EOC to public: Eat separately, travel safely this Holy Week

CEBU CITY, Philippines — The Cebu City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has encouraged the public to avoid eating together with family and friends this Holy Week. EOC deputy chief implementer, Councilor Joel Garganera, said that mealtimes are one of the most common causes of transmission of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) because people are at […] The post EOC to public: Eat separately, travel safely this Holy Week appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Advocates post photos of empty plates to press aid for the hungry

In time for the Catholic tradition of fasting during the Holy Week, a peasant advocates group led a protest action assailing how the government "has virtually imposed hunger on the poor and the marginalized amid the apparent absence of any concrete plans for economic relief and the strengthening of the public health system." The post Advocates post photos of empty plates to press aid for the hungry appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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What to expect in this year’s Holy Week in Cebu

CEBU CITY, Philippines—The entire island of Cebu remained under the most lenient classification of community quarantine this April. With this, devotees are allowed to go to churches, albeit in limited capacity, in observance of this year’s Holy Week, the last week of the Lenten season.  However, not wanting to compromise public safety and health, the […] The post What to expect in this year’s Holy Week in Cebu appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Cebu City reminds public: No ‘activities’ outside churches during Holy Week

CEBU CITY, Philippines – The city government here reminded the public on Monday, March 29, 2021, that activities outside churches this Holy Week are strictly prohibited. Mayor Edgardo Labella, in a press briefing, said they have tasked the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) and barangay officials to closely monitor all areas in the city during […] The post Cebu City reminds public: No ‘activities’ outside churches during Holy Week appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Cebu port preps for Holy Week

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Ports in Cebu are under heightened alert starting Sunday, March 28, for the Holy Week. The Cebu Port Authority (CPA), in a press statement, announced that it has activated Oplan Biyaheng Ayos: Semana Santa 2021, effectively ‘stepping up all security and safety measures for the holidays. Despite the recent travel restrictions […] The post Cebu port preps for Holy Week appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Cebu City Police to Ensure Health And Safety Protocols During Holy Week

The Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) is on heightened alert as the holy week of 2021 fast approaches. Aside from ensuring the public’s safety against all kinds of criminals, they will also make sure that proper health and safety protocols are observed. This year’s holy week celebration will be different from previous celebrations since physical […].....»»

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Police to man Holy Week crowd at Carbon Public Market

CEBU CITY, Philippines —The Carbon Public Market will be opened to all buyers during the Holy Week celebration. However, crowd control measures will have to be complied with to avoid overcrowding and the possible spread of the coronavirus disease, said Deputy Director Wilbert Parilla of the Cebu City  Police Office (CCPO). Parilla made the announcement […] The post Police to man Holy Week crowd at Carbon Public Market appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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What spokespersons do

