FACT CHECK | Roque’s claim that Task Force Davao will be disbanded is false

MindaNews fact-checked the claims of former presidential spokesperson Harry Roque that Task Force (TF) Davao will be disbanded as Dabawenyos expressed concern that the city’s security will be weakened if such will happen. His claim is false, according to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The AFP has refuted the claims of former presidential […].....»»

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Duterte still in Davao, will address nation on Thursday – Palace

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte is set to address the nation and meet the members of the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for Emerging Infectious Diseases in Davao City on Thursday, Malacañang said. During a televised briefing Monday, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said Duterte is still in Davao to check on the situation in Mindanao. […] The post Duterte still in Davao, will address nation on Thursday – Palace appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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FACT CHECK | President Marcos says the ICC may come but the government won’t cooperate with their investigation

MindaNews fact-checked the claim made by the YouTube channel KABAYAN NEWS PH that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has declared he won’t allow the International Criminal Court to enter the country and investigate alleged extrajudicial killings committed under the “war on drugs” of the Duterte administration. The claim is false, as Marcos said the ICC may come but the government or any of its agencies would not cooperate in their […].....»»

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FACT CHECK: No Marcos-Duterte order for Arnold Clavio to leave the country

The false claim stems from Clavio’s criticism on his Instagram account of former president Rodrigo Duterte.....»»

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FACT CHECK: No Marcos declaration of revolutionary government

There has been no announcement from Malacañang about establishing a revolutionary government. The false claim circulated amid recent moves in Congress to amend the Constitution......»»

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FACT CHECK | Schools of ‘lupoy’ fish beaching in Sarangani Bay triggered by upwelling

Experts dismissed as false the claim of Facebook page The Watchmen’s Earth and Space connection that the beaching of tons of “nervous” fish in Maasim, Sarangani was driven by an unknown phenomenon. In a post on January 7, the popular page stated: “Ok Philippines on the matter of the massive amount of fish in Sarangani. […].....»»

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FACT CHECK | SMI’s Tampakan project not yet exporting copper to China

Blogger Sass Sasot’s claim that Sagittarius Mines Inc. (SMI), developer of the controversial Tampakan project, the largest undeveloped copper and gold minefield in Southeast Asia, has started exporting to China is false. In a video circulating in various Facebook pages, Sasot stated that Defense Secretary Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro Jr. has earned billions from the Tampakan […].....»»

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SMNI suspension urged for alleged violations

Davao City-based legislator and Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta (PBA) Partylist Representative Margarita “Migs” Ignacia B. Nograles has proposed a resolution urging the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to suspend the operations of Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI). The resolution alleges that SMNI has violated the terms of its franchise and disseminated false information, failing in its responsibility to the public. This move is in response to multiple complaints filed against SMNI, including accusations of fake news peddling and baseless red-tagging of individuals, groups, and organizations. Specific incidents cited in the resolution include attacks on ACT Teachers Partylist Representative France L. Castro and false claims about House Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez's foreign travel expenses. SMNI's host, Jeffrey “Ka Eric” Celiz, admitted to providing inaccurate information on air, further fueling the allegations against the network. Pending the Committee on Legislative Franchises' recommendations on SMNI's alleged violations, Nograles emphasized the urgency for the NTC to halt the deliberate dissemination of false information that may erode public trust. The 25-year franchise of SMNI was renewed in 2019, and the network has not yet issued an official statement regarding the resolution. In a related development, the House of Representatives Committee on Legislative Franchises cited Celiz and former National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-Elcac) spokesperson Lorraine Badoy-Partosa in contempt for refusing to disclose their source of erroneous information and being evasive about their income from co-producing their show. Both anchors will be detained at the House premises until the committee's report is adopted in the plenary. This story highlights the growing scrutiny on SMNI's operations and the calls for accountability amid allegations of spreading false information......»»

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FACT CHECK: “Solar superstorm” in November to cause Internet blackout false

CLAIM: Solar superstorm predicted to hit Earth on November 24 will wipe out the Internet. A post from Facebook account........»»

