking 101: Unmasking Financial Lingo

Hey friends, ever get stuck in a conversation where financial terms sound like a different language? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Let’s break down some everyday bank talk in a way that won’t leave you scratching your head. Interest Rates First off, “Interest Rates” – it’s the cost of borrowing money or the high-five […].....»»

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WATCH, NOW NA: Ano ba ang simbolo ng bulaklak tuwing Valentine’s Day?

Tuwing Valentine’s Day, ang karaniwang binibigay sa mahal sa buhay ay mga bulaklak. Ito rin ‘yung mga panahon na makikita natin na pabonggahan ng bouquet. Baka Bet Mo: Valentine2024: Mga pakilig na regalo para sa dyowa, iba pang mahal sa buhay Pero bakit nga ba nauso ito at anong klase ng mga bulaklak ang talaga.....»»

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WATCH, NOW NA: Mga recycled flowers na pwedeng ibigay sa Valentine’s Day

Bukod sa fresh flowers, alam niyo ba na maganda ring ibigay ang mga bulaklak na gawa sa recycled na materyales? Bukod sa napasaya niyo ang inyong mahal sa buhay, nakatulong pa kayo sa kalikasan. Baka Bet Mo: ALAMIN: Bakit nga ba bulaklak ang ibinibigay tuwing Valentine’s Day? Na-interview namin ang florist na si Rodel Villacino.....»»

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[WATCH] 'ShareAsia: Ming Ramos’ Instagrammable garden

What began as a place for the private horticultural collection of former First Lady Amelita 'Ming' Ramos is now also an events place.....»»

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