THE VIEW FROM RIZAL Dr. Jun Ynares An apparent “word war” recently erupted between the science community of the University of the Philippines (UP) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The tussle seems to have been triggered by what the DENR spokesperson described as a criticism from the UP scientists, particularly those who are part of the UP Marine Science Institute (UP MSI). The institute, according to its website, is UP’s “coordinating base for marine research.” Its mandate is to “pursue research, teaching and extension work” related to marine life in the large bodies of water in the country. The spokesperson of the DENR was visibly angry when he fired verbal shots against UP’s science community at a televised media conference last week. The DENR spokesperson labeled the UP scientists “bayaran” which roughly translates in English as “mercenaries” or “whore.” The televised rant was apparently triggered by what the spokesperson said was the criticism by UP scientists against the DENR’s “white sand” project for the Manila Bay shore. The project, it will be recalled, involved the use of so-called “dolomite” – the residue derived from crushing rocks and stones and which visually resembles white sand. Media described the DENR spokesperson’s action as “lashing out” against the UP experts, saying the latter have no right to air their criticism. He accused the scientists of having received some P500 million from the government and delivering nothing but consultation services. According to media, the DENR spokesperson called the UP scientists “blood-suckers.” In reporting the rant by the DENR spokesperson, media used the headline “DENR slams UP scientists.” This led to confusion among media consumers like us. Wasn’t it the DENR spokesperson who “slammed” UP scientists and not DENR per se? Why should the rant dished out by a spokesperson be attributed to the entire department? To explain the role of a spokesperson and the nature of that job, we turned to international training consultant and fellow Antipoleño Archie Inlong. Archie served as spokesperson for three major agencies – the erstwhile Department of Transportation and Communication, and the two Presidential Task Forces which rebuilt the areas affected by major disasters, the earthquake of 1990 and the subsequent eruptions of Mt. Pinatubo. “There are three important tasks that the spokesperson of a government agency performs,” he told us. “These are, first, to provide relevant information and instructions; second, to issue clarification when needed; and, third, to give assurances to the public on behalf of the organization he represents,” Archie explained. “Occasionally, the spokesperson also shares the point of view of the head of the agency, the latter’s prognosis, and position on certain issues,” he added. “There are items outside of what the spokesperson may safely say to the public, and these include rants, insults, accusations,” he continued. “When these come out of the spokesperson’s mouth,” the public interprets them as the official statement of the entire organization and its head,” he pointed out. This should explain why media now interprets the “mercenary/whore” label given by the DENR spokesperson to the scientists of UP as a “slam” coming from the DENR itself. “The spokesperson is a mouthpiece, that’s all,” Archie added. “We, spokespersons, must be good mouthpieces,” he said. Does that mean that a spokesperson is not entitled to express his own opinion, his own views, his own sentiment? This was his answer: “No, his job is to speak on behalf of the organization and its head, period.” “That disclaimer used by some spokespersons that the comment he or she made ‘is just my own opinion’ does not work,” Archie explained. “Outside of his role as the mouthpiece of the organization, the spokesperson has no personality and his words would carry no weight,” he added. So, does that mean we have to interpret the labels “mercenary” and “whore” given to UP scientists as having come from the DENR secretary himself, I asked. This was the answer I got. “Unless and until the head of agency disowns the statement, that would be the case.” Lesson learned: what the spokesperson says is the official stand of the organization and its head. That means the spokesperson job is something that must be taken seriously and must be handled with utmost prudence and care. Words have power. Particularly those that come from a spokesperson’s mouth......»»

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Trump restarts public speeches, falsely claims Covid has a cure

US President Donald Trump will give a public speech at the White House on Saturday for the first time since testing positive for Covid-19, and will also hold a Florida rally next week in an attempt to relaunch his stumbling reelection campaign with only 25 days to go. Knocked off the campaign trail by his hospitalization for three nights last week, the president is in the midst of a frenetic bid to catch up with surging Democratic challenger Joe Biden. On Friday, during an extended media blitz, he falsely claimed that Covid-19 now has a cure. He also revealed that he’d been told he was near death at the worst of his bout with the virus, which has killed more than 210,000 Americans and severely dented his chances of winning a second term on November 3. Saturday’s speech, which a senior administration official said would be on Trump’s favored theme of “law and order,” will give him a chance to dispel lingering doubts about his health. The crowd will be on the South Lawn of the White House, while the president will stand up on the balcony, the official said, confirming US media reports. And on Monday, Trump will take another big step by holding a rally in Sanford, in the crucial electoral state of Florida, his campaign said. The events come despite continued questions over how sick Trump was last week and how complete his recovery is now, with White House officials refusing to answer basic queries including the date on which the president first contracted the virus and whether he has tested negative since. – ‘Better than a vaccine’ – On Friday, Trump gave a marathon interview to right-wing talk radio host Rush Limbaugh in which he said the experimental Regeneron antibody cocktail that he took as part of therapeutic treatment was “a cure.” It’s “a total game changer” and “better than a vaccine,” he said. In fact, there is no cure and still no approved vaccine for the coronavirus. Trump repeatedly asserted that he feels fine and he has been backed up by statements from the presidential physician, Sean Conley. But in his Limbaugh interview, Trump suggested for the first time that he had been close to death, had it not been for the therapeutic drugs. “I’m talking to you today because of it. I could have been a bad victim,” he said, referring to friends of his who had died from Covid-19. Trump said that doctors told him afterward, “you were going into a very bad phase.”  “You know what that means,” said the president. According to Conley, Trump is now fit for a “safe return to public engagement” from Saturday. – Battle for attention – Trump has tried to fill the gap left by his enforced absence from the campaign trail by making back-to-back appearances on friendly media outlets. He twice spoke at length on Fox on Thursday and was due back on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight show late Friday, appearing from the White House where he was to undergo what the network described as an on-air “medical evaluation,” conducted remotely by Fox contributor Doctor Marc Siegel. Biden, however, is already picking up the pace of travel, with a stop in Nevada on Friday after going to Arizona on Thursday. Polls show Biden leads heavily in key demographics including women and the elderly, prompting analysts to talk increasingly of a possible landslide victory. Trump’s biggest liability — overwhelming public dissatisfaction over his handling of the coronavirus crisis — has returned as the headline issue of the campaign thanks to the president’s own infection. Adding to the pressure, congressional Democrats who control the House of Representatives unveiled plans for a commission to investigate a president’s physical and mental fitness for the job — a move clearly meant to jab at Trump. The speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said it was time to examine Trump’s “disassociation from reality.”.....»»