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LAWMAKER ON WHEELS — Ejercito’s love for Phl sports is one of a kind

Senator JV Ejercito’s love for cycling is hard to miss. From interviews to his social media posts, the 53-year-old lawmaker would always find a way to display his love for cycling — and sports in general. That’s why in a recent interview with Daily Tribune, Ejercito took the opportunity to preach the benefits of cycling and how he wants to spearhead the staging of more local and international tournaments that would encourage a lot of enthusiasts to take the sport seriously. “We need to have more competitions like Ronda Pilipinas. I hope somebody picks up the cudgels for it to continue because competition improves the quality of our athletes,” said Ejercito, referring to the annual professional road cycling competition that covers major cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The prestigious bikefest started in 2011 and has drawn the interest of the best local and international riders. It, however, got canceled this year as it prepares to transition from being an annual to a biennial event. “We need competitions,” Ejercito stressed. But batting for the staging of a professional cycling competition is just a mere fraction of Ejercito’s love for the sport. In fact, during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Ejercito took the cudgels for the cyclists when he slammed the Inter-Agency Task Force for raising the proposal of requiring cyclists to wear face shields on the road. Ejercito stressed that this proposal will put the cyclists’ lives at risk as they might suffer hypoxia or lack of oxygen. Having first-hand experience on the challenges of the sport, Ejercito asserted that the proposal might create more harm than good. “I am not in favor of requiring face shields to those who are biking and exercising. This might cause hypoxia or lack of oxygen. While breathing hard, intake of oxygen is already minimized with masks so what more if they will require them to wear face shields? This can be fatal,” Ejercito said. “Cyclists usually are away from each other. Face shields should be required in enclosed and crowded places. There is already a mask that is required anyway.” “Wearing a face shield while cycling is dangerous. The mask is enough.” But that’s not all. Ejercito also fought hard for the rights of cyclists through Senate Bill 393 that pushes for more bicycle lanes in major thoroughfares. He believes that by putting up bicycle lanes, the government would encourage the public to bike to their respective schools or offices instead of riding cars, buses or trains. The public would also get to save a lot on their transportation expenses while helping the government solve the worsening traffic situation. “This legislation is one way to help unburden commuters who are choosing to ride their bicycles and other non-motorized vehicles in order to escape the worsening traffic situation and save money on fares and fuel, especially now that prices of petroleum products have skyrocketed,” the bill’s explanatory note said. Ejercito said the government will also benefit from this proposal. “Though we admire such resilience and innovation, the government should also look into improving road conditions for alternative means of transportation,” Ejercito, the son of former President Joseph Estrada, said. “Until such a time that the government has finished its goal to provide mass transportation that is people-centered and accommodating to every walk of life, there will always be room for alternative forms of travel.” Ejercito admitted that he even considered riding his bicycle to work. “Even I couldn’t bear it each time I load up on gas. I shell out P5,000 every time. It’s hard on my pockets. Hopefully, I can save by biking to work,” Ejercito said. As of May 2023, about 546 kilometers of bike lanes were already established in Manila, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao, according to the Department of Transportation. Aside from cycling, Ejercito also plays golf and boxing. He is also an avid fan of basketball. In fact, he was at the sidelines when Gilas Pilipinas battled China in the FIBA Basketball World Cup together with other senators in Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, Joel Villanueva and Juan Miguel Zubiri. Ejercito said if there will be a chance, he will gladly lend a helping hand to Philippine sports. After all, he is no stranger to grassroots sports after serving as chairman of the committee on youth and sports when he was still representing San Juan City in the House of Representatives. With him in charge, he was able to help the Philippine Sports Commission with its funding that led to the rise of promising athletes like Hidilyn Diaz, who went on to become the country’s first Olympic gold medalist. “There’s no specific NSA (national sports association) but if there is an opportunity, I will help. I box, I cycle and I even played basketball before,” the mild-mannered Ejercito said. Truly, sports, especially cycling, occupies a very special place in Ejercito’s heart. And he will keep on helping Filipino athletes — one pedal at a time. The post LAWMAKER ON WHEELS — Ejercito’s love for Phl sports is one of a kind appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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Putting the quit on Quilter

Karl Quilter, a Chicago resident, was recently handed a sentence of 30 years in a United States federal prison for OSEC, or the online sexual exploitation of children based in the Philippines. The 58-year-old Quilter entered last year a guilty plea, claiming that the minors he spoke with on social media sites Facebook, Viber, and Skype from 2017 to 2020 were his “girlfriends.” His modus operandi, court records showed, involved dangling money transfers to persuade his victims to send the requested images. Quilter, in fact, visited the Philippines in 2017 and 2018,  but he would not admit to actually having physical sex with minors, something that could have added to his sentence. He, nonetheless, admitted to having vowed to return to the Philippines in 2020 to act out his OSEC fantasies, yet more proof that OSEC oftentimes leads to actual physical abuse by moneyed, well-traveled monsters. The successful prosecution of Quilter and others like him, however, represents only one side of the coin as there’s also a pressing need to stop the abuse at the source, hundreds of miles away. Putting behind bars adults, frequently family members, who enable this heinous crime within the Philippines and other poor countries, is equally important. Unicef, the International Justice Mission, and Interpol have conducted extensive research that indicates that the Philippines, even before the start of the pandemic, had become a major global hub for live-streaming or the distribution of videos and photos of sex acts involving children as young as two years old. According to their estimates, the incidence of OSEC in the country had more than tripled in recent years, with the Philippines receiving more than eight times as many referrals as any other country, “making it the center of the global live-stream sex abuse trade.” The IJM, which started working closely with authorities in the Philippines in 2020 to close physical channels of sexual abuse of minors like bars and prostitution houses, had warned that Covid-19 lockdowns spanning two years had significantly contributed to a threefold rise in OSEC cases. With his department as the lead agency in the government’s efforts against human trafficking, Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla has gone, so far, as to warn telecom companies that they would be prosecuted if they did not provide checks and filters against OSEC materials being routed through their networks. The biggest telcos have been heeding Remulla’s call, but as technology moves fast, they have to contend not only with the traffickers but also with tech wizards, those who live off the Dark Web, and who provide the backend support to ram OSEC materials through governmental and corporate check valves. IJM has drawn a silver lining around the dark clouds, saying that significant progress has been made in reducing the availability of children for sale on the streets and for internet-based sex trafficking. The figures, the group claimed, have fallen by as much as 86 percent in the cities where they were present. The relationship between OSEC and money transfers has been made crystal clear by recent research by the Anti-Money Laundering Task Force. It said that to stop the cycle of exploitation and bring the offenders to justice, it is necessary to destroy the illegal financial networks and stop the use of legal ones for OSEC payments. Although Quilter’s sentencing represents an important development in the prosecution of foreign offenders, he is just one among the millions of pedophiles and other perverts who have fueled OSEC, a multi-faceted problem that requires creative solutions and cross-border cooperation among governments, non-governmental organizations, and communities. OSEC operations by families in far-flung barangays are an open secret in communities, betrayed by the sprouting of Wi-Fi antennas in homes that also suddenly had access to extra cash. Cracking down on them has been easier, but the additional challenge now is stopping OSEC coursed through smartphones with internet data access. OSEC has been and will always be a cat-and-mouse game. It’s a virtual one-upmanship in trying to put the quit on depravities perpetrated by the likes of Quilter. The post Putting the quit on Quilter appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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AFP: WPS arbitral ruling a validation of Phl sovereignty

As the Philippines commemorates its 7th anniversary of the Permanent Court of Arbitration win on the West Philippine Sea, the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ Western Command has committed to continue protecting the country’s territory, including the maritime domain. AFP WesCom Commander, Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos, said the Philippines is one with its neighboring countries and allies in enforcing the rules-based order to keep structural peace as well as freedom of navigation, trade, and commerce. “The 2016 PCA ruling gave credence and validation to Philippine sovereignty, sovereign rights, and entitlements in the West Philippine Sea. As the frontline in enforcing this ruling, the AFP Western Command remains the dominant force in protecting every inch of the country’s territory and the riches in our exclusive economic zone,” Carlos told reporters on Wednesday. Carlos said WesCom is adamant to maintain its presence in the country’s sovereignty. “In our remotest outposts at sea, very few dare to go because of the unpredictability of the temperament of the forces of man and nature.  There, the WesCom soldiers raise the Philippine Flag without fail and proudly fly, sail, and stand guard to defend what is definitively ours,” he stated. Carlos, meanwhile, said that they are “heartened by the solid fact that the decision is now part of international law, is recognized by the international community, and has become the basis for policies and actions in the WPS.” “The gifts of nature will continue to flourish to be enjoyed by all future generations,” he added. In a separate radio interview, AFP spokesperson Col. Medel Aguilar cited that the arbitral ruling on WPS provides the country the right to defend its maritime territory under its exclusive economic zone. “This is a peaceful means to resolve conflict among countries,” he said, to further the claim that the National Task Force on the WPS are the best people to be asked regarding concerns on the Philippine territorial claims over the portion of the so-called South China Sea. Aguilar reiterated the AFP’s shift to external security operations which include the strengthening of defense posture in the Philippine EEZ—with more aerial and surface maritime patrols to be conducted by the AFP’s naval, air, and ground assets. The post AFP: WPS arbitral ruling a validation of Phl sovereignty appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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18 private armies disband, crime gangs down to 4