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LeBron James group touts sports venues as mega-voting sites

By BILL BARROW Associated Press ATLANTA (AP) — If basketball icon LeBron James gets his way, NBA arenas and other sports venues around the country will be mega polling sites for the November general election. James and his voting rights group, formed this spring with other black athletes and entertainers, are joining with other professional basketball leaders and Michigan’s top elections official to push for mega voting sites to accommodate in-person balloting amid the COVID-19 pandemic. More Than A Vote, the James organization dedicated to maximizing Black turnout in November, shared its plans with The Associated Press on Wednesday after the Detroit Pistons became the second NBA franchise to announce plans to use its arena for voting later this year. In Georgia, Fulton County elections officials this week approved the Atlanta Hawks’ proposal to use State Farm Arena as a polling site. Plans call for the arena to serve as a countywide early voting site ahead of Election Day. The idea, which comes after Kentucky used large facilities in its June 23 primary, is to use large spaces that allow for in-person voting while still enforcing social distancing guidelines. It also underscores the attention on the mechanics of voting amid the pandemic, with the intensity already reflected in both President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden warning that state and local officials have the power to “corrupt” the election. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson called her “partnership” with the Pistons an “blueprint for other teams and leagues seeking to advance our common goal of protecting access to the vote for all.” Lloyd Pierce, head coach of the Atlanta Hawks, said the arrangement in his city ensures “high turnout” in a safe environment. Benson, Pierce and David Fizdale, former New York Knicks head coach, will advise NBA franchises and arena management entities around the country on how to replicate the existing deals. The Milwaukee Bucks also confirmed they are willing to use their home arena as a voting site in the most populous city in the key battleground of Wisconsin. The coordinated push is a turnabout, of sorts, in the often-partisan jousting over voting procedures. Some Democrats panned Kentucky elections officials for limiting in-person June primary voting in the state’s two most populous counties to Louisville’s Exposition Center and the University of Kentucky football stadium in Lexington. Voting rights advocates argued in federal court that the plan, part of culling voting sites statewide amid coronavirus concerns, would harm minority voters. A federal judge rejected their claims, and voting proceeded without the melee that some advocates had forecast. Now, Benson, a Democrat, is pushing the arena model not as an example of potential voter suppression, but a way to fight it. “One of our greatest challenges in protecting voters’ access to democracy this November is identifying accessible locations where citizens can safely vote in person,” she said. Amid COVID, that could outweigh potential logistical difficulties of large sites. Lines for such venues can still be long — just as with normal polling locations — as was seen in Lexington at some points on primary day. Voters also could face traffic jams or public transit hiccups given the number of people involved. General elections also have considerably larger turnout than primaries. Nonetheless, there’s a growing bipartisan push for large-venue voting. NFL executive Scott Pioli last week presented the National Association of Secretaries of State a plan for widespread use of professional and college sports facilities. James’ group is officially nonpartisan. But the NBA star has been open about its emphasis on the Black community, where Trump faces intense opposition for his white identity politics. James has not endorsed Biden, but he endorsed Hillary Clinton over Trump in 2016. In Milwaukee, meanwhile, the Bucks owners, the Lasry family, are major Democratic Party donors. Bucks executive Alex Lasry helped lead the effort that landed the Democratic National Convention in the city.  .....»»

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Advance notice please

Given the fact that President Rodrigo Duterte has already given us a “heads up” on the possibility of imposing stricter quarantine measures in the event of a Delta variant community transmission, may we humbly request all officials involved in the matter to please be kind and considerate enough to give the public advance notice, such as a week or two, in order to prepare for whatever lockdown or restrictions may be imposed......»»

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LaVine gets Olymapic OK after virus scare

TOKYO—Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine was given the all-clear to travel to Tokyo for the Olympics Wednesday after being placed into Covid-19 safety protocols this week......»»

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Justice for those killed in search warrant abuses

Last week, the Supreme Court made public its amended rules on search warrant issuances and search operations, aimed at ending the abuses by law enforcers that have resulted in the killing of dozens and arrest of hundreds of activists in the past three years......»»

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IOC vows to minimize virus risk to Japanese

Tokyo—Olympics chief Thomas Bach pledged Wednesday “not to bring any risk” to Japan with the Games, seeking to reassure a sceptical public as virus cases surge just over a week before Tokyo 2020 begins......»»

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Mandaue Public Market tricycle terminal opens next week

MANDAUE CITY, Philippines — Customer traffic is expected to increase at the Mandaue City Public Market with the operation starting next week of the new tricycle terminal there. The Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (TEAM) has already painted lines and installed a tricycle terminal sign in P. Ceniza St. beside the public market. Edwin Jumao-as, […] The post Mandaue Public Market tricycle terminal opens next week appeared first on Cebu Daily News......»»

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Global rights watchdogs tag Duterte as violator

Going into its last year in office – with President Duterte saying he’s “somewhat sold on the idea” of running for vice president in next year’s elections – his government has been put on the global spotlight this week for reported human rights violations. The spotlighting came from three global human rights watchdogs, each separately… The post Global rights watchdogs tag Duterte as violator appeared first on Bulatlat......»»

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348 more OFWs repatriated from UAE

The IATF last week approved special commercial flights for Filipinos in nations currently under the government's travel ban......»»

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‘Pandemic efforts based on good science’

Sen. Bong Go has reassured the public that the government’s efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic are well calibrated and are all based on science as the country relaxes further the travel restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals......»»

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DSWD public consultation on online discounts policy to start next week

"Through the public consultation, the Department aims to enhance the guidelines of the JAO to ensure that persons with disability and senior citizens will be able to avail their statutory privileges in accessing products and services from establishments, business owners, and individual sellers, including those not registered with the DTI and the Bureau of Internal Revenue," the DSWD said. .....»»

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Gilas arrives safely in Belgrade after encountering take-off scare

By JONAS TERRADO Gilas Pilipinas finally arrived in Belgrade, Serbia ahead of next week’s FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament, but not before encountering a scare during its layover in Istanbul, Turkey. The Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) said the team was forced to board another plane after the pilot decided to abort the take-off at the […].....»»

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(detail) Moon begins preparations for its week-long trip to Britain, Austria and Spain on Friday

Seoul, June 9 (Yonhap) — South Korean President Moon Jae-in will travel to the United Kingdom later this week to attend the Group of 7.....»»

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