Eighteen potential private armed groups in Western Mindanao have been disbanded while the number of criminal gangs operating in Northern Mindanao, Davao region and Caraga has been reduced to four from 16, according to the National Task Force for the Disbandment of Private Armed Groups. NTF-DPAG deputy commander, Maj. Gen. Victor Wanchakan reported the developments during the presentation of the group’s accomplishments on Monday. Maj. Gen. Harold Tuazon, deputy commander of Area Police Command in Eastern Mindanao, said Wednesday that the accomplishments were due to the NTF-DPAG’s relentless efforts to neutralize lawless elements, including the increased deployment of troops in the area starting in the second quarter of 2022. Meanwhile, acting peace adviser Isidro Purisima said the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace, Reconciliation and Unity continues to assist the transition of former private armies members into productive citizens. The post 18 private armies disband, crime gangs down to 4 appeared first on Daily Tribune......»»

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FACT CHECK: Bansalan, Davao del Sur does not have a beach

A viral Facebook post by user Yamashita Otokoto showing a white sand beach resort in Bansalan, Davao del Sur is false. The town is landlocked and does not have any […].....»»

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FACT CHECK: FB page revives false gold shipment complaint vs PNoy, allies

Facebook (FB) page “Kasangga Jay” posted a video last November 5 which stitched different news clips relating to an old case alleging that former Pres. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and his allies stole and illegally deposited 3,500 metric tons of gold in Thailand in 2014. The post FACT CHECK: FB page revives false gold shipment complaint vs PNoy, allies appeared first on Davao Today......»»

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FACT CHECK: Sen. Zubiri’s ‘free’ PH media claim lacks context

National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) chairperson Jonathan de Santos said the country is “partly free” when it comes to publishing stories and covering certain issues, but undeniably, “there is a fear of reprisal, and there actually have been cases of reprisals.” The post FACT CHECK: Sen. Zubiri’s ‘free’ PH media claim lacks context appeared first on Davao Today......»»

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FACT CHECK: FB page posts FALSE ‘wanted’ graphics of Davao activists

Women’s group Gabriela-Southern Mindanao Region described this as a “political vilification” against progressive individuals from Davao including two of their current leaders, Dr. Jean Lindo and Cora Espinoza. The post FACT CHECK: FB page posts FALSE ‘wanted’ graphics of Davao activists appeared first on Davao Today......»»

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FACT CHECK: BBM’s claim that ICC can only act if a country has no ‘functioning judiciary’ needs context

According to the ICC, it intends “to complement, not to replace” national courts. It only intervenes when a State is unable or unwilling to genuinely carry out the investigation and prosecute those responsible for international crimes. The post FACT CHECK: BBM’s claim that ICC can only act if a country has no ‘functioning judiciary’ needs context appeared first on Davao Today......»»

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FACT CHECK: Claim that Masagana 99 is a notable achievement during Martial Law needs context

The late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ land reform program may trace its roots to the Green Revolution. In the early 60s, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) was established at the University of the Philippines-Los Baños campus in Laguna to undertake extensive research to produce new rice varieties. The post FACT CHECK: Claim that Masagana 99 is a notable achievement during Martial Law needs context appeared first on Davao Today......»»

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FACT CHECK: Claim that barangay, SK elections in December 2022 have been postponed is false

A Facebook post claimed that the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections scheduled in December 2022 have been postponed......»»

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FACT CHECK: Vlogger’s claim that Leni’s Angat Buhay used DSWD relief goods for distribution is FALSE

DSWD Sec. Erwin Tulfo on July 10 clarified that it is a violation of the law to distribute food packs and relief items to non-government associations. Food assistance and relief goods are channeled by the department to respective local government units involved......»»